It’s scars and bruises and paper cuts.
It’s writing at 2 AM because it’s never enough,
It’s my heart pounding at your foolish words,
I pull back, you pull me in. We lose control.

And I want to leave. Do you ever think about
just letting me go?

I keep writing. You don’t understand how painfully this can be.
But you fool, you just see it as a thing of beauty.
A lost soul, so broken, spitting poetry.
Did you ever think I was just hurting and these words
were what saved me?

Did you ever wonder how painful this could be?

—  at least for me?/// l.a.m.

You should totally eat chocolate,
It’s not and advice
And I dont mean to boss you around
But you should totally eat chocolate.

This one time at a concert I was freezing,
and alone, and everything sucked
But I ate chocolate and the concert was great.

This other time I was at work
and the guy I like was telling me about the girl he likes
And he gave her a necklace.
It was so beautiful and I cried the whole nigth.
But then in the morning I drank hot chocolate,
and everything got better.

One day, ay school, I failed a test.
And my teacher didn’t look me in the eye when I cried,
neither did my classmates.
And I was wondering if i should quit.
But I ate some chocolate, and I stayed
The whole class

I Guess what im saying is chocolate Is good,
Dont listen to diets,
Move on with your life, eat some chocolate.

—  L.A.M.

i could kill you
i swear, i have bullets in the back of
my throat and if my lips come apart,
and these bullets will strike you
in the chest and you will bleed
but you will bleed beautifully
and i will marvel at your courage,
your defiance.
you will ask, ‘am i bleeding poetry now?’
and i will say,

‘yes, all the rebels do.’

—  ammunition///l.a.m
i’m always thinking about what it means to grow. watch me be more silent. watch me bite my tongue before i speak. i think about why something as beautiful as a flower needs so little to grow and why i need the whole world to see me cry. it’s hard not to think about birds. there’s something about being able to fly and tasting puffs of cloud.
i need to know what it means to be free.
—  growing up//l.a.m