Short scene

Jaisen, her eldest child and daughter poked her head in “Good morning, mom” she said with a  dimpled smile “Good morning, honey” Kooper replied has she sat up in the bed. Jaisen walked over and sat on the edge of her parents bed. She leaned in and kissed her mother’s cheek “How are you feeling? Are you ready for this evening?” “I’m fine baby. How are you feeling?” she said as she patted her daughter’s growing stomach. Jaisen blushed as she lowered her green eyes, “Aww, mom I’m alright. No morning sickness so far. Grayson says I’m extremely healthy, so that’s good.”

The turning of the doorknob, made them both look up  “Hey mom, hey sis”. Kendall, her youngest child came strolling through the door in her nightshirt.  Kendall plopped down on the opposite side of the bed. She leaned in and kissed Kooper’s cheek before resting her head in her lap.  “What time did you get in, Kenjy?” Jaisen  asked as her baby sister rubbed her stomach and whispered baby talk “I got here about 3 am this morning. I’ve been driving all night. You know I wouldn’t miss my parents getting remarried” replied the younger girl.  Kooper laughed “You mean you couldn’t miss the free food” she replied tickling her daughter’s stomach.  “I was just about to say that” replied Jaisen as she joined in her mother’s laughter. “Whatever..” Kendall said with a big grin that traveled up to her sparkling green eyes.

 Kooper smiled as she looked at both her daughters, so similar yet different. They were a mixture of both her and Greg. They had both inherited their dad’s eye color and dimples. Personality wise, Jaisen had inherited more of Kooper’s shyness and soft spokeness, while  Kendall had her dad’s charm and appetite.  Yet she knew that once Jaisen was comfortable she could be just as gregarious as her sister.   While Kendall could be just as shy, especially when it came to the opposite sex.


It’s been four years since you left. I think the incense smoke as your beautiful soul ascending into heaven.

Laura A. M. was a very close friend of mine. We hung out after school everyday. I have a lot of good memories with her and our other friend, Karisma. Even though we had only known each other for a short time. She was very important to me.

The Friday before she passed I felt as if something was going to happen to her. I was sitting in my mom’s car. Her step-dad picked her up and drove ahead of my mom’s car. If I remember correctly she waved goodbye to me. I screamed out of the car window “Bye Laura bye!!” And so on.

Sunday night I got a phone call from our other friend. She told me that Laura died and that was all she said, she sounded upset and like she had been crying. Her mom told me everything that happened. I couldn’t believe it. Her cousin survived the car crash. She said Laura was asleep when the accident occurred. It was a couple days after April Fools Day. I hung up the phone and called my mom, told her and cried. When I got to school that Monday you weren’t there. I was so heartbroken. It was my first time ever dealing with death.

I miss you so much we we’re supposed to go the high school together. I was going to pay you back for the peanut butter snicker you bought me. Every time I see one I think of you.

Laura died coming back from the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disney World.

Me and Karisma pictured you in Heaven laughing. Rest in Paradise I’ll see you again one day.

July 23, 1999 - Sunday, April 3, 2011.


 Remember all the stupid things we used to do? Remember how we used to decide if someone liked someone else by watching their pupils to see if they dilated or not? Or how about yelling “PACK ALL THE THINGS” each time we heard a pencil case snap shut? I hope you didn’t forget the days you woke me up in the mornings, or came to check on me when I was sick.

We had our fights, and we didn’t always enjoy being around each other, but we were inseparable nonetheless. We cried together, laughed together, went on terrifying hospital runs in the middle of the school day together. We broke into my house, we obsessed over guys, we played some MARIO KART!!! Subway knew exactly what we wanted each time we walked in because we hung out there so much ;) We made smoothies, skipped classes, and made memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s like we could read each other’s minds; we could always tell when one of us was hiding something. We ate WAY too much WAY too often, we shared all our secrets, and talked about our futures… Remember trying to imagine what it would be like without our little grade 9 class? We went through everything together.

 We were best friends; always together, always there for each other, always there to make each other laugh like the derps we were. But now we never talk, we don’t get to see each other, and I miss you guys more than ever…

All we have left is memories
When you try your best, but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you’re too in love to let it go
But if you never try you’ll never know
Just what you’re worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down on your face
And I…

Tears stream down on your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down on your face
And I…

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you We will always remember you Alex. See you in the next life friend