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Manicure Tip #1: If you ever flood your cuticles or get too much nail polish under your nails while you’re wrapping the tips, or don’t have the dexterity to paint a smooth, intentional gap, you can just take an orange stick or something and kind of run it along the edge of your cuticle while the polish is still wet to make a “cut” that separates the polish from your skin. This is helpful because if you “glue” your cuticle to your nail bed, the polish will peel right off because it didn’t adhere correctly. You want a slight gap, even if it’s just enough that the area still moves slightly without being stuck in place by polish.

Manicure Tip #2: If you pull out your pocket knife and use the flathead screwdriver to clear nail polish out of your cuticles in front of a straight dude, he WILL lecture you about how that’s not what it’s for, as though he legitimately thinks you don’t know what the fuck a MANLY, MANLY screwdriver is and were such a HORRIBLE, FEMININE airhead that you assumed your cute little knifey poo came with nail care tools just because it also has a file.

Manicure Tip #3: Like, seriously, who insults the intelligence of someone with a knife.

Manicure Tip #4: I mean, I didn’t stab the dude, but I super could’ve.

Manicure Tip #5: Seriously, man, you think I don’t know what a screwdriver is because I wear nail polish? It’s called overcoming functional fixedness, ya’ dick.

Manicure Tip #6: It should be legal to stab people, but just like. A little bit. Like maybe you cut a button off of their shirt or fuck up their bangs and you go to court like, “This fucker for reals thought I didn’t know what a screwdriver was.”

Manicure Tip #7: The L.A. Colors “Color Last” nail polishes are really nice if you go for the lighter colours, but the dark ones have that kind of jelly-looking transparency that makes them hard to get opaque in under four coats. But at less than two dollars a bottle, you really can’t be too upset about it. Brush size is a little much, hence the cuticle flooding, but still a good product for the price point.

Leave This Town- Epilogue (End)(Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Tony Stark, Pepper, DumDum Dugan, Peter Parker, others mentioned.

Summary: After leaving the small town life behind, you’ve worked hard to make your dreams come true. Your second chance with Bucky is not without its challenges, but you’re both determined to make it work. But eventually, a decision must be made in order for you to fully be together. How can you choose? Or will it be made for you? 

Song Inspiration: Angela by The Lumineers

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst, mostly fluff. Mention of pregnancy. 

Word Count: 3.7k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

**This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K AU Writing Challenge**

A/N: This is it, you guys! The end of this series. I’m a little sad to say goodbye to these characters. They’ve been my constant companion for the past 3 months and on my mind for 6 months before that. I’m ready to take a little break and then move on to something new, though. I really hope you like this epilogue. Please let me know your thoughts! I always love to hear from you! I love you all!!

<<<Part 12   Epilogue (End)

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Two Years Later

Cruising down the small town’s Main Street, you turned the steering wheel sharply and pulled into the auto shop’s dusty lot before parking the ’67 Chevy Impala out front. You jumped out of the driver’s seat and headed straight for the main office, throwing the door open roughly before entering.

“Hey, DumDum. Where is he?” you asked, never slowing a step.

“Afternoon, Y/N,” the mustachioed man replied, answering your question by hooking his thumb toward the garage.

Stepping into the cavernous garage, you searched for the long-haired brunet but grew impatient. “James Buchanan Barnes!” you shouted into the echoing space, then seeing a head pop up in between cars.

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Happy Pride Month! To all those who believe in love and for our brother and sisters who fought hard for equal right happy pride month! Live openly. Live proudly!

Nail polished used:

Red: Cherimoya: Candy Apple

Yellow: Pure Ice: Show Stopper

Green:  Cherimoya: Key Lime Pie

Blue: L.A Colors Color Last: Happiness

Holo glitter: Blackheart Beauty: Super Glitter

Heart: Acrylic paint

In a movie town, theater is now king.

The hottest ticket in Hollywood Wednesday night wasn’t to a superhero film premiere; it was to see the über-popular Hamilton.

The touring Broadway sensation opened in Los Angeles’ Pantages Theatre and celebrities weren’t about to miss being in the room where it happened.

The guest list included stars of screen, stage and sport: J.J. Abrams, Jimmy Kimmel, Helen Hunt, Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks, Ava DuVernay, Paula Abdul, Shonda Rhimes, Tatiana Maslany, America Ferrera, Ty Burrell, Josh Gad, Josh Groban, Marcia Gay Harden, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kellan Lutz, Jessica Alba, P. Diddy, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr., Eva Longoria and the Hamilton maestro, himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda.


A few hours later, Miranda was greeted with another standing ovation, this time during Hamilton’s curtain call. He was verklempt.

“I’m a mess,” he told the audience after joining the cast onstage. “Thank you for welcoming this incredible company with such open arms. I have nothing smart to say. My heart is so full. Thank you so much for being here tonight.”

Hamilton is being shown at the Pantages through the end of the year. Next stop: San Diego.

•Talk to me. (Ethan Dolan Imagine) ~ Requested

-Summary: Ethan isn’t himself and Y/N tries to get him to open up to her.
•Sad!/fluffy Ethan
•Requested by @t-rexexcuse

Ethan was a worrier, even if he didn’t show it. Compared to Grayson he was much quieter about his emotions. He was always someone who viewed being upset as being weak, this led him to bottle up whatever worries or negative thoughts that he had inside of him. Because you have been with Ethan for just over a year and a half,you could usually tell when there was something bothering him. Today was one of those days.

Weirdly, it was bucketing down rain in L.A.

“I do not plan to move from bed at all today” you mumbled to your boyfriend as you looked out of the curtains at the rain that was hopping off of the ground outside. Ethan was awake but he was distant. He was just staring blankly at the ceiling above him, playing with the purple rubber bracelet around his wrist, an anxious habit of his.


“Hmm?” He still hadn’t really acknowledged you yet, which was weird for him because you normally would have to peel him off of you in the morning to even just go to the bathroom.

“Ethan look at me” the seriousness of your tone of voice must have snapped him out of his daze as he looks at you. His eyes are bloodshot and have dark bags underneath them. He looks like he hadn’t slept a wink.

“You know you can talk to me about anything right” you say as you search his eyes for any sign or indication of what is bothering him.

He lightly lifts your hand to his face and grazes his lips over your knuckles before placing a gentle kiss on the back of your hand. “Yeah I know Y/N”. You let your hand linger on his cheek for a few seconds trying to decide whether to push him to open up or give home some space.

“I’m going to make some breakfast, I’ll be back in a few minutes” you kiss cheek and climb over him to make your way to the kitchen. Maybe you could cheer him up a little with some pancakes?

About 15 minutes later you place the food on a tray and go back to the bedroom. You place the tray on Ethan’s lap “thank you babe”
Ethan must have taken maybe two bites out of his food until he gave you a sympathetic look. “Im sorry I just don’t have an appetite” he says and and put down his fork which makes a loud clank against the plate. You quickly move the tray off of the bed and put it on the floor and sit yourself on Ethan’s lap over the blanket. You have one leg on either side of his waist while you sit there hoping he would explain to you why he was so down. The sight of him so unhappy was unbearable to watch. All you wanted was to make him happy again but you needed him to open up to you. You place both of your hands on either side of his neck, gently stroking his jawline with your thumbs.

“Baby please just tell me what is wrong so I can fix it. I can’t fix it if I don’t know. Please just let me help you”

Ethan looks into your eyes properly for the first time that whole morning. His eyes are glassy and are brimming with tears. Seeing him so defeated made your heart shatter into a million pieces, all you wanted to do was make him better.

“I - I just I-” were the only words that could escape his lips before he completely broke down into sobs. You instantly pull him into your chest to comfort him. You move so that now you’re lying with your back against the headboard and Ethan lying on your chest with his arms around your torso holding onto you. You gently stroke his hair as you shush him. “It’s okay E let it out”. A few of your own tears slip from your eyes from seeing him like this. He continues to cry for a few minutes before his breathing calms and slows. He lifts his head up as faces you, you wipe some tears from his face with your thumb “talk to me. Please”

“I just feel under so much pressure. I want to make videos because it’s what I love to do but I feel like I never get to spend enough time with my family. I feel like I don’t spend enough time with you. Don’t get me wrong I love where I am right now, I just feel as though sometimes we work so much we don’t get to take in what we have at the moment and really enjoy it. And also lately I’ve felt so much guilt about leaving our mom and dad for months on end without seeing them. Cam is gone to college and Gray and I are out here in L.A, within the last year they’ve both lost their three babies. I just hope that one day in the future I don’t look back and regret not spending time with them while I have it you know?” He lets out a sigh as he finishes and bows his head again. You lift his chin up with your finger so that he’s looking you in the eye again.

“Okay. First of all, you’re right. You and Grayson are in L.A doing what you LOVE. And I know for a fact that your parents are so proud of each and every single one of you. E if they wanted you all at home with them they could’ve easily stopped you, but they didn’t. Because they love you. They are the happiest parents in the world because they are watching their babies living their dream and being happy. That is all they could ever want. Tell you what.. why don’t we just go see them? Me, you and Grayson will get on a flight in the morning and go. Second of all, I don’t think you could spend more time with me if you tried babe.” He smiles at you, which causes your chest to feel like it’s exploding with relief. “That’s the E I know” you say as you boop his nose.

He just looks at you in awe. “ thank you so much. What did I ever do to deserve someone as amazing as you? ” he pulls you into a bear hug and now you’re lying on his chest. His entire body even feels less tense than what it was only an hour ago, you feel him relax and drift off to sleep.

“I love you so much Y/N”

“I love you too E”


A/N - Hiii✨ I just wanted to say thanks for the support, I’ve literally only been back writing two days and everyone is so lovely. Send me any requests because I’m really enjoying making these✨✨

teacup ☕️

“Niall,” said Harry, answering his phone with a sleepy smile on his face. He rolled onto his back, the sheet smoothing across his lower body as he turned over.

“Good morning, pet,” came Niall’s voice from the other end of the phone. “Have a good time last night?”

Harry’s smile widened even more, his dimples deep and eyes crinkled. “Yes, Niall. It was amazing.” He closed his eyes and added quietly, his wistful smile clear in his voice, “Wish you were there.”

“Would have been magic, to be in L.A. and San Francisco at the same time,” teased Niall and Harry gave a light giggle. Niall smiled. “I watched some videos though, pet.”

“Yeah?” asked Harry, and Niall was surprised to hear a touch of nervousness in the word.

“Yeah,” he agreed softly. “You were wonderful, Haz.”

Harry smiled against his pillow, so pleased because he really only cared what Niall thought. “Thank you, Niall.”

“Looked like a proper little teacup.”

Harry bit his lip, his smile deep and his cheeks flushed at Niall’s compliment because he knew, though it was maybe an odd way of saying it, that Niall meant he’d looked beautiful and sweet and lovely.

“Thanks, Niall,” he said breathily into his phone.

“You know I think you’re beautiful,” said Niall kindly.

Harry could feel his blush turning an even deeper shade of rose. They were silent for a few moments, just Niall’s gentle breathing and Harry’s slightly harsher breath.

Finally, Harry asked, that same hint of nervousness from moments earlier in his voice again, “Ni, would you like to come- Maybe you could come tonight. To my show. If you don’t have any plans. But you probably have plans so it’s all right if you don’t. But I’d like it so I thought I’d—”

“Harry,” said Niall, cutting off Harry’s meandering rambling, “I’d love to come tonight. Nothing I’d like more.”

“Really?” asked Harry, hopeful.

“O’ course,” answered Niall, comforting and soft. “You’re daft, thinking I’d make other plans tonight. I’d’ve snuck in even if you didn’t want me there.”

“You’re daft if you think I wouldn’t want you there,” Harry retorted.


Niall was greeted backstage by Lou, who hugged him tightly and told him how happy she was to see him. Pulling back, she grabbed his wrist and tugged him, saying, quiet enough that only Niall could hear, “Your boy’s back here.”

“Lou,” groaned Niall, because Harry hadn’t been his boy in nearly two years.

“He’ll always be your boy, Niall,” she said kindly before adding, “I’ve never met anyone as bad at communication as you two twats. Now—”

“Niall!” came Harry’s deep voice, a little breathless and very pleased. “I was just texting you! I was hoping you’d stay.”

“O’ course I’d stay,” said Niall, taking a few steps toward the boy. Harry looked at Niall, eyes wide and expectant, and Niall realised how awkward this was; he’d known it would be and had hoped it wouldn’t.

Harry blinked his beautiful green eyes and Niall swallowed, not sure what to say now that he was here. It was so different on the phone.

Harry closed the gap between them, crossing the last few feet, and Niall wasn’t sure if he should shake Harry’s hand or hug him or what, exactly, was allowed.

And then his hand was in Harry’s, the taller lad’s long fingers lacing with Niall’s and it was overwhelming and so perfect.

“Hi Niall,” said Harry, voice quiet and sweet and so pliant. “I want to talk to you.” He dipped his head down and looked into Niall’s blue eyes. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, Harry,” whispered Niall.

“Maybe”—Harry’s thumb stroked over the back of Niall’s hand—“maybe your shadow doesn’t have to dance alone—”

“Without you,” corrected Niall.

Harry inhaled sharply and his face turned the most lovely shade of pink Niall had ever seen. “I didn’t want to assume, you know. Didn’t want to assume it was about me.”

“Who else would it be about?” asked Niall sincerely, looking right back into Harry’s eyes.

“I don’t know,” confessed Harry, blinking. “Can I kiss you?”

“Please,” breathed Niall.

Harry leant forward and kissed Niall, slow and sweet and gentle and achingly painful. It lasted only seconds but held nearly two years in its depths.

“You still look like a teacup,” whispered Niall, forehead against Harry’s.

“Thank you,” said Harry, smile pressing dimples deep into his cheeks.

Niall kissed his smile.

in light of niall’s attendance at harry’s show in l.a. last night, i felt the need to add on to my 162-word drabble from yesterday. hopefully you’ve enjoyed and don’t now have a cavity.


Lucifer Panel Dragon Con 2017

Memorable Moments:

Talking about when Tom spilt his pants at his first scene with Tricia

Lauren for a prank stole Kevin’s bike in L.A last season… She knew he would be upset because his bike had been stolen for real in Vancouver a couple weeks before the prank. 

The writers in Summer still tried to figure out Charlotte but the cast never really knows much about how the plot will unroll. They are only informed in advance if they have a fight or other ‘physical’ scenes which require training etc. 

Scarlett is said to have a great chemistry with all the cast. 

They talk about why Charlotte is still alive when Mum left her body. (Speculation by Tricia)

Commenting on the beach scene with Mum and Lucifer and how hilarious it was as people were starring and Tricia was trying to follow the green stick/sword and at the same time get into the right emotional state for the scene… 

Kevin says he would have liked Dan to turn to Silver Surfer (Talking about mixing other characters of DC and Alejandro is up for a Marvel one…)

The Martini Scene: Tricia doesn’t like olives and they got her a Martini for a scene with an olive…. She almost swallowed the olive but spit it right out. Unfortunately, although they all laughed it didn’t make it to the show…

A whole fighting scene (Maze vs Chinese guy) from 2x10 was cut :(

I’m heading out from a friend’s house in La Brea and start making my way to Silver Lake. I’m on Olympic and make a right onto Wilshire; I almost hit a transient wearing a ragged “God Hates Fags” shirt shambling like the lifeless bastard he is down the crosswalk. On Olympic I make my left onto Highland; an affluent couple in their 40s drags their excited-but-hungry looking Terrier with them down the sidewalk. Bowie speaks of Todd Browning, diamond dogs and mannequins on the car radio as I make my right onto Beverly; teenagers with eyeliner, Doc Martens and Fender Stratocasters wait for their bus to take them and their rock-n-roll dreams to someplace probably on Sunset - the Roxy, Viper Room or Whiskey-a-Go-Go, whatever, I don’t fucking know. The traffic begins to build as I pass Hancock Park and I make a quick left onto Rossmore; more pretty houses and picket fences, not a speck of grime or poverty to be found on this block of marble and prosperity. The derelicts return as I cross onto Melrose and zigzag onto Gower; Zevon chants of werewolves with Chinese menus in SoHo and London through my speakers as Paramount Studios passes by me on the right. Against better judgment I make my right onto Santa Monica; I can feel the resting souls in Hollywood Forever laughing hysterically at me as I turn onto the 2pm rush on the road. I cut off a trucker blasting Def Leppard as I make a left on Western; an Armenian woman pushes the shopping cart that her child rides inside of as they make their way home in the hot sun from the bodega. My luck changes unexpectedly as I turn onto Sunset; I zoom past McDonalds, Walgreens and this new Thai place as Womack croons of churches, brown leaves and L.A. dreams. At long last I have made my way to my destination, a cozy café of coffee and croissants, sounds of the Delfonics and Stevie Wonder echoing through the speakers as I sit down, and start to ponder of what to write now.
—  rush hour in Hollywood (6/1/17), thekaijusleeps