jjongie @ the agit concerts: i love wearing my soft sweaters, gently crying, reading little bits from my book, and sharing intimate and loving moments with my fans of all ages

jjongie @ x-inspiration probably: i’m gonna punch mysELF IN MY OWN DAMN FACE while POLE DANCING with my SHIRT OFF and SCREAMINg about things u can’t hear unlesS YOU’RE 15 AT LEAST AND-

Army Vs Exo-L Rant Time

Okay so first of all I’m so disgusted that I even have to title this as such, because this is not how things should be. Fandoms should coexist peacefully, supporting their own groups and not hating on others. But there are certain things that need to be said to both sides here.

1. I want to make it clear that this post does not blame the entire fandom of either group. This post is targeted only at the specific people who are being unnecessary. As a whole, fandoms are great, but every fandom has its own bad apples.

2. To the Armies who keep starting shit, PLEASE STOP. First there was the completely false rumours about a black ocean that not even the Chinese fans knew about, then there were people calling Sehun useless and saying things like “how can you come after bts when there’s a person like Sehun in your group”, and now people have called Kai a useless monkey (come on, there is no need for colourist terms). There is so much more, but this is what has caught my eye. Bts is an amazing group, I know and acknowledge that, and I am so glad that you can support your own group, but please, do not bring down exo just to do so. In real life, the two groups are friends, so why are we fighting? Like why the fuck do you need to insult exo just to say that your group is great as well. Promoting your group is one thing, but bragging about their accomplishments and making exo’s seem like nothing is immature and ridiculous. Exo is one of the most record-breaking and decorated groups of all time tf are you even saying. Please, support bts, but don’t be dicks about it.

3. To the Exo-L’s who have been sending back hate, fighting fire with fire is so ludicrous. Just because some armies are being jerks doesn’t mean that we should be too, because then we are proving them right and we are just as bad as them. If someone insults exo or sehun or whoever, stand up for them, of course, but don’t throw back insults in return. It’s childish and so unnecessary.

Once again, this does not apply to everyone in either fandom, but seriously, if you’re talking shit, well then I hope to God you get motherfucking hit.