if ANYONE is gonna get a gay alien love interest in season 2 it BETTER be Coran. he deserves a loving and supportive relationship the most, he keeps SO MUCH bottled up inside 

…give me a season 2 Coran who’s happy with an alien husband, where they adopt alien kids orphaned by Zarkon and have a happy space fmaily together

[News] 160830 INFINITE Shares Dramatic Teaser Video For Comeback And Announces Release Date

INFINITE has surprised fans with the release of a teaser video for their much-anticipated comeback!

On August 31 at midnight KST, INFINITE shared a teaser video which features the guys staring at a wall covered in what appears to be evidence photos, as well as each of them in turn peeking out at viewers through the blinds on a window.

The video then dramatically reveals that the group’s new release will be coming out on September 19.

This comeback will be the first release by the group since they put out the mini-album “Reality” about a year and two months ago.

Credits: Soompi
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