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Late Night Working*

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

Posted on Instagram: 9th of March, 2017


Y/N’s POV:

It was Friday and everyone started leave beside me. I sat patiently behind my desk because I knew that if I stood up there, my boss would run there in 5 seconds with a high pile of new papers to sign.

It had been that since the day one. Every Friday overtime working. I was always the last who left that building. He didn’t let me go before those works would be done which he gave to me and I didn’t have enough strenght to fight back. It could mean in the worst option to getting fired and that was the last thing I wanted.

I had given up days ago already because I knew that I couldn’t ever sneak away without that he would notice that. It felt like he would have put some cameras in my office where he saw when I finished my works and then appears with new ones.

I had searched all painting and even plant pots but I have found nothing but I still had a strong feeling of that he stalked me. It wasn’t normal at all. If he didn’t have cameras, then he must have something of skills to sense people.

I had ever believed on things like that. They felt stupid but now I had started to think about that those things might be possible. But whatever, he was doing, freaked me out.

So I just sat there in my office and looked how minutes passed. When I moved my hand over my bag, I heard how the door opened and my boss walked in with two folders.

“I know that it’s Friday but could you please check out these before you leave, I should post them tonight at the latest” he mumbled. Yeah, a nice notice but why those words are like an air for me nowadays. Why they sound so familiar, I thought and rolled my eyes.

“Ms. Y/L/N! When you have finished your work, we should really talk about few things” I heard my boss say to me and then I realized that I might have slipped out of thoughts from my head. My thoughts weren’t just thoughts anymore when someone heard them. I blushed so hard.

I sat back behind my desk and started go through the papers. It took maybe 20 minutes before I was ready and took the paper pile on my arms, which had got a half lower than what it was when my boss brought it to me.

I knocked the door of my boss office polutely and heard his low voice told me come in. “Everything ready?” he asked and I nodded before I put the pile on gis table. “Yes, sir. Everything is ready and now I’d be ready to talk with you like you wanted”

I tried cover my earlier acting with professional side of me. “Good, please sit down, Ms. Y/L/N” he told and nodded over the chair in front of him. A long silence landed between us before he took his gaze of the newspaper which he had read.

“So Y/N, you have been working here a while now. How have you fit in so far?” he started familiarly. “Fine, I mean people here have been really kind and helpful” I smiled to him. “And I have really enjoyed working here” I added still. He nodded back and smiled.

“That’s great to hear, Ms. Y/L/N..” he mumbled and put the paper pile a side from his table. He fixed his eyeglasses and looked me. “.. because it has been great for me too to follow how hard you’re working. We have been looking for long-time workers like you, and finally we found one”

His words made me feel proud. “And if you promise to not tell anyone, you’re also pleasure to eyes” he said quieter. I blushed and didn’t know what to say. I looked down and bit my lip.

“It start be late, sir. I should be going home. There’s my parents coming to my place to eat a dinner later” I told to him and tried give him a hint to let me go. Air between us had started get more tensed after every minute I spent there in his office.

“What time are they coming?” I asked and I looked the clock on my wrist. “6pm” I mumbled. It was 3:45pm now. “Well then there’s still so a lot of time left” he smiled. So that maybe meant that he wanted still continue our conversation.

I tried hide my frustration with fake smile and sat back down on the chair. “You’re right, and actually I have everything ready in my fridge so I have to just put them in the oven before they come” He just nodded softly.

His eyes never left me, and after couple minutes it started already freak me out. “Sooo… ” I tried start the conversation again but nothing smart came out of my mouth. “Y/N, listen to me. Have you ever dreamed about being a boss of a big company?”

His sudden question make me full of energy again. “Well, who wouldn’t. I mean that might be everyone’s dream when they start work somewhere, being higher than others one day” I chuckled. “Not really, Ms. Y/L/N” he grinned and made me blush and mumble that ‘oh’ back.

I had embarrassed myself once again in front of him. “But it’s glad to hear that you have thought about that option and that you have big enough dreams to reach” he continued and stood up from his chair.

He walked other side of his table, behind me and let his hands land over my shoulders which made me shiver. “I have always liked that feature in my workers, ambition” his words danced in my ears like little raindrops which land on some hard surface.

“But do you know, what other feature I appreciate on them?” he asked and made me shook my head. “Obedience” he whispered and now his mouth was just maybe millimeters away from me, I could tell even I didn’t look behind myself. I couldn’t do it.

My breath quiver when I breathed out. He chuckled and stepped further of me. “I should go.. ” I said. I couldn’t be around him any second anymore or I couldn’t probably contain myself. My hormones rushed inside me like a crazy and I didn’t like that feeling. It was wrong to feel that way, but my body didn’t seemly care about that fact.

“It had taken just 10 minutes, Ms. Y/L/N” Mr. Bieber said and nodded over the clock which laid on the wall. “I know but I just remember that I have to go to buy a few things still to our lunch” I lied and tried stand up from the chair but he pushed me back gently.

“No, I can drive you there so it won’t take so long then” he told and moved stand in front of me. “Now, where we were… oh yeah, I was telling you about those features” he grinned. He seemly enjoyed that position more than he probably should have.

He was teasing me slowly with his words, or then it was just my head which gave new meanings to those innocent sounding sentences. Or was he doing that all on purpose? No, he couldn’t do that, I thought. On that moment, I woke up from my thoughts when I heard my boss talk again.

“What are you thinking about? You look like so absent. Is something wrong?” he asked with worried tone. Yeah, actually yes. I was sitting in my boss’ office and I didn’t know, why he asked me there in the end, and my mind was racing too wild right now that even the record of speed of light would soon get beaten.

However, those things stood just inside my head and I just shook my head for him. “I’m fine, sir” His left hand moved under my chin and he made me look at him straight on his deep brown eyes. “Is that so? I think that you’re lying to me right now, Ms. Y/L/N”

I couldn’t anything to myself that this setting somehow turned me on. I had always find attraction over dominant men. I smirked lightly to him even that wasn’t part of my first plan. He raised his eyebrows asking.

“Would you like to tell me now what was really on your mind?” “Those things might not be sober in this surroundings or time” I said quietly back. “Well, work time is already over and you’re actually free now so I don’t find any reason to not tell about them. We’re just normal people when we’re off the work” he said calmly.

He was totally right. We weren’t on the work anymore. I had stood here because of my own want. There were no chains over my shoulders to keep me in this place, it was my own want.

I looked him while he still waits for my answer. “I just thought about that, do you do all these things on purpose when I’m around? I mean keep me overtime here so you could see me more and so on, because it feels like that at least” He smirked to my question, it was enough for me already as answer. Seemly my all suspects had been right.

Justin’s POV:

“I already knew that you’re a really smart young woman but I didn’t know that you would be this smart” I chuckled to Y/N. “Damn, seemly you caught me, but my purpose wasn’t bad just know that… I just-” I mumbled and scratched back of my neck while I tried find right words.

“I just- like I said, you have also other sides which I admire on you. I could nothing to myself. I didn-” I couldn’t finish my words before she said back: “It’s okay” She stood up from her chair and I stepped further from her.

Maybe this was the good time to let her leave finally, I thought, but for my surprise she sat over my big table. “Since we’re not at work anymore, it’s maybe safe to say now, that you haven’t been the only who has enjoyed that little game of yours” I turned around and looked her a bit confused.

“What?” she giggled and moved her hand over my chest. “Nothing… I just-” I mumbled and followed how her hand started move against my toned chest. It felt good to be honest. “Didn’t expected that, huh? Well it felt weird for me too first but well here we’re now” she giggled.

Her giggles were maybe the favorite sound of hers for me so far, but I had a feeling that one sound would sound even better to me. She moaning my name in that little office and over that big table of mine. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted so far.

I moved closer to her so our lips were just few centimeters away each other’s. “I’m glad that you told that to me, Ms. Y/L/N” I mumbled and peaked her lips softly. She looked so uncertain in front of me now, and somehow it turned me on even more. However, I could tell that she wait for more and I was ready to give her that.

I stepped closer to her and pressed my lips against hers. My hand moved behind her back and started search the zipper to her dress. After a moment searching I found it and pulled it down. She giggled between the kiss when my cool fingers ran down her bare back. I smiled back and pushed her dress off her shoulders.

“This is so wrong” she whispered but didn’t show a move to stopping. She opened my tie and dropped it on the floor, before she started open my white shirt. I took off my black jacket and put it over the back of the closest chair. When she was ready with my shirt I pulled it off too.

Y/N jumped off the table. Just on that moment I realized how beautiful she actually looked there. Of course, I had noticed that earlier too but on this lighting, she looked like a goddess.

She let her dress fall on her feet before she stepped off it. Her lips touched my bare chest and it sent chills all over my body. I cursed myself lowly when I noticed how she moved millimeter by millimeter lower against my body. Kiss by kiss she reached my crotch and a big smirk spread on her lips.

I had to pinch myself so I would be sure that I wasn’t dreaming. When I looked down again, she was still there. I wasn’t dreaming, I thought. Y/N opened slowly my belt and the zipper of my jeans before she pulled my jeans on my knees.

“Someone is a bit excited” she bit her lip when she looked at me. “You don’t even know how long I have dreamed about this” I slipped out of my mouth. She chuckled and grabbed my boxers gently. A light moan slipped out of my mouth without thinking.

“Stop teasing, Y/N” I hissed but she didn’t show any move to fasten her moves. “Patience” she whispered before she pulled my boxers fully off. I had closed my eyes before that. I wanted feel it all, but for my surprise her touch was gone after that. I opened my eyes but didn’t see her anywhere.

Damn, she seemly tricked me and bad, I thought and shook my head. There I was now standing middle off my office, my jeans and boxers on my knees with a boner. I was ready to leave but then I heard a cough behind my table.

I turned around and noticed Y/N, who was sitting on my chair smirking just her lingerie on. “Did you already think that I left?” she asked. I chuckled and walked over her. “No, I was just thinking what should I do with you, but sadly I don’t have anything of those things with me which I would need” I told her. She raised her eyebrows and turned the chair, so we were now facing each other.

“Sad” she mumbled and played with the gold chain which hang on my neck. “It would have been interesting to see what you would have been ready to do to me but I try manage” she acted hurt but I knew that she wasn’t ready to leave yet.

We switched places so I was sitting on the chair now. “Take those off” I nodded the rest of her clothes. She nodded and opened her bra and threw when on the floor next to her other clothes. After a few second followed her panties. “What’s next, sir?” she bit her lip.

I liked that way, she still kept that 'sir’ in the game. It gave this moment more tension and a little taste of danger. “Come here” I told her come stand in front of me. “There’s an hour and half left, is that enough to you?” I mumbled and looked the clock on the wall. She nodded quickly and I pulled her even closer to me.

“I can drive you home after that because I’m pretty sure that you can’t walk there by yourself after we have finished” I smirked. She moaned softly back and looked me in the eyes. “You ready?” I asked and she nodded back quickly.

She sat on my lap slowly and let out louder whimper when I filled her. She started move slowly on my lap up and down, increasing her speed. My hands moved on her hips and I helped her move faster. “Yes, just like that” I groaned low to her and gave a kiss to her which last more than I expected.

“Why didn’t we do that sooner… damn you, I wouldn’t have mind at all if you come to my office without those papers once and just lay me on that little table of mine… ” she talked to me breathless. Her dirty talks turned on me even more if it was even possible.

“Well, like you said earlier. This is in the end wrong, we shouldn’t do this… but I have always liked too much breaking rules” I chuckled and pushed her off me without warning.

However, I didn’t give her time to complain against my sudden action, but I pushed her against my table and pushed myself back inside her. Her moans filled the whole room and I prayed the god in my mind that everyone else would have left the building already, or we would be in big trouble.

“Justin, please” she cried out and looked me over her shoulder. “Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you” I mumbled to her ear and slapped her ass gently. I couldn’t just stop myself doing that anymore. Her ass was like a magnet which beg the other half, my hand. “Let me cum” she whispered.

I fastened my pace and pulled her hands behind her back. “Not yet” I murmed and let my eyes close. “Not yet, Y/N. I know you can take it still” I half mumbled myself to her. She let out frustrated groan but obeyed me still.

I continued pounding her still a couple minutes before I gave her a permission to come, and let’s say that she like really came. She squirted all over my table but I didn’t care about the mess. I was some kind of proud of that mess.

I pulled myself off her and kissed her cheek before I took a couple tissues from the drawer of my table. I handed one for her and took another to myself. “It’s 5:30pm, we should probably leave if you don’t wanna be late from your lunch” I mumbled and she looked me before she nodded.

We dressed up and I helped her out of the building to my car. I drove her home like I promised. The car ride was silent but when I stopped the car in front of her house, she opened her mouth.

“Thank you” she mumbled and kissed my cheek. “I had… fun” she blushed. “Maybe we should do that again sometime then” I grinned and it made her blush even more. “I think that we can avoid that” she said before she stepped out of the car.

I stood there still inside my car and followed how she walked in front of the door of her house and opened it. The light hit against her again just perfect. She looked beautiful. I got still a quick smile from her before she stepped inside her home. I smiled back. I couldn’t wait to see her on Monday again.

okay so since yesterday night, so in like 24 hours I got right now 85 people in my inbox saying between the things:

- that cismen shouldn’t speak about these issues (thank you! at least on tumblr i’m apparently passing!!)

- that i should choke myself on some dick (classy)

- a … genuinely unfunny suggestion about things i’d deserve

- that dysphoria is a privilege and makes me privileged as trans person

- that i’m clearly cis because i defend them (i should tell this to my andrologist :) )

- that i and other people should all die

- that i apparently harass people by replying to posts and calling out their fetishization and transphobia 

- that they hope i find jesus (L O L) and my internalized transphobia gets cured ( L   O   L )

- that dysphoria is a theory made up by cis ppl

…………like……..can y’all stop?

I’m Just Me

Pairing: Dean/Trans!Male!Reader

Request: you should do something where dean and whoever it is are hunting and its a secret but they’re trans and using dun dun dun ace bandages to bind and they pass out during the hunt and dean doesn’t know whats wrong and flips out and lectures them on why ace bandages are wrong and then fLUFF idk just and idea- @a-r-u-a-l-a

Tags: Transgender (ftm) reader, unintentional transphobia, basically Dean’s confused for a bit but you can’t really blame him because he’s trying, fluff, potentially bi!dean (?)

Words: 1863

Note: I really hope this is okay! I’ve never written anything like this so if I offend or did something wrong, please let me know so I can fix it!!!! xoxo also sorry for the shitty title

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My Birth Story

On May 15 2017 around 1030 at night I layed down to go to sleep, of course I started to get some contractions. They were just mild menstrual cramps and I did not think much of them but after a few contractions that did not go away I started to time them. They started out 5-6 minutes apart which really made me doubt it was true labor. I always read they should start about 10+ minutes apart and you go to the hospital when they are 5 minutes apart.

Anyway, an hour passes and they were still 5 minutes apart but getting stronger, at this point I woke my husband up and told him I thought I was in labor. I still wasn’t sure so an hour an a half into contractions I called L&D, the nurse said it didn’t sound like I was in enough pain and to call back an hour later. So thats exactly what I did, two and a half hours in contractions I was convinced this was the real deal and called back, the nurse said to go ahead and come in. We packed our bags, called our parents, and began the 45 minute drive to the hospital. At this point my contractions were stronger and 3.5 minutes apart.

Once we got to the hospital they hooked me up to watch my contractions and monitor the baby; they left me and my husband in the room and during the 20 minute period I felt a pop and a large gush between my legs. I looked over to my husband and told him my water had broke, he checked for me and confirmed it did. We called the nurse back in who laughed and said “were gunna have a baby tonight”. They began poking me with needles and transferred me to the delivery room at which point my idea of going natural was out the window and all I could think about was getting an epidural. They told me the anesthesiologist was in surgery and would be by when she was done. I was in excruciating pain and all I could think about was the epidural, but the nurses just bombarded me with questions.

About 2 hours later the anesthesiologist stopped by and made me sign paperwork, finally giving me the epidural and instantaneously the pain went away. I went from a raging mad woman to calm, relaxed and happy. I was so shocked that the epidural did not hurt, honestly I did not even feel it. By the time this was all over the nurses checked my cervix and said I was 5 cm dilated and they would check again in 2 hours. 

About an hour later the nurses rushed in because the babies heart rate kept going up and down and they wanted to make sure everything was alright. They put a monitor on his head and checked my cervix which at that point was now 7 cm dilated. They were all so shocked they I had progressed so quickly, and said they would check again in about 2 hours.  

About an hour later they checked my cervix again and I was 9 cms dilated, at this point I was briefed on how pushing was going to work and they left me for another hour. I was finally 10 cms dilated but baby was still 1 cm away from the entrance and we ended up waiting an hour and a half for him to fully drop. 

FINALLY it was time to push, a room of about 12 nurses/doctors (it was a training hospital so about 8 were just watching) gathered and the nurse holding my leg told me when to push, since I couldn’t feel my contractions. 31 minutes later I held my precious Dominic, he was perfect and so much more than I could have imagined. I was a little disappointed because I tore pretty badly inside my uterus and they stitched me for 40 minutes and I didn’t get to do skin to skin with Dominic because they were concerned about my blood loss.

None the less, child birth is so beautiful, Dominic is perfect. I am so head over heels in love with my beautiful baby boy. 

The Queen and The Rook

Word Count: 1,100+

Chess Series, Part 2

Part 1: The King and The Pawn
Part 2: The Queen and The Rook
Part 3: Smothered Mate
Part 4 (End): Checkmate

A/N: You guys should probably read the first part but hey, it is still separate so enjoy….

The lobby was empty other than the doorman that greeted me when I got in.

Black marbles shined under my feet, working like a mirror, not masking the angry expression on my face and the frown that sat there since the evening.

Getting inside the elevator, I fixed the skirt that hugged my legs rather uncomfortably and tried to control my hair that looked all over the place. My reflection showed how bad the bags under my eyes got in the past few weeks, making me look aged a year or two and not even a heavy makeup could mask it.

As the doors opened at the top floor, just across the entrance of the penthouse, I let out a sigh and started searching for the keys inside my little handbag.

I was greeted with the smell of alcohol and the rather loud voices when I got inside. A high pitched giggle filled the apartment as I removed my shoes.

Following the only light source I entered the living room with a bang, almost breaking the double doors.

He wasn’t wearing anything on the top, covering the rest with a thin white sheet, and was seated on the large sofa next to the grand white piano. His hands were on the woman that was sitting on his lap her face turned towards the opposite direction.

“How dare you?” I yelled just after the woman left out a scream while trying to cover her naked body.

His eyes found mine and for a brief second stopped what he was doing just before a smile tugged the corners of his lips. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

I sprinted towards them and threw the clothing to him that was long forgotten next to the large windows, which displayed a magnificent city view.

“How can you do this to me?”

He put his hands up in a fake surrender before answering. “Darling I can explain. I never meant to cheat you! She threw herself at me.”

“What?” the woman cried as she started dressing herself. ”You told me you were single!”

“Cut the crap already.” I said to him, ignoring the nameless woman that ran out of the door without looking back. “Jeon Jungkook?” I asked, throwing the papers that I was holding since the beginning of the evening. “Really?”

“Aaah.” He smiled not attempting to get up as he threw back the shirt I picked up from the floor. “So you are here for that.”

“Why else would I be here?”

“To avoid another mistake?” he pointed to the door his companion just left.

“Lets be honest for a second Namjoon.” I replied folding my arms “You are not good at choosing the brightest out of the bundle.”

“I chose you didn’t I?”

“Clearly not!” I yelled “How can you give it to him!”

“When did you learn?” he asked, reaching for the remote before turning the TV on.

Grabbing it from his hands, I blocked his vision and forced him to look at me “That you gave the position I was working for almost a year to a rookie? Just now.”

“And you are mad?”

“I am beyond that! You know I am more qualified!”

He laughed at my last remark and got up, dropping the sheet on the floor with the papers that was next to him. I went to cover my eyes for a second before realizing he was still wearing his pants. His expression turned smug when he saw my moment of hesitation.

“Aren’t we best friends love?” he said walking towards the kitchen as I followed him “Don’t you think I would know the best for you?”

“I am your employee. The best one.”

“Who has a key to my apartment.” He smiled as he opened the fridge and took out a few bottles.

“I am the record holder to get promoted this fast in a year. I am a genius! Probably the smartest person in the company-“

“After me of course.” He laughed, cutting my speech.

“You know I am more qualified to have that title.”

“Sweetheart,” he started as I frowned at the nickname he used “You will never be satisfied till you are in my position.”

“Everyone seems so destined to settle for something small. But I won’t rest until I know I have it all.”

“Stephen Schwartz?” he guessed, only meeting my eyes for a second before returning to read the brands he was holding.

“Pippin, 1972.” I nodded, thinking about the quote “I don’t want to own a company. Not everyone can become one of the youngest billionaires.”

He scoffed at my remark and took out two cups.

“But I would like to have what I deserve.”

Pouring the drinks in the cups and giving them a stir, he turned towards me once again and sighed.

“He was better for that position. You should know, he is just like you after all.”

He passed me and walked to the large living room once again. After putting the glasses on the table that stood in the middle of the L shaped sitting team, he sat down and moved a little bit to open some room for me.

“Do you know that the marketing department has an open position right now?” he asked with a small smile.

“Mr. Park got promoted. I am aware.” I said as I remained standing.

He made a gesture telling me to continue as my eyes widened.

“You don’t mean-“

“Didn’t you want to change departments?”

“But you can’t!” I gasped “He was a Branch Manager. I can’t just jump like that!”

“Weren’t you just telling me you were the best employee I had?”

He sat up straight and took one of the cups, giving other to my hands as I stared at the red liquid.

“You will be in an even higher position in a year. So why not give you what you actually specialized on.”

He wasn’t wrong. Other than the fact that I specialized on more than one field.

“They will think I kissed your ass for this.” I replied, a little bit confused but still fairly happy.

He laughed and dimmed the lights as I sat down next to him, finally relaxing. He turned to me with a serious expression a few seconds later, and lowered his eyes for a few seconds before looking up.

“Let them think whatever they want.”

He swung his free arm around my shoulder and opened the television once again.

“So spend the night?”

I laughed and stood up to close the curtains before turning back to look at him with a smirk.

“With pleasure.”

Hohoho I am a piece of trashhhh….

If this is not what you expected I am sorry….*whispers* not sorry…

The real question though guys…. Want a part 3?

Please know that English is not my first language so if you see a mistake you can message me privately.

I would love to hear feedback from you guys.

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Anyway thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


The Perfect Fit- Luke Imagine

Luke never meant any harm when he handed you his shirts, he just simply wanted to see you in them. Of course if they fit you it’d be fine, but they didn’t. It didn’t bother you at first maybe he just didn’t think about it, maybe he just assumed they’d fit. You always laughed it off and said that you didn’t want to get make up on it or that you wanted to see him in it more. This worked most of the time, sometimes Luke seemed a bit confused as to why you never wanted to wear them, but you didn’t want to flat out say it. You knew he’d give you the usual you’re gorgeous the way you are speech that he always did when you felt insecure, of course Luke tried to make you feel better and it helped some, but he always didn’t have the right words to say.

Maybe if you just kept lying Luke would just assume you didn’t want to wear his shirts, maybe he would just stop asking and let you be. Of course with Luke that was never the case and with him leaving for tour coming up, meant one thing he would insist on leaving you a few to wear so you could think of him and maybe not be as lonely. Maybe coming up with a good lie as to why he needed all of them would get him out of insisting on leaving them, but then again why would he need 5 nirvana shirts on tour.

“Hey babe.” Luke peaked out of the closest. “Which shirts would you like me to leave?”

You looked up from your ipad. “Uhm won’t you need them all babe it’s such a long tour?” You questioned. “I don’t want you to run out or anything.” He sighed and simply nodded going back to packing shirts into his bags singing to himself quietly as you kept reading not paying him any attention.

Luke sat down on the bed in front of you looking at you. “Can we talk?” He ran a hand through his hair before looking at you again. You simply nodded looking at him nervously, was he going to leave you, or was he going to pester you until you told him why you didn’t wear his shirts.

“I got you something.” He smiled. “Well us.” He passed you a pile of shirts. “I know I’m a dumb ass and it took me a bit longer than it should have to catch on, but I went out and bought some shirts that I know will fit you and I’ve been wearing them so they’ll smell like me and I can finally see you in one of my shirts. He smiled more. “I got all the ones I know you love, and now we can even match.” He chuckled.

You looked at him shocked before looking through them. “L-Luke you didn’t have to do this, this is incredible thank you so much.” You smiled and hugged him tight.

“I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to I’m sorry I kept bothering you about wearing my other ones, but I promise I won’t anymore.” He kissed you before smiling more. “Now let me see you in one them.

A/n: I never see many imagines talking about those of us who are curvy and of bigger sizes, and it makes me sad because I am and we all deserve to have things to read that fit who we are. I hope you all enjoy this xx

Crash; Nate Maloley pt.2

Hopefully that car stops in time for the red light

But it didn’t. I felt a warm liquid dripping down my face and my vision was getting more blurry by the second. All I remember was someone yelling and screaming for help before I blacked out

Nate’s pov:

I had just finished writing a new song with Sammy when my phone began to ring. I looked at the caller ID hoping it was (y/n), but it wasn’t. It was a number that was unknown to me. I was curious and decided to answer it anyway.

“Hello?” I said to the mysterious caller.

“Is this Mr.Nathan Maloley?” The woman on the other end asked.

“Yes and who is this?” I questioned.

“This is the hospital. Your girlfriend (Y/n) was in a serious car crash about an hour ago and was put in a coma.” She spoke sadly.

“This can’t be real right?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t real.

“I’m sorry sir.” I heard her say before I hung up. I put my phone in my pocket and ran to my car. Sammy ran right after me and hopped in the passengers side. I started the car.

“Dude, what just happened. Are you okay?” He concernedly asked.

“(Y/n).” Was all I choked out before began driving and focusing on the road. 

“What’s wrong with (Y/n)?" 

"S-she was in a car c-crash a-and now she’s in the hospital.” I stuttered choking on tears. I kept driving and driving.

“Where are you going, she’s all the way in Omaha and were in LA.” Sam said. I pulled in the driveway of the Jack’s house.

“I know, I’m getting a ticket for the next flight to Omaha. You coming or not?” I asked stepping out of the car. We reached the top step and walked inside.

“I’m coming.” He said before I ran off to get my things and pack everything up. I grabbed my bags and brought them to the car. 

Sammy and I grabbed our laptops trying to find available tickets for the next flight to Omaha. We luckily found one that leaves in a few hours. We called the Jack’s letting them know that we were going back to Omaha a bit early.

We left for the airport a little before I flight left. When we reached the airport we rushed inside because we still had to go through security. 

Once we finished getting our bags checked and going through security we were waiting for our flight to be called. Once it was called we got on the plane and started our flight.

*Skipping flight*

When we landed, we rushed to our homes to drop off our things before going to the hospital. 

After dropping everything off and quickly saying hello to my family, I rushed to meet Sam at the hospital. As I walked in the hospital doors, I saw (Y/n)’s family and Sam sitting in the uncomfortable chairs waiting for news about her. Tears welled in my eyes as I walked over to them. Mrs.(Y/l/n) stood up to hug me when I reached them.

Nobody said a word as we were waiting for them to call her name for news.

An hour had passed until we heard (Y/n)’s name. It felt like an eternity.

“(Y/n Y/l/n)?” At the sound of her name, our heads snapped up. We all jumped out of our seats. The doctor walked over us and told us the news, I may or may not be dreading.

“She should be fine. She is still in the coma but you can go in there to see her but only three at a time.” He said. Her family and I exchanged glances. I nodded my head saying they could go first and Sam and I would go after. (Y/n)’s parents and brother followed the doctor in the room. 

Sam and I sat back down in our seats waiting for her parents to finish.I sunk down in my seat, the tears in my eyes blurring my vision. 

“Nate everything is going to be okay.” Sam sympathetically said. He patted my shoulder, giving it a slight shake.

About twenty-five minutes later her family came out and it was Sammy and I’s turn to see her. I was extremely nervous for an unknown reason.

We strutted into the hospital room. The sight of her made me want to cry. Her skin was pale and she was hooked up to millions of wires. A bloody bandage was wrapped around her small head and bandages placed in many different places. I sat on the seat beside her bed and held her small fragile hand.

“Hey baby girl.” I said with my voice cracking. Even though she couldn’t hear me, I still felt the need to talk to her.

I looked over at Sam who was looking down at her. He looked upset which I could imagine. Sammy and (Y/n) were best friends.

Minutes passed of us just staring down at her and saying things to her which were pointless. The doctor walked in to tell us that our visiting time was up. I sighed before exiting the room. 

Her family was no longer in the waiting room. We split our separate ways heading to our homes. Once I reached my house, I walked in my bedroom and laid on my bed thinking about this whole situation. I closed my eyes drifting off into a deep slumber.

*2 weeks later*

These past two weeks I haven’t done anything. I’ve been visiting her almost everyday and she still hasn’t awakened.

I stepped out off my bed having the sunshine blare onto me as I stretched. For some reason I felt like today was going to be the first okay day I’ve had in the past 14 days.

I quickly got dressed and went downstairs to get food. I decided to go to the hospital a little later than usual. I called up Sam to see if he wanted to hang out today. 

He agreed to mostly because I haven’t seen him much. He was going to come pick me up so we could drive around somewhere.

We decided we would grab a bite to eat. After we had finished eating, we were heading back to the car when I got a call from an unknown number. I answered it hesitantly.


“Nate? It’s (Y/n)’s mom.” She said.

“Is everything okay?” I asked getting worried.

“She’s awake.” She excitedly said.

“I’m on my way.” I said rushing to the passengers side of Sammy’s car. I opened the door and quickly scooted in.

“Where to next?” He asked looking over at me.

“The hospital, she’s awake." 

He didn’t respond. Instead he pressed on the gas and drove to the hospital as quick as he could. Once we reached the familiar building we ran inside and immediately saw Mrs.(Y/l/n) waiting for our arrival.

"She’s been asking for you ever since she woke up.” She said to me as she led us down the hallway to her room. We walked in and I saw her beautiful face. Even with a giant gash in her forehead, she was still beautiful. 

She was full of life now.

She looked over in my direction and yelled my name. I raced over to her bedside and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I missed you.” I whispered in her hair.

“I missed you too Nate.” I felt a smile form on my lips as I continued holding her.

“You don’t know how happy I am to have you back.”

“Well I’m glad to be back.” She smiled widely.

“I love you.” I whispered as I pulled myself closer to her small frame.

“I love you too Maloley." 

I kissed her lips softly before closing my eyes thinking about how happy I am to see her again. To see her beautiful eyes, her stunning smile and to hear her amazing laugh. I was glad I was able to see her again.


Hey everyone, so I said I was going to post part two. If it sucks, i’m sorry. Most people really liked the first part. I hope you guys liked it. Expect more soon!