l.j. hughes

Someone With Big Lips

You can’t help but love someone
with big lips.
The way they compliment each word
flowing in and out their mouths
is some what tantalizing. 
And for some reason,
they have the ability to turn
river beds into oceans
with the simple swipe of their tongue.
Be cautious of the 
way their tonsils coincide 
with their cheeks,
creating a harmonic rhythm
of soul vibrating throughout 
the roots of their gums. 
Composing complicated symphonies
with every smack of their lips,
their magicians.
Every vowel ricochetting of the
corners of their mouths
can easily hypnotize any creature
if they’re not careful.
Every consonance running
around through the tunnels of
their stomach,
exercising it’s muscles, 
before reaching daylight.
They’re heavenly beings,
with God given gifts,
able to manipulate wandering souls
down the roads of sinful thinking.
And if they happen to smile,
they’ll send lasers crashing through
the atmosphere,
ripping apart oxygen particles.
They are chemist,
with the knowledge on how
to mix emotions and syliva,
so when they kiss your cheeks,
an acid like fluid will dissolve
into your skin,
making your insides boil with
crystalizing every ounce of blood
waiting in your veins.
Mistaking the enemy for lovers,
your anti-bodies will become
like sex slaves,
ejaculating cancereous entities
all throughout the body,
eventually reaching your heart.
And if you so happen to survive,
they’ll stab with their tongue,
making sure you feel the ridges 
stitched on the side.
Each point like a mountain,
digging deep into the sky,
looking to break through the roof
of your mouth,
and enter a galaxy in which they 
will then study.
planning their next move between
every meeting of their jaws,
patiently waiting for you to slip up
one good time.
So, don’t let your guard down.
And always remember,
that behind every set of big lips
are a set of teeth.

-L.J. Hughes