#tidappreciationweek17: day four ≡ favourite platonic relationship

“I cannot leave you to face death alone,” Will whispered, but he knew he was beaten; the sands of his will had run out.
Jem touched the parabatai rune on his shoulder, through the thin material of his nightshirt. “I am not alone,” he said. “Wherever we are, we are as one.”

Edd: Oh I had this blog for two months now, it’s like the forth I bought
Edd: Tom, could you aim the camera at the blog?
Tom: Sure

Edd: My blog is mostly doodles and stuff from art class, not that interesting but I’m proud of it

Edd: See? 
Tom: Is that Tord in the corner?
Edd: Ha, yeah, he was on his phone and I was bored in class
Tom: Also are you hidding that drawing?
Edd: There’s no drawing there
Tom: But-
Edd: Nope, rien, nada

anonymous asked:

i just spent a very long time going through your old superhero au and i just wanted to tell you i absolutely loved all of it!!

aw!! I’m glad, i absolutely ADORED that au, I’m so sad that I don’t have enough motivation to continue it but you’re all free to ask me stuff about it and I’ll answer with doodles and mostly text 

Ce matin en face de la fac, je me suis fait draguer par six agents d'entretien de la cité qui se trouve à 5m de la fac. Je sais pas qui d'eux ou de moi a été le plus choqué quand le “ah, ta gueule !” est sorti de ma bouche.
C'est sorti d'une façon, on aurait dit un épisode de Pascal le grand frère.