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I wrote this oneshot in 2012 so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Doc hadn’t realized exactly how much he had seen the Porsche as a daughter figure until the rookie had taken a liking to her. During his first few days in town, Doc had been biased against him simply because he belonged to the world which he had been shunned from. That alone was enough of a reason. But when he’d seen the hotrod speed off towards Wheel Well with her that first time, he didn’t recognize this new kind of bitterness towards the racer. It was one of distrust and hatred. The thought of him using her humble and innocent heart for his own short-lived entertainment sickened him. What was even worse was the fact that she was falling for it. Or worse yet, for him. He honestly hadn’t expected that from her. She had always been so level-headed and wise, the fact that she seemed to be so oblivious to his fake charm astounded Doc. Toying with her emotions was the last straw. The only option was to send him as far from the town as he could. He enacted this plan, and all was going swimmingly, until he turned to see a horrified and utterly heartbroken Sally staring at him as if he’d just murdered her first born in front of her.

“You called them?” In a sense, He could understood her pain. She’d let herself be charmed by the moron’s charisma, and while she still had that in her mind she wouldn’t be able to understand why he did what he did. He explained it to her in the best way he could while her emotions were still running high.

“It’s best for everyone, Sally.” Being the wise old-soul she was, he figured she would now comprehend his actions and how they were for her own good. But to his surprise, her agonized expression didn’t fade into comfort. Instead, anger and resentment formed on top of the sadness.

“Best for everyone? Or best for you?” And she was gone. An unbearably heavy feeling of guilt and regret overcame the older car. Suddenly it didn’t add up that Doc was the only one to see the racer the way he did. And if she, of all people, saw any good in the kid- then he had no choice but to go retrieve him.
After the entire ordeal was over with and the happy couple had been reunited, Doc silently watched them grow as a couple in the months that followed. Too ashamed of himself to treat them as a pair like the rest of the townspeople did, he merely observed. 

And now as he looked back on all this while watching them affectionately curl up together under the neon, he realized that he wouldn’t trust her with anyone else in the world. It was enough to bring a smile to his old face.

i think the only time pokemon truly, deeply disappointed me was in generations when it’s just eusine telling the legend of the burned tower and not mORTY MY SON MY PRECIOUS NERD PERFECT ANGEL HO-OH OBSESSED GHOST BOY WITH HIS UPDATED DESIGN!!!

So I got a little bit of writing done for tonight! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more time while my husband’s at D&D with his friends haha

I hope you all had a lovely day, and I will be on more tomorrow during lunch and after work! 

Stay tuned! 

ok so i know that tv shows are different than books. i Know that and i Know it’s impossible to include everything. but i can’t stop imagining potential scenes and losing all composure.

  • the first time we see 300 fox way. the reading room. blue’s bedroom. You Guys.
  • the first time we see monmouth from the inside. the bathroom/kitchen/laundry room. mini-henrietta.
  • the pig. THE PIG.
  • aglionby uniforms. 
    • and the entire wardrobe tbh. ronan’s dishevelment. blue’s deliberate wackiness. the boat shoes. adam covered in car grease.
  • how are they going to capture noah’s smudginess? what if they do Cool Cinematic Stuff like make him flicker or glitch. What If. 
  • gansey’s journal. Fuck. it’s gonna be real. there’s gonna be a real gansey’s journal.
  • the seasons changing in cabeswater. Imagine. 
    • truly Everything about cabeswater. Imagine.
  • finding noah’s skeleton.
  • also? um. FLASHBACKS. flashbacks? to anything pre-series? noah? gansey? ronan? 
  • the ‘murdered murdered remembered’ scene. Holy Shit. 
  • i’m gonna get to see robert parrish get beat to shit with my own two eyes.
  • adaM’S SACRIFICE. “i sacrifice myself.” spoken out loud in a henrietta accent. words into my ears.