Flyin past


Kyungsoo mascot dancing to call me baby. It even did a body wave.

Petition for Exo Mascots to have their own reality show.

The every day struggles of 10 mascots learning to live, love, not fall over and fit through doors one day at a time. Featuring Lay’s struggles to find his soul mate, one hot mascot make out session after another. (Rated R for sexually suggestive mascot interactions).

who you should fight based on your sign
  • aries:pisces
  • taurus:scorpio
  • gemini:cancer
  • cancer:literally fucking everyone but especially gemini and capricorn
  • leo:capricorn
  • virgo:aquarius, capricorn, scorpio
  • libra:also capricorn
  • scorpio:taurus, virgo
  • sagittarius:still fucking capricorn
  • capricorn:sagittarius, leo, virgo, libra, cancer. lmao good fucking luck
  • aquarius:virgo
  • pisces:aries