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This is a great read, if you like the cartoon and want a more in-depth analysis of it.

The chapter about economics is, in particular, quite amazing. It explains why, rather than being the “middle-class” family, as they are regularly seen as, the Simpsons are working-class, plain and simple. 

And it ties in with how so many poor Americans consider themselves (vaguely) middle-class when they really aren’t.

As Henry points out brilliantly about the first ever episode: “A middle-class family does not struggle to buy decent Christmas presents for their kids.”

Fuck, even from the get-go, the implication was there.     


OTH Ladies Appreciation Week
↪ Day Two: Favorite Friendship ; Brooke, Haley & Peyton

“Yeah but what if you have finals and you can’t sleep and you don’t have time? Well then hopefully you have a friend who’s gonna tell you that life kicks you around sometimes and it scares you, and beats you up… but there’s a day when you realize you’re not just a S U R V I V O R. You’re a W A R R I O R. You’re tougher than anything it throws your way. And you are Peyton, you are. And so are you Hales. And so are you Brooke.”

dedicated to: @laheysz & @strawblondhair