@strongjaw-ale I made a new post to answer all those awesome questions and then tumblr ate it, so here’s version 2:

Where are her biological parents? 

Dead.  One was human, the other an elf.  Emma was born in Minrathous, and smuggled out after her mother died in childbirth (I headcanon that elf/human pregnancies are difficult, fraught with complications and often end this way).

“Under mysterious circumstances” What exactly happened to cause her to be Tranquil as an infant? 

A ritual (not the Chantry’s rite - hence the “mysterious” :P) performed hastily in a moment of panic by a mage with less understanding of it than he thought, meant to quiet a crying baby and keep her from being found by those coming after the one who smuggled her out of Tevinter.  It was meant to be temporary, reversed in a couple days at most, with no lingering effects.  Didn’t work out that way.  

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E’ facile paragonarti alle cose belle di questo mondo, ma tutto se messo al tuo fianco diverrebbe luminoso; potrei ad esempio attribuirti anche il nome del buio e a un tratto, ogni cosa inizierebbe a splendere di luce.
Di Te.
—  Porti luce anche dove non c'è; Carla Moscato | Lucifer-lux