The Nishigori girls would TOTALLY bet Yurio a hair makeover that he loses at ~ambiguous card game~ but it seems like he would secretly kinda like the attention. LOOK @electricbluepinwheel I drew more Yurio I hope you’re happy.

This breaks my heart! Do you know how much they want to give us fans a win on a music show! Do you know how much it hurts us fans that as much as we are trying to give them a win that they so badly deserve we still haven’t been able to!! I don’t understand what happened last night. It hurts me to see Wonho cry again. Everyone protects their faves and as a monbebe we want to do the same, we want to give them their first win. We want them to know how much we love them for their hard work. They work so hard for us fans and it feels as if everyone is still sleeping on monstax. MONSTA X
#몬스타엑스 #아름다워

This is a half-assed recipe, but if you’re not afraid of winging it here’s how I made some delicious apple turnovers last night.

Peel, core and slice a mix of apples (granny smith, gala, fuji), sauté apples in butter with pie spice (or just cinnamon or whatever you like), a pinch of salt (I used unsalted butter you can probably skip this if using regular butter), grate a little fresh ginger and add to apple mix, cook until apples have softened, add light brown sugar to taste and splash of vanilla extract (or lemon juice or bourbon), add a little corn starch, mix, remove from heat and set aside. Unroll thawed puff pastry dough, cut into four equal squares, fill with apples, fold in half diagonally to make triangle, press edges to seal, vent top. Bake at 400° on parchment lined baking sheet for 25 minutes.