Women are probably charged more because in some cases they are not spending their own money, or using credit. I’ve never personally met a woman who is fiscally responsible and planning for the future.

Women have “retail therapy,” while men do not engage in such shenanigans.

Manslation: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE PINK TAX. I haven’t bothered to look at one shred of evidence, even though it’s been laid out in articles and videos a thousand times, but since there’s no such thing as misogyny or oppression, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE PINK TAX.

Alternate manslation (Mod E): In my personal reality, prices are set at the cash register based on how the customer’s money was earned and their method of payment, because that makes sense. I’ve personally met like 5 women, all of whom were from the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I didn’t actually meet them I just saw them on the TV. A man has never impulse-bought anything in the history of commerce.

  • Harry:Louis?
  • Louis:...Yeah?
  • Harry:What is this?
  • Louis:What is what?
  • Harry:This notification I just got.
  • Louis:What noti-*cellphone bleeps; looks at phone*
  • Harry:
  • Louis:
  • Harry:So what is it? What did you get?
  • Louis:I think I just got a present for Valentine's Day.
  • Harry:I think I got it, too? Let me see.
  • Harry *looks at Louis' cellphone*:Yup, you got the same notification.
  • Louis:This is a wonderful present.
  • Harry:They're just as cliché as we are.
  • Louis:But that's why we love them, right?
  • Harry:Yes, of course, always. *kisses Louis' nose; hugs him tightly*

Happy Valentine’s Day from Chansoo ❤️

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Here’s a first look at Fassbender drawing Nr. 47. Erik Lehnsherr from X-Men Apocalypse. Or as @thehumming6ird calls him “Grunge Erik”

Have fun tonight Michael. 🍤🍸

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