l'oreal colour riche


L’Oreal Collection Star G101 Le Gold

Hello, Goldie!

L’Oreal’s launched special edition Spring 2017 Collection Star lipsticks endorsed by various celebrities. 

In Singapore, there are four new shades shot through with gold pearl, and the pure gold one G101 Le Gold, is a shade endorsed by the drop-dead gorgeous Sonam Kapoor. At this time I’m not certain if L’Oreal will release this shade in the US and Europe under another celebrity’s name, or simply as a shade extension of the whole Colour Riche line, but that’s always a possibility.

It’s a glossy texture, which makes it go on very easily compared to old-school metallic lipsticks which used to be quite a bit drier. 

I just had to focus on it cos it’s such a fun, bling shade if you’re looking for an inexpensive lip topper (it does go on nicely over liquid to matte lipsticks but the creaminess and stick format will cause it will rub off creamier formulas slightly, so use a brush if you want to pair it with a regular lipstick).

For the quick demo above, I didn’t apply it over a red lipstick. (If you do, you get a subtler gold pearl.) I simply applied gold to my bare bottom lip and then added red at the sides and blended them for an ombre. Then I patted a tiny amount around the insides of the top lip just so there was a tiny bit of gradient, but the focus remained on the bottom. 

This is if you want the biggest contrast.