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Louisville & Nashville 797 and a Santa Fe passenger train at Dearborn Station in the last month before Amtrak took over most passenger operations in Chicago

April 1971

Photo by Lee Hastman

EXO LINE Updated: 오는 4월 14일 오후 6시 SM ‘STATION’ 시즌 2을 통해 EXO 백현의 솔로곡 ‘바래다줄게’가 공개됩니다!
4월 8일 0시에 ‘바래다줄게’ 뮤직비디오 티저 영상이 공개될 예정이니 많은 기대 부탁 드립니다!

Translation: On April 14th at 6pm, EXO BaekHyun’s solo song ‘I’ll give you away’ will be released through SM ‘STATION’ Season 2! On April 8th at 12am We will be releasing a music video teaser!



Consonants that appear at the end of a syllable are called 받침. When pronouncing ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅂ, ㅅ and ㅈ as third position consonants you make them softer than if they’re in the first position. (Which is why ㅅ sometimes sounds like a “t”, I know a lot of you get confused with that) 

When a 받침 consonant is followed by a syllable beginning with a vowel the 받침 connects with the vowel sound. When connecting to 이 sometimes the sound changes:

ㅌ + 이 = 치

같이 (together) is pronounced 가치 

끝이에요? (are we finished) is pronounced 끄치에요? 

The syllable following a 받침 consonant doesn’t always have to begin with a vowel for the pronunciation to change:

When ㄱ comes before a syllable beginning with ㄴ, ㄹ or ㅁ it is pronounced as ㅇ not ㄱ!

먹이를 먹는 고양이 (a cat eating food) 먹는 is pronounced 멍는 

한국말 잘하시네요 (you speak Korean well) 한국말 is pronounced 한궁말  

When ㄴ is followed by ㄹ the ㄴ is changed into an “L” sound:

선룽 (a subway station in Seoul) is pronounced 설룽  

Finally ㅎ, when this consonant is in 받침 position followed by either ㄱ, ㄷ or ㅈ they become aspirated:

어떻게 (how) is pronounced 어떠케 

하얗다 (white) is pronounced 하야타 

몸이 좋지 않아요 (I don’t feel good) 좋지 is pronounced 조치 

One more thing about ㅎ is that when followed by ㅇ it becomes silent 

좋아하다 (to like) is pronounced 조아하다 

Double 받침 are rare but allow there to be more words in the language. 
There are 13 double 받침:

ㄲ, ㅆ, ㄳ, ㄵ, ㄼ, ㄽ, ㄾ, ㅄ, ㄺ, ㄻ, ㄿ, ㄶ, ㅀ 

The last double 받침 consonant joins the next syllable if the next syllable starts with a vowel:

이 책 읽어 주세요 (Read this book for me)  읽어 is pronounced 일거

When ㅅ is the second consonant in a double, it is pronounced ㅆ


ㄲ and ㅆ do not separate. They are both transferred to the next syllable

When the following syllable begins with a consonant or there is no following syllable: one of the doubles are silent (There is no rule to which one all the time):

여덟 (eight) is pronounced 여덜

값 (price) is pronounced 갑

삶 (life) is pronounced 삼

ㄶ/ㅀ followed by a syllable beginning with ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅈ makes them become  aspirated to ㅋ, ㅌ, ㅊ. The ㄴ & ㄹ stays at the end of the syllable:

많고 is pronounced 만코

싫다  is pronounced 실타

싫지만 is pronounced 실치만

(많 is the word stem for many, 싫 is the stem for hate)

Whena double 받침 is before a syllable starting with a vowel, the second consonant joins the second syllable. However the consonant ㅎ is silent when it is followed by ㅇ so the characters cancel each other out (allowing the remaining ㄴ or ㄹ to to move):

괜찮아요 (It’s ok) is pronounced 괜차나요


미안해요 this post is really long and confusing


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A northbound L train passes a Standard Oil gas station at Glenwood and Pratt in Rogers Park in 1963.


Photo by Lou Gerard


Danger Ahead by Mike Olbinski


Abandoned L train subway station, Chicago. This stop hasn’t been used for around 10 years. It’s hard to see, but there are escalators behind those iron gates. This part of the platform is partially blocked off by the barriers shown in the first photo, but it’s still technically accessible because it’s in between existing stops. Photos taken by me 5/27/17.

The Grant Avenue Station on the A Line.



Caption: “Restored CTA 6101-6102 make a stop at Lincoln/Paulina on a rush hour Ravenswood A train in 1981.”

Photo by Lou Gerard

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are you maybe up for a ficlet or something? This prompt sounds so fun!! "We met each other on a Sunday morning, both doing our walk of shame”. Have a good 2018! :) x

Well, anon. I hope you see this because I wrote 1k of this instead of working on what I’m supposed to be writing. a;lskdjf;asd. LOL. I hope 2018 is treating you well, too! <3


What a mistake. Louis stands on the front steps of his ex-boyfriend’s greystone and stares out at the freezing rain pelting the sidewalk. With a long sigh he draws his ex’s hoodie up over his head. It will surely be soaked by the time he makes it to the ‘L’ station. He made sure to grab an old one that Marcus hopefully won’t notice is missing because he is never answering his texts ever again.

The bright Illini orange clashes horribly with the tight black jeans and polished shoes he wore last night. He hopes no one will notice. It’s bad enough doing the walk of shame on an ordinary Sunday at seven o’clock in the morning. It’s the height of misery to do it in freezing rain and shoes with slick bottoms. He can’t even walk at a fast pace without the fear of biting it and ending up flat on his ass.

By the time he reaches Armitage, he’s soaked through to his skin. His teeth chatter violently in his head as his shoes clip loudly as he walks up the steps. It’s so early that his brain isn’t fully functioning, and he seems to hear an echo of the sounds of his footsteps. Fuck Marcus for only drinking coffee. There wasn’t a single bit of tea in the house when he rummaged through the cupboards this morning.

It takes an embarrassing amount of time to realize it’s not an echo, but rather the sound of some other poor idiot out at seven a.m. on a Sunday morning. When he gets to the top of the steps, he takes a quick peek and nearly falls down the stairs.

The man click-clacking up the steps in heeled, floral boots looks like he might be even colder than Louis. For one thing, he’s wearing what was once a sheer, blousy shirt and is now a completely see-through scrap of fabric plastered to his upper body. A very nicely, muscled and tattooed upper body, Louis notes. The man’s hair drips over his shoulders in soaked brown ringlets. The rueful smile the man gives him sends a bit of heat to Louis’ cheeks. The man is gorgeous. Even soaking wet, his dimples urge Louis to produce a smile of his own.

The man’s eyes flash with amusement as he says, “Not a great day for the walk of shame, is it?”

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CTA 6101-02 at LaSalle / Van Buren


May 22, 1989