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okonemoreask.... AU Catalyst. Where they work for Talon. MAKE MY CHILD AN EDGELORD


oh my god this hurts after everything they stood for and fought for, not only to fail to avenge their parents but to be forced to work for the organization that killed them? that, and you know that there’s no world where Talon takes Catalyst alive as long as Jamie lives and breathes. 

so i assume for the intent and purpose of this AU, he does not.  

Talon realizes upon capturing Catalyst that it would be wasteful to simply throw away a brilliant mind such as theirs. they are broken and reformed into the ideal Talon military scientist. as a result of the torture they endured, Catalyst is now immune to radioactivity and most toxins, but is no longer able to speak, cannot breathe without respiratory aid, and suffers from crippling hydrophobia. 

After almost a year, fo4-companions-react has come to an end. We hit 3,000 followers the other day and now this blog has become a small archive of reacts for your reading pleasure. In order to celebrate and also set up the blog properly for those who want to come back and read some of their favourites or for those who are new to this blog, I will be creating one final reaction masterpost (Complete with snazzy title) to make browsing the blog much easier! Thanks again for supporting, 3,000 followers is a lot of people!

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Companions and Sole find a kid raised by a Deathclaw

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Companions’ Ideal Commonwealth Wedding

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Companions React to Sole being awfully abusive to Synth Shaun as he’s not their real son

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