I haven’t made a post like this in a while, but my dash is kind of lacking a lot of stim content right now

Please reblog/reply to this post if you’re a stim blog that’s 1) ace inclusive/ace safe, 2) doesn’t allow kink/cg-l/dd/lg interactions, and 3) doesn’t post any discourse/a lot of discourse

🐻I need a nap with all of my stuffies🐻

How to fall into little space in 5 easy steps

1 • take favorite blanket (preferably fuzzy), favorite socks (knee high/thigh highs work best), and (if you own any) favorite bottle/sippy/paci. Put all on body, including the blanket. Wrap up in that blanket
2 • turn on your favorite cartoon or Disney movie
3 • grab your favorite snack(s) from the kitchen, and put them in cute bowls. If you have one, fill your sippy/bottle with your favorite juice
4 • put pillows on the floor to sit on, and sit about 3-4 feet from the tv with your snacks We can’t hurt our eyes, now
5 • imagine what it would be like to be in the cartoon/movie you’re watching. As you watch, think of the main character(s) as yourself, and go on an adventure 💜


This is a video that the youtuber Shane Dawson just made about adult babies and I think it will help anyone struggling with the idea of being a little, caregiver, or daddy/mommy. I watched it and hearing the opinion of a non-biased person made me feel a lot better about being a little. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO!!!!!

(PS please watch the whole video, it includes an interview with the youtuber Binki Princess)