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I already found it!! Thanks for your concern ^^!! Omggg what do you thibk will happen to emma?! It looks like she is getting poisoned bc I don't think she is turning evil that easy..

The baddies have their sights set on Emma (again), bUT

jesus christ it took me 30 mins to find a freaking gif of this


ولرُبّمَا ضَاقت بيَ المشَاعرُ ذرعاً حدّ الإختنَاق ، ولرُبّمَا شعرتُ بحَجم تقصيِري تجَاه خالقِي
ولرُبّمَا أحتقِر نفسِي كثيِراً حال غفلتِها ، بودّي لو أصفعَها بحجم الخيِبَه والخُذلان الذي يعترييني
بودّي أنْ أصرُخ بهَا كفاكِ غفلةً وإبتِعَاد ، كفاكِ !!

i love aaron tveit because he’s just like. he can flip so fast. like one second he’s cute lil darling sweetheart, rosy lipped bright eyed baby that u wanna protect from all harm,

and the next its like daddy ive been bad