@HAIMthebandThis is where we start… live in the studio. There’s more to come, but this it for right now.

zero-est-sur-terre  asked:

Don't listen to that douche. He is your partner. Asking him for help is normal.


Oh. No. I see I’ve asked too much of  him. I shouldn’t have involved my sweet boyfriend in this disgusting bullshit.

I’ll handle this like I handle everything else.

On my own.

Tan acostumbrada esta la sociedad al maquillaje y pintura, que al ver una persona sin ello, declaran haber visto un ángel.

zero-est-sur-terre  asked:

Lendy, the point is you don't have to. A problem shared is a problem halved. You and daddy love each other, you should confide in one another. It's perfectly alright to do. (To pip: just saying, i think lendy is adorable)

I shouldn’t bother him. It’s just a lowly bottom feeder.

// Thanks my dude~ <3