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The fundamental objective of fanfic, especially when it is written by women, queer and genderqueer people, and people of color, is to insert yourself, aggressively and brazenly, into stories that are not about and were never intended to be about or represent you.

… “In this way, Miranda’s aggressive over-identification and use of a Federalist Founding Father to represent modern hip-hop and immigrant culture is precisely as subversive, and for many of the same reasons, as the woman-authored fic I read last week about a white male TV character who gets pregnant and gives birth to were-kittens.”

Hamilton is fanfic, and its historical critics are totally missing the point


When you put LMM and John Oliver what do you get? Straight fire.

All is Bright

Very belated Baccano! Secret Santa gift to @houjicha, who’d requested a family-themed and Christmassy fic starring Firo/Ennis/Czes + the Martillos and/or the Gandors+Claire. 

I can’t express how sorry I am for how late this is, and I hope that something somewhere within it was worth the wait. 

(I also apologize in advance for any accidental rampant mischaracterization.)

Characters: Firo Prochainezo; Ennis; Czeslaw Meyer; Maiza Avaro; Ronny Schiatto; Randy and Pezzo; Claire Stanfield/Felix Walken; the Gandor brothers; and dashes of Lia Lin-Shan, Tick Jefferson, and Seina.

Word Count: 10283 words, give or take. 

Summary: December 1932. It is Firo and Ennis’ first Christmas with Czes, and Ennis would like it very much if they made an effort for the holidays. Firo does his best to oblige.

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Three way switching meme with Patti and Mana! This is the final result after the initial sketch of Shigure that I drew!! This was so fun and interesting to do with you guys ;v; LINED BY MANA AND COLORED BY PATTI!!! They are v good oK

btw i’m saving all the videos on lin’s vine (and the captions, ofc) and ‘ll put em up on a sideblog when i’m finished. so. like. never fear


alright fine here it is @lin-manuel-miranda-vines i can’t upload a whole lot per day because of tumblr’s time limit but i’ll get there. saving and backing them up is happening more quickly.