The Irony of African American Patriotism

Many  people are upset or angry about the Walter Scott shooting, myself included. But what most people don’t seem to realize is the irony of the situation.  Here is a man (Walter Scott) who served in the military protecting this nations rights and freedoms. Only to have a fellow citizen, also a former veteran take those same rights from him because of the color of his skin.

What happened to honor our soldiers? What happen to respect our veterans? This nation is always quick to tell others about the freedoms that we enjoy. We are quick to send our soldiers to protect everyone else’s freedom.  Yet still, Walter Scott is just one of many in a long history of African American veterans who lost their lives not during military service, but while they were civilians. So again I ask where are these freedoms that this nation is so proud of?

The message I’m getting is that my brother’s 30 years of service means nothing. My nephew, who is on active duty means nothing. They are not important because of the color of their skin. But this country would not be an example of freedom if it wasn’t for their service. 

A conundrum indeed.