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noah fence but could ppl like….chill with this whole ‘ugh everyone’s excited for matt bc he’s a skinny white boy they’re probably colorist and hate lance/hunk/allura’ kinda nonsense like…buddy lance is my favorite character but i’m still excited to see matt bc he might get some cool development or we might see a nice reunion this season geez

Best friends L.H

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sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for the time gap between uploads don’t hurt me :) so i had this dream last night with Luke in it and it was a bit dirty so i may or may not base a smut off of that at a later point but anyway here’s some Luke action for you.

warning: smut

word count: 2000+

summary: y/n has been in love with her best friend Luke for a while and she accidentally spills it.


“stop being a pussy and tell him y/n” Michael exclaimed, rolling his eyes at me.

“I can’t tell him, are you serious!? 1, he’s got a girlfriend and 2 he’s my best friend I can’t just go up and say that I like him” I replied, chewing my bottom lip at the craziness of this whole situation.

Luke and I have been best friends since I was born. Our mum’s are best friends so it was inevitable for Luke and I to become close. We stuck by each other when we went through that ‘ew cooties’ stage and the awkward ‘wow she’s grown boobs’ stage but things changed when feelings started to develop.

It sounds crazy that I’m in love with my best friend, like one of those fan fictions but it’s true. I love Luke Robert Hemmings and he can never know. Which is why it was a horrible idea to tell Ashton who went and told Calum who then told Michael because now they’re all pressuring me to pursue Luke.

He’s got a girlfriend, Arzaylea and him have been dating a little over a year now and it hurts when I see them together and apparently it’s clear as day to the boys. Luke can be oblivious at times, I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long without Luke finding out that I love him. I can’t break him and Arzaylea up, he seems to really like her and I don’t want to lose him and jeopardise our friendship.

“yeah a girlfriend who’s a bitch” Calum snorted.

“I think she’s nice” I said in defence.

“y/n you hate her more than any of us” Ashton laughed. I chuckled and nodded, taking a sip of my beer.

“yeah okay she’s a bitch” I agreed making all the boys laugh.

“so are you going to tell him?” Calum asked once everyone calmed down.

“no I’m not, I’m not going to jeopardise our friendship just because I love him okay!” I sighed. The boys all looked behind me and I immediately knew what was happening. “Luke’s behind me isn’t he?” I asked, they all nodded so I turned around in my chair and saw Luke with a furrowed expression on his face.

We made eye contact and as soon as we did I ran out of there, not wanting to hear whatever Luke had to say. I heard him call my name but I continued running until I entered my bedroom. As I went to close the door Luke slid into my room and stood in front of the closed door. My eyes widened and I took a few steps back.

“you love me?” he asked calmly. I chuckled nervously.

“no I don’t, I just said that so they would stop asking me if I liked anyone. You know how they are” I was trying to be convincing but by the way Luke kept on taking steps towards me I knew he didn’t believe me. I kept moving until my back was against the wall and Luke was inches away from me. He pressed his hands on either side of my head and caged me in with his arms.

I’ve been close to Luke before, he’d have me pinned underneath him at times while he tickled me relentlessly or he’d jokingly press wet kisses to my neck but this is different. Luke is different. His eyes are dark and his lip is caught under his teeth. His breathing is different, it’s tense and fast like he’s just ran a marathon.

“L-Luke” I stuttered.

“y/n why are you so nervous, it’s just me” he hummed, brushing his nose against my neck. 

I screwed my eyes shut and tilted my head away from him which just gave him more access to my neck. I felt his soft lips caress my neck, ghosting across my skin like mist. Then I heard him mutter 4 little words that made my eyes go wide. 

“I love you too y/n, so so much”

“w-what?” I stuttered. He pressed solid kisses to my neck and kissed in stray areas until I let out a small whine when he found my sweet spot. I felt him smirk before he sucked on that area causing the air to be knocked out of me. I fisted his t shirt in my hands and tilted my head back to give him even better access.

“what about Arzaylea?” I asked through moans. Luke took his head from my neck and looked at me.

“don’t worry about her, it’s just you and me now y/n” he said with a small smile. I bit my lip and brought my hands from his shirt to cup his neck, pressing my lips to his softly. Luke responded quickly and kissed back with fiery passion. 

He brought his hands from the wall to my waist and guided me to my bed, removing his lips momentarily as he pushed me down on the bed. Luke pulled his t shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor before climbing over me. I looked over his body, his broad shoulders, the way his milky skin pudged slightly at the stomach leading to blonde hairs making his happy trail, disappearing into his tight jeans.

When my eyes connected back to Luke’s I was faced with a cheeky smirk that sent shivers down my spine and a wet patch in my underwear. “like what you see?” he asked with a chuckle.

“I always have” I replied with a look of determination. 

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss me gently before peppering kisses down my neck to the neckline of my flimsy tank I was wearing. He sucked spots over my chest and attached his lips to the cleavage peeking out of the top of the tank top.

“can I take this off baby?” he asked, his fingers running underneath the hem of the top. I muttered a yes and soon my tank was lying on the floor laying next to Luke’s top. “I’ve been wanting to touch these pretties for such a long time” he moaned, sitting up slightly in a straddling position and cupping my boobs.

I was sick of his teasing so I took matters into my own hands and reached behind my back to unclip my bra, flinging it across the room once I had. Luke’s eyes widened and he immediately leaned down to take one of my hard nipples into his mouth.

I let out loud moans as he sucked harshly, moving to my other nipple. I felt his mouth leave my nipples before biting and sucking the skin around, creating small hickeys all over my breasts. He moved down and bit my stomach, licking over the area to soothe the fresh wounds. 

“your ass looks so fucking good in these jeans baby, but it would so much better with me pounding in and out of you” he practically growled out the words, tugging down the zipper of my favourite pair of jeans. 

I whimpered out Luke’s name at his wording and stuck my butt up a little so he could pull my jeans down my legs.

He bit his lip as he looked over my body, taking in every curve and bump with his eyes until our eyes met. He smiled and leaned up to kiss me gently. “I love you so much” he muttered. My heart swelled at his words so I kissed him harder and went to pull down the zipper of his jeans.

He moaned against my mouth as I cupped his bulge through his underwear. I thought it’d be awkward, Luke and I having sex after all we’ve been through together but it isn’t. It’s one of the most natural things I’ve ever done. 

“y/n please” he whined as I lightly rubbed over his boxers. 

I knew the tough act wouldn’t hold up, no matter how tough and dominant Luke acts he’ll always be that awkward kid at heart. 

I giggled at his pleas and dipped my hands underneath his boxers to wrap my hand around his thick and hard member. He let out a throaty groan and dug his head into my neck. “don’t laugh at me y/n” he pouted like a child, whimpering as I rubbed circles on his tip, spreading around the precum that had built up.

I took my hand from his boxers causing Luke to look at me and brought my cum covered fingers to my mouth, sucking them off making him groan. He quickly removed his jeans and grabbed a condom from his back pocket before returning to me.

His thumbs hooked underneath my underwear then he looked up into my eyes for reassurance. “can I?” he asked softly. 

I bit my lip and nodded, closing my eyes as I felt my underwear being slowly pulled down my body. I sucked in a deep breath when I felt Luke’s warm breath hit my core. 

“open your eyes beautiful” he whispered, tapping my thighs. I opened my eyes and looked at Luke between my legs. “there’s those gorgeous eyes” he smiled. I watched as his hands spread my thighs and his eyes rake over me.

I felt self conscious under his gaze and immediately covered myself with my hands, not wanting him to look at me any longer. Luke pulled my hands away and looked at me with reassurance. “it’s just you and me baby, don’t worry about anything else” he smiled.

I bit my lip and nodded before letting out a small yelp at the unexpected sensation of Luke’s tongue pressed flat against me. I arched my back off the mattress as his tongue wiggled it’s way between my folds only to be pushed back down my Luke’s hand.

“Luuuke” I whimpered, gripping his hair tight between my fingers. He groaned against me causing sparks of pleasure to rush through me, making me moan louder. I felt his lips wrap around my clit and suck harshly and I could already feel my high approaching.

Luke circled a finger around my entrance before pushing it in and curling it so it hit my g-spot. I came unexpectedly when he added a second finger, my body couldn’t handle his harsh sucking on my clit and his thick fingers prodding at my g-spot. 

He lifted his head to look at me and I whimpered at the sight of his chin and mouth, dripping with my cum and juices. I pulled him up and pressed my lips against his so I could taste myself on his mouth. My hands slipped under his boxers and tugged slightly on his hard member.

He whimpered against my mouth and ground his bulge into my hand. I tugged his boxers down his thigh and wrapped my hand around his hard dick properly. “no, I’m not going to last. I need you now” he rushed, looking at me dead in the eye as he slid the condom onto his length.

“you ready y/n?” he asked, looking into my eyes for reassurance. I nodded and kissed him as I felt his tip nudge at my entrance. He slid in fully and I gasped at the slight burn I felt from the stretch caused by how big he was. “you okay?” he asked, alarmed at my reaction.

“I’m fine, you can move” I whispered once I had gotten used to his size. Luke started to grind his hips with mine, slipping in and out of me. I let out cries as the pleasure consumed me and scratched my nails down his back. Luke dug his head in my neck and bit down on my shoulder.

“I love you” he muttered over and over again as his slow deep thrusts became slightly slower, indicating that he was close. I reached between us to circle my fingers over my clit as I felt my high approaching. Every thrust, every sound, every movement either of us made was full of love. We didn’t need anything else, it was just us.

“Luke I’m close” I gasped.

“same baby” he returned in my neck. My high approached quick and I hugged Luke’s body tight as I released, crying out his name as tears escaped my eyes. I felt Luke’s warm cum release into the condom before he slid out and removed the condom from him.

He collapsed next to me and brought me to cuddle into his chest. He was sweaty and sticky from our activities and I’m sure I was too but neither of us cared. We were happy together and that’s all that mattered.

“I love you Luke”

“I love you too y/n”

the clink of metal against metal are all caroline hear as the gates close behind their car as they drive into the camp and it’s almost as if her prison sentence has just begun. long legs stretch out as the blonde steps from beyond the confines of the jeep that’s held her hostage for the past two days, the only stopping had been to fill up on gas and to relieve themselves. tight muscles cry out in anguish, pulsating throughout her ever-healing body, though she can’t help but double over in the slight pain she feels, her hands coming behind her knees to stretch as a loud groan passes through pale pouted lips. “i feel like i just ran the l.a. marathon and lost,” she murmurs, clearly hearing the footsteps of someone beside her, sure it had been her mother rounding about to her, though as sapphire hues glance up, it’s not the sheriff’s face she’s met with, surprise covering her features, as she raises her brows. “you’re not my mom.”

Zig and Zag

Kurt surprises them both by wanting a baby first. He’s not above hinting or scheming to get Blaine on board. PG-13. On AO3 here

Kurt surprises them both by wanting a baby first. It starts with nudges and hints. It’s Kurt cooing at babies in the park and making Blaine look so often that Blaine turns it into a game to see if he can spot the baby before Kurt does.  Kurt wants Blaine to look at cute baby clothes. He wants to design cute baby clothes. He wants Blaine to talk to him about the cute baby to put in the clothes. It’s cute and baffling.

It turns into outright pleading and flattery.

It’s the post-coital babbling of, “You’re going to be such a hot dad,” while Kurt presses kisses to every inch of skin he can reach. Blaine’s first thought is to wonder what’s wrong with him now, unguarded and open to Kurt’s scrutiny, that makes Kurt think about what he’ll be like when he’s so much older. His fingers fly to his own face. Kurt laughs and kisses there too.

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one with Luhan when u had a nightmare and he comforted you. thanks and ily <3

Sleep, Sleep ~Luhan~ ☆☆☆

ily2, here we go with yet another scenario that emphasizes Luhan’s incredible boyfriend material mhmm ~Admin S      

  “No, no, no, Luhan… Why?” The tears were rapidly falling down your cheeks at that moment, and you felt like it was becoming impossible to breathe. Your vision was getting blurry from all the tears, but you could still see the outline of Luhan’s body just a short distance away from you.

         “I don’t want to be with you.” His words were like a shot to the heart. They hurt more than any physical blow ever could, since they would forever haunt you.

         “W-Why?” you choked out.

         Luhan laughed. He laughed; as if the whole relationship was a joke. As if everything in it was meaningless to him. As if he was heartless, cold, and above all else, not loving towards you anymore.

         He took a few steps forward and grabbed your wrist. “I don’t love you anymore.”

         Those words took the final strength in you away and you felt your knees go weak, causing you to fall hard to the ground. Meanwhile, you could still hear Luhan’s laugh echo all around you as he walked away, out of your life forever.

         “Luhan!” you called. “Luhan, come back! Luhan, please! Luhan! Luhan, I love you! Luhan-“

         “Hey, hey, baby, wake up. Wake up, it’s just a nightmare.” Luhan shook your shoulders and moved the hair out of your eyes, trying to get you to wake up. “Baby, open your eyes,” he said.

         “Luhan… Luhan… Lu-“ You gasped and opened your eyes. You were panting heavily at this point, as if you had just ran a marathon. “L-Luhan?” you stuttered.

         “I’m right here, ________.” Luhan threw one arm around you and gave you a tight hug. He buried his head in the crook of your neck and planted a small kiss there. “Baby, are you alright? What were you dreaming about?” he asked.

         At the mention of your nightmare, you began to shake, having the image build up in your mind again. Before you knew it, you were softly crying, causing Luhan to panic.

         He sat up straight and looked down at you with worried eyes. “What happened?” he asked.

         You blinked away your tears and grabbed his arm, holding it for dear life. “Y-You… You left me…” you said quietly. “You told me you didn’t love me anymore… And then… And then you left me there.”

         “What?” Luhan stared at you with furrowed eyebrows. He couldn’t believe you would dream of such a thing in the first place, since it was far from what would happen in real life. “Oh, baby, come here.” He opened his arms wide and you immediately fell into his embrace, clinging onto his bare chest.

         Luhan sighed and stroked your hair, occasionally kissing the top of your head to calm you down. The two of you stayed like that for a short while, until your cries subdued to a halt.

         “Now,” said Luhan, pulling away. “It was just a nightmare, ______. And I can promise you now that nothing like that will ever happen in real life.”

         Your lip was still quivering, but you nodded slowly. “Promise?”

         He grinned and pecked your lips. “Promise. Now go to sleep, or else you’ll be really tired in the morning.” He lay back down and you did the same, snuggling into his chest as his arms tightened around you.

         Luhan had already closed his eyes the minute his head hit the pillow, but you stayed wide awake for a brief moment, afraid that another nightmare would come if you shut your eyes. “Luhan?” you said.

         “Hmmm?” he hummed in response, eyes still closed.

         “What if I have another nightmare?”

         “Then I’ll be right here to help you through it.”

         “What if I keep you up all night?”

         “I don’t mind, as long as you’re alright.”

         “Do you promise?”

         He chuckled at how cute you were being. “Yes baby, I promise. Now go to sleep or you get no morning kisses.”