l o o k a t h is face

Avengers Preference – Their face when they’re jealous











Okay, but

Why does nobody ever talk about the toilet paper?

I mean just look at him

He’s so happy

How could you say no to that face?


He’s even cute when he’s scared shitless



He’s so pure

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Hi! How would 707 act with an MC who isn't really a fun person. Like, she rarely talks, doesn't get his humor, and she takes a while to open up to people? Also looks kinda cold? How would he approach her when he first meets her and how would their relationship be like?

Eheheheheh I feel bad for the poor kid but let’s see how this goes, shall we? I won’t base this off his route because, well, he’s cold when you two meet irl anyway and I also don’t all out spoilers so I’m just winging it lolol


- when you first met the RFA, he wouldn’t stop making jokes you all know how it is

- and he is s h o o k when you respond so monotonously

- he knows that even though its through a screen ‘cause CCTV

- GOD SEVEN HAS FAILED HIS QUEST TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH?!?!?!?!???!!!!!?!?!?!???????!?!!!!!!!??!!?!?

- okay, new mission. Make MC laugh at his jokes

- When you first meet at the RFA party, he’s cracking jokes and puns left right and centre

- this was the s e v e n t h  o n e  i n  t w o  m i n u t e s  h o l y  s h i t, boy bREATHE

- when you answered with a raised eyebrow and a straight face, he flipped

- two years and three RFA parties later, he’s giving up. honestly surprised he’s stayed in the agency for this long

- you’d opened up to the whole of RFA more so you talked a little more than you used to in the chatroom

- he was telling a story about him and Mary Vanderwood and the time she found out about him keeping and feeding squirrels (with honey buddha chips) and promptly flipped out and kicked him out of his own house when he heard it

- it came a little crackly over the CCTV but he heard your laugh



- like he could quite literally fly to the moon and back, thats how happy he is wouldn’t recommend it but okay

- when you two became a couple, he respected that you didn’t like talking too much (thats okay he can talk enough for the both of you) but still wouldn’t give up making a joke or pun every once in a while

- at least humour the boy with a smile pls


ehh that came out different than I expected whoopsies. just tell me if you don’t like it and i’ll try to remake it

bye bye! *poof*


don’t fucking remove my captions

ryan’s kinks/sex would include

-breath play
-pinning you down
-lip biting
-bruises from where he grabs your thighs and hips
-“you want me to fuck you? is that what youre asking? beg for it.”
-angry sex when you get home after he sees another guy flirting with you
-wearing his old shirts afterwards
-no matter how hard he fucks you, he always makes sure you’re okay and knows your limits
-punishments for finishing before he said you could.
-h o l y  f u c k  t h e  m o a n s
-his orgasm face might be prettier than his normal face
-loves using his hands, but is amazing with his mouth.
-grabbing you by the throat and all he says is “prince(ss).” in that tone of voice and you just know.
-kissing every inch of you when you’re done and telling you how amazing you did.

Avengers Preference – Their face when they first meet you












                                      I  L  O  N  A     B  U  R  K  E

ϟ M I N I S T R Y   D O C I E R :

Full Name: Ilona Catelina Burke
Blood Status: Pureblood
Age: Twenty-Eight
Employment: Co-Owner of Borgin and Burkes
Patronus: None, Potential for Hawk Patronus
Boggart: Failure and/or the death of her brother
Face Claim: Eva Green

ϟ K N O W N   H I S T O R Y :

Ilona Catelina Burke is the youngest and only daughter to Edmund and Irina Burke. Along with her elder brother, the Burke’s are far from lacking in wealth and are, of course, known as being one of the Sacred Twenty Eight. Ilona grew up learning exactly what it meant to be a pureblood and shares many of the views of the other notable families in the same society. Given that her family co-own Borgin and Burke’s, one of Knockturn Alley’s most notorious shops, Ilona is no stranger to the Dark Arts and to objects that are both unusual and ancient. While the shop is often avoided by most people, Ilona grew up loving it, dust and dark corners included. She is a great believer in the saying ‘knowledge is power’ and has spent many hours ready and studying the various items that her family sold.

Having long since graduated from Hogwarts, Ilona only has her brother left after her father was murdered and her mother succumbed to insanity. The loss of her parents triggered an unhinged side to the young woman and after being approached by Lord Voldemort, she was recruited in to the ranks of the Death Eaters. Her love for the kill aside, she can be a proper lady, just as she was brought up to be, she just no longer needs anyone to fight her battles for her.

Beautiful and smart, Ilona is a true snake through and through. She is cunning and knows just how to get what she wants, whether that means doing it herself or getting someone else to do her bidding. Despite it being believed that she was just as insane as her mother, Ilona has just been left with a lot of anger after the dead of her parents. Most of the time she can internalize it, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. Deep down Ilona still has the heart of gold that she once had as a child and would like nothing more than to find happiness again.

ϟ K N O W N   T R A I T S :

Positive: Clever, Observant, Caring towards certain people, Loyal, Reliable
Negative: Unhinged, Un-trusting, Cold, Acts before she thinks, Blood thirsty

ϟ K N O W N   C O N N E C T I O N S :

Edmund and Irina Burke: Ilona only experienced what it meant to have parents for a very short time before they were taken away from her. In the short fifteen years, however, she had formed so many memories that she still uses today to keep her on the straight and narrow. She may be faithful to the Dark Lord and his cause, but Ilona’s main mission in life is to hunt down and kill those who destroyed her family.

Velkan Burke: The only direct family that Ilona has left, Velkan has not only been her older brother, but also her primary guardian since she was only fifteen years old. Growing up, just the two of them, they were practically inseparable and he is the only person she would not think twice about dying for. The pair have both had their fair share of problems over the years, but it has always been the other that they could rely on.

Sir Henry Dashwood: After the death of her parents, Sir Henry is the closest thing that Ilona has to a father figure. Once friends with his children, Ilona had spent a lot of time in the Dashwood home in her early years, but it was almost like both the families were destined to be blessed with the curse of death and for various reasons. Henry to this day is her guardian, and together with Velkan and Cassius, the four of them have created their own bizarre little family.

Cassius Avery: Cassius is the Clyde to Ilona’s Bonnie, her one true partner in crime, and her closest and most dear friend and companion. He is her husband, when they remember, and she doesn’t know what she would do without him in her life. Everything about their lives is deeply entwined, and it has been that way for almost two decades. He has seen her at her best and has dragged her back when she has been at her worst. She knows that she can trust him with her life, even when she can’t trust herself, and in return she is there for him no matter what the situation.

Alastor Moody: Their’s is a relationship that is filled with complications and secrets, and yet she is still draw to him. What started out as an agreement between two consenting adults that had its rules and boundaries, has begun to spill in to the every day aspects of their lives. He should be the last person she should be getting involved with but there is something there that she isn’t quite ready to give up. 

Amerie Shafiq: Ilona has never had a great deal of friends that were female, or friends in general given her complicated past and ongoing mental state, but she enjoys the company of Amerie when the two of them are no busy with their own lives. 

Walden Macnair: Walden has come to be a person Ilona can trust and she would consider him to be a friend of sorts. If she needs help with anything that is a little less than legal, and if she can’t involve Cassius, Walden is her go to person. 

Subject’s Affiliation is with The Death Eaters and he currently Can be traced within Wizarding World.

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write anything with sombra plz i'm too gay for that woman

YO SAME! Hence the url lmao. I’ll do some Date Headcanons for you!

- I hope you like movies!

- Her idea of the perfect night with you is cuddling on the bed and watching movies.

- She prefers to watch horror/thrillers, but if you get scared she’ll put on a comedy or an animated movie.

- I’ll tell you her favourite movies from our time because I have no clue what movies will be out in 2070

- For horror, her favourite movie that you watched together was Don’t Breathe, the one where those three people try to rob that blind guy but instead he locks them in his house and hunts them down.

- (She was totally rooting for the blind man at the beginning but once the twist happened she rooted for the robbers)

- Favourite thriller is Gone Girl ~cause like honestly who doesn’t like Gone Girl I mean come on lmao~

- Admires Amy in that movie, Amy is probably her favourite character of all time tbh.

- Favourite comedy is… not an actual comedy, just movies that are so bad that she laughs at them

- Favourite animated movie is SHREK FOR THE MEMES. She hangs out with D.Va a lot and when she watches Shrek she’s just a bubble of giggles cause she’s thinking about the jokes D.Va told her

- Also likes The Incredibles and The Iron Giant

- Another good time for Sombra is hacking herself a reservation at a super fancy restaurant and paying with some corrupt politician or business man’s bank account

- Encourages you to get the most expensive thing you want

- Takes a picture of you if you get food on your face

- She gives you - t h a t l o o k - all throughout the entire dinner and it’s so hot in the restaurant it’s not just you right?

- For my people who are not asexual or sex repulsed. Some nights she just wants to get right to The Good Stuff™

- For my ace and sex repulsed peeps and for a non sexual thing in general, she likes to play “super old” board games from the 90s and early 2000s that she ordered from some site.

- Overall loves you so much and is down for whatever you want. She’s so lax tbh.


- Leaves you with a present at the end of all dates

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lewvithur, Ouija :v

“We call upon any spirits who might be present,” Vivi intoned, her finger tips resting on the planchette. “Is anyone there? We would like to speak with you, if we can.” She paused and frowned at the look on Arthur’s face. “Arthur, c'mon, this is a communion with earthbound spirits, not a funeral.”

“I can’t believe we’re still messing with this stuff,” Arthur said. “I mean, after everything we’ve been through you’d think we could afford to exercise a little more caution.”

“Ghosts aren’t so bad,” Vivi assured him, watching the planchette for any sign of movement. “You know that, Artie.”

“Neither are bees, usually, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go poking hives with sticks.”

“Good, because you shouldn’t. Bees are vital pollinators and – oh hey, it’s moving!” The two of them watched on bated breath as the indicator slid across the board beneath their fingers.

A… S… L… ?

Vivi gaped. Arthur’s face crumpled as he forcibly suppressed laughter. “Twenty-two, male, twenty four, female, and anywhere that’s good for you,” he answered, voice shaking. “How about it?”


Arthur lost it. Releasing the planchette, he doubled over laughing until he was curled up on the ground, clutching his sides.

Annoyed, Vivi puffed her cheeks out. “Very funny, Lewis. Now look at that, you broke Arthur.”


Vivi scowled indignantly. “Oh ha-ha, how about if I roast your bony skeleghost butt, Lewis?” Arthur was wheezing with laughter. Tears were streaming down his face.

W A N T T O S E X T ?

Lewis, I swear to God!

The walls reverberated faintly with their boyfriend’s ghostly chuckling.

// I L I K E I T W H E N Y O U S L E E P F O R Y O U A R E S O B E A U T I F U L Y E T S O U N A W A R E O F I T //

The 1975 Step into your skin? I’d rather jump in your bones. Taking up your mouth so you breathe through your nose

Love Me She got a beautiful face but got nothing to say

UGH! I don’t have the capacity for fucking, you’re meant to be helping me

A Change Of Heart Finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard, oh, I just had a change of heart

She’s American Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl

If I Believe You If I’m lost then how can I find myself?

Please Be Naked

Lostmyhead And you said I’ve lost my head, can you see it? Belly aches while you’re in bed, can you feel it?

The Ballad Of Me & My Brain It’s likely in a Sainsbury’s, flirting with the girls that waited for me

Somebody Else I’m looking through your body while you’re looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else

Loving Someone Shot of telepathy, exploiting insecurities, and preying on the purity of grief and it’s simplicity, but I know that maybe I’m too scared to call

I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It Before you go, please don’t turn the big light off

The Sound I can’t believe I forgot your name, oh baby won’t you cum again?

This Must Be My Dream What does all our love amount to? This must be my dream. We can’t make love when you fly around me baby

Paris I got two left feet and I’m starting to cheat on my girlfriend again

Nana Always trying to keep warm, when you’re the sun

She Lays Down My hair is brown, she’s scared to touch and she just wants to feel something, and I don’t think that’s asking for too much, and when I go to sleep it’s when she begins to weep

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Absent Gods: the day that Rose gets taken

You See your death on a Sunday evening, getting ready for bed. One moment you’re kicking off your slippers, the next your pupils spasm -you See.

Two men in tuxedos. A secluded alley. Throbbing circles on naked concrete. A black tongue licking the blood from the very tip of your finger. It will hurt. Tomorrow.

The solution seems simple.

Just avoid that alley at all costs. Which should be remarkably easy, as your mother always brings and picks you up from school. Always. She’s a crafty woman. For all the grandstanding and psychological stratagems the both of you waltz through on a daily basis, she’s well aware of your magical capacity. Plus, well, she’s your mother. Admitting you know very well she loves you is a sour apple between the teeth after such a long time pretending otherwise. Little use in that charade now. She will protect you.

Therein lies the problem. She absolutely can’t.

You always See true.

You tried so hard to save Dave. You told him. Screamed at him, threatened him and berated him and ridiculed him —and when he still failed to grasp your urgency, you told his Bro.

As a result, both are dead.

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twenty years into the future
  • <p> <b>daughter:</b> hey mom, there's this old album i listened to by a band called bigbang, i think you would like their music.<p/><b>me:</b> *slams on the breaks*<p/><b>me:</b> *looks into daughter's eyes while tears are streaming down my face*<p/><b>daughter:</b> uh . .<p/><b>me:</b> you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. do you want to know what it's like to stay up all night on a website reblogging pictures of trash? do you want to be in love with a man who you can never get married with? d o y o u w a n t t o k n o w t h e s t r u g g l e s o f n o t h a v i n g e n g l i s h s u b s ?<p/></p>
smh as things said/done in The GC™
  • jack: *looks up housing in canada and sends links to the gc for opinions*
  • also jack: he would buy tickets for his friends to go to their fave hockey team's games (even if the falcs don't play them... bless him)
  • shitty: h e t y p e s l i k e t h i s t o
  • e m p h a s i z e h i s p o i n t s
  • also shitty: will offer to fight anyone at any time always
  • holster: "PENALTY"
  • ransom: "i want tater to **** my ****"
  • also ransom: "Let ______ 2k16" (ex: Let Jack Score OT 2k16)
  • lardo: master at face paint, sends pictures to the group chat often (it's great chirping material)
  • bitty: "GET IN THE OVEN"
  • also bitty: "put ¢5 in the Bitty Was Right Jar"
  • chowder: i can't believe everyone is moving to california with me
  • also chowder: *gives Yelp reviews on anything*
  • nursey: "Nursey is typing..."
  • dex: "i have done nothing wrong ever"
Deals We Keep

Summary: Young Dan and Phil swear off of girls when they’re little. Some people people value it more than others.

Word Count: 2,530

A/N: Made by both @furiousicecream and @xinyanhowell at five and two am respectively (it’s entirely @furiousicecream ‘s everything okay I just helped a bit)

 F/I: WE MADE TOO MANY JOKES MAKING THIS um smut is something i make too many jokes about,,, oH and fuck spelling

X/H: SHHH u do not get to judge my life okay - the resident smut-writer and proofreader

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                          G  R  E  T  A     C  A  T  C  H  L  O  V  E

ϟ M I N I S T R Y   D O C I E R :

Full Name: Greta Catchlove
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Age: Eighteen
Employment: Assistant in a local bookshop
Patronus: Cat
Boggart: Seeing her family and her closest friends dying and being completely helpless 
Face Claim: Emilie De Ravin

ϟ K N O W N   H I S T O R Y :

The Beautiful Miracle, was how her parents called her from the moment she was born, hence the middle name, Isabelle. Her mother was a muggle-born witch, Elaine Woodward, and her father was a plain, muggle lawyer. He was aware of what her mother was since they started dating, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Greta’s magic started surfacing when she was around four years old. Her mother tutored her, showing her how to control her gift and how to use it for doing good, but also how to keep it hidden from other children and people, until the Hogwarts letter came, when she turned eleven.

From her childhood, Greta was in love with books and knowledge, always thriving to know more, to do more and to be more. She wasn’t satisfied solely by science, or muggle history, or music – she wanted to know it all from both worlds, even if she couldn’t tell anyone about witchcraft and magic. Muggles were still prejudiced, and the worst horror story she ever heard was true; the Salem witch trials. It made her feel scared until her parents explained that witchcraft was a natural part of the world, albeit hidden from those who weren’t chosen or worthy of it. Her mother prepared her to take her rightful place in the wizard’s world, even before she was accepted to Hogwarts. It was a fate she hasn’t chosen for herself, but a fate she was happy to fulfill, nonetheless.

Greta was, just like her mother, sorted into Ravenclaw, and it wasn’t long before she became the proud raven, true to its name, excelling from everything she did. Soon, she found herself most drawn to the Dark Arts, but only in theory, as she couldn’t really see herself harming anyone, but it still came as slight of a shock to her. Greta loved studying, and as her final year approached she grew more anxious, more scared of the outer world, especially now that a certain darkness was rising. Graduating was easy for her, but leaving the beloved school behind, wasn’t. For a while she was completely disoriented, not knowing what she should do with herself and the sudden amount of spare time, so she applied for a job at a local bookstore and, to her excitement, got it. She has always adored book, and was thrilled to be working around them - at least she could prevent boredom by reading without being scolded for it, and she knew it.

What she didn’t know was whether the said books could preserve the cocoon of safety which enveloped her, or will the darkness finally manage to seep in, destroying everything she was in it’s wake.

ϟ K N O W N   T R A I T S :

Positive: Intelligent, Rational, Helpful
Negative: Headstrong, Proud, Anxious, Perfectionist

ϟ K N O W N   C O N N E C T I O N S :

Augustus Rookwood: Fellow Raven, and a year her senior, Augustus has been a sort of a interest starting from her fourth year and onward. They used to study together in the Common Room or in the library, and would often strike a conversation. It’s been some time since they talked and she has to admit she quite misses him.

Aurora Sinistra: Aurora was her tutor whenever she wanted to know extra about certain subjects, and pass her exams with highest grades. The two of them became fast friends, and Greta couldn’t be more thankful for having her in her life. Aurora is truly dear to her, and she feels like they can talk about anything. They are quite close and she regrets not seeing her more often, promising herself she’ll visit her friend soon, to catch up with a pint of Butterbeer.

Emmeline Vance: Emmeline is one of her oldest friends; she was the first person she met in Hogwarts and the first person she talked to after the Sorting ceremony. They were both Ravens, sharing a dorm, and Greta always felt like she could confide in the girl, telling her all her secrets. Emmeline is the only one who knows about her deep fears, or her heart’s most secret desires, and Greta would have it no other way.

Subject’s Affiliation is Currently Unknown but she currently Can be traced within Wizarding World.


“Thank you for all that you have done for me, Dorian. Thank you for being my friend. For not being   l i k e   t h e   o t h e r s .”
     He paused, turning to face her. She kept her chin high, but her eyes were gleaming.
     “I’ll come back,” she said quietly. “I’ll come back for you.” And he knew that there was more that she wasn’t saying, some bigger meaning behind those words.
     But Dorian still believed her.

And he knew, deep down, that she had not blinked at his magic but rather   u n d e r s t o o d   that burden, and that fear. She had not walked away or wished him to be anything but what he was. I’ll come back for you.