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Neverland the 100 AU. 
They stopped being kids the day they were sent down here to die
Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things. 

just a bunch of plotless manips, really - it doesn’t mean I associate any specific Neverland characters with the 100 characters. Some characters are just manipped easier together than others.
also devery jacobs as Tiger Lily bc reasons and ariel is neverland too ok.
don’t mention the bae one that hurt to make but the floppy hair wants what the floppy hair wants
but this was fun to make so here you go

Ok long rant coming so hold tight and hear me out

I want to maybe put into context why I, and maybe some others, feel the way we do about Nya right now.

I’m going to basically run through each person involved and see what they did wrong.

Cole: to put it very simply, Cole is an asshole. There. He was completely aware of Jay and Nya’s relationship, and decided to throw that out of the window. He was part of the problem. He was very provocative towards Nya the minute he found anything out, and completely dissed his and jays friendship, and then hid under the “She flirted with me!” Excuse. He was entirely inappropriate and gave no shits about everyone else involved.

Jay: Jay definitely did the least wrong in this equation. Though most might not agree with me, he was the most innocent, though not perfect. All he wanted to do was keep his girlfriend. “But- but he should have just let her do what she wanted!” Really? If you had a girlfriend who decided she was going to go hook up with another guy, what would you do? Try to win her back! He was only trying to keep her. I don’t care how much she “wanted her space”, she was still his girlfriend. Having space doesn’t mean going to bang other guys.

This may seem like the right thing to do, but that is where he went wrong. Jay, instead of trying to win her back, should have cut her off instead. I’m going to get as raw as I can get: Nya cheated on Jay, and Jay didn’t deserve that. He wanted a relationship and Nya stabbed him in the back. What he did wrong was not breaking up with her at once.

Nya. Now here’s where the feminists are going to hate me. Nya was the common denominator in all of this. She’s the one who got on the love machine. She’s the one who was dumb enough to believe it. SHE’S the one who tried to hook up with Cole. SHE’S the one who cheated on Jay. S H E’ S the one who refused to sit the fuck down and talk about the damn problem. Do you catch my drift?

Both Jay, and our friendly neighborhood asshole Cole, tried to sit down and actually T A L K to her. They tried to do nice things for her, but all she did was string them both along and tease them. They wanted to please her, but she just couldn’t have that, now could she? “But she was stressed out and confused!” So being stressed and confused makes it ok to cheat on your boyfriend and try to screw another guy? Being stressed makes it ok to hurt Jay and refuse to make a choice? Being confused makes it ok to tease them both with “I’m not telling!” And “Jole”? Are you actually going to sit here and tell me that those things were completely innocent? That treating two people like they were toys to be played with was ok?

Yeah. I thought so.

Cole and Jay were not treating her like an object. She was treating THEM like objects.

That. Is. Not. Okay.

I want to make one thing absolutely clear. I am not on either side of “Jaya” and “Colya”, and I don’t hate Nya as a character. Honestly, at this point I find both ships obsolete. They don’t matter, and aren’t cute anymore. I just want to show the people why I and some others feel the way we do about Nya and why she is ultimately at fault. Again, that doesn’t make Cole and Jay completely innocent, especially Cole.

Though, I want to point out where the true blame lies. The love triangle was completely unnecessary and stupid. It teaches kids invaluable and outright bad lessons. Ultimately, the blame lies with the writers. I know s3 would have been bland without some subplot, but blandness is better than controversy.

I’ve said my peace on the issue.