l&n railroad


Wanted get an industrial stairwell from Shapeways, but “it’s hard times at the permantige” (Dusty Rhodes said that, I think). So I rummaged around the parts box and found some Gold Medal Models etched stairs, parts from a Bachmann engine servicing platform, and lots of bits and pieces of styrene. Several hours spread over a couple of days later, and there we go.

An N train heads into the Ditmars Boulevard Station.


When the L&N Railroad purchased the land for a right-of-way in 1888, with plans to build a railway through Reliance, Tennessee, Calvin Higdon built the Higdon Hotel.   Through the years, the hotel provided shelter to many railroad employees and various travelers.  Its unique two story front porch, plus the fact that the building’s downright huge, make the remains of the Higdon Hotel easy to identify.   

Stories of the Hotel being haunted abound.   We didn’t get scared by anything during our visit, but that doesn’t mean that the place isn’t haunted.  A couple of our photos did turn out to have inexplicable hazy spots in them.   Also interesting was the way that the front screen door opened itself for me as I walked up to it and closed itself behind me once I was inside.   Really interesting was the way it did the same thing again as I was leaving.   Maybe it was the wind.   Maybe it wasn’t.  


Took and old Atlas Shorty Tank car and converted it into a storage tank for my Epsom salt plant. Picked this up from the bargain bin at Autumn Rails last year. The tank car’s hand rails were 90% broken or missing. Ended up being repurpose something broken. The tank car has been trimmed down and putty used to fill the holes. Pipe is spru, hose is Atlas track feeder. Pump house from scrap from several kits.