l&039;oréal paris

cypherian  asked:

Did ya see that our bb sehunie, the ambassador of yehet and ohorat countries, the choco bubble tea lover, the savior of sassyness, literally turned heads @Louis vuitton ?? I can hear the necks break sounds from where I live. SOMEONE SCREAMED HE WANTED TO BOOK HIM IAJSNDJSJS I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SOMEONE HAS FALLEN DEEP 4 HUNBUN Plus: he didn't stop doing peace sign even hands in his pants this boi istgdjjdjsjs and the pic w jaden aka new nct member omg. Mythic.

Oh my yehet! I am so proud of him.. The boy who screamed he wanted to book him is my spirit animal, I swear.. haha nobody can stop him from doing the peace sing 😂  “He is a rebel. He is… The prince of sass.”