EXO Reaction when you’re in the middle of sexy time and you a start laughing ‘cause you’re nervous

Probably would happen to me if I was with Soo xD

Xo, Admin A~

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*He is the one who can’t stop laughing. No matter what you do, he just laughs* “I can’t stop jaggi… What is happening… wait wait… that tickles!”


*Gives you THAT stare that is enough to calm your nerves* “Am I making you weak? Are you melting? Babe…”


*Once he starts you won’t have time to laugh ;)* “are you ready babe?”


*Laughs with you* “Babe… I can’t do this if you don’t clam down.. I’m starting to get nervous too…”


*Too hot to make you nervous…. he just…. melts you right away* “Struggling there babe?”


“It’ll be alright babe… no need to worry. Let me handle this… I’ll give you my love”


*Starts to panic* “I’m doing something wrong are’t I.. I knew I shouldn’t have worn those SpongeBob boxers…”


“The more you laugh babe.. the harder I’ll go” *Such a naughty boy*


“C’mere jagi… I’ll give you  a kiss to calm your nerves… my lips are waiting..”


*Sweating so much* “Jagi… I’m undressing too… of course I’m nervous too… but we can do this”


*Perfectly knows how he is making you feel* “Do you… want me to stop… or continue hm?” *Teasing you so much*


*Trying to be sexy but can’t stop being awkward* “Just look how nervous you make me. It’s not just one sided”

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Not In That Way

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Featuring: Suga/Yoongi (BTS)
Genre: Angst
By: Admin L

A/N: This has nothing to do with the Christmas challenge and is actually super ill-fitting for the season lmao BUT I wrote it awhile ago and it’s been sitting in drafts. I wanted to write more angst in general, so here you go. :3

You didn’t know anyone else who could break your heart quite like he could.

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I used to have no friends. I used to have no lover. I used to have the barest slimmer of hope, something I tucked under my fingernails so I wouldn’t lose it and couldn’t check for, out of fear it would disappear. 

I used to be like you. 

Now, I have found a new place, a better one. I have more friends than I can count on two hands, I finally found a partner who loves me back, and hope hides under my lowest rib but balloons its way regularly into my smile. 

I used to be you, which is how I know you will get through this. Because I already have, and it was worth every heartbreak, every tear, every crack in the surface. 

You will get through this, no matter if this is a day, a year, or ten. Just don’t give up.