l'ecole de l'image


One man always on the move will have an encounter that puts into question everything he knows.

By Joël CORCIA, Bung NGUYEN, Thomas RETEUNA, Laurent ROSSI, Bernard SOM, students from Gobelins l'ecole de l'image in France.



Ok this is the project I worked on while attending the Gobelins Summer School. We had to choose between three characters (Winnie the Poo, Lupin and Harley Quinn) and animate them doing a specific action, which in this case was to put a letter in a mail box. In the first phase we needed to study our character by drawing it over and over and OVER again. I have to admit it was the most relaxing and less tedious step of the project.

Here’s the link to the animation [video]

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A crocodile represents the shyness of a young woman, who tries everything she can to get rid of it.

By Alice Bissonnet, Aloyse Desoubries Binet, Sandrine Hanji Kuang, Juliette Laurent, and Sophie Markatatos, 3rd year students at Gobelins, l'école de l'image in Paris, France.


Le Royaume is one of my favorite shorts I’ve seen, ever. The animation and style are beautiful and fun. I find it absolutely inspiring. I watch it whenever I need a boost when I’m creating, drawing, or animating.

It was animated by some of the students from the French animation school called GOBELINS, l'école de l'image. Many of the animated works that come out of GOBELINS are amazing. Check them out on youtube.



Goblins - Le Royaume