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television meme: [5/30] OTPs → bellamy blake & clarke griffin
We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. I didn’t like you at first- that’s no secret. But even then, every stupid thing you did, it was to protect your sister. She didn’t always see that, but I did. You’ve got such a big heart, Bellamy.” “Clarke–” “People follow you. You inspire them because of this, but the only way to make sure we survive is if you use this, too.”  “I got you for that.

So I have made the decision!

I will no longer have separate blogs devoted to different fandoms!

I used to do this so people could easily follow a blog with what they are currently into…

Although, now that I am branding..it’s a bit hard to put a bunch of different names on a business card! I have chosen my blog BLK-L to change to UltiMaL (or ulti-mal in some form) I will no longer be active on any other blog but this one.

I will always have those blogs up though for the past art to remain there!

Please excuse while I slowly start to change things over to this new brand name :3

This will also mean this will not be a Voltron only blog and I will be posting anything on here.  Which can be good or bad news for some of you  So I understand if you want to unfollow :3

But Voltron is what I will be mainly drawing at the moment

When I get into a fandom, I fall head first

So if you were already following BLK-L you are now following ulti-mal!

“UltiMaL, The Ultimate MaL Experience”  -Mr. Voltron Romance

Please help me reblog to let other knows “who the hell ulti-mal is and why am I following them xD

Thank you so much for your support!!

One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Whole Cake Island Arc] : Charlotte “BigMom” LinLin vs Captain “Waterfall Beard” Yoruru

“Waterfall Beard” Yoruru : “So you’ve finally gone and done it LinLin.. You aren’t qualified to give thanks to the Sun! Even if you are a child, there is a limit to how much one can forgive!”
Mother Carmel : “Please stop!! Yoruru-sama!”
“Waterfall Beard” Yoruru : “I’m sorry Carmel, but she is an evil spirit…IN THE FORM OF A CHILD!!!”

T H E   L E G E N D   O F   E L B A P H. Oh man, I’ve been waiting 17 years for this one. Captains Brogy the “Red Ogre” & Dorry the “Blue Ogre” were some of the coolest cats of their time! And meeting the remnants of the Giant Warrior Pirate crew throughout the story and having them each mention the legendary captains and their eternal duel was thrilling. I’m really hoping Oda explores the last remaining Giant Kingdoms because I am all about that Norse mythology. I’m also hoping Oda really flushes out the Sweet Commanders and their fights as well because they’re kind of just sitting around right now (compared to Marco’s grand entrance vs Kizaru). Here’s to the revitalization of my childhood!! E L B A P H!!

♪ : Naruto Shippuden - Girei

  • L: *eating, as usual*
  • Matsuda: But Ryuzaki!!! hOW are you going to eVeR catch Kira?!?!
  • Light: *tries not to look like he's eavesdropping*
  • L: Catching Kira will be a...
  • L: *dramatically pausing*
  • L: Piece of cake.
  • Light: *deeply inhales*
  • Light: That's it Ryuk, I don't give a fUCK anymore, give me the shinigami eyes he's dying rIGHT NOW.
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Last movie watched: Silenced (I cried a lot boi, I thought my eyes would fall)

Last show watched: One Piece

When did I create my blog: I don’t remember

What do I post: Memes and beautiful things related to Kpop

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Do you have other blogs: I had a personal blog but I forgot the password

Do you get asks: Yes I get a lot and I don’t know why (I love you all)

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Dream trip: Canada and South Korea

Favorite food: Pasta and Pizza

Nationality: I am Spanish

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