o boy that was a really feisty reply, huh

i just cant help but be a little frustrated when inexperienced weiners harrass others off of this platform and then making really embarassing and unfunny jokes about it that their equally inexperienced weiner friends choke down and lie to themselves about enjoying just so they can maintain the moral highground.

have u ever noticed that those callout post blogs always have like. 400 followers? its because no one likes them or enjoys their content.

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anonymous asked:

what career/vocation would each of the starks have in a modern au

Ned Stark - Honestly he’d probably inherit whatever his family business is, like he’d inherit over Brandon bc Brandon’s a lazy piece of shit. They’d probably own like. A sports goods company IDK. Ned would be CEO or CFO or sth.

Catelyn Stark - I sort of see her in pretty traditional female roles, like a housewife/soccer mom type of deal. She would def be the PTA president tho, much to the chagrin of Cersei, who never wins bc she’s mean to the moms.

Robb Stark - If he didn’t inherit the company he would totally make for a great lawyer or a politician imo. He’s got the charisma for it and would probably end up being the youngest mayor or governor or senator or whatever to be elected.

Jon Snow - ART SCHOOL. ART SCHOOL ART SCHOOL. I’m sorry but Jon is the art school hoe who never graduates and keeps odd jobs and smokes cigarettes for the aesthetic. He’s avant-garde and emo and the ladies love him for it.

Sansa Stark - I can see her in a legal career or maybe as a writer, something where she’s her own boss and just loves what she does.

Arya Stark - ROCK N ROLL BAND. I don’t know why, she just IS.

Bran Stark - Probably train to take over Ned’s business. 

Rickon Stark - A pro athlete. Why? I don’t know.