l ogic

@corvidacee | ( pretty sure the best things in life areillegal )

             getting caught with alcohol wouldn’t help my probation. i don’t think shujin would accept that either. ”

which wasn’t quite a confirmation or a denial. logically speaking, involving himself with akechi was a mistake in every way possible. he watched him through the fringe of his hair, && absently leaned a bit more on the counter top then intended.

             even if it is against the law, it’s not uncommon for teenagers to do it anyways. we still have vending machines for that kind of thing. but i guess walking to the nearest convenience store && leaving with a case of yebisu isn’t what you’re after here, is it…? ”

if akechi wanted to create a challenge, then akira had only one choice here. this kind of ploy was baseless at best, but if he cared so much about it…

             if you’re asking me to go drinking with you, then i accept. just let me get out of this apron, first. ”

I am grateful carlos has a rapper like l.ogic to look up to and identify with.


Time really does pass by fast. I almost forgot that this past February was my blog’s first anniversary. Haru-ssi was supposed to be just a sideblog to my kpop blog because I personally like black and white photography and I thought better. I’ve met some really cool and wonderful people here. And I’m so happy to share the past year with you and hopefully, many more. Cheers to me, to my beautiful followers that didn’t leave me even though I’m not active on your dash these past few months, and to these cool people who make my blog look awesome, the people I follow. Let’s all continue to be crazy. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH~ ^^

(I’m lazy so this isn’t organized.)

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