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Moments of unexpected magic are the Newport Folk Festival’s calling card. The festival typically sells out well before its lineup is even announced — but the official lineup is more of a rough guideline, anyway, since the weekend is peppered every year with surprise performances and collaborations.

An unannounced slot at the smallest of Newport’s main stages turned out to belong to Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, who played some new music with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and finished out their set by parading, second-line style, through the enormous crowd that had assembled.

What We Saw At Newport Folk 2017

Photos: Andrew Kissick for NPR

Awestruck // Dolan Twins

Summary: Your a well known singer that started on YouTube and now you’re on your headlining tour. On your free day you do an impromptu meet and greet before surprising the fans there with something great. Low and behold you catch the attention of the Dolan Twins, specifically the awestruck Ethan.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Singer!Reader, Grayson Dolan, and Becky (OC)

Words: 3535

Disclaimer: I do not own any gifs, images, songs or jokes that may make an appearance in this. I also do not own YouTube. The songs involved are Macy Kate’s covers of ‘Closer’ (Chainsmokers and Halsey) and ‘Shape of You’ (Ed Sheeran)

Warnings: Swearing, The Dolan Twins (yes that’s a fucking warning), and FLUFF

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end.

A/N: I’ve decided to start writing on the YouTubers that originally gained a following on Vine. These are the Dolan Twins whom post on YouTube every Tuesday. I’ve loved this for a long time!  Also we have an announcement on Saturday so stay tuned for that, because it’s exciting! PLEASE REQUEST ANYTHING

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You had sent out a tweet on twitter to let your fans know that you would be in a specific place with security. It was an impromptu meet and greet on the free day before the concert in L.A. and you were beyond excited. You were known for the multiple covers you did and you had only just gotten your own tour even if it wasn’t all that long.

“Are you going to sing any songs for the fans tonight?” Becky, your manager, asked. You were unpacking your stuff for the three days in the city.

“I’m not sure.” You frowned before shrugging, “I have to leave early to make it to the location without being swamped.”

Becky nodded before going back to checking over the schedule for the tour again. Without her you didn’t know where you would be especially after your other manager fucked everything up.

You only grabbed the necessary things seeing as you had reserved a large building to perform one of your new covers. It was one that was in high demand and you couldn’t resist giving everyone a live viewing as long as they didn’t make noise.

You started off meeting fans and taking the entire morning to do so even with a group of boys far off in the tree line. As the fans met you they would go into the building. It took seven hours before it was a smaller group and you were beyond tired of standing.

“How are you guys today?” You questioned pulling up your camera.

“Good…? Do you know what’s going on right now?”

“You aren’t fans?” You asked looking up to see two boys that look similar to each other. Each of them blinked as if they hadn’t comprehended my question.

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He (Prince) was intensely focused into Vanity Six having the tightest performance on stage ever. We had to present ourselves with a spotless routine dancing before him. He used The Time to play behind the black lace curtain for us. Our salary, was a mere two hundred and seventy five dollars a week. It seemed to us that the wonder boy they nicknamed Short Cat was the mortal one to inherit all the green. None of us were allowed, especially myself to leave the city of Minneapolis. I was bent on getting myself into some type of trouble when I flew off to L.A. He docked us fifty dollars from our pay checks if we broke any of his rules. Jamie (Shoop) and I skipped out of the city on one occasion to see the Elton John concert in L.A. We were fortunate enough to meet him afterwards. He said “Vanity, if your not a big star now you certainly should be. Your beautiful.
—  Vanity, excerpt from an unreleased version of Blame it on Vanity

thequeen-of-hell  asked:

Sami, omg I'm sorry if I ask too many questions and annoy you but you're the first person who comes to my mind when I need to know smthing about Kpop and also I look up on you so much! K, here's my question: can I find all the previous SHINee concerts on youtube? I know this is kinda stupid to ask, but I really don't know which concerts they made till now. PS: There's no need to list them, it'd be too much trouble and I don't wanna bother you, just answer yes or no and I'll do my researches ^.^

Hello my beautiful Leti. <3 Please don’t be sorry because you are never annoying me, even if you have 100 questions. I am sorry for the late reply, I was busy the whole day, and didn’t really have chance to get on until now. Also thank you so much for your kind words, you are precious to me. <3 

As for SHINee concerts, they had many. Although, their solo concerts are only SWC tours. Unfortunately, as far as I know, many concerts in their full length were not uploaded on YouTube. :( And it’s absolutely not stupid to ask. Don’t worry. I will list you all the SHINee, either solo or concerts they participated in from the 2008 that I know of. Links that I had saved are underlined, just click on it to watch. Others, unfortunately I don’t have links to full concerts, but you can find lots of fancams on YT. Enjoy! ^^

anonymous asked:

How does Niall having photos of the Eagles in his living room have anything to do with them signing with Azoff? It's bizarre. He has always expressed that he has been a fan of Eagles so this really means nothing. And don't answer me with are you threatened because I am not, I am a firm believer of Harry and Louis relationship but somethings are just taken out of context one of them being this.


They know about the fandom discourse, they have proved it 456 times that they know about what we talk about. They know we are on the “edge-ish” waiting for what the new year brings. The issue is not with him having Eagles in his room, it is him posting something so blatantly obvious on Dec 31st 2014 of all days. Not the couch or the other part of his room where his guitars are. Yes, that is his normal M.O. Now he posted the Eagles. It can be a huge ass coincidence. Sure. But you cannot ignore the patterns.

This speculation has been going on for a long time:

Most important Azoff moments in 2014

Jan 1: Harry having dinner with Cameron, Irving and Jeff Azoff at Craig’s in LA.

Jan 11: Harry with Shelli Azoff and Jared Leto at a formal event

Late January: Harry posing with a Jared Leto - Allison McGregor cake. Jeff Azoff commenting on it: This better end up on someone’s birthday cake. REMEMBER THIS ONE. WILL BECOME IMPORTANT LATER.

March 6-11: Liam and Louis in LA (supposedly meeting the Azoffs too)

March 12: Harry posing with the Azoffs and papped at Craig’s restaurant.

May 17: Harry out golfing with Jeff Azoff

Aug 6: One Direction leaves a video message for Chelsea Handler (Azoff client) and apologizes for not being able to attend her show.

Aug 19: Azoff client Nathan Followill from Kings of Leon posing for a pic with Harry (and supposedly Harry stayed at his house too)

Aug 22: Harry nominating Irving Azoff for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug 27: Niall attending an Azoff client party

Aug 28: Gemma follows Irving and Cameron Azoff on Twitter (or this is the day we realized it)

Sept 8: Anne starts following Jaye Azoff on Instagram

Sept 10: Anne posts Instagram picture with Shelli Azoff (Irving Azoff’s wife)

Sept 11-12: both Irving and Jeff Azoff are at the LA 1 and 2 and  concerts

Sept 12: Gemma posted a picture with Lou Teasdale and Jeff Azoff on Instagram

Sept 13: Jeff Azoff attending LA 3 concert 

Sept 14: Harry and Erin Foster having lunch with Jeff Azoff.

Sept 24: Cameron Azoff posts a picture on Instagram which Harry comments on and then he replies: “It’s Louis”

Sept 27Tumblr account Hersherome is createdposting yet unseen pictures of Harry and family (or 1D) with the Azoffs. One of them is One Direction posing with Irving Azoff’s wife Shelli backstage during WWA tour. HIS IS HUGE. The first time the entire One Direction band is connected to an Azoff other than CAA.

Sept 28: Bill Werde, the music journalist quoted Azoff about 1D on twitter.

Sept 29: Bill Werde, the music journalist who quoted Azoff about 1D recently favorites a tweet about Azoff taking over One Direction. 

Oct 2:Zayn started following the Chelsea Lately show on twitter, hosted by Chelsea Handler. Chelsea is a client of Azoff’s 

Oct 5: The IG user ma_rose57 (Mitch Rose from CAA) posts a picture from the last One Direction concert for the Where we are tour and tags jefezoff (Jeff Azoff, CAA) as well as allilocker (Allison-McGero-Locker, CAA). All of their accounts are private. Original post.

Oct 6: Louis Tomlinson followsDanny DeVitoon twitter, who happens to live in the same street as Irving Azoff according tothis link. EDIT: Later on it turned out that Danny is also featuring in the Steal My Girl music video, so this follow can be a non-Azoff follow.

Oct 16: Louis follows Kings Of Leon’s account on Twitter. KOL is an Azoff client.

Oct 17: the first (un)official rumors about a massive change around 1D. Note that the insider giving the information was very much aware of how Modest does a crappy job. There is confirmation of the existence of the rumors about the massive change from other sources too. No information about the nature of these rumors.

The rumor was worded like this: “I just found out something about One Direction that I wish I could tell you but I can’t, all I can say is this: you’re going to love it and it’s not related to the album. You can tell people something big is happening but I can’t give you any more details.”

Nov 24: Louis does some soft promo for Meghan Trainor - Azoff client.

Nov 29: Harry attends a Fleetwood Mac concert in L.A. using the badge with an alias Hershel Azoff. Fleetwood Mac is represented by Irving AzoffEDIT: Right after spending all his time with the Azoffs and attending 2 events of the Azoffs, Harry flies back to the UK. He was there for like 2 days. Thst good friends or that important business?

Dec 8: Some interesting tweets from Italy. Speculation made over Modest contracts:

Okay people, time to polish my tin hat again for some Azoff talk.

I firmly believe that Marco Morini, head of Team World, has an exclusive contract with Modest that includes exclusive access, events, concerts, and ticket sales. Whatever the boys do in Italy, Morini plans and manages the events, and no one has that kind of access - or any kind of access at all - to the boys. I’d say that I’m about 90% sure about that. Keep this in mind.

That being Today Marco Morini, head of Team World, replied to a fan, on Twitter, who had asked him if the rumors according to which the boys would come back to Italy for five tour dates was true. He said: “At the current state of things, we are not planning to add dates in Italy for the OTRA tour 2015.”

Then, to another fan that had asked him, “But… do you hate us now?” he replied

Let’s just say that, with yesterday[’s event], a cycle was over. Everything in its own time. :*

These tweets, obviously, made me think. If he really does have an exclusive contract (looks like so) with M!M, is it possible that they can’t plan new tour dates because there is going to be a management takeover and he has no contracts with the new team yet?

Two possibilities that I can think of:

  • He’s a lying. I don’t trust him and I don’t trust his company; I wouldn’t be surprised if he was lying and then an announcement came on Dec 18 or later.
  • My hyphotesis on the contracts is right, and at the “current state of things” he doesn’t have a contract with the new management team, hence why they can’t plan new tour dates in Italy.

The second reply in particular made me raise an eyebrow. A cycle is over? 

Let’s see what happens in the next days. Please keep in mind that this is all speculation and that I may be wrong. I don’t like him or his team, and he first possibility - him lying for some reason - is plausible. Still, he’s being cryptic. A cycle is over.

I have been told that concerts and tickets are not his business. Just to be fair I thought I should tell you. :)

Dec 11: During the BBC Music Awards before One Direction came on stage there was a video snippet where other bands talked about them. The first one was Mich Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac. Represented by Irving Azoff. Coincidence? Could be.

Dec 12: Harry followed Meghan Trainor on twitter. Meghan is a client of Jeff Azoff’s.

Dec 20: Niall, Jeff Azoff, Glenne (Jeff’s gf) and Nadine Leopold leaving the SNL after party together. This is the first time Niall is with Jeff publicly.