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TV tropes pointing out one big problem I had with The Simpsons movie.

Killing Homer was one thing. He, eh, had it coming, sorta. 

But that shit with Marge and the kids and the five nooses was just plain creepy. Only Flanders (a moral person) seemed to realize how messed up it was and wanted to help them.  

You 100% understand why Homer doesn’t want his family to go back and help them all later on. But he’s presented as being “in the wrong.” Um, they tried to murder his kids. 

I’ve listened to the DVD commentary. They seem to subtly acknowledge how twisted it is, oddly enough. 

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This is a great read, if you like the cartoon and want a more in-depth analysis of it.

The chapter about economics is, in particular, quite amazing. It explains why, rather than being the “middle-class” family, as they are regularly seen as, the Simpsons are working-class, plain and simple. 

And it ties in with how so many poor Americans consider themselves (vaguely) middle-class when they really aren’t.

As Henry points out brilliantly about the first ever episode: “A middle-class family does not struggle to buy decent Christmas presents for their kids.”

Fuck, even from the get-go, the implication was there.     

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