To the L.A Exo-Ls who’re planning to go welcome the boys at the airport can you please follow what the Russian fans did last time

and give them space? They’ve traveled for hours and are most likely very tired to have to put up with ya’ll violating their privacy. Also please don’t follow the actions of the fans from the previous concert, the boys already have so much to deal with and they don’t need to put up with a fandom who can’t behave themselves.

I’m pretty sure ya’ll don’t wanna be the next “one step back” city.

A Message to EXO-Ls in LA/NY/in General


You don’t have to reblog this or anything, but just please give it a read.

This was a video taken at the Vancouver concert tonight just a moment after Chanyeol pleaded fans,while asking for a pinky promise, in the ground level to back up after multiple attempts by the staff, security, and even the EXO members themselves telling fans in the ground level to back up for their safety, which didn’t happen.

Idk if any of you are still up, but fans in LA and NY and fans of anyone in general, please don’t frantically and violently crowd to the front when you’re on the ground level and please LISTEN when the staff/security/PERFORMERS tell you to back up. It’s frustrating for them and embarrassing for the rest of the fans when you don’t listen. AND IT”S ALSO DANGEROUS FOR YOU!!! If you want your fave to come back to your city, then please be respectful and civilized.

I’m sorry I had to do this rant, but I’m just really disappointed and upset right now with EXO-Ls in Vancouver, the boys did put on a really great and amazing show tonight though.

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my-ex0dus asked:

Hey! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering what happened at the Vancouver concert?! I have seen lots of posts but none really explain what happened, could you explain please?

Basically the GA pit section was a complete disaster.
1. People were pushed, fans started fighting, and some fans even fainted due to the situation. Security couldn’t even get to the fans who fainted because of how chaotic it was.
2. EXO asked everyone to take a step back around 3 times (4 or 5 according to other fan accounts) and a lot of the members looked extremely unhappy.
3. Vancouver is now known as the “One Step Back” city because instead of following the members instructions they just chanted “one step back.” Great job guys.
4. Security even had to ask fans to calm down and even cussed at fans.  
5. I’m not sure if this is true but some fan accounts said that the concert ended earlier than expected and that police even showed up at the venue. Again I’m not 100% sure about this one.

It’s understanding that the pit would be crazy in the first place but fans completely disregarded EXO’s concerns. The fact that the members had to ask multiple times for people to be careful and to move back is just disappointing. If you look at this picture you can see how much room there was at the back of the pit. Anyways I hope I was able to answer your question and don’t worry about bothering me! 

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