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A few Carry On cuties have asked me for book recs similar to it, but I want to taylor my recs to what you all want so I made this guide. There are more books I’d like to add, but this is already a hot mess. Also, below is a link to a good listopia that I think is helpful when looking for m/m fantasy reads.

Best Gay Fantasies.


Request: peter hale smut where he’s the teacher and you’re the student and then you fuck in his classroom

“Miss. Y/L/N, Care to answer the question?"  Mr. Hale said loudly snapping me out of my daze.  He knew that I hadn’t been paying attention and of course he would decide to publicly embarrass me in front of the class.  It seems like he always had it out for me.  Always giving me the toughest questions, grading my essays more harshly and being the hardest on me whenever I arrived late to class.  I honestly would have dropped this class by now if he wasn’t so hot.  Sure it was a shitty reason to stay in a class but, he really was hot and he was actually surprisingly a very good teacher.  He kept the class interesting and the only reason I ever zoned out was because I was much to busy thinking about how good he would look without his button down and tie. 

"Ummm World War 2?"  I took a guess knowing we were talking about something of the sort.  everyone started laughing and he gave me a disappointed look.  "Yes, because clearly the answer to what was the start of World War 2, was World War 2."  The kids in class continued to laugh and I looked down a the desk as I felt the heat rush to my cheeks.  "Y/N, I think you should see me after class."  Mr. Hale said as he gave me a pointed look and continued on with his lesson. 

As the final bell rang, I waited for all the kids to leave the class before I timidly went up to Mr. Hale’s desk waiting for his to reprimand me.  "Mr. Hale?"  I asked to gain his attention from the stack of papers he was currently looking at.  He stood up from his desk and I immediately felt intimidated as he towered over me from the other side of the desk.  "Y/N, I know that you’re smart, but it seems like sometimes in class you just really do not care about what I am trying to teach and as a teacher I want to understand why.  "I am so sorry Mr. Hale it’s just that I get distracted really easily and I have other things on my mind."  I replied honestly, just choosing to leave out the fact that he occupies my mind.  "Do you have a boyfriend?"  He asked out of the blue.  It was an odd question that I felt was a little personal to ask but I answered regardless.  "No, I do not."  He just silently nodded and I could have swore I saw a hint of a smile on his face.  "Not to be disrespectful Sir, but that’s a little bit of a personal question don’t you think?" 

Not knowing how long this was going to take I backed up and sat on top of one of the desks in the front row and he moved out from behind his desk and went to lean on the front of his.  "Well you said you were distracted and I’m sure at your age, boys are really all you want to think about."  They way he replied made me sound like a silly little schoolgirl and for some reason it really bothered me that he saw me in that light.  "Well actually sir, High School Boys are a little immature for me."  I pouted and crossed my arms underneath my chest, making my chest look bigger. 

He immediately stood up straight and strode towards me so he was standing right in front of me and placed both of his hands on either sides of my legs.  "Oh really"  He replied with a smirk on his face that turned me on more than ever.  I could already feel myself getting wet and he all he had done was give me a sultry stare.  I started subtly rubbing my thighs against one another hoping he wouldn’t notice. 

He noticed a few moments later and smirked again and placed his hands on my thighs.  "Mr. Hale?"  I started but before I could ask what he was found he pulled me into a kiss.  It was hot and his one hand started rubbing up and down my thigh while the other was roaming up and down my body.  It was needy and passionate and had me begging for more.  He pushed his hand up my skirt and pushed my underwear aside.  he began to rub his long fingers up and down my slit and teased my clit a little.  I let out and involuntary  moan and he responded with a low groan. 

He slipped one of his finger inside me a rapid pace and before long he put two in.  He pulled away from the kiss and went down my neck as I grabbed onto his hair and became a moaning mess.  "Baby, you going to need to be quiet for me.  Wouldn’t want anyone coming in and see you being such a naughty girl.  Remember I left the door unlocked."  I immediately tried to shut up but it felt like everything was turning me on so much make all of a sudden, like the idea of someone walking in just made this all the more dangerous.  "Fuck me please"  I moaned as quietly as I could.  I couldn’t take the pressure anymore and I needed him.  "whatever you want Princess."  And with that he quickly pulled his pants down and ripped my panties off my body.  He quickly thrust into me hitting me deeper than anyone had before and he had me on the edge within minuets.  "Alright sweetheart, your going to need to be really quiet okay?"  And with that I let it all go with a silent cry and he helped me ride out my orgasm before he pulled out and cummed into the trashcan next to his desk. 

"I think you deserve a detention again tomorrow Y/N"  He smirked at me and I was more than happy to agree.      

A Dragon’s Hoard by Morgan L. Hale

There are three primary misconceptions about dragons.  The first has to do with a dragon’s hoard.  Despite what has always been believed, a dragon’s hoard didn’t have to be gold.  Oh, it could be, certainly.  On more than one occasion it was.  However, for the most part, this was a rumour, spread by the hunters to gain the help of the greedy.

You see, for a dragon, the hoard had nothing to do with value (as we humans perceive it), but about the collection itself.  I knew of one dragon whose hoard was rocks.  Not even particularly large or colorful rocks.  Simply, rocks, such as you could find anywhere.  Another dragon made a hoard out of waste and refuse, accidentally creating the world’s first garbage dump.  Though the surrounding cities and villages were the cleanest by far, none wanted to live downwind from her lair.  A third dragon had actually made an attempt to hoard water, and was in the midst of diverting a river to his home, before a clever villager showed him the beach (where the dragon happily lived out the remainder of his days).

Another misconception about dragons is that they are violent.  Not so.  Dragons attack under one of two circumstances.  When they (or their family) are threatened or when their hoard is threatened.  I have never seen a dragon go out of its way to willfully harm any living creature, unless that creature attacked it first.  In fact, one enterprising city actually formed a lengthy partnership with a dragon.  In exchange for adding to the dragon’s great hoard (in this case, books), the dragon would protect the city from invaders.  This was a price the dragon paid happily since, from the moment the citizens started adding to her hoard, she perceived them as family.  This story, unfortunately, has a very sorry end (I won’t go into details, as I’m sure you’re already familiar with the tragedy of the Library of Alexandria).

The final misconception about dragons is that they no longer exist.  This, I can assure you, is a complete and utter falsehood.  Oh, there’s far fewer of them, certainly.  They’re also much smaller than they were in days past (imagine, the size of a canine, rather than an elephant).  Their hoards have changed too, and they’re much sneakier about collecting them.  I’m personally acquainted with two dragons, one of whom collects socks, another of whom collects keys (this latter dragon I met when he attempted to make off with my keys!  I was able to retrieve them, most fortunately, by purchasing him a key cutting machine.  Now he only borrows keys, and adds the duplicates to his hoard).

I was a child when I met my first dragon (the first of several, as it would turn out).  He was young, just as I was, and very curious (just as I was).  His collection, I would come to find, was trees, and his hoard was the very forest that attached to my backyard.  I’ve tried, many times, to write this story, but each time I came across one major failing.  I was attempting to write my story, when I should have been writing his.  So, in honor of the Dragon of Alexandria, I commit pen to paper and our story begins.

Pack Mom:Part 2

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia, Stiles, Liam, Malia, Allison, Kira, the entire pack basically

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series)

Word count: 1461

Warning: Pure fluff. Cute Liam. Adorable Derek. 

Summary: Y/n decides she needs to do something for Lydia’s birthday


Pack Mom Masterlist

It had been 3 weeks since y/n and Derek had allowed Liam to move in with them. 

Everything was perfect. 

Liam wasn’t like most typical teenage jocks. 

While he had IED and sometimes had trouble controlling his anger, he never lost it around y/n and always made sure he was somewhere else when he knew he would have trouble.

He also wasn’t the moody brooding type. 

He was very open with y/n, often discussing his crush on a certain girl or just talking about his problems within the pack.

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After hearing “Wicked Always Win” I realize now..Rebecca Mader’s portrayal of The Wicked West, makes me think of Tamzin Merchant’s portrayal l of Anne Hale from the series Salem. And now I headcannon (with some lyric alters) ’ Wicked Always Win’ as Anne Hale’s theme. And if they bring Salem back to Netflicks (it’s been rumored) I want .Rebecca Mader’s to play an older Anne Hale, now.

Pack Mom:Part 3

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Characters: Y/n, Derek (mentioned only), Liam

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1092

Warning: Fluff. Cute Liam. Shitty parents. Slight angst. 

Summary: Y/n and Liam go shopping together and talk 


Pack Mom Masterlist

Liam had become a permanent fixture in the Hale/y/l/n residence. 

After living there for almost 2 months, the couple decided he’d live with them permanently. 

Y/n didn’t see any point in Liam getting a job, purely to pay for an apartment somewhere, which would most likely be broken down and in a dangerous neighbourhood.

Even though Liam was a werewolf and could handle himself pretty well, y/n still worried about him. 

They’d gotten even closer than they were before, if that was even possible. 

They spent almost all their time together, along with Derek. 

They went shopping together, they went to the movies together.

Anything that a family would go to, the couple and the teenager would be seen there. 

This was because they had become their own little family. 

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Revenge- Young!Derek Hale

I’m not going to lie, but this is dark as fuck. I don’t even know why it’s so dark, but it just is.

Warning: Dark Themes, Implied Suicide, Triggering Material

Please read at your own discretion

The death of your best friend, Paige, left you emotionally and physically weak. You remembered collapsing to the floor of the high school, a cry leaving your lips as you read the letter her parents sent to you. People kept crowding around you, trying to comfort you, but you could only focus on the sweet brown eyes of her ex, hate firing up in your own orbs. You knew he was trouble, you knew he was dangerous, you knew about him being a werewolf, and you knew he was dangerous. So why couldn’t she just listen to you?! If she had, she’d still be alive. He couldn’t bring himself to hold your gaze any longer and you pushed yourself to your feet, crumpling the letter tightly in your fist before rushing away out the school, ignoring the sympathy stares and their sympathetic words.

He killed her. Everything your father told you about the Hales suddenly rang true in your head. They were killers. With no regards for human life.

And you wanted revenge.

You looked up at your father, a sickening smile crossing his face when he handed you the gun with wolfsbane bullets nestled deep within the chamber. You weighed the gun in your hand, fear shooting up the back of your spine. “Don’t be afraid of it, if you’re going to take down a monster, then you need to be in control. Werewolves are dangerous, you miss your shot, you might be dead before morning. Got it?” He explained, already recognizing the usual fearful look on your face. You swallowed, nodding your head as he began leading you over to the workbench of your garage. “I’m so proud you decided to join the family business.”

“I’m not joining any business, Dad.” You spat, placing the gun in the waistband of your pants, pulling your shirt down to cover it up.

“Oh? Then what are you doing?”

You looked down at your scuffed shoes in silence, kicking an invisible pebble before you gritted your teeth. “I’m getting revenge. Derek killed Paige, and her death needs to be avenged.” You grunted.

“Now you see why werewolves and humans can’t coexist.” He said quite happily, his fingers reaching to grab a shiny black and (favorite color) crossbow from the shelf. He sat there looking over it for a few minutes before he lifted it to his eyes and pulled the trigger before sighing happily.

“This was your mothers, she wanted me to give it to you for your sixteenth birthday, but since its only a few days away, I think you’ll do just fine with it now.” He murmured, handing you the heavy bow that fit perfectly in your hand, the trigger molding just fine with your finger.

You copied your dad’s movement’s, raising the bow to your eye with a satisfied smirk, pulling harshly on the trigger.

You groaned internally, pressing back against the tree trunk you were pinned down behind. You had ran out of arrows a long time ago, and all you had left was the gun with the deadly bullets. You had managed to track down Derek into the woods, making sure to keep quiet until you were ready. Needless to say, the fight you two entered left you both physically weak. He had fought with sharp claws and pointed canines, and you had fought back with twenty arrows and six bullets. Needless to say, only two of your arrows managed to hit him, and one bullet grazed his skin, and now you had only two left.

Your dad’s words rang in your ear. Werewolves are dangerous, you miss your shot, you might be dead before morning. You pushed yourself away from the tree, hearing the werewolf’s labored breaths go silent.

You turned, coming face to face with the handsome kid. He stared at you, his eyes sunken in from sleepless nights. He had blood covering his hands and you snapped the gun up, holding it to his forehead, rage burning through your eyes.

“Shoot me.” He whispered softly, and you blinked, almost not hearing his words. “Shoot me, I deserve it.”

“Your damn right you deserve it.” You hissed. “Paige, my best friend since Pre-K, is dead because of you!” You screamed, pressing the barrel of the gun against his forehead. He let his eyes fall to the ground, tears rising to his eyes as he looked anywhere but your face.

“I know she is, and everyday I have to remind myself that she’s dead because I decided to be stupid. I wanted a life with her, and in the end, I stole her life. If anything, I deserve to be shot.” You tried to be mad at him, honestly you did, but you couldn’t, not when he was this vulnerable.

You let the gun drop to your side, tears rising in your own eyes. “Paige and I, what a duo.” You laughed bitterly. “We were supposed to go to college together, live right next to each other so our kids could play. She was supposed to be my maid of honor, and I hers, and now, now she’s nothing but a memory.”  Derek looked up from underneath his lashes, tears glistening in his eyes. “Funny thing is, she swore she would never date someone like you, and I was the only who saw right through you the day we met. I knew you were trouble, and I told her that, and you know what she said?” You spat, your body shaking with rage.

“What did she say?” He asked, barely being able to look at you.

“She said that I was just trying to take you away from her, and you know how that feels?! To hear your best friend of sixteen years accuse you of trying to steal her man?!” You were crying, the memories of you and Paige resurfacing to your mind.

“I’m so sorry she’s dead. If I could go back in time and save her, I would. She didn’t deserve to go out like that, and its all my fault.”

You stared into his eyes, raising a hand to your mouth. “She’s gone. She was the last person on this earth that reminded me of my mother before she died. She was so nice and so caring, and now all I have left in my life is my dad. My crazy, psychotic Dad! And you know the best part of having no one left? The family business is mine. My Mom can’t say no whenever my Dad wants to train me for the business now. So watch your ass Hale, because I’m coming for you.”

You took a step back, feeling extremely tired and weak from fighting. All you wanted was to go home now and curl up with the pictures of Paige and your Mother, but fate had other plans. A guttural scream burst from your lips as a pair of razor sharp claws sank into your lower back, and teeth sunk into your shoulder blade. At first, you thought it was Derek, but then you heard his voice screaming. “Peter stop!”

You felt claws disappear from your back and you sunk to the cold, hard ground, looking up at the sky with tears trailing your face. You moaned in pain, watching Derek and another boy argue. “She tried to kill you! And you’re defending her?”

“She was grieving, she didn’t know what she was doing.” He spat back, pushing the older boy. You curled up on your side, your back tingling with pain as you tried to block the boys out. You knew what would happen, the bite would turn you, and you couldn’t turn, not like them. You couldn’t become like them, you absolutely refused to become like them.

Several minutes went by with the two yelling at each other and you let out a shaky breath, listening to a pair of feet stomping away. “Derek.” You moaned, feeling his warm hands wrap around your waist before lifting you up. He cradled you against his chest and sunk to the ground. “Derek, I can’t turn. I can’t be like you.” You whispered into his chest, tears staining his bloody shirt. There was silence between the two of you, as if he was processing what you were saying. You didn’t like the sound of the killing silence, so you tried to spark up a conversation, though you had no clue where you were going with it. “Derek, we have a code.” You murmured, pulling away to look up in his teary eyes.

He didn’t like what you were trying to do, but he wanted your last moments with him to be pleasant. To know you died with solace. “What is it?” He asked, brushing his fingers over the gentle slope of your cheek.

Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent.” You whispered, the corner of your lips turned up.

“What does it mean?”

“We hunt those who hunt us.” You replied, groaning when he shifted underneath you, his knee bumping against your lower back. He murmured an apology, still staring into your eyes. “And the code states, that if one of our own is bitten, we have to-” You swallowed, lips trembling. “We have to take our own life.” You moved your aching arm, pressing your hand to his cheek. “I need you to tell my Dad.”

He pressed his lips together in a tight line, staring into the broken windows of your soul. “I can’t. He’ll kill me dead on the spot.”

“Then get my crossbow, and leave it on the porch, and he’ll know what it means. I can’t go home. I can’t. Please Derek, do this for me. Do this for Paige.” His eyes glittered with tears and he leaned forward on instinct, his lips brushing against yours. You blinked your eyes shut, melting into the kiss.

He pressed his hand to your back, his sharp nails tracing patterns in your blood. He knew you wanted to go out your own way, but he couldn’t help the deja vu that was slowly starting to sink in. He pressed his lips harder against yours, savoring your taste before he pulled back. “I’m sorry.”

“Paige loved you, you know.” You whispered, your fingers closing around the handle of your gun. “She told me she wanted to marry you. And I told her it was just a dumb crush she’d get over.” Derek watched as you brought the gun up, his eyes watering at the thought that he’d have to watch another person die. “And she told me, that when I fell in love, she would laugh and say that I’d get over it.” You brought the gun up, placing the barrel up against your temple.

Derek watched your shaky fingers, and he swallowed, helping you hold the gun steady. His tears dripped down on your face and you laughed weakly. “I get to see my Mom, and Paige. And I’ll be happy again.”

“And what about me? I have to carry the weight of knowing I killed the love of my life, and held her best friend as she died.”

You breathed deeply. “You’re going to make a great werewolf one day. Big and strong, and handsome. You’ll have girls throwing themselves at you, and I know that’s not what you want to hear but, one day, you’ll lead a whole pack of wolves, and Paige and I will just be a distant memory.”

Derek was full blown sobbing now, his tears dripping onto your face as he shut his eyes and bowed his head. You swallowed your breath, and clenched your eyes shut.

He woke up in a cold sweat, his breathing heavy as he looked around the room quickly, his eyes starting to adjust to the darkness. He slumped forward, resting his elbows on his knees as tears began to crawl down his face.

It’d been a few years since the deaths of Paige and Y/N, and the memories of the two beautiful girls still haunted his memories.

Y/N was right about what she said, about being a great werewolf and being handsome and even about leading a pack. He wondered how she could see so far into his future when her own was dwindling before her eyes.

But he tried not to dwell on it too much.