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I have a lot of feelings about this headcanon and I really need to talk to you about this. Okay? Okay, good.

We all know that the metamorphmagus gene is in the Black bloodline, right? I mean after all Tonks was a metamorphmagus and her dad was a muggle, therefore she had to inherit the gene from Andromeda, who’s a Black.

Now, what if DRACO had inherited the gene?



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Just a Memo - Boyf riends

Title: Just a Memo

Word Count: 1822

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: None unless you consider dorks being dorks objectionable

A/N: This originally started out as a headcanon so the writing style is more informal-ish towards the beginning.  Also this is my first piece of actual fanfic ever so bear with me here. :’D

Jeremy still sometimes hears the Squip talking in his head.  It’s so faint though, that he’s not really sure if it’s just his own thoughts or if it actually is the Squip.  Either way he doesn’t tell anyone.  Maybe, he thinks, it’ll just go away on its own.  No, the voice says, It can’t be gotten rid of that easily.  But nevertheless, Jeremy continues to live as though there weren’t possibly the ghost of a half-mad supercomputer embedded in his brain.  

One day he notices his left hand moving of its own accord (to do what, he had no idea) and flips the fuck out— but regains control of it immediately after panicking and flailing it around for a second.  This type of thing starts happening on occasion; usually just small actions probably meant to inconvenience him.  That time he caught himself aiming a crumpled ball of paper at the back of a teacher’s head was one of the more notable ones.  Oh, and that time he poured a glass of water on himself probably qualifies as well.  

Jeremy realizes that he really can’t deny the Squip’s presence at this point, but it hasn’t tried to do anything super malicious, so he decides to wait things out before taking any drastic action.  One day he sees his hand reaching for a pen on its own.  Normally he’d jerk it back on reflex and that would be it, but he decides to leave it alone and see what happens.  His hand picks up the pen and starts writing on a scrap piece of paper.  Definitely not his handwriting, he notes with a mix of apprehension and curiosity.  Then it stops.

Y O U R  F L Y  I S  U N Z I P P E D

Jeremy hurriedly looks down.  Shit.  

After remedying the situation, he stops for a moment to direct a mental ‘thank you’ at the Squip.  Hell, that’s probably the nicest thing it’s ever done for him.  And so it continues.  Every so often he’ll notice his nondominant hand moving of its own accord, writing a helpful (or not-so-helpful) suggestion courtesy of the Squip.  The notes are brief— no more than a sentence or two.  He’ll usually follow them if the advice doesn’t seem too fishy.  

One day Jeremy’s at the school library with Michael, both of them studying for an upcoming math test.  Well, Michael’s the one doing most of the studying.  It’s not for lack of trying on Jeremy’s part, it’s just he keeps finding himself distracted by Michael.  It’s not his fault that Michael bites his lip in the cutest way when he’s figuring out a tough problem, or that the sunlight dancing across his face makes him look like some kind of angel, or that his hair looks so incredibly soft and touchable that Jeremy really wants to run his fingers through it.  Man, he thinks, some girl’s gonna be so lucky to have him someday.  

He shakes his head and turns back to the study guide for what must be the fifth time when he finds his hand moving to write a note from the squip.  It’s become a common enough occurrence that he’s not too fazed by it, but he’d really like to make some headway on this problem, so he’ll just check the note once he’s finished.  His Squip-controlled hand sets down the pen and taps on the desk impatiently.  In a minute, Jeremy thinks.  But the Squip isn’t having it apparently, because it slides the study guide off the table.  He curses under his breath and reaches to pick it up when the Squip suddenly forces him to wipe something else off the table.   It’s the note.  

A S K  H I M  O U T  A L R E A D Y.   

What?!  Jeremy has to stifle a snort.  He’s obviously not gay, as evidenced by his massive crush on Christine.  The Squip must be more broken than he thought.

His hand snatches a pen off the table and scribbles on the back of the note.  Jeremy thinks he can almost hear an exasperated sigh in the back of his mind.

Y O U R  O B L I V I O U S N E S S  I S  K I L L I N G  ME.

Jeremy’s face reddens a bit as he crumples the note and resumes studying.  But he still can’t concentrate, thanks to the Squip’s comment.  So what if he thinks Michael’s attractive?  Doesn’t mean he’s gay.  It’s not like he wants to make out with Michael, or hold hands with him, or cuddle with him, or…


Well it doesn’t matter either way.  Michael’s probably straight as a board, and even if he weren’t, he could do so much better than Jeremy.  Not that he’s jealous or anything.  Just stating the facts.  Jeremy’s a just another hopeless nerd, but Michael’s so cool in his own way and he doesn’t even know it.  Guys like him are cool in college.  Guys like Jeremy just fade into the background.  But regardless, he has a math test to study for.  

Less than ten minutes later he finds his hand moving to write another note.  He considers jerking it away but can’t bring himself to do it.

“Dude!  You never told me you were ambidextrous!”  Michael practically jumps out of his chair in excitement.  He leans across the table to get a better look at Jeremy’s squip-controlled hand, which suddenly stops writing and moves to cover the note.

“What— oh,” Jeremy freezes up.  Sure enough, he’d been working a math problem with his right hand while the Squip wrote a note with his left, “Uh, yeah… I guess it just never came up?  It’s really not a big deal.”  A light blush dusts his cheeks as Michael picks up his hand and stares at it in amazement.  Jeremy figures it’s probably best to just let Michael believe this whole ambidextrous thing instead of telling him the Squip is back and has taken to spontaneously writing notes of advice with his nondominant hand.

“Not a big deal?!” Michael cries, “Are you serious?  Only two percent of humanity is ambidextrous, you happen to be one of them, and you’re telling me that it’s not a big deal?  It’s freaking AWESOME!”

“If you’re about to say we should celebrate this by getting stoned in your basement, I’m gonna have to pass.”  Jeremy deadpans as he gently removes his hand from Michael’s.  Have his hands always been this soft?  

“GASP!” Swooning dramatically, Michael clutches his chest and falls back into the chair “I AM HURT.”  

“I’m sure you’ll survive.” Jeremy says with a laugh.  Even if the Squip were right about him liking Michael, he decides it wouldn’t be worth risking their friendship.  The pain of losing moments like these greatly outweighs the possible benefits of confessing— BUT there’s nothing to confess so it doesn’t matter anyway!  He glances toward Michael, who has gone back to his study guide and is doing that cute lip biting thing again…

… Okay so maybe there’s a little that could possibly be confessed.  

Michael gestures towards the note currently covered by Jeremy’s Squip-writing hand. “So what were you writing anyway?  With that hand, I mean.”

Jeremy freezes.  Just when he thought he was in the clear too.

“How do you even take two sets of notes at once?” Michael muses, “That’d have to involve some serious parallel processing capacity on your part.”

Shit-shit-shit-shit-SHIT.  Jeremy lifts his hand slightly so he can see the note.  Maybe it’s nothing he’d have to worry about Michael seeing?  Yeah, he can probably just write it off as a note to himself for later on.  It’s probably nothi—

I  R E A L L Y  L I K E  Y O U  M I C H A E L.

Oh fuck.  

“Uh— it’s nothing,” Jeremy says a little too quickly.  He’s sweating bullets.

“Oh?”  Michael raises an eyebrow, “Well if it’s nothing, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I just—” he moves to snatch the note but Jeremy slaps his hand back over it.

“I-It’s just a memo,” he stutters unconvincingly as his face turns bright red.  Is the Squip seriously trying to set them up?

“Just a memo?” Michael grins wickedly and slaps his hand over Jeremy’s own to wrestle for the note, “Gee, you’re awfully cagey about it for being something that’s ‘just a memo’.”

“AUGH— Come on man!”  Try as he might, it’s a losing battle.  Jeremy’s left hand seems to be actively betraying him as he struggles to keep the note away from Michael.  Goddamn Squip is probably laughing it up right now.  They grapple a few more seconds before Michael emerges victorious with the note.  Jeremy’s face falls and he can feel a pit forming in his stomach.  There’s only seconds until their friendship is ruined.

“AHA!” Michael raises it high in the air like a victory trophy.  “Time to see what dark secrets—” his triumph turns to shock, and his lips part in an ‘o’ shape as he stares at the note. “…Oh…”

“I-It’s not what you think!”  Jeremy laughs nervously, knowing full well there’s no way out of this.  He’s awaiting Michael’s response like a prisoner waiting for execution.

“You sure about that?” Michael begins, blushing hard, “Because, I mean, this seems pretty…” he searches carefully for his next words, “…straight-forward.”

Jeremy’s sure there’s nothing he could do to make this any worse.  But naturally he finds a way.  “…Pun intended?”  He buries his face in his hands as he realizes what he just said.

Michael just stares at him for a moment.  His expression is unreadable.  Then he starts to laugh softly, in that way Jeremy always thought was so cute but now couldn’t be more worrying to hear. “Oh my god… Jeremy.”  He sighs as though he’s been holding his breath for a long time, “You big dork.”  He says as his face breaks into a smile.  

Jeremy looks up.  His heart is racing a million miles an hour it’s pounding so loudly he’s sure Michael can hear it.  “Wait, you’re not…” he trails off.  Mad?  Straight?  Interested?  He’s not sure what he’d prefer at this point.  It feels like he’s floating, ready to drop into freefall or soar into the sky at any moment.

Michael grins, “I really like you too.”

His heart soars.

“I have for a while now.”  Michael admits sheepishly,  “I just thought you didn’t, uh, swing that way.”

Jeremy melts right then and there.  He’s pretty sure he would’ve passed out if he hadn’t been sitting down.  God, how didn’t he see it before?  He can hear a faint “I told you so.” in the back of his mind but he doesn’t care.  Michael likes him too and that’s all that matters.  Jeremy gathers his courage and straightens up, a look of intense determination on his face, “D-Do you wanna maybe finish studying back at my place?”  

Michael takes his hand. “I’d like that.”


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ryan’s kinks/sex would include

-breath play
-pinning you down
-lip biting
-bruises from where he grabs your thighs and hips
-“you want me to fuck you? is that what youre asking? beg for it.”
-angry sex when you get home after he sees another guy flirting with you
-wearing his old shirts afterwards
-no matter how hard he fucks you, he always makes sure you’re okay and knows your limits
-punishments for finishing before he said you could.
-h o l y  f u c k  t h e  m o a n s
-his orgasm face might be prettier than his normal face
-loves using his hands, but is amazing with his mouth.
-grabbing you by the throat and all he says is “prince(ss).” in that tone of voice and you just know.
-kissing every inch of you when you’re done and telling you how amazing you did.

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Hi! How would 707 act with an MC who isn't really a fun person. Like, she rarely talks, doesn't get his humor, and she takes a while to open up to people? Also looks kinda cold? How would he approach her when he first meets her and how would their relationship be like?

Eheheheheh I feel bad for the poor kid but let’s see how this goes, shall we? I won’t base this off his route because, well, he’s cold when you two meet irl anyway and I also don’t all out spoilers so I’m just winging it lolol


- when you first met the RFA, he wouldn’t stop making jokes you all know how it is

- and he is s h o o k when you respond so monotonously

- he knows that even though its through a screen ‘cause CCTV

- GOD SEVEN HAS FAILED HIS QUEST TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH?!?!?!?!???!!!!!?!?!?!???????!?!!!!!!!??!!?!?

- okay, new mission. Make MC laugh at his jokes

- When you first meet at the RFA party, he’s cracking jokes and puns left right and centre

- this was the s e v e n t h  o n e  i n  t w o  m i n u t e s  h o l y  s h i t, boy bREATHE

- when you answered with a raised eyebrow and a straight face, he flipped

- two years and three RFA parties later, he’s giving up. honestly surprised he’s stayed in the agency for this long

- you’d opened up to the whole of RFA more so you talked a little more than you used to in the chatroom

- he was telling a story about him and Mary Vanderwood and the time she found out about him keeping and feeding squirrels (with honey buddha chips) and promptly flipped out and kicked him out of his own house when he heard it

- it came a little crackly over the CCTV but he heard your laugh



- like he could quite literally fly to the moon and back, thats how happy he is wouldn’t recommend it but okay

- when you two became a couple, he respected that you didn’t like talking too much (thats okay he can talk enough for the both of you) but still wouldn’t give up making a joke or pun every once in a while

- at least humour the boy with a smile pls


ehh that came out different than I expected whoopsies. just tell me if you don’t like it and i’ll try to remake it

bye bye! *poof*

S t o p there is so much more to Sasuke than his beauty, his features, his allure. Don’t use Sasuke as a means of what your dream lover l o o k s like. Because Sasuke is also fiercely determined. He’s secretly silly. He blushes and gets embarrassed, he cries. Family meant so much it broke him, friendship and love was always in him, Naruto only helped bring it outward. It was always there. Sasuke is beautiful, oh yes. But don’t you dare sell him short. He is analytical, smart, well spoken, willful, intense. Not just a pretty face on a brat.


And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who is so fucking sweet like he’s so caring and kind and warm and all he wants to do is make people happy how is he real I wanna hug him and tell him thank you bc he’s so amazing, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • This post is written in the college AU, it’s just to help set the scene a bit so college!Hoseok is right here
  • Visuals are first bc I gotta
  • Hobi always looks so good but I gotta go with the black hair, it’s always such a l o o k, especially when it’s up and the forehead is showing bc then you can see all of his face
  • Black is one of my favorite hair colors for him but the look he had for Spring Day/Not Today was so fucking cute too and so was the red hair and the blonde, moral of the story, hobi is just always cute
  • Okay but hobi’s airport style is 10/10 I always love seeing the boys’ airport outfits bc they always look so good but I love hobi’s airport looks, they’re always so coordinated and he wears a lot of black and I’m a sucker for black clothing
  • But he can also pull off different patterns, he can do the camouflage look, he can do stripes, he can do sweaters, t-shirts, anything you throw at hobi, he’s got it covered, I mean the man pulled off a bright green sweater and made it look boyfriend how the hell does someone do that plz explain
  • The looks that fits player!hobi is the all black look he did, with the black jeans, black sneakers, black t-shirt, black bag, even his hair was black and that is my s h i t all black instantly
  • But there’s another all black outfit where he had a black t-shirt but then  a red beanie and the strap of his bag was red and that is just wow idk why I love it so much but I kinda keep looking at it bc I would like a round of applause for Mr. Jung bc that look officially has me heart eyes
  • He can pull off so many different hats it’s so hard to choose just one, he can pull off bucket hats, he can do the snapback look !!! beanies, goofy hats, all the hats so I’m just gonna choose them all for player!hobi 
  • Hobi is another dater, he is a really sensitive person when it comes to emotions so just like Yoongi, one night stands aren’t really a thing
  • It’s rare for him to go that far but when he does, it’s someone he knows really well, he’s just more a lover, he prefers feeling that connection of love and it being something really meaningful to both parties involved
  • But he does love a good date, he actually lasts pretty long with his dates, he doesn’t ever confirm or deny the relationship, that’s his thing
  • He’s a carefree kid who’s just focusing on having fun and he’s not looking to get into any relationships yet, especially when he’s so busy being a TA and a dance major
  • He never stops them from calling him their boyfriend but he also calls them his friend or his date so they get a bit confused bc wait it’s been like a month how are we not together yet
  • He always dances (pun intended) around the subject and changes it super quickly bc he doesn’t wanna let them down and tell them that he’s not interested in a relationship but it’s really nothing personal, it’s not their fault, he’s just having fun and chilling out with fun people
  • He has a very approachable vibe to him like he’s not a scary person, he’s so friendly and open and he’s always smiling so people aren’t afraid to come up to him and talk to him and maybe throw in a few flirty lines
  • He would be such a cute date oh my lord, he loves going to a festival or a cute lil diner or maybe feeding ducks at the park and eating some ice cream
  • Always always always holding his date’s hand, sometimes he’ll have his arm around them but even then, he wants them to be holding his hand bc he just loves that shit
  • He’s another player that you don’t expect to be a player based on his personality
  • He’s just so bubbly and caring and he’s really doting towards his dates, he’s always asking if they’re having fun, if they’re comfortable, if they wanna go somewhere else and he makes sure they get home safe so when they find out about it, they’re just oH
  • He h a t e s the “breaking up” part bc hobi loves making people happy and he does so much to get them to smile and he’s always so energetic and cheerful so the thought of ruining someone’s entire week bc of this is heartbreaking to him
  • But he’s also not a cheater and even if he’s not in a relationship with them, he doesn’t wanna be taking them on dates and spending so much time with them and then turning around and doing the same thing with someone else so he’s gotta break it off eventually
  • But he does it very gently, he makes sure they aren’t too down about it and he always promises to stay friends
  • You always see hobi around campus
  • Here’s the thing about hobi, pretty much everyone on campus either knows hobi, knows of him or knows someone that knows him, he’s a social butterfly
  • You know all about his reputation of having someone new every month and never committing but you also know about his dance reputation and that he’s supposedly am az in g
  • So when your friend tells you he’s performing in an underground freestyle competition thing and that they’re going, you figure you’ll go and see what all the talk is about bc when people talk about his dance skills they make him out to be this incredible, breathtaking dancer that’ll make you wanna dance too
  • You had never spoken to him so it was a bit ?? when he walked up to you and greeted you like you were his best friend but then you realize he’s being flirty and while it’s flattering, you also know what the end result typically is so you politely decline his offer to get a late night snack afterwards
  • He is a bit confused bc normally people don’t reject him but it’s his turn so he doesn’t have time to keep talking to you
  • You’re blown away by how talented he is bc have you ever seen hobi dance that shit is magical, it’s so captivating and just I could go on for hours about how talented hobi is
  • You leave shortly after his turn is up bc you have a class early the next morning and you gotta sleep so hobi doesn’t get another chance to talk to until he sees you on campus two days later
  • He keeps talking to you, every time he sees you and you realize that it’s been a while since you’ve heard about him dating someone and pretty soon, he’s spent the entire term single with no dating or even flirting with other people
  • “I wanna get to know you”
  • You’re trying really hard not to fall for his charming lil smile or the way his entire face lights up whenever he sees you or the way his voice sounds when he’s tired and his words are a bit slurred together bc he’s too exhausted to put in the effort to be coherent
  • You agree to go out on a date with him during the summer bc you figure you might as well get it over with, you’re already crushing on him so it’s better to see him from the player point of view so you can move on with your lives
  • It’s so much fun, he takes you down to the beach and you walk all around the pier together and play in the sand and run from the waves and it’s just a really stress free date where you two genuinely enjoy every moment and there aren’t any awkward moments
  • You get a bit nervous around the one month mark bc you know that’s when his relationships stop but then everything stays normal, he actually takes you out to dinner for your first month anniversary and then the next thing you know, you’ve spent the entire summer and the following term with him openly calling himself your boyfriend
  • “I like being in a relationship with you, it’s funner than having to stress over breakups”
  • “I like you as a boyfriend a lot more”
  • “Maybe one day, I’ll be upgraded to husband”
  • “Ch iLL”

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This porn by got7sextape in your faves, can you write a hc based on this + backstage. Jungkook won something (doing sports) and Jimin is the cheerleader and yeah ;_;

(NSFW video anon is talking about)

+ Jungkook grips and re-grips his tennis racket as he watches his Taehyung run back and forth on the court.

+ The team currently lost both double matches but has won the first singles match and Taehyung was leading the second single match at 5-3. One more point and they’ll be tied.

+ “BTS wins 6-3″ the referee calls and Jungkook takes a gulp of water as before standing up. If the team wins this match they win the championship so a whole bunch of pressure is now resting on Jungkook’s shoulders.

+ “G-O-L-D-E-N!” *Clapping sounds* “K-O-O-K-I-E!” *More clapping noises*

+ Jungkook smiles before turning around to face the stands.

+ Jimin was holding pom poms while in a halter top and shorts, cheering and smiling brightly. “GO JEON JUNGKOOKIE!”

+ Jungkook licks his lips before shooting his boyfriend a kiss. Jimin giggles before shooting one back with a wink before cheering again. Since during the game Jimin can’t cheer he wants to get it all out.

+ Jungkook doesn’t feel the pressure anymore as he smiles at his opponent but is thinking about how fucking adorable Jimin looks in his outfit. Jungkook holds the tennis ball in his hand as he smirks to himself. Jungkook could fuck Jimin the sooner the match ended.

+ “Game 7-5 BTS wins!”

+ “Kookie!” Jimin cheers tossing his poms away as he jumps over the ledge and runs towards his sweaty boyfriend, “you won the championship!” Jungkook catches his boyfriend who flings himself at him as he laughs.

+ “I sure did.” Jungkook says before swooping down to kiss Jimin, ignoring the sounds from his teasing teammates, “I hope I get prize?” Jimin smiles before kissing Jungkook, “Of course you do.”

+ Jungkook had to take pictures with the trophy and had to also carry it, but once he could, Jungkook gave the trophy to his coach and snagged his boyfriend to head to the locker room.

+ “K-Kookie.” Jimin whines softly as Jungkook pins him against a locker, “d-don’t you wa-nna wait till we l-leave?”

+ “No way.” Jungkook starts dry humping Jimin who moans softly, “I need you now. All I could think about is your ass in these tiny blue shorts.” Jimin laughs as his hands go up to grip Jungkook’s hair and tugs it softly.

+ “I know the perfect spot. Remember to bring the stuff.” Jimin coos  before lightly pushing Jungkook away from him before walking away and swaying his hips in such away his booty jiggles. Jungkook moan as he quickly opens his bag to grab his travel lube and condom before chasing after his man.

+ Jungkook didn’t know what room it was nor did he care, all he cared about was that Jimin was laying on this table holding his legs apart exposing his cute glossy ass hole that keeps flexing in need.

+ “hurry Kookie.” Jimin pouts cutely “I wanna feel your pretty cock in me.”

+ Jungkook almost came in his condom as he moan at Jimin. “Fuck, mochi!” Jungkook pours more lube on his cock before going into Jimin who arches his back. “remember we gotta be quite mochi.”

+ “Just fuck me baby.” Jimin says as he reacts to brush Jungkook’s thigh.

+ Jungkook starts at a unforgiving pace that makes Jimin yelp but is silence mostly by Jungkook’s lips on his. The slapping sound of their bodies is louder then their moans mixing softly together or the smacking of their lips together.

+ Jimin keens softly as he arches into Jungkook’s as his boyfriend thrusts into him. Jungkook groans as his grips Jimin’s ass harshly going harder.

+ They cum a handful of thrusts later and both keep panting heavily.

+ “congrats on winning Jungkook.” Jimin says breathlessly as he runs his finger through Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook smiles as he leans down to kiss Jimin softly.

+ “thanks for being the ultimate prize.” Jimin rolls his eyes but smiles as he gently pushes Jungkook away to gather his shorts.

+ “Oh baby boy, you haven’t gotten your ultimate prize yet.” Jimin says winking at his boyfriend, “you’ll have to see what you get tonight.”

+ Jungkook groans as he  pulls Jimin back onto the table and Jimin giggles.



“Remember the museum, when I said I’d lost everything? He began, his fists clenched hard at his sides like he was trying not to touch her again. "I said that because I have. Because you’ve ripped everything I’ve ever known right out from under my feet like it was so easy for you. And I can’t…hate you for it.”

Now it was she who took a step closer to him, wanting to sooth the tremor in his jaw, the quiet desperation that the position of his body told of. “It wasn’t easy for me.”

He turned on her, grabbing her wrists and pushing her back until her bum pressed against the desk and he pressed against her. But she was not afraid. “Oh yeah?” He murmured harshly, squeezing her wrists hard enough to cause the bones to grind together unpleasantly. Hermione winced. “Well, it certainly looked it. You tore everything apart, Granger, and then you smiled at us like it was nothing.”

And then she was crying again. “But it wasn’t! I knew how much it would be hurting you all, but I had to do it!”

“Really? Why did you ‘have’ to do it, you sanctimonious bitch? Who was forcing you?”

“I did it because it’s the right thing to do!” This she said in a broken voice, and something in her heart shattered with his face crushed just as hers had done and he dropped his head so that it was almost touching her, his grip on her wrists loosening.

She saw that his face was wet, and he finally allowed his forehead to rest on her shoulder.  “ M e r l i n ,  G r a n g e r .  H a v e  m e r c y ,  w i l l  y o u ?  E v e r y  t i m e  y o u  s p e a k  y o u  u n d o  m e . ”

And then he was kissing her, broken, silly little girl and all.

- The Nietzsche Classes, Chapter 9

You thought i wouldn’t post exo being gay cute part 3??  well


am i 


to stop

posting pics and gifs 

of exo being SO gay… ehh cute!! CUTE

look at Tao and his mommy

tao’s mommy with naughty chenchen


Jong bros are so… 

that’s nothing gay, no, no.

how to be subtle by kim jongdae

baek riding yeol ¬u¬



nope, totally not sexual, no.


bts couple kaisoo

how can he talk normally when jongin is staring into his soul?

cute xingxing touching yeol’s… ear.



Yeol omg XDDD jongin’s scared face hahaha

just kaibaek holding hands like always

man they are so cute

manly lu hugging the bacon

man WHAT THE… oh gosh Sehun what’s wrong with you?? you can not grab your hyung’s butt like that in front of camera!

massage :3

is that the perfect threesome?? YAS THATS XIUHANHUN!! 

i told you kyungsoo likes sitting in tall men’s lap

TAOBABY KISSED AND LOVED BY HYUNGS that’s the cutest thing ever

b y e

zitao has a serious problem, he really likes to be about to kiss the members remember the xiutao gif of part 1? the sutao gif also


how to be subtle by kim jongdae part 2 again with joonmyeon his fav sempai

just jong bros being cute

im telling you jongdae is the most affectionate member, also the more subtle…

i know this gif is related to other in exo being gay cute part 2 but LOOK AT THE NOONA PUSHING MINSEOK TO JONGDAE!! JUST  L O O K!!

is cute how sehun was protecting luhan while he was too busy laughing and taking photos :’)

KaiSoo is like… ninja or something

idek who is with sehun -i thik is Yixing- but omg!! HE WAS ABOUT TO KISS HIM????

these two :’)))))))))

zitao’s problem again

the two real namjas doing nothing homo. srly

cute hyung caring the maknae 

LOL at tao’s face haha what did chanyeol do to you?? 

no matter how many times you look at this, it’s still sooooo gayyyy cute


just Tao’s hand in the midle of sehun’s legs (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

NO this is not cute, no, im not dying NO.

Yixing favorite place was…  :’(((((


This is the last part, because i think you’ll get tired of these posts XD

PART 1 PART 2 / kyungsoo ver. chanbaek ver.  suchen ver.

Dating Luhan would include

- teaching him cute little English words so he could use them in his next songs

- him trying to show you some weird trance music that he’s like s o into and you’re just like alright luhan alright

- “luhan please stop hitting the whip I’m trying to make dinner”

- he leaves you grocery requests, like for some reason he always wants a family size box of kix cereal but whatever you’ll get it for him

- he thinks you look so frickin cute in his snapbacks like he tries to get you to wear them but you’re like no luhan I’m not a hat person but he’s like wear IT and you do and he stays complimenting how cute you look in it

- luhan really can’t cook…. But for you he tries….like he’ll make you burnt quesadillas and it’ll taste like ass but you eat it all because you love him and because he t r i e d

- plans to get a cat together and raise it once luhan has enough free time

- nights in where you just sit and talk about the world and how small you both are but how amazing it is that you found each other despite all the odds while you drink wine and luhan gets a little tipsy because he can’t hold his alcohol

- tipsy luhan placing breathy, sloppy kisses down your neck and you’re like “luhan stop you’re drunk” but in reality you’re really turned on and hoping that he doesn’t stop

- flipping pages of a magazine aimlessly when he’s away practicing with your earphones in and then you’d feel two cold hands cup your shoulders from behind and he’s turn your face to kiss him and then 10 minutes later your getting slammed against your bed and he has this l o o k and you’re trying to breathe and calm down as he climbs on top of you

- paper rock scissors to solve all your life problems

- “luhan, isn’t it your turn to wash the dinner dishes?” “……lets play for it”

- you always win because you know his dumbass always throws rock first

- luhan making you make a weibo for him

- picking out windowsill plants in the spring that luhan always playfully picks and puts in your hair

- did I mention devotion? Because that’s what you’re gonna sign up for dating luhan, because he fucking loves you so much and he’s sometimes sad he can’t always give you all his time but you let him know you always love him no matter wether he’s gone for 3 weeks or 3 minutes

NSFW Alphabet

Robin :

I/Intimacy : She is romantic and seductive at the same time

J/ Jack off : Not often

M/ Motivation: Feeling his perfume 

L/ Location : She likes to do it anywhere 

K/ Sexual tatse: Female and male

V/ How loud: Not very loud, more into moaning. 

Luffy :

A/ aftercare: Likes to cuddle a lot with his S/O but fall asleep quicly.

B/ Body part: Face, hair and lips (smile)

G/ Serious or humorous during the act ? HUMOROUS 

I/ Romantic or not ? Romantic, he likes to please his S/O

J/ Jack off: Not really into it.

M/ Motivation : When his S/O is happy / smile.

P/ Fast and rough ? Slow and sensual.

S/ How many rounds ? no more than 2

V/ How loud : Not very loud

X/ Size: Elastic

W/ Other : He is always laughing and making jokes during the act.

Shanks :

A/ aftercare: Likes to jokes and cuddle in bed after.

I/ Jack off:  Do it around 3 times a week but it is more complicated without his arm and he often got someone in his bed, so he doesn’t really need it.

O/ Oral: Likes to receive by female, not really into giving to male.

P/ Fast and rough ? Slow and sensual most of the time

S/ Rounds : around 3-4

V/ Loud ? Not with female, Loud with men when they know how to do it

X/ Size: Big

Y/ Sex drive: Often.

Marco :

A/ Aftercare: likes to take a shower with his S/O for a round 2

G/ serious or humorous ? Serious

I/ Romantic ? With any gender.

M/ Motivation? Do not really need motivation but likes to be tease

V/ Volume ? Not very loud with female, more with men.


A/ aftercare :Not really into taking care of his S/O after/

G/Serious or humorous ? Completely serious

I/ Romantic ? Not really (kiss, hug…) but still a bit emotional

M/ Motivation ? Seeing his S/O ass is enough

V/ Volume ? no sounds. Not even moaning.

Thor A-Z Challenge

A = Aftercare = very loving. He enjoys cuddling. His body is always warm so his s/o enjoys being wrapped up in his arms like a blanket.

B = Body part = lips. He loves his s/o’s lips. They’re beautiful to look at. On himself, his arms. Biceps are his pride lol.

C = Cum = when that moment hits it’s either loud and strong or strong and shaky. He prefers to cum inside but without midgardian sec protection he’ll cum on their chest or stomach.

D = Dirty Secret = he finds midgardian swim wear enticing.

E = experience = he’s experienced. In Asgard he could have anyone he wanted but he wasn’t always chasing a woman. He isn’t a virgin though.

F = Favourite Position = missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. 

G = Goofy = when he’s drunk. He gets silly when he’s drunk and it’s all toppling over one another and chuckling.

H = Hair = well groomed. He’s not loaded with hair down there or anything just trimmed and his chest is bare.

I = Intimacy = either. He can be very loving, eye gazes whisper sweet nothings etc. but on the other hand he can be gruff with his actions. He would never call his s/o names during sex though. It’s rude to him.

J = Jack Off = whenever he’s been in Asgard to long he’ll masturbate occasionally. 
K = Kink = watching his s/o do something……tough. Like shooting a gun or kick boxing. He finds it sexy when such a lovely person can turn into a fierce being.

L = Location = bedroom, shower, and believe it or not the car.

M = Motivation = POPTARTS just kidding, his turn on a glass of wine with his s/o and soft music. It sets the mods into him big time.

N = NO = role play. He finds it silly and hard to act as.

O = Oral = he’s really game for anything in this category. He loves watching their face when giving or receiving
P = Pace = either. The way his s/o kisses him back determines the pace. If it’s rough and hungry that’s what they’ll get. Rough and hungry gets same
Rough gets hard and fast
Soft and yearning gets passionate
Slow and passionate will get gentleness

Q = quickie = he really doesn’t care to much on Quickies. When he knows he’ll be on Earth for a while he’ll sneak off somewhere with his s/o for down fun but he really wants to enjoy it because he’s gone so long. He always misses the intimacy and wants to cherish it.

R = Risk = he’s game to experiment. He always asks his s/o though. And nothing to wild like sex in a chicken coop or something.

S = Stamina = 4 rounds. He can last four rounds but the final round really pushes it unless there’s been an hour in between.

T = Toy = no. Not really. In Asgard they prefer to do the work themselves. And he is particularly good at doing the job,

U = Unfair = Thor likes to tease. He won’t make them hold out for ever because 1. He wants his part. 2. He knows his s/o will do the same to him later.

V = Volume = Thor grunts a lot, and groans as most men do. The closer he gets the more vocal he gets. Believe it or not he is the type to whisper sweet things to his s/o while they’re at it.

W = Wild Card = imagine Thor coming to Earth simply because it’s his s/o’s birthday. After the party intimacy and cake follow….

X = X-Ray = idk what do you think? God of Thunder has to be God of the down under to right? ;)

Y = Yearning = high. Very high sex drive. 
He isn’t always flirting with his s/o, but when they’re alone however…..

Z = ZZZ = Believe it or not when he reaches his limit he’s out within 10 minutes


Anon request: Timer Soulmate!Seungkwan

  • 000000 Days 10 Hours 04 Minutes 27 Seconds
  • Seungkwan wanted to scream
  • He’s so close to meeting his soulmate
  • He’s just
  • So excited
  • Seungkwan’s kinda a romantic and has been dreaming of this since getting his timer
  • At the age of 13 btw
  • Which he’s still pretty salty about
  • All his other friend got their timer when they were 11
  • But he had to wait
  • Two years of salt I tell you
  • But that’s another story for another time
  • Waking up to see Seungkwan only had 10 hours left
  • It was like his life was starting to actually become a reality
  • This is the moment EVERYONE looks forward to
  • And Seungkwan was starting to get REALLY annoyed of hearing about his friends meeting their soulmates
  • He wanted to meet his too, god dammit!
  • Even though he still had 10 hours left, Seungkwan took up pretty much the entire day to make himself look eXTREMELY nice
  • Like
  • Damn
  • He looked really fuckin good
  • Like he looks good every day and ofc he knows this
  • But wow
  • Seungkwan would tap himself
  • In fact he totally did but he’s alone in his bathroom so no one knows except for himself
  • Okay but don’t even pretend like you haven’t before
  • Anyways
  • After he finished preparing himself he looked down at his timer
  • To see there was still about 5 hours to go
  • This was gonna be a l o n g day
  • So
  • In order to make time go faster
  • Seungkwan played a shIT TON of video games
  • So many rpg’s I tell you
  • Tales of Vesperia being his favorite
  • The time went by a lot faster
  • To the point that Seungkwan kinda forgot??? What a dork
  • After about 4 hours of playing games, Seungkwan decided he needed more snack foods
  • So! To the nearest grocery story he went!
  • He walked of course
  • This boy doesn’t have a driver’s license
  • Too lazy to study for the test
  • Same
  • Upon reaching the grocery store, he made a beeline for the snack section
  • And good lORD the amount of delicious snacks oh goodness what was he gonna c h o o s e
  • That was when
  • A thing happened
  • And just
  • Seungkwan kinda
  • Lost his shit
  • Okay s o
  • He was looking around at the cookies
  • Strawberry Wafers ofc
  • The best cookies e v e r
  • When suddenly???
  • There was a loud crash
  • And he could hear tons of snacks hit the ground
  • And the one who dropped them
  • Which was you btw
  • Just kinda
  • Bursted into laughter
  • Like you weren’t even mad that he didn’t try to help you cause that’s EXACTLY what you would’ve done???
  • Once he heard the laugh, Seungkwan looked over
  • And my l o r d
  • You were g o r g e o u s
  • Seungkwan froze
  • Totally dropping the snacks once again
  • Which broke him out of his trance and he continued to pick them up once again
  • A few “shit” and “fuck”s slipping past his lips
  • The lips that were placed upon his bEET RED FACE THIS POOR KID
  • You giggled once again and helped pick the food up
  • “Thank you for your help!”
  • “Yea-uh-I-….Yeah…”
  • Nice wow what quality conversation
  • Luckily you were able to carry it cause wow he REALLY wanted to talk to you
  • “It’s very nice to meet you…?”
  • He fumbled
  • “S-Seungkwan! Boo… Boo- uh- Seungkwan!”
  • The two of you shook hands
  • And
  • The timers went off
  • Which only made Seungkwans face redder than before
  • “Well… I guess that means we’re soulmates, huh!”
  • He just nodded
  • Seriously when had he ever been at a loss for words??? This boy talks 24/7 like wtf
  • Finally he was able to muster up the courage to smile back over at you
  • “It’s nice to meet you, soulmate!”
  • His life is hard

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I liked your explanation why Noctis is so pretty a lot. Could you also do one for Prompto?



1. This fucker is cute and hot at the same time

look at this shit


how is that the same person???

2. LOOK AT HIS ARMS l o o k at th em GODDAMN

how tf he lookin swole with that face??

3. Look at that pouty face 

4. that lil smile!!! CUTE

5.  Freckles …………..just…..

god exists

okay i’m done. this post is gross and i’m sorry ( * ಥ ⌂ ಥ * ) -admin yunicon

Welcome to the Underworld

“See, Marco, I told you this would be fun!” A bubbly blonde clenched onto her friend’s arm, bouncing in time to the music.

“Yeah… fun.” Her Latin-American companion was less enthused, but she didn’t notice. Her attention was solely focused on another guy.

Sure, Marco could’ve refused to come; it’s not like it would’ve stopped her anyway. But even if Oskar’s band wasn’t exactly his taste, he was due for a night out. The past two weeks had been devoted to finals, and he needed a breather now that the tests were over.

“Hey, Star, I’m gonna go get a drink.” He waited for her nod before leaving, glancing back to make sure she didn’t disappear. It’s not that she couldn’t take care of herself- she was certainly more than capable- but still. It was a club. She’s a woman. Things can happen.

“Looks like someone needs to loosen up.” Marco glanced up, already at the bar. The man behind the counter leaned forward, resting his elbows on the surface. “And I’ve got a few options that can fix that right up.” The man winked, and the Latino was grateful that the room was so dark. Colorful lights were dancing around the room, just enough to illuminate the place. Also enough to give Marco a good look at the bartender. And what a good look it was.

The man had to have only been a few years older, with pink hair spiked back to a point. His eyes donned some great eyeliner art, coming down below his eyes. Both of his ears had piercings in them, and a pair of horns sat atop his head, presumably as part of his uniform. He had a nicely lean figure and, if the form-hugging shirt was telling the truth, he obviously worked out some. Said shirt was black, with three red eyes on the front, flames for pupils. Marco desperately searched for a name tag, but to no avail.

“Um… uh…” Marco stuttered around, realizing that he took too much time checking out the guy. What’s worse, the other knew it, judging by the smirk.

“I know I’m a piece of work, kid, but you should really take a seat. Don’t wanna get ran over by someone not paying attention, now do you?” The man straightened up, chuckling as he did so. Not even the dark could hide Marco’s blush, and he wanted to go back to his best friend and beg her to take them back home for the night. Instead, he found himself doing as the man suggested, weakly letting out an “I’m not a kid” as he settled into a stool. The other outright laughed at that, turning around to grab at some bottles.

“Alright, kid, get defensive. And hey-” he glanced over his shoulder at Marco-” Welcome to the Underworld.” He turned back to the liquids, leaving the Latino a great view of his, uh, assets. Listen, Marco, now’s not the time to be be acting super gay. It hasn’t even been a month since you split with Jackie, and while it’s not bad to look at other people, let’s refrain from those who are- oh my god he is l o o k i n g a t m e-

“Um, sorry, I kinda spaced out. What did you say?” The man gave a toothy grin.

“I didn’t say anything, yet.” He slid a cup towards Marco, the admittedly charming grin never leaving his face. “Here you go. Oh, and by the way, your face gets really animated when you space out.”

“Huh? I-wha?” The younger looked down at the drink in front of him. “What’s this? I haven’t ordered anything yet.” He tried to ignore the whole ‘animated face’ comment, internally cringing at how stupid he must’ve looked.

The bartender waved the comment off. “This one’s on the house. It’s our special, the Flaming Rose.” Marco nodded, but eyed it wearily.

“What’s in it?”

“Nothing that will kill you,” came the quick reply, with a smirk to follow. How reassuring.

“You haven’t even checked my ID. How do you know I’m of age? I mean, you keep calling me a kid and everything.”

“They would’ve stamped you at the door.”

“What if I snuck in?”

“Oh, but you’re too good for that, aren’t you?” The other raised his eyebrows, his smirk only deepening. They locked into a staring contest of sorts, neither backing down from their statements. Finally, Marco gave a sigh, grabbing the glass.

“Yeah, you got me. I didn’t sneak in.” He took a sip, the beverage leaving a pleasant burn as it passed through, waking up his tastebuds. The man on the other side of the bar let out a laugh, turning to help a customer. He was still chuckling quietly when he returned. “You know, kid, I like you.”

“My name’s not ‘kid’. It’s Marco.” He blushed lightly from how defensive he was sounding. The other didn’t seem to take notice.

“Marco, eh?” He held out a hand, and the younger took it hesitantly. “I’m Tom.” Finally, a name!

“Well, Tom, thanks for the drink. It’s better than what I expected.”

“And what exactly did you expect?” The pink-haired man looked curious, and Marco had to think a moment, not wanting to say the wrong thing.

“Well, when my friend approached me begging me to go with her to see her crush perform, I expected more of a frat-party type place.” He shrugged.

“Why would you think that?” Marco shrugged again.

“I dunno. I guess… it’s probably because they’re loud, and they’re just starting, out, and I didn’t think they fit this sort of scene.” The Latino gestured to the activity around them.

“Ah.” Tom smiled. “Well, the man in charge likes to support local groups, especially the starters. It’s a good way for them to gain exposure.” Marco mulled over this, respect for the club rising.

“That’s actually really nice of him. I’m impressed.” Tom grabbed a damp rag and started wiping off the counter.

“Thanks. I do the best I can.”

The best I- “You’re the owner?” Marco almost spit out the drink he was sipping at, choking slightly. The bartender- and owner?- stopped what he was doing and smiled, handing the other a napkin.

“Something really shocking about that?” He raised his eyebrows, clearly amused. Marco regained his composure.

“Yes? No? Possibly?” He gestured towards the other. “Why are you bartending if you’re the owner?” Said owner went back to wiping off the counter, making sure to get Marco’s mess.

“I mean, it’s cheaper to fill in sometimes, you know? But other than that,” he smiled to himself, “this job is fun. Being around this atmosphere, making drinks, getting to hear cool music. Plus,” he threw Marco a wink, “I get to check out hotties all the time.”

Marco tugged at his jacket, wanting to take it off because speaking of hot, and wow was the bartender really flirting with him w h a t-

“You don’t say,” he squeaked out, mentally kicking himself for sounding stupid. “I mean, yeah, that’s probably a plus. I mean, if I could mix drinks I’d probably be a bartender too. For the music. And dancing, of course. And-” oh my god I’m rambling and I sound stupid and please just let the earth split open and swallow m-

“Marco! There you are, silly! I was starting to think you were in trouble or something. It’s been, like, half an hour!” The Latino had never been so happy to see his best friend.

“Sorry, Star. Guess I got caught up talking. So, what’s up?” He focused his entire attention on her, too embarrassed to look at Tom.

“Oh, Oskar finished his set and I’m tired from all that dancing and… why are you so red?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Marco shot out quickly, turning even redder as he heard the owner laughing under his breath. “Anyway, you said you were tired?” He gave the girl a look, mentally begging her to drop it. She looked back and forth between the two, looking confused.

“Um… yeah…?” She raised an eyebrow but, thankfully, didn’t press on. Marco almost sighed in relief.

“Okay then. This has been fun, but we should totally head out for the night!” He moved to get up, but stopped once he heard Tom clear his throat. Against his better judgement, he turned around.

The man before him held up a business card, the increasingly familiar smirk donning his features. “This is for you. I really hope to see you back sometime.” Marco gave a nod, taking the card and attempting to flash the other a confident smile.

“Yeah, who knows? this place isn’t so bad.” Marco got up, turning to leave.

“Oh, and one more thing.” The younger turned back, and his friend stopped beside him. “I put my cell number on the back, in case you wanted to… learn how to mix drinks.” He winked yet again, and it took Marco all he had to stammer out a response.

“Hey- yeah- who knows maybe I will- that’d be a useful thing to learn- sounds great- well, look at the time- I’m beat- have a nice night- bye.” He waved meekly and fled, an amused Star trailing along behind him.

“Oooh, Marco, you like him,” she practically sang, and the blushing male couldn’t get out of the building fast enough.

“Shut it, Star. We just talked and besides, he’s totally out of my league.” He nodded curtly at the doorman as they walked out.

“Well, that’s not what he thinks.”

“And what makes you say that?”

“The card.”

“What?” He stopped, flipping it over.

Call me if you’re ever actually interested in becoming a bartender. Or for anything else, really. ~<3 Tom

He read and re-read those words, unable to keep a smile off his face.

Star urged him forward, taking out the keys to unlock the car. “So you’re totally gonna call him, right?” She got in, and he slid into the passenger seat, putting the card into his pocket.

“Who knows? Maybe.”


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lewvithur, Ouija :v

“We call upon any spirits who might be present,” Vivi intoned, her finger tips resting on the planchette. “Is anyone there? We would like to speak with you, if we can.” She paused and frowned at the look on Arthur’s face. “Arthur, c'mon, this is a communion with earthbound spirits, not a funeral.”

“I can’t believe we’re still messing with this stuff,” Arthur said. “I mean, after everything we’ve been through you’d think we could afford to exercise a little more caution.”

“Ghosts aren’t so bad,” Vivi assured him, watching the planchette for any sign of movement. “You know that, Artie.”

“Neither are bees, usually, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go poking hives with sticks.”

“Good, because you shouldn’t. Bees are vital pollinators and – oh hey, it’s moving!” The two of them watched on bated breath as the indicator slid across the board beneath their fingers.

A… S… L… ?

Vivi gaped. Arthur’s face crumpled as he forcibly suppressed laughter. “Twenty-two, male, twenty four, female, and anywhere that’s good for you,” he answered, voice shaking. “How about it?”


Arthur lost it. Releasing the planchette, he doubled over laughing until he was curled up on the ground, clutching his sides.

Annoyed, Vivi puffed her cheeks out. “Very funny, Lewis. Now look at that, you broke Arthur.”


Vivi scowled indignantly. “Oh ha-ha, how about if I roast your bony skeleghost butt, Lewis?” Arthur was wheezing with laughter. Tears were streaming down his face.

W A N T T O S E X T ?

Lewis, I swear to God!

The walls reverberated faintly with their boyfriend’s ghostly chuckling.

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WAIT WHAT? W H A T. A R E. Y O U. T A L K. I N G. A B O U T??



“Thank you for all that you have done for me, Dorian. Thank you for being my friend. For not being   l i k e   t h e   o t h e r s .”
     He paused, turning to face her. She kept her chin high, but her eyes were gleaming.
     “I’ll come back,” she said quietly. “I’ll come back for you.” And he knew that there was more that she wasn’t saying, some bigger meaning behind those words.
     But Dorian still believed her.

And he knew, deep down, that she had not blinked at his magic but rather   u n d e r s t o o d   that burden, and that fear. She had not walked away or wished him to be anything but what he was. I’ll come back for you.