Exotic Meditation Class

just came back from an exotics meditation class.

they were in underground cave full of wall mirrors - that reflected the soul purification process that they must go through, with quiet music and dim lights to enter the realm of subconsciousness where all they can hear is their shaman’s commands.

clad in their ritual garb of nike “sports bras” and “sweat-tights” they alternatively lay, sat, kneeled and squatted on nike “gym mats” (even though nike is a hellenistic goddess she is very much worshipped by the exotics)

they also chanted in Sanskrit but are apparently unable to understand anything but the words “inner peace”.

much to my disappointment, the shaman informed me that this practice has actually been adopted from peoples that the exotics encountered, and thus is not of exotic origin. apparently the exotics were a simple, contented people who never had any need for meditation practices until the 20th century

please sign this petition to stop the insidious infiltration of our cultures into their beautiful, rustic and traditional exotic culture!