l'amour menacant

Comment ne pas éprouver le besoin d'aimer ? Qui n'a senti manquer la terre sous ses pieds sitôt que l'amour semble menacer de se rompre ?
—  Alfred de Vigny, Journal d’un poète

L'amour Menaçant - Etienne-Maurice Falconet

Menacing Love

Cupid quietly draws an arrow from his quiver, indicating to the observer not to betray him.  The threat is quiet clear, and the inscription on the pedestal reads ’Whoever you are, this is your master.  That he is, that he was and that he will be’.

Whilst I do not agree with assumption that people lose rationality or sight of it over affairs of the heart, it is hard not to be struck by the sculpture’s beauty, and poignancy.