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EXO Reaction when their GF performs with BTS

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Chanyeol: “Is that my Jagi rapping? Oh you never told me you were this good!” *Watches you rap with J-Hope*

Kris: *Didn’t realize it was you until Tao congratulated him for your rapping skills* “You are saying the girl who was really close to Rap Monster is actually my girl?”

Sehun: *Jelly boyfriend being supported by his best friend* “Oh no.. you just didn’t get to Jin. Oh you just didn’t”

Tao: *Jealous of Suga because he acts really clingy with you* “Oh no no no. I’m her boyfriend not you!”

Kai: *Looks at you from the backstage like this* “You better don’t get too close to those boys” *Possessive*

Xiumin: *Not a jelly boyfriend. He actually enjoys your performance* “That’s my girlfriend!”

Baekhyun: *Watches it while he is doing the shopping and laughs at how the boys try to hug you all the time* “Oh guys, don’t you see that she already has me? Woah she is amazing”

Luhan: *A little angry because you didn’t tell him about you special performance but enjoys it too* “I won’t deny she is good and they make a good team”

Chen: *Proud of you* “Oh babe, you should have told me you could sing and rap like that! We can make a duet”

Kyungsoo: *Get’s angry and uses his super power to separate the boys from you*

Lay: *Screaming like a fangirl* “I love you jagi!!!! You are the best!! Ahhh Jimin just looked at me!!”

Suho: *Watching* “Is it me or they are trying to get my girl? I didn’t know about this..” *Imagining like 100 different scenarios*

Yours (Done by possible new admin)

Summary: Chanyeol is your (extremely jealous) boyfriend and is jealous of your relationship with Suho.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader
Genre: Angst / Fluff
Length: 1,914 words

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Chanyeol had been acting a little strange lately, and you were confused. When you two were alone he would be fine, a little clingy though you weren’t complaining, but as soon as you were with the rest of the group he’d change. Chanyeol would not leave your side, holding your hand or pressing the sides of your thighs together, always touching you in some way or another. He was short when someone spoke to him, squeezing your hand a little too hard when you spoke to Suho or Baek and you were concerned.

You made your way down the hall to the guys’ shared apartment, hesitating a bit before you knocked on the door. Chanyeol hadn’t responded to your messages asking if it was okay to drop by. You hadn’t really had a decent conversation with him for the past week or so, he’d quickly end any discussion where you’d ask to come over with a short ‘not today, talk to you soon’ and you couldn’t help but wonder if he was trying to find a way to end it with you. Was he bored with you? Had you done something wrong? Suho opened the door, jerking you out of your thoughts, laughing as he caught you off guard.

“Hey, Y/N. Chanyeol didn’t say anything about you coming over today?” he questioned.

“No, he didn’t reply to my message so I thought I’d come by anyway. Is he here?” you grew nervous as you stood in the doorway, shifting your weight from one foot to another. Something in Suho’s face seemed to change, like something clicked into place. You frowned, why wasn’t he inviting you into the apartment? Had Chanyeol said something?

“Yeah, he’s in the shower though,” he stepped aside, “Come in, I’m watching a movie,”

You felt insanely awkward following Suho into the apartment, which was strange. You thought you and Suho were close, but sitting next to him on the couch felt like you were meeting him for the first time all over again. Neither of you spoke as you watched Johnny Depp hug a jar of dirt to his chest on the TV. Your hands were shaking and you could feel your heart beating in your stomach.

‘Pathetic’ your mind screamed. ‘Can’t even keep a decent boyfriend, you’re not good enough for him’

You glanced over at Suho, his knee bounced rapidly as he kept looking towards the hallway where you could hear the shower running. Your stomach churned as you felt your eyes sting with tears.

“He’s gonna dump me, isn’t he,” you muttered, it wasn’t even a question. Suho’s head whipped around to look at you, eyes wide.

“No, no no no, Y/N,” he said quickly, noting how you were seated tentatively on the edge of your seat knotting your hands together.

“I swear, that’s not it,” He slid closer to you and grabbed your hands, smoothing them against his, “wow, your hands are like, really sweaty right now,”

 “Sorry,” you laughed, pulling your hands from his and wiping them on your jeans. Suho was still staring at you, as if he wanted to say something.

“What’s wrong?” you turned to him, your knees knocked together causing Suho to jump.

“Nothing,” he replied too fast, clearly flustered.  You narrowed your eyes as he moved as far away from you as the couch would allow. You noticed Suho’s eyes flutter to the hallway in panic as you heard the water shut off.

“I’m just going to leave,” you let out a shaky breath, “since no one seems to want me around,”

“Y/N, wait,” Suho reached out to grab your hand, “Please, Chanyeol is just a little-“

“…A little what?”

You and Suho froze as turned to see Chanyeol in the doorway, a towel wrapped around his waist. He eyed your stance, waiting for an answer. You dropped Suho’s hand, crossing your arms over your chest attempting to hide how nervous you were to see him. Chanyeol stared at you for a moment before silently turning and disappearing into his room. You turned to look at Suho who shrugged before lying down on the couch, leaving no room for you.

“Fine,” you mumbled to yourself as you followed the hall to Chanyeol’s room. You stood outside his door, trying to calm your racing heart and wiping the tears that threatened to fall so you didn’t look as pathetic as you felt, and knocked softly before letting yourself in.

Chanyeol stood with his back to you, shorts replacing the towel around his waist.


“Let’s go to your apartment,” he cut you off, pulling a shirt over his head as turned for the door. You put a hand on his chest to stop him from pushing past you.

“Why? I just got here?!” you frowned as he avoided you gaze.

“I didn’t exactly invite you over,” he turned to glare at you and it sent shivers down your spine. “Oh I’m sorry, did Suho invite you over? I didn’t mean to interrupt, I know I’m not the only one in this house you like to hang out with,”

“What?” you hissed, “What’s Suho have to do with this?”

“Nothing,” he snapped, turning his back to you and sitting on his bed. You narrowed your eyes; you were done with the games.

“Fine, you know what I think I will go hang out with Suho,” you turned, opening the door. “Come get me when you actually want to talk to me,” you stepped out of his room when he jumped up from the bed; snagging your wrist and jerking you back inside. Kicking the door shut again, he looked down at you with a fiery gaze.

“Why are you so close to him?!” Chanyeol hissed, raking his hands through his wet hair. “You’re just… too close to him all the time! You should not be so close! It’s not appropriate!” he started rambling, pacing back and forth in front of you.

Bingo, you thought. “You’re jealous?”

“I mean, you’re MY girlfriend,” he sat on the bed once again.

“And I’m not allowed to be friends with your roommates? Your band mates? YOUR friends?”

“No-yes!” he stumbled, “I mean I want you to get along with them and I want them to like you but like you text each other, you hug him!”

“I hug a lot of people?!”

“Those people aren’t my friends!” he threw his hands up in frustration.

“Do you like him?” he sighed heavily. The anger seemed to have faded a little; he wasn’t glaring daggers at you anymore, “Do you like him more than me?”

His words hung heavily in the air; you couldn’t believe what he had just asked you. How dare he even think you could go after his friend?

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” you spat. Hurt flashed across his face and you immediately regretted letting you anger get the better of you. He pushed past you, heading for the door and you reached out for his hand.

“Chanyeol wait-”

“Let’s just go,” he bit back.

The walk to your apartment was unbearably quiet. Chanyeol stalked just ahead of you, even angry he was still considerate about the height difference between the two of you, and slowed his pace so he wouldn’t leave you in the dust. You reached your hand out, lacing your fingers with his only for him to rip his hand away, shoving it into his pockets. Guilt welled inside of you, then anger because who was he to tell you who to talk to and how to act you were not his property. No, you were his girlfriend. You sighed as guilt took over again. You would be pretty pissed if he were as close with another girl as you were with Suho. You came up to your apartment, Chanyeol waiting patiently for you to unlock the door before following you inside and closing it softly behind him.

“Babe,” you started, knowing he liked it when you called him that, “I’m sorry, I should’ve noticed how uncomfortable you were with me and Suho. I know I wouldn’t like it if you were that friendly with another girl,” your apology was met with silence.

“Oppa-” his shoulder brushed against your arm and he brushed past you, plopping down on the end of your couch and pulling out his phone.

“Chanyeol,” you sighed, “I’m seriously trying to apologize and you’re really not even going to look to me?” you knew your voice sounded panicked, even to you. Still, he even refused to acknowledge that you were speaking. Irritation began to slither inside you.

“Fine,” you spat, pulling off your coat and leaving it on the floor as you stalked to your room, falling onto the bed. The stress and frustration finally caught up with you as tears welled up in your eyes. You sat up, letting out a shaky breath as you ran your hands through your knotted hair, kicking off your shoes into some random part of your room.

You looked up to see Chanyeol standing in your doorway, looking torn between wanting to hold you and wanting to stay annoyed. You glared at him as you and slid into your bed, turning away so he couldn’t see the moment tears slid down your cheeks.

You heard him sigh from across the room as his concern overpowered his irritation. He slid in behind you and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you to his chest.

“I know,’ he mumbled. “I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have ignored you that only it worse,”

You stayed silent, wanting to show him how it felt to apologize with no response. He chuckled, reading your mind.

“It wasn’t just Suho, I know you guys get along really well,” he continued. “I just don’t like seeing you with any guys let alone EXO. I’m not asking you to stop talking to the guys that’s ridiculous even I see that,”

You turned to face him, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“It’s just, with them its scares me. We started dating after we became friends like what if you get close someone else and decide you would rather be with them? I can’t-”

 “You’re an idiot,” you looked up at Chanyeol. “I’m only friends with them because of you and just because I’m friends with someone doesn’t mean I’m going to develop romantic feeling towards them,”

“I know, Jagiya,” he sighed, brushing his lips against your forehead. God it felt good to be with him again, you missed this. You chuckled quietly as he moved his head down to mouth at your jawline.

“Mine,” he declared, pulling you closer to him as you tilted your head up for him to kiss along the expanse of your neck.

“Yours,” you licked your lips as you lifted his face to bring his lips to yours. He slipped his tongue inside after you opened up for him, his fingers moving to the back of your hair, pulling you closer and closer until your chests were flush against each other and you could feel his lungs expanding, heart racing.

“I love you,” you whispered into his mouth as you moved to straddle his legs. You ran a hand down his chest until your fingertips sat just at the hem of his shorts. Chanyeol pulled away from the kiss, holding a hand to your cheek as he pressed your foreheads together.

“I love you, too.”

The darkest night (Chen Smut)

So I wasn’t sure how to do this request… I hope it comes out good but I’m a little worried about the content. If you are susceptible to subjects involving cheating please don’t continue reading. Love, Admin A~ 

You couldn’t move your legs. You couldn’t even feel them. You felt so weak, so exhausted. You wanted to stay in bed all your life if that was possible. It was the first time you saw him like that, so angry, so frustrated, so possessive.

“I’ll show you who you belong to Y/N. So you never go with another guy again”. Chen said last night when you told him the whole truth. You expected him to yell, to curse, even to break up with you. But instead he surprised you with the roughest sex you ever had. 

It was more than an accident than actually you wanting it. It just happened. For some reason you couldn’t resist to Baekhyun’s charms and even if it sounds as an excuse you weren’t exclusive with Chen. Not that you knew. Not until last night.

Your body trembled. Your lips couldn’t stay together. Your lungs left out all the air they had. Screams were everything you could hear. Your screams saying his name countless times. His hands wandering over your body, touching every centimeter of it. His mouth biting your breasts without consideration. Chen thrusting so hard in you creating so much friction that it hurt. 

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ohmygosh all your art is so cute! (✧∀✧) Have you drawn any other members of the USS Enterprise other than Jim and Spock? l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶C̶h̶e̶k̶o̶v̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶S̶u̶l̶u̶ ̶i̶d̶k̶

i think i’ve drawn almost everyone from the original tos crew, but here’s my chekov tag and my sulu tag on my blog. i always tag characters, so you can put spockfucker.tumblr.com/tagged/[first name]-[last name] and you can see my tag for them! also here’s a aos sulu since i haven’t drawn him yet

Exo Reaction to Their Kid Making Their Wife Cry


He was surprised to see his wife leave the room a frustrated mess as tears began to leak from her eyes. His daughter looked stupidly smug, like she had just accomplished something great. He looked towards her and twisted up his face, “go apologise.” 


His wife never cried…ever. So when their son managed to make her cry, he knew something serious had happened. He pulled his son aside and had a serious talk with him, telling him that he needed to get his ass in the other room and tell his mother he was sorry for whatever he did. 


“I know you did not just talk to your mother that way,” Chen said as he looked at his son judgmentally. His son then proceeding by making one thousand excuses for why his mother deserved everything he said. He didn’t care about a single one though, because that was his mother and he shouldn’t disrespect his parents. 


Instead of going to his son and lecturing him about being that rude to his mother, he hugged his wife and tried to comfort her instead. Teenagers said they hated their parents, it was something they used as a weapon, but it was the first time their son had ever said it to her and it had hit her hard. 


Kris sarcastically clapped at their son once his wife had left, trying to hide the fact that he had made her cry out of frustration. They had both seen it and Kris immediately decided to make his son feel stupid for being so damn difficult and frustrating. 


As soon as his son starts blurting the most hurtful words he can think of, Kyungsoo grows very upset with him, especially when his wife leaves wiping tears out her eyes. He looked towards his son and frowned as he crossed his arms. “Go apologise and then go to your room. You’re grounded.” 


Lay wasn’t home when their daughter had made his wife cry, so he focused on just trying to comfort her instead. He washed her in small kisses, telling her how much he loved her and trying his best to take her mind off of what their daughter had said. 


As soon as his wife got up and left the room, fleeing the confrontation as she began to cry, Luhan immediately launched into scolding his son. “What the hell is wrong with you? Go find her and apologise, right now.” 


He knew that his wife had a weakness when she was fighting with someone, if she felt frustrated or like she couldn’t communicate the way she wanted to, she always teared up. But this time it was different, what their daughter said seemed to legitimately upset her. When she left the room, he looked towards his daughter, his expression clearly showing he was not happy. “Your room is down the hall.” 


He just gave his daughter a very disappointed look, his brows pulled together. He held out his hand expectantly and she knew he was asking for her car keys and phone without even having to voice it. When she handed them over he very calmly told her to go to her room and think of a way to make it up to her mother.


He held his daughter by her shoulder and lectured her like he was chiding a child. She looked even more pissed off, but he didn’t care. “You are not leaving this house until your mother forgives you. Use your head next time.” 


When his daughter began to call her mother all kinds of names and obscenities because she was enrage that her mom had taken away the party at her friend’s house, he looked up at her with a raised brow. His wife wiped a few tears from her eyes, but stood her ground nonetheless. “If you had not forgotten to do what I asked you to do a week ago, you would still be able to go. This is not anyone else’s fault but your own.” 

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Expresiones de Hacer - Hacer Expressions

Hacer + [el tiempo] - to be [weather]
En Islandia hace mal tiempo, hace viento, pero en Grecia hace buen tiempo, hace calor. - In Iceland the weather is bad, it’s windy, but in Greece the weather is good, it’s warm. 

Hacer un viaje - to take a trip 
Ellos hacen un viaje a Japón - They are going to Japan 

Hacer una visita - to pay a visit 
Mi abuela hace una visita a su hermana - My nan is going to pay a visit to her sister 

Hacer daño - to damage/harm 
Las turistas hacen daño la playa - the tourists damage the beach

Hacer caso a -  to notice/pay attention (to)
Tú haces caso a las señales - You don’t pay attention to the signs 

Hacer el papel de - to play the role of 
Hago el papel de Julio Olmedo - I play the role of Julio Olmedo