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BAG: Skinnydip London
COAT: Jakke

This is probably for some kind of event, or the club (which I don’t go to I__I”). But it was to fun to put together & I feel I am channeling my inner @judyjetsons ✨✨ with these colors. However the dress is a bit….revealing on me personally haha. Thus I learned the secret art of boob taping. I know a lot of people have been pairing dresses like these with tees as well, but I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll last too long honestly. Not the most comfortable fabric ever but I look like a cool spite can!

Jakke’s faux fur coat is super well-made, I got it secondhand!

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P U L S E 👽🖤
Model: Marrs
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L&F’s Lovely Fashion

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Character names: Forrest / Leo

What our booth offers: hot weather wear made by hand by Prince Forrest of Nohr. Note that most of the items provided are rather pink and frilly in nature. You can purchase what is readily available, or if you wish for a specific look, speak to Forrest about a commission.

Short description of what our booth looks like: it keeps to the tropical theme in terms of construction, and is in a nice, shady spot away from the water. There are numerous floral arrangements scattered around, and – of course – lots of clothes! Be prepared to see lots of pinks and whites.

Days/times available: June 25-30 (with the exception of the 26) from 12:00pm-12:00am EST

“Oh, this sounds absolutely wonderful! Thank you, Lords Leo and Forrest! I’m looking forward to having a look around– Lord Forrest’s designs are absolutely breathtaking! Don’t miss out on the chance to pick something up while you can!”


I made two things last night. This awesome soft flannel circle scarf and this bad ass wool beanie. I’m quite pleased with myself! I paired it with my middle earth black milk leggings and I’m ready to rock and roll;)