BTS 2nd Japan Album “Youth”, Jacket Shooting and Song Recordings decided!

Jacket Photos for “Youth”, the 2nd Japanese BTS album released on September 7th, have been released. Also, tracklist has been decided!

The Jacket Photos released the other day, have a quite and calm image of the members and will be a first-print limited edition. The regular edition has an image of a never ending road and the Loppi/HMV limited edition has a never ending subway with alternating light and dark. the three different concepts great the complete image that “Youth” is trying to present.

Some of the songs on the album have been released as singles in japan and part of the “The HYYH” series portraying Youth such as “I NEED U ~Japanese ver. ~”, “RUN ~Japanese ver ~”. Also the Japan original single that achieved the first foreign artists single to rank 1st on the Oricon chart. Finally, the songs that can’t be missed for the theme of Youth, “FIRE” “Save ME” “EPILOGUE: Young Forever” and other songs released in Korea will be released in Japanese through this album and a special Japanese track “Wishing on a star”. These are the exciting parts of the upcoming album!

□□ BTS/2nd Album
□□ Title: YOUTH
□□ Release Date: 2016 September 7th, Wednesday
□ Tracklist: Same in all editions of album
2. RUN -Japanese Ver.- 
3. FIRE -Japanese Ver.- 
4. DOPE -超ヤベー!- (Japanese Ver.)
5. Good Day
6. Save ME -Japanese Ver.-
7. フンタン少年団 (Boyz with Fun) (Japanese Ver.)
8. ペップセ (Baepsae) -Japanese Ver.-
9. Wishing on a star
10. Butterfly -Japanese Ver.-
12. I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
13. EPILOGUE : Young Forever -Japanese Ver.

□ YOUTH (First Limited Edition : CD + DVD) Special Digital Pack/Elaborate Booklet Edition
(Product Number/Price) PCCA-04434/¥4,000 (tax included)
(Elaborate Booklet) Planned to be a 48 page color booklet
(DVD) Will include Music Videos for “FOR YOU” “I NEED U -Japanese Ver.-“ “RUN-Japanese Ver-“ and unreleased behind the scenes making videos
(SPECIAL) Each album is planned to have a Registration Ticket for Purchasers only included

□ YOUTH (Loppi + HMV Limited Edition: CD + DVD)(*Amount Limited) *Album can be pre-ordered at Lawson/Minispot “Loppi” shops, HMV or HMV online. http://www.lawson.co.jp/campaign/bts/
(Product Number/Price) BRCA-00076/ ¥3,500 (tax included)
(DVD) “FOR YOU” Release Event + 1 Year anniversary of Japan debut videos and “YOUTH” Jacket shooting videos included.
(SPECIAL) Each album is planned to have a Registration Ticket for Purchasers only included

□ YOUTH (Normal Edition/For Limited Time 2nd Anniversary Price: CD ONLY)
(Product Number/Price) PCCA-04435/¥2,000 (tax included)
*This will be available in shops until the end of December, 2016
(SPECIAL*For first printed CD’s only) 1 Trading Card (8 types in Total/Each album is planned to have a Registration Ticket for Purchasers only included

□ □ Additional Goods for Pre-ordered albums: BTS Album “YOUTH” B2 Advertisement Poster
In CD shops all around the country, those who have bought any edition of BTS “YOUTH” album will be given a “YOUTH” B2 advertisement poster. There are only a given number of the posters and it will be first-come first-serve, therefore we urge you to pre-order/buy the CD soon at a CD shop near you.
*For the poster, there are a select few CD stores that do not stock the posters, so please check with the shops or more details
*For online bookings, some shops will also not have the poster to provide, so please check the details of each WEB store.

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A Change...

Dear Y/N:
We are delighted to inform you that you’ve been accepted in Korean National University of Arts […]
It will be a honor to have you among our most talented students, representing the school [….]

When the letter came your heart almost stopped and exploded, being accepted in College was good enough, but being able to finally be in Korea was something else. Who would have thought that the little shy girl would cross the ocean and start her own adventure? You surely didn’t. And there you were, packing and making plans for your new life, you knew it was going to be great, it didn’t matter who was with you or not, it didn’t matter that you would be leaving your home for a long long time; for the first time in your life you felt as if it was yours and you were finally starting to live it the way you always wanted to. 

“Do you think they will choose someone among us?” Your not so new friend whispered as the two of you observed the teachers/trainers passing around the few students that sat in the middle of the practice room. 
“I don’t know… we are freshmen, I truly don’t think they would pick one of us for something so important”. You replied, considering the possibilities. It had been a few months since the scholar year started; thinking that earlier that year you were dreaming of being there was something that felt so distant. As you promised your parents and your best friend, you were one of the top students. This time I won’t stop, I won’t regret anything, you thought as you left to take your plane. And you were keeping up that promise, not letting yourself down.
“Y/N? Please stand up…” Your favorite teacher said, you could almost hear the excitement on his trying-to-be-neutral voice. You did as you were told, perfectly aware of all the eyes looking at you. “We’ve decided that you’ll be the one coming with me to train in SM Ent. You’ve given everything since day one and we think you are exactly what we are looking for”. 

You didn’t even have the time to bow and give your thanks, as soon as you heard the news you had to leave with your teacher. Apparently they were waiting for you, the instructor (your teacher) and his apprentice.
“You know that famous boy band… EXO, right? Well… we’ll be training with them, they expect for us to come with a new choreography. Do you think you can do it?” He said as he parked the car in front of the new building that would be your ‘school’ for the next two months. 
“Yes…” You gulped, trying to control the nerves in you. “We can do it..”

It never crossed your mind that you would ever enter that building, and definitely, you never thought of the possibility of standing in front of your favorite group, more importantly, standing in front of the reason for your decision of studying in Korea. 
“Hello..” You bowed shyly, imagining how your face looked like in that moment. Flushed cheeks, making your freckles look more than they normally do, an amazed look on your face, and probably teary eyes. “My name is ‘y/n’, and I’ll be working with you the following weeks… Please take care of me”
“Woah… she is cute” You heard one of them say without hesitation. You looked up and found Sehun’s eyes on you. Well… all of them were staring at you but for some reason you couldn’t take your eyes away of his. 
“Shh maknae! She can hear you” Suho, as always, tried to make the dorks behave. 
“That’s the point… Hey.. “Y/N”!” He talked a little louder, perfectly aware of the reaction he was causing on you. “Please teach me well, I’m definitely looking forward working with you…”

So I’m sure the anon that requested this, meant it to be a reaction and not a scenario, but it gave me an idea and I really wanted to write this, specially because tomorrow is Balie’s birthday and I want to give her many Sehun scenarios, including this one that is based on a dream of her. I’ll write the second part soon, and post it tomorrow! Xo, Admin A~


Grant Gustin & Jesse L Martin TAP DANCE Live at The Flash Comic Con 2016 Panel

EXO Reaction when a few buttons of your shirt are unbuttoned

So Naughty xD Xoxo,

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*You notice he is very smiley but you aren’t sure why* “Oh nothing jagi… I just think that the view from here is… great”


*Pervy Kris* “You know something babe? That’s my favorite bra…” *Not even ashamed of thinking that out loud*


*GIF* “Woh jagi… I love this summer look… you should try this style more often…”


“Oh babe… come here. There’s something on your shirt… I need to see closer” 


*Needs too cool down before things get heated…*


“I think some buttons need to be… taken care off” *definitely not thinking of buttoning them back*


*Struggling* -Come on baek.. look at her eyes… not .. there.. eyes Baek! Focus!”


“Is this a sing…? Is she trying to subliminally tell me something?” *Considering the possibilities*


*Peeking from time to time* “Good good.. lace.. I like that” *Having the time of his life*


*Completely losing his mind* “Jagi… I can see… too much… ahh they are so beautiful”


“Babe… you don’t know what you have caused…. in here…” *You better go somewhere private because I don’t think he will resist for long*


“Oh jagi… you are so naughty… that’s how I like it”

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Their girlfriend crying out of pleasure, Baekhyun:

The ecstasy in your eyes, the soft moans coming out of your mouth and your head slightly leaned back are probably blowing Baek’s mind. Urging himself in you frenzied by the tight welcome of the hidden place in between your curves. The now and here seem distant, your mind wandering through the the vast sea of delight; only the avid throb of your most delicate place keeps you in reality, in that room with the completely-lost-in-pleasure-boy with they ragged breath.

Straining his ears, listening the satisfaction in each one of your moans, every time you call his name, Baek jams ferociously and rashly, encouraged by the harmonious movements of your body laying under him, inviting him to continue and let the fervor consume you and make you one. 

Requested by anon. Xoxo, admin A~