Stranger Things 2

hopper: parenting

joyce: freaking out

eleven: bitchin

mike: depressed

will: possesed

lucas: romancing

max: zoomin

steve: babysitting

jonathan: getting laid

nancy: back on her bullshit

dustin: being adorable af and showing off his pearls fuck everyone that rejected him

When you start watching death note you think “wow these two intellectuals are going to do mental battle, chasing each other from long distances and having skirting meeting” not “these two are gonna be handcuffed together fist fighting in a girl’s living room by episode 18”

sarahshahi Running into this one is always a highlight of my day. Rarely do you make friends in this business. Happy that of all the things that came out of #poi, my friendship with @theamyacker is the strongest. Love you friend ❤️❤️ #shoot #glasses

theamyacker ❤️ you @theonlysarahshahi! Made my day too!! I feel the same and was just thinking how jealous I am of all your new cast mates:)