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Historically Lafayette was a midget wtf was that one person talking about lmao. He was the same height as me, 5'5. Jefferson was 6'2 lol. I know ur version is shorter but I just thought I'd properly educate you all. I'm sorry foot being a buzzkill!

Laf were shorter tha n me L af were sho rter than m e Laf were short er than m e

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I mean you CAN be scary- but you can also be really adorable!

That was it… If they weren’t going to take her for her word, then she was just going to have to show them how scary she could be!

Hee, hee, hee…” A sinister giggle bubbled up from within her as her lips began to twist into an eerie smile. “You want t-to see my adorable side, d-do you?” She pulled out her cellphone from her pocket. “W-well then…”

“LeT mE sHoW yOu HoW ‘aDoRaBlE’ i CaN bE~!!”

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*your vision is blurry. you can see a distinct blob of blue in front of you.* hey. cora? cora, ,, you sho u l d wake up by now, im sure I did it right...

“Winco…? Wh-what happened?”

—No hay tiempo, tendrás que ser la princesa — le indicó a la primera persona que pasó a su lado, sin darse aún cuenta de quien se trataba. — Marta te ayudará— dijo mientras terminaba de cambiarse de ropa, en cuento la maquilladora del reality se acercaba con un vestido en mano, hacia tal persona.