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OTH Ladies Appreciation Week
↪ Day Two: Favorite Friendship ; Brooke, Haley & Peyton

“Yeah but what if you have finals and you can’t sleep and you don’t have time? Well then hopefully you have a friend who’s gonna tell you that life kicks you around sometimes and it scares you, and beats you up… but there’s a day when you realize you’re not just a S U R V I V O R. You’re a W A R R I O R. You’re tougher than anything it throws your way. And you are Peyton, you are. And so are you Hales. And so are you Brooke.”

dedicated to: @laheysz & @strawblondhair

i honestly don’t feel like answering the hundreds of asks in the inbox right now but i just wanted to tell you my thoughts about camila’s new single “bad things" 

firstly, i don’t think the girls knew at all, not until yesterday and if we’re being nice, maybe about 4-5 days ago. 

i think lauren’s mum unfollowing all of the cabello’s on twitter, including camila is very telling. the girls weren’t told at all. lauren’s shady tweet to their management, Epic, captioned “BeEpic” is very telling as well. none of the other girls have commented as of yet, but they’ll all be civil to her, which is less than she deserves. also, her cute caminah video was so well planned and strategic, that so many people, including me, thought that she was ready to be part of fifth harmony again.

i’m annoyed because after ikwydls and all of that drama, and then the hacks, you’d think she would at least be less shady about her intentions. she walks around parading “love only" but she shows no love to the girls. if we’re going right back to basics, she should have never done this second single whilst in the group. that’s the truth of it. she could’ve waited, she knew she could’ve, yet her selfishness prevented her. 

a lot of people say things like “they all can do solo projects, it’s no big deal, in fact they all have done solo projects" 

okay so are you telling me that normani’s dance video’s and her cover of say it is equivalent to bad things and ikwydls? are you telling me that dinah’s all2u that isn’t even being promoted at allll, and will only be released on soundcloud, is the same thing? are you saying that ally’s yet to be confirmed solo song and her covers on insta/twitter (which camila does too) are the same thing? and lauren - the most she does is exist lol - are you telling me that all of these solo projects that the other girls do are anywhere near the singles that camila does? if you are, then i don’t know what to think of you. 

but fine, she’s done two solo songs now and we’re yet to hear bad things, and so all the stuff i mentioned doesn’t matter because it’s fine that she’s doing solo things - completely fine, if you want to look at it like that - my main issue is her shadiness and her cunning planning behind ikwydls and bad things. the pretence she put up, as though she wasnt up to anything and was being loyal to fifth harmony again was a good one - seriously, besides the diplo and cashmere cat collab which she was open about, nobody saw this shit coming. you see why i don’t mind the other collabs? because she isnt being shady about them. a little bit of honesty goes a long way. 

all she had to do was tell the girls (and don’t tell me that she did, or that i’m making assumptions, all signs point to her having not told the girls) but she didn’t. she kept it so underground, more underground than ikwydls, the diplo and cashmere cat collab which btw is still supposed to come out. i loved fifth harmony and my concern lies with the other girls, who aren’t able to be creative with their art and music because the label has favoured camila. well congrats camila, your solo career is getting off to a flying start. a bit of loyalty and honesty goes a long way though, but you do you. 

these are just my thoughts, and some of you are completely over the moon with camila and that’s fine, but i am allowed to have this opinion -