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L.A. Hyder | Lebanese American

Self-Portrait at 40, 1987

Ivy & Acey, 1996 

Photographer and LVA (Lesbians in the Visual Arts) founding director L.A. Hyder (b. 1947) uses her self-awareness as an American of Lebanese ancestry to encourage diverse participation.

“I feel all my work is informed by who I am as a lesbian. That no matter what it is, it’s lesbian art…I photograph a lot of doorways and a lot of stairways. I like the feel of possibility and looking through things. I feel it’s not always the content that makes it lesbian. Texture and form to me is very lesbian. My installations have much more direct lesbian content than my photographs, and they have more of a political bent. Installations involve transforming a concept and often mine are about being lesbian or being of Arabic heritage.” - L.A. Hyder statement

true or not, this is how my mind works


This all really started in 2014, with the beards. Epic/Syco really brought the hammer down, trying to get rid of the Camren rumors, especially in the press. It started with Lauren, when she looked like she’d rather ride the tail of a Comet to an Alternate Universe, than be in a girl group. She had two that year, Louie and Brad. They also decided to pair Camila up with Austin.

The girls hated it, but as long as the guys were there, they got to interact more freely. The problem was, they were both miserable and jealous. Camila realized the whole guy thing wasn’t for her, and broke that shit off real quick. When Sinu said Camila cried for two weeks after they split, I think she meant to say, Camila cried the whole two weeks she had to pretend to be with him. Anyway, Lauren ended things with Brad, and they both became “separately single”.

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The question of who is represented and who is left out is rocking the country these days, from Hollywood to politics. And, in Venice, Calif., representation is at the heart 19 dramatic portraits, now on display at the L.A. Louver.

The paintings are of talented female artists, all working right now in Los Angeles. Rebecca Campbell felt women artists are over-looked, not getting shown in museums and galleries, becoming invisible.

“I thought, well, what I can do is I make pictures,” Campbell explains. “I made it so that they didn’t disappear, by making pictures of them.”

Portraits Of LA’s Female Artists Send A Powerful Message: ‘You Are Here’

Images: Eric Minh Swenson/Rebecca Campbell and Jeff McLane/LA Louver

We make up 51% of the world, there’s no rational reason there shouldn’t be an equal percentage except that in the art world, as in any other field, women’s labor is valued less. The problem is not the individual galleries, but the patriarchal system we have. That needs to be addressed by everyone, the galleries, the collectors, the artists, even.

Deftones | White Pony

White Pony is by far one of my favorite records. It’s a beautifully dark record that, without a doubt, shaped a great deal of my musical taste and inspiration to this day.

This December, this 12x12 print will be available via the 33.3.3 show at G1988 Gallery in L.A. celebrating artists and their visions of their favorite records.

Very excited for the show. 

Design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

Next Friday, L.A. artist and rapper Yung Jake and friends will present a mixture of music, performance, and video in our main lobby. Best known for his Internet-based work, Yung Jake takes full advantage of tools unique to the most recent generation of contemporary artists; memes, data, GIFs, mash-ups, pixellation, tweeting, and texting all make frequent appearances in his work, often in surprising and unusual ways.

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15 cities perfect for creative 20-somethings that aren’t N.Y. or L.A.

Being an artist in America doesn’t have to mean living in a shoebox on a coast with nothing but the pennies you make at your day job to support an artistic endeavor. Contrary to popular lore, the U.S. is home to many artistic cities aside from the requisite stops of New York and Los Angeles.  

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Rite of Passage, 2014

Public transportation in the form of the BUS is really not as bad as people make it out to be. I’ve grown up on the bus, it was how I earned my independence. Being able to take the bus by myself (o.k I had my twinsie there w/ me) was a new level of freedom we never experienced so in a way the bus was my rite of passage 

pic 1: Greyhound bus to El Paso (My Hometown)

pic 2: Los Angeles Metro Bus