l system

honestly why do some ppl /want/ to have a system i genuinely don’t understand why
sure being a system has some stupid fun moments or whatever the mcfuck but its also suffering ??? when someone’s upset you feel it and when someone takes front and you come back to front its like ?? hella disorienting and if said person did smth to upset someone you have to apologize and feel horrible even if you didnt do it ????
plus if someone fronts thats like time taken out of ur schedule and you have even less time to complete smth and then you stress tf out

so again like sURE it can be literally hilarious as fuck and you have fun with it sometimes but its h a r d
its not jsut smth like some extra buddy pals in ur head to talk to or ur favourite fictional character or w/e

why do ppl want to have a system?????¿¿¿ i am genuinely confused

Astronaut Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module pilot for the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission, holds a container filled with lunar soil collected while exploring the lunar surface. Astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr., commander, who took this picture, is reflected in the helmet visor.

Credits: NASA


Lucid Dream: A new chapter is up!

New chapter everybody ʕ◕ᴥ◕❀ʔ hope y’all enjoy it!

About the art cover, I decided I would draw one only if I have a clear idea. Otherwise, it will be a few doodles like I did previously, only based on the previous chapters and/or the new one. Hope no one minds that li’l system of mine!

Of course the doodle(s) about the new chapter will be hidden, so you can decide yourself if you wanna check it before/while/after reading the chapter, like this one below (๑◕ᴗ˂̵)૭

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Translated and integrated from this post by @languageoclock

l'appendiabiti (m.) - coat hanger
l'armadio (m.) - closet
l'asciugamano (m.) - hand towel
l'aspirapolvere (m.) - vacuum cleaner
l'asse da stiro (f.) / la tavola da stiro - ironing board
la bilancia - scales
la carta da parati - wallpaper
la cassettiera - chest of drawers
il cassonetto - garbage bin
il cestino - waste basket
il comodino - night stand/bedside table
il congelatore/il freezer - freezer
la credenza - cupboard
il cuscino - cushion, pillow
il divano - sofa
la doccia - shower
il ferro da stiro - iron
il frigorifero - fridge
l'impianto stereo (m.) - stereo system
l'interruttore (della luce) (m.) - light switch
la lampada - lamp, light
il lavandino - sink
la lavastoviglie - dishwasher
la lavatrice - washing machine
il lenzuolo - bed sheet
il letto - bed
il letto a castello - bunk beds
il letto matrimoniale - double bed
il letto singolo - single bed
la libreria - bookshelf
la maniglia (della porta) - door handle
il materasso - mattress
i mobili - furniture
l'orologio (m.) - clock
il paralume - lampshade
la pattumiera / il bidone dei rifiuti - garbage can
la persiana / l'imposta (f.) - shutter/blind
il piumone - quilt/duvet
la poltrona - armchair
le posate - cutlery
la presa (di corrente) - power point/socket
il quadro - painting
la radio - Radio
il rubinetto - tap/faucet
la scopa - broom
la scrivania - desk
il secchio - bucket
la sedia - chair
lo sgabello - stool
lo specchio - mirror
la spina - plug
la spugna - sponge
lo straccio - mop
il tappeto - carpet
il tavolo - table
il telecomando - remote control
il telefono - telephone
la televisione / il televisore - television
la tenda - curtain/drape
il termosifone - radiator
la torcia - torch/flashlight
la tovaglia - tablecloth
la vasca (da bagno) - bath tub
il vaso - vase
lo zerbino / il tappetino - doormat

Ok tho for real, between Reaper and s76, who do you think is the more embarrassing Overwatch dad? Keep in mind, Reaper:

-Wears owl/skull/plague doctor masks at all times, unironically
-Just dresses Like That in general
-Tells dad jokes like “Dead man walking”, “I’m back in Black” and “I’m dressed to kill” about himself. To no one in particular. Also unironically
-Uses his bullshit zombie magic to obtain infinite guns + then throw them everywhere instead of reloading
-Makes 60 year old basketball references abt the Lakers
-Keeps shotgun shells all over his outfit despite, again, throwing his guns everywhere and never reloading them
-Has pretty mariachi outfits to bring on missions. Also brings his guitar. On missions
-John Freeman Beard


Morrison can and will wear this:


stage one: denial

please tell me im not the only one who copes with fictional trauma like this. like i pretend ive outgrown self-inserts but this is still 100% how everything plays out in my brain.

nine years of villain squad, and we have never invited anyone to sit at the cool kid table. welcome aboard, antasma. you’ve certainly earned it.

Not an ordinary damsel || 0.2


Summary: Y/N Y/L/N is one of CCPD’s best detectives, and Barry Allen being the only one in the forensics department, causes them to interfere with each other more than they like. You see: Y/N and Barry doesn’t like each other so much. But when Y/N suspect Barry to be the Flash, she gets herself into a bit too deep trouble.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Sarcastic!Reader

Warning: Zoom’s involved, therefore we don’t know about Kid-Flash yet, and Jessie Quick isn’t a speedster yet either;) And to those who are sensitive to swearing ‘n such, I’m sorry?

A/N: So because I have tons of requests, I will mash some of them up if I think they will work out nicely (and hopefully they will!). In this case, I hope it’s ok for you, galactichoran and lisagust14 <33

“Are you alright?” A vibrating voice made it impossible for Y/N to get any picture in her head of whom the man behind the mask could be.
“Uhm… I thought you just did the huge stuff,” was the first thing that popped up in Y/N head, which happened to be the lamest thing to say to a superhero of all the things it could have been. No no, save the wittiness and such to non-metas, Y/N, nice work.
“You don’t think a possible rape is worth stopping?” When Y/N didn’t have anything to say back – which rarely happened, Flash just smirked at her and sped off.


Yes, even the queen of sarcasm, the witty detective, Y/N Y/L/N had a soft spot for The Flash. Though because of her encounter with the superhero of her beloved city, her deep respect for the guy had turned into something bigger.
‘The Flash Daily, by Iris West’, after reading several articles, Y/N finally found a reliable source – it was unbelievably how many fanfictions one could find by searching for The Flash on the web.
West, as in detective Joe’s daughter?

For the first time in a long time, Y/N didn’t get Phillip the intern to bring her a Belly Burger for lunch but decided to go for a cup of coffee. That is if you count deciding for not taking a cab, but to walk to meet her mother at Jitters…
“Y/N! There you are!” Y/N’s mother looked thrilled to see her daughter again, after all: It had been months since they last met.

“His mother must be so proud of him,” Y/N had almost forgotten the part of her mother being one of the older admirers of The Flash.
“Yes, I’m sure, mom,” Y/n sipped her coffee, not noticing her green-eyed colleague entering the café with his own company.
“Have you ever met him? Oh dear, I hope not Y/N, you need to be careful here in the big city – you are careful, right?” Being raised half an hour outside Central City, Y/N always counted the minutes before her mother would start on the topic of her security.
“Mom, I’m a cop, I don’t need a hero to save me,” Y/n referred to The Flash: her mother’s only reason for not monitoring her so far away from home.
“You’re a detective that solve murders, Y/N, you’re not Superman," 

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