Ennio Morricone “L'Estasi d'ell'oro”


Sizzling Soundtracks

#6 - Ennio Morricone L'estasi dell'oro - (Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo/The Good,The Bad and the Ugly)


A1: Iscartioic Lips - Original
A2: Reverse & Repair (Stefan Goldmann Edit)
B1: Reverse & Repair - Original
B2: Iscariotic Lips - Acapella

Written & produced by C. Ernst
Mixed by S. Goldmann
Vocals on Iscariotic Lips by Crystal Boyd
Viola on Reverse & Repair by Kenny Wang
Words on Reverse & Repair by C. Ernst

When it comes to making mesmeric, faintly eerie techno, New York producer Christopher Ernst has proven his chops on tracks like “Kingdom For A Kiss” and “Belle,” but he’s never pulled off the trick quite as well as he has here. The title track grabbed me instantly, its queasily slowed vocal starting off as a spine-chilling acapella before being joined by a simple rhythmic backbone of padded bass drums and hats. An acapella version is included as well, ensuring the package closes in even more goosebump-inducing fashion than it began. Very deep music. 

In between come two versions of a track called “Reverse & Repair.” The original pairs discordant, seasick violins with marauding beats and an incomprehensible spoken-word vocal in a way that’s reminiscent of Archie Pelago’s darker outings. Macro boss Stefan Goldmann, who mixed the record, also contributes a bracing edit of “Reverse & Repair.” It strips away the mood-leavening strings to leave a combination of stark, pounding drums and an an ominous vocal that’s fit to soundtrack mini-freakouts in dark rooms. 

This is a fantastic record, A1 is serious heat straight from the fire temple.