l'oreal campaign


TGIF: Black-Starlight (Red) Demon

Inspired by my recently acquired set of dice. They’re super pretty so I decided to recreate the look of them for my campaign character in my upcoming D&D session. Had a lot of fun with this; hope my Tiefling does well too~


Beyonce is fucking ugly…

Thats what i would say if i was a complete idiot.  These are photos from Beyonce’s L'Oreal campaign in 2013 that aren’t touched up.  Its clear this is a glamour shoot so massive amounts of make up and lip stick are put on the model and retouched via computer.  Whats not clear is the amount of hate Beyonce is receiving for having flaws like everyone else on this planet.  Celebrities are human and it would be great if everyone remembered to keep that in perspective.  If these images somehow upset you because you judge yourself based upon what society tells you is beautiful and Beyonce somehow in your strange little world let you down blame L'Oreal for perpetuating that image, Beyonce is nothing more than an entertainer.  Love yourself.