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I'm not sure what book it's from but isn't there a part when I think Jamie comes back from seeing L and barges in on Claire and asks her if she ever thought he didn't need her? Thanks!

Hi! It’s from An Echo in the Bone

A shadow fell across the floor in front of me and I looked up. Jamie was standing there with a most peculiar look on his face. 

“What?” I said, startled. “Has something happened?” 

“No,” he said, and advancing into the study, leaned down and put his hands on the desk, bringing his face within a foot of mine. 

“Have ye ever been in the slightest doubt that I need ye?” he demanded. 

It took roughly half a second of thought to answer this. 

“No,” I replied promptly. “To the best of my knowledge, you needed me urgently the moment I saw you. And I haven’t had reason to think you’ve got any more self-sufficient since. What on earth happened to your forehead? Those look like tooth—” He lunged across the desk and kissed me before I could finish the observation. 

“Thank ye,” he said fervently, and, un-lunging, whirled and went out, evidently in the highest of spirits. 

“What’s amiss wi’ Uncle Jamie?” Ian demanded, coming in on Jamie’s heels. He glanced back toward the open door into the hall, from the depths of which a loud, tuneless humming was coming, like that of a trapped bumblebee. “Is he drunk?” 

“I don’t think so,” I said dubiously, running my tongue across my lips. “He didn’t taste of anything alcoholic.”

Take Care-Tommy Shelby Imagine

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Warnings: Some fluff and mentions of being sick

A/N: I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders so I decided to write an imagine about the leader of the Peaky Blinders taking care of the reader. Also, I’m only on Season 1 so please no spoilers.

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 The plan was that Y/N would attend another meeting with the Shelby’s at their home in Small Heath to discuss strategies on taking down their competition. The Y/L/Ns and the Shelbys had a long history of working together. In fact, the Y/L/Ns helped introduce the Shelbys to a life of crime. Therefore, Y/N had practically grew up with the Shelby boys and knew them all like the back of her hand. So, she knew that Tommy would be furious that she would not be attending the meeting this afternoon due to the fact that her throat felt as though someone lit it on fire, her head felt like it weighed fifteen pounds, and the nauseous feeling in her stomach kept her from keeping down any food or drink.

  Y/N moaned as she rolled over in her bed, dragging her warm blanket up higher onto her body to stop the chills she felt. “Jane!”

  A few minutes later, her older housekeeper walked into her bedroom with her hands folded delicately in front of her. “You called for me, ma’am?”

   “Yes, were you able to reach the Shelbys and tell them that I will not be able to attend the meeting this afternoon?” A cough escaped her throat.

   Jane smiled sadly. “No, unfortunately, no one is at their home right now.”

    Y/N sighed. “Perfect. Tommy will have my head when he finds out I’m sending Patrick in my place.”

   Patrick was Y/N’s hot-tempered cousin who would rather solve every problem with his fists rather than his words. Y/N was insulted when her father insisted that he help her run the family business since her parents stepped down as the leaders. Y/N was much smarter and rational than Patrick but she would rather not be on her father’s bad side. However, she knew that Tommy loathed working with Patrick and the only thing stopping him from putting a bullet between his eyes was Y/N. 

   “I’m sure Tommy’ll understand, ma’am. How are you feeling?” Jane asked.

   “Like the Good Lord is going to come and take me any second,” Y/N said.

   Jane pursed her lips. “Don’t worry, dear, it’s just a bug. I’ll go get you some more tonic and a hot water bottle.”

   “All right.”

   Y/N closed her eyes and tried to force herself to relax. The doctor had visited her yesterday and prescribed some pills, a tonic, and “good ole bed rest”. Y/N hated being stuck in bed because she felt like she wasn’t doing anything. For all she knew, Patrick was about to run her family into the gutter because he was attending the important meeting. 

   Y/N must’ve fallen asleep because she felt herself opening her eyes to the sound of yelling. The voices were muffled but she could pick up Tommy’s and Jane’s. Her heart skipped a beat just hearing her old friend’s voice. She would be lying if she said she never felt anything for Tommy that was more than platonic. Before the war, they had flirted with each other and would go out dancing together. He had been so much fun and sweet. Then, he went to war and returned as the shell of a man she once knew. At first, Y/N was hurt and cried often during the night. Then, she decided to keep her distance and would only go to the Garrison or the Shelby’s when it was absolutely necessary. But Tommy wouldn’t let her sever the connection and insisted on Y/N joining him on many “business trips” because of her experience. 

   The door to her room opened and Tommy walked in, looking a bit disheveled in his black suit. She noticed the fresh cuts on his face and had the desire to inspect them herself but chose to wrap herself up even more in the covers.

   “Don’t you ever knock?” Y/N grimaced at the sound of her sickly voice.

   “Why would I do that when I know you’re decent?” Tommy walked closer to the bed. “So you’re sick, eh?”

   “No, I always look like death in this time of year,” Y/N snapped.

   Tommy “tsked” at her. “I told you that you should’ve left the track before it got too cold.”

   “Are you here to rub in how right you were? If so, the door is right over there,” Y/N said.

   Tommy smiled a little at her words. At that moment, Jane came rushing into the room.

  “I’m sorry, Miss Y/L/N, but he just barged right past me,” Jane said.

  “It’s fine, Jane. Why don’t you get ‘im a cup of tea?” 

   Jane nodded. “All right.”

   “Bring her a tea as well and soup.”

   Y/N shook her head. “I can’t keep anything down, Tommy.”

  “That’s because you haven’t tried soup.”

   Y/N opened her mouth to protest but then closed it when she realized Tommy was right yet again. She let Jane go and fetch the food and tea, leaving her alone with Tommy.

   “How did you know that?” 

   “Because when we were kids, you would always try to eat your favorite foods whenever you were sick because you were too stubborn to admit it,” Tommy said.

   Y/N smiled. “So, how did the meeting go?”

  Tommy’s expression fell grim. “As well as it could when you send your idiot cousin in your place.”

  “I had no other choice, Tommy. I didn’t want to infect everyone!” Y/N fell into a coughing fit. Once it was over, she shivered. “Do you really think I like having a cousin as thick as him as a work partner?”

   “You need to get rid of ‘im, Y/N. He’s going to put you and your family in danger one day.”

   Y/N leaned back against her pillows and shrugged. “My father’s wishes is that Patrick and I run the business together. I cannot go against his wishes, Tommy, you know that.”

  “There’s always a loophole, Y/N. You’ll find it, you’re too smart not to.”

  “Thank you, Tommy.” 

  Tommy nodded as he lit a cigarette and turned his back to her as he blew out some smoke. “So, do you know exactly what you have?”

  “Some form of the flu. It should be gone in about a week.”

  “Good, I won’t be able to tolerate Patrick any longer.”

  “Do those scratches on your face have anything to do with my beloved cousin?”

  Y/N took Tommy’s silence as a “yes”. Of course, they had gotten into it when she wasn’t there. She was usually the one to break them up if she wasn’t fortunate enough to leave Patrick at home. 

  Jane returned with tea and soup and didn’t leave before scolding Tommy for smoking around the sick woman. Tommy apologized and put out his cigarette.

  “Do you remember the days we used to give that poor woman hell?” Tommy asked.

  Y/N nodded as she sipped her tea. “Of course, I do. You and Arthur used to sneak over here all the time because of those pastries she used to make.”

  “And she never let us have any before dinner so you helped us steal them.” Tommy smiled fondly at the memory.

   “She used to chase us around, yelling about the hell our parents would rain down on us once she caught us,” Y/N said with a laugh.

   “But she never did.” Tommy sat down next to Y/N. “Everything was so much simpler then.”

  Y/N trained her eyes onto her tea. “Not everything, Tommy. I remember the day you put a bloody frog in my tea and I almost swallowed it.” 

  “I thought it would be funny,” Tommy said with a shrug. 

  “I could have choked to death!” Y/N burst out laughing before drinking more tea.

  Tommy looked down at his hands. “You really scared me that day. I thought that I was actually going to lose one of my best friends.”

  “You weren’t going to lose me that easily, Thomas Shelby. Besides, I still had to exact my revenge.”

   Y/N ate more soup and drank more tea as she and Tommy reminisced about their childhood. Both of them skirted around their late teenage years since that’s when their relationship got complicated. Jane returned and took away the dishes just as they were talking about their secondary school days, when Y/N ran a small scale gambling ring after she learned how to play poker. She had made at least five hundred pounds within a week and Mr. Y/L/N was extremely impressed with his daughter.

  “You were always a mastermind, a leader,” Tommy said.

   “Maybe, but you’re a better one.” Y/N buried her face in his chest. “I must look awful being this sick and not being able to wear any makeup or do anything to my hair.”

  “You’ve never looked awful a day in your life,” Tommy said.

   Y/N felt her heart beat faster at his words. She didn’t know what to say so she just relaxed against him. There was something so calming about Tommy, perhaps it was his solemn nature and the way he never really talked a lot or maybe it was the fact that Y/N was comfortable around him since they had known each other nearly their entire lives. He also felt very warm under her touch. Tommy began running his hands through her soft y/h/c locks which relaxed her even further.

    “Tell me what you discussed in the meeting,” Y/N said with her eyes closed.

    “We’re simply going to move in on the competition when they least expect it if they don’t accept our offer and leave the area. We have more men than they do and more guns. But they have connections as well.”

   “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Y/N mumbled. “When will this happen?”

   “In a few days but don’t worry about it too much. I want you to get better before you get yourself into fights,” Tommy said. “Hopefully, Patrick will be able to control himself in the meantime.”


   Tommy sighed. “Y/N, I know we haven’t talked about what happened before…before France and I’m tired of not addressing it. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole time I was away. In fact, I wanted to impress you with the medals and honors I would get for fighting. But so much happened in France, things that I’m still trying to get over. I know that I came back a different man and that it made you stay away for a while and I don’t blame you for it. But I can assure that one thing hasn’t changed: I’m in love with you. I have been since you helped my brother and me steal pastries from Jane.”

  It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He had expressed everything he had felt for the last few years which was a job in itself since Tommy did not express his emotions openly. The fact that he got silence in response made him anxious and angry. 

   Y/N lifted her head up and he saw that her eyes were closed and her mouth was parted a little so that she could breathe. Y/N was asleep and there was no telling if she heard any or all of what Tommy had to say. He didn’t know whether to feel relieved or a little crestfallen that the woman he loved hadn’t heard his confession.

  Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. Tommy’s eyes snapped to the housekeeper standing in the doorway with a bottle of pills and a cup of juice in her hands.

  “I came to give Y/N her medicine but it looks like she’s already asleep,” Jane said.

  “I’ll give it to her when she wakes,” Tommy said.

  Jane nodded and set the medicine and juice on a side table. She turned to Tommy. “She’s loved you since you were six and she was five. I see it every time she looks at your or your name is mentioned in her presence.” 

  “Thank you, Jane.” 

  She nodded her head and exited the room.

  Now, Tommy had to decide whether or not to repeat his words to Y/N once she woke up.