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Just a Memo - Boyf riends

Title: Just a Memo

Word Count: 1822

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: None unless you consider dorks being dorks objectionable

A/N: This originally started out as a headcanon so the writing style is more informal-ish towards the beginning.  Also this is my first piece of actual fanfic ever so bear with me here. :’D

Jeremy still sometimes hears the Squip talking in his head.  It’s so faint though, that he’s not really sure if it’s just his own thoughts or if it actually is the Squip.  Either way he doesn’t tell anyone.  Maybe, he thinks, it’ll just go away on its own.  No, the voice says, It can’t be gotten rid of that easily.  But nevertheless, Jeremy continues to live as though there weren’t possibly the ghost of a half-mad supercomputer embedded in his brain.  

One day he notices his left hand moving of its own accord (to do what, he had no idea) and flips the fuck out— but regains control of it immediately after panicking and flailing it around for a second.  This type of thing starts happening on occasion; usually just small actions probably meant to inconvenience him.  That time he caught himself aiming a crumpled ball of paper at the back of a teacher’s head was one of the more notable ones.  Oh, and that time he poured a glass of water on himself probably qualifies as well.  

Jeremy realizes that he really can’t deny the Squip’s presence at this point, but it hasn’t tried to do anything super malicious, so he decides to wait things out before taking any drastic action.  One day he sees his hand reaching for a pen on its own.  Normally he’d jerk it back on reflex and that would be it, but he decides to leave it alone and see what happens.  His hand picks up the pen and starts writing on a scrap piece of paper.  Definitely not his handwriting, he notes with a mix of apprehension and curiosity.  Then it stops.

Y O U R  F L Y  I S  U N Z I P P E D

Jeremy hurriedly looks down.  Shit.  

After remedying the situation, he stops for a moment to direct a mental ‘thank you’ at the Squip.  Hell, that’s probably the nicest thing it’s ever done for him.  And so it continues.  Every so often he’ll notice his nondominant hand moving of its own accord, writing a helpful (or not-so-helpful) suggestion courtesy of the Squip.  The notes are brief— no more than a sentence or two.  He’ll usually follow them if the advice doesn’t seem too fishy.  

One day Jeremy’s at the school library with Michael, both of them studying for an upcoming math test.  Well, Michael’s the one doing most of the studying.  It’s not for lack of trying on Jeremy’s part, it’s just he keeps finding himself distracted by Michael.  It’s not his fault that Michael bites his lip in the cutest way when he’s figuring out a tough problem, or that the sunlight dancing across his face makes him look like some kind of angel, or that his hair looks so incredibly soft and touchable that Jeremy really wants to run his fingers through it.  Man, he thinks, some girl’s gonna be so lucky to have him someday.  

He shakes his head and turns back to the study guide for what must be the fifth time when he finds his hand moving to write a note from the squip.  It’s become a common enough occurrence that he’s not too fazed by it, but he’d really like to make some headway on this problem, so he’ll just check the note once he’s finished.  His Squip-controlled hand sets down the pen and taps on the desk impatiently.  In a minute, Jeremy thinks.  But the Squip isn’t having it apparently, because it slides the study guide off the table.  He curses under his breath and reaches to pick it up when the Squip suddenly forces him to wipe something else off the table.   It’s the note.  

A S K  H I M  O U T  A L R E A D Y.   

What?!  Jeremy has to stifle a snort.  He’s obviously not gay, as evidenced by his massive crush on Christine.  The Squip must be more broken than he thought.

His hand snatches a pen off the table and scribbles on the back of the note.  Jeremy thinks he can almost hear an exasperated sigh in the back of his mind.

Y O U R  O B L I V I O U S N E S S  I S  K I L L I N G  ME.

Jeremy’s face reddens a bit as he crumples the note and resumes studying.  But he still can’t concentrate, thanks to the Squip’s comment.  So what if he thinks Michael’s attractive?  Doesn’t mean he’s gay.  It’s not like he wants to make out with Michael, or hold hands with him, or cuddle with him, or…


Well it doesn’t matter either way.  Michael’s probably straight as a board, and even if he weren’t, he could do so much better than Jeremy.  Not that he’s jealous or anything.  Just stating the facts.  Jeremy’s a just another hopeless nerd, but Michael’s so cool in his own way and he doesn’t even know it.  Guys like him are cool in college.  Guys like Jeremy just fade into the background.  But regardless, he has a math test to study for.  

Less than ten minutes later he finds his hand moving to write another note.  He considers jerking it away but can’t bring himself to do it.

“Dude!  You never told me you were ambidextrous!”  Michael practically jumps out of his chair in excitement.  He leans across the table to get a better look at Jeremy’s squip-controlled hand, which suddenly stops writing and moves to cover the note.

“What— oh,” Jeremy freezes up.  Sure enough, he’d been working a math problem with his right hand while the Squip wrote a note with his left, “Uh, yeah… I guess it just never came up?  It’s really not a big deal.”  A light blush dusts his cheeks as Michael picks up his hand and stares at it in amazement.  Jeremy figures it’s probably best to just let Michael believe this whole ambidextrous thing instead of telling him the Squip is back and has taken to spontaneously writing notes of advice with his nondominant hand.

“Not a big deal?!” Michael cries, “Are you serious?  Only two percent of humanity is ambidextrous, you happen to be one of them, and you’re telling me that it’s not a big deal?  It’s freaking AWESOME!”

“If you’re about to say we should celebrate this by getting stoned in your basement, I’m gonna have to pass.”  Jeremy deadpans as he gently removes his hand from Michael’s.  Have his hands always been this soft?  

“GASP!” Swooning dramatically, Michael clutches his chest and falls back into the chair “I AM HURT.”  

“I’m sure you’ll survive.” Jeremy says with a laugh.  Even if the Squip were right about him liking Michael, he decides it wouldn’t be worth risking their friendship.  The pain of losing moments like these greatly outweighs the possible benefits of confessing— BUT there’s nothing to confess so it doesn’t matter anyway!  He glances toward Michael, who has gone back to his study guide and is doing that cute lip biting thing again…

… Okay so maybe there’s a little that could possibly be confessed.  

Michael gestures towards the note currently covered by Jeremy’s Squip-writing hand. “So what were you writing anyway?  With that hand, I mean.”

Jeremy freezes.  Just when he thought he was in the clear too.

“How do you even take two sets of notes at once?” Michael muses, “That’d have to involve some serious parallel processing capacity on your part.”

Shit-shit-shit-shit-SHIT.  Jeremy lifts his hand slightly so he can see the note.  Maybe it’s nothing he’d have to worry about Michael seeing?  Yeah, he can probably just write it off as a note to himself for later on.  It’s probably nothi—

I  R E A L L Y  L I K E  Y O U  M I C H A E L.

Oh fuck.  

“Uh— it’s nothing,” Jeremy says a little too quickly.  He’s sweating bullets.

“Oh?”  Michael raises an eyebrow, “Well if it’s nothing, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I just—” he moves to snatch the note but Jeremy slaps his hand back over it.

“I-It’s just a memo,” he stutters unconvincingly as his face turns bright red.  Is the Squip seriously trying to set them up?

“Just a memo?” Michael grins wickedly and slaps his hand over Jeremy’s own to wrestle for the note, “Gee, you’re awfully cagey about it for being something that’s ‘just a memo’.”

“AUGH— Come on man!”  Try as he might, it’s a losing battle.  Jeremy’s left hand seems to be actively betraying him as he struggles to keep the note away from Michael.  Goddamn Squip is probably laughing it up right now.  They grapple a few more seconds before Michael emerges victorious with the note.  Jeremy’s face falls and he can feel a pit forming in his stomach.  There’s only seconds until their friendship is ruined.

“AHA!” Michael raises it high in the air like a victory trophy.  “Time to see what dark secrets—” his triumph turns to shock, and his lips part in an ‘o’ shape as he stares at the note. “…Oh…”

“I-It’s not what you think!”  Jeremy laughs nervously, knowing full well there’s no way out of this.  He’s awaiting Michael’s response like a prisoner waiting for execution.

“You sure about that?” Michael begins, blushing hard, “Because, I mean, this seems pretty…” he searches carefully for his next words, “…straight-forward.”

Jeremy’s sure there’s nothing he could do to make this any worse.  But naturally he finds a way.  “…Pun intended?”  He buries his face in his hands as he realizes what he just said.

Michael just stares at him for a moment.  His expression is unreadable.  Then he starts to laugh softly, in that way Jeremy always thought was so cute but now couldn’t be more worrying to hear. “Oh my god… Jeremy.”  He sighs as though he’s been holding his breath for a long time, “You big dork.”  He says as his face breaks into a smile.  

Jeremy looks up.  His heart is racing a million miles an hour it’s pounding so loudly he’s sure Michael can hear it.  “Wait, you’re not…” he trails off.  Mad?  Straight?  Interested?  He’s not sure what he’d prefer at this point.  It feels like he’s floating, ready to drop into freefall or soar into the sky at any moment.

Michael grins, “I really like you too.”

His heart soars.

“I have for a while now.”  Michael admits sheepishly,  “I just thought you didn’t, uh, swing that way.”

Jeremy melts right then and there.  He’s pretty sure he would’ve passed out if he hadn’t been sitting down.  God, how didn’t he see it before?  He can hear a faint “I told you so.” in the back of his mind but he doesn’t care.  Michael likes him too and that’s all that matters.  Jeremy gathers his courage and straightens up, a look of intense determination on his face, “D-Do you wanna maybe finish studying back at my place?”  

Michael takes his hand. “I’d like that.”

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Soulmates AU; Jungkook

Originally posted by bangtan

Summary; You and your s/o are connected by a red line tied at your pinky. Even though the line is invisible, there is a small red line on your pinky. It’s your decision to go out and find your s/o. There is no time limit and no countdown. 

a/n; kinda based it off Your Name promo photos!! I just finished that movie last night because of the thunder and it was so sweet!!


-you loved your red line

-you loved it

-ever since you were little you’ve always known it was there

-and you were told at a young age that it was for your best boi to find you 

-so you just accepted it and just waited for them to come to you

-like a princess waiting for their prince 


-sorry i love pristin suppORT MY CHILDREN 

-so yeah

-like the song

-you were kind of the princess of your home

-you were protected at all costs

-you weren’t allowed to leave the house without a guardian 

-and you were always their little princess no matter where you went 

-when you got a little older

-like when you were 13

-you were confused about the string again since you never noticed it was there

-so you asked your parents again

-and your mum sat you down

-and told you the same thing that she said when you were younger

-and you asked her to explain it again

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jeon Jungkook 12 year old who is having a crisis about who it on the other side of this line that’s attached to him

-you were also worried about who was on the other side

-you hoped they were sweet 


-and amazing


-you asked her what it meant 

-you knew it had something to do with someone on the other side

-but you asked just to be sure

-your mum gave up with the ‘treasured little princess’ gig and sat you down for a proper talk about the red line

-”let me explain to you what that red line means….you have your soulmate on the other end of that line.”

-”do I know them?”

-”you don’t know who they are…but you know they’re the one for you just because of this line. Everyone has this invisible line attached to them and their soulmate.”

-”ok…..why is it on my pinky though?”

-”it’s like a promise to find them, that’s why it’s on your pinky…like a pinky promise.”

-”well i’m keeping that promise to find them!”

-”you’ve kept that promise ever since you were born….”

-”i have? so my soulmate and i have been connected for a long time now….”

-you had asked your mum to go find them straight away 

-but she asked you to wait a while just to find them

-so that you’re ready and that they’re ready too

-so you waited

-and waited

-and waited 

-and waited

-ok so maybe you waited a little longer than you hoped you would

-you waited for 5 years


-you had enough of waiting

-so one morning

-that one special morning

-you woke up

-and decided to find them that day

-you wanted to see them

-and to know them


-to maybe fall in love with them

-so you got up

-got your nicest clothes on

-and just had breakfast

-it was 8 in the morning

-your mum had never seen you up so early in the morning before

-it was crazy to see you up at this time

-”y/n?? what are you doing up so early…? are you getting a job or something??”

-”i’m going to find my soulmate i’ve waited so long for this”

-”hey y/n are you sure about this?”

-”of course”


-”why? do you not want me to?”

-”….my mum told me that when i went to find my soulmate….it meant that i was growing up…i just want to make sure that you’re ready to grow up to be with this person…”

-”i am mum. don’t worry. im ready for this. besides…i’m always dad’s and your little princess.”

-”that’s all i needed to hear. now, go and find this boy and fall in love with him.”

-”got it mum!”

-as soon as you finished getting ready 

-you were out the door

-and you were already following the red line

-every corner that you went around the red line would still be around that corner

-so you ran down the road following it

-seeing that it disappeared behind you

-you were on the right track 

-so getting on the train downtown

-you found that the red line came out at a station you were familiar with

-it was the station you would get off to go into the middle of the city 

-you followed it up to the exit

-and it seemed to become stiff and off the ground

-like when you pull a string it become stiff and sturdy

-not sturdy but it became strong 

-he was close 

-it also…

-kind of felt like 

-you were being pulled closer to him

-so you just followed it

-and were lead to the centre of the city’s shopping district

-you were kind of thirsty so you stopped off for a drink while you read a book

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jungkook was close to seeing you and finding out who is soulmate was


-just as he passed a coffee shop

-you found that the red string

-was attached to him 

-you looked up and packed up your bag

-you also quickly finished your drink too

-yeah fun try downing a whole fruit cooler in 10 minutes

-if you do

-you’re going to have a bad time

-so walking out the shop

-the red string became tight

-and it was like someone was pulling you towards the other end

-scratch that

-you were actually being pulled to the other end

-you kept on being pulled

-until you came to a bumpy stop

-as in you bumped into someone

-he was tall as heck

-and he was…..

-pretty good looking

-he turned around and just saw you

-but noticed that the red string was shorter than before

-it was actually as short as the distance between your hands

-oh it was like a fairytale drama–


-you were stuck in a day dream

-wait again

-this tall good looking cute guy was your soulmate?! 

-h o l d     o n     a m     i    o n     p u n k ’ d    i  s     a s h t o n    k u t c h e r     g o n n a   c o m e      o u t    o f     t h a t    l u s h    s t o r e 

-you were shoooooooooooook

-but you snapped out of your daydream or being punk’d by ashton kutcher to see that the person was apologising a lot

-”are you okay??”

-”i’m fine don’t worry”

-you went to move some hair out of your face

-but when you did

-you forgot that the string was pretty tight and kind of pulled you or him along if either one of you pulled the string

-and you did that

-and he was accidentally pulled closer to you

-that wasn’t your intention

-but you didn’t mind

-the blush on your face agreed

-”i’m guess you’re my soulmate??”

-”well that does the string say?”

-”the string says–”

-the boy looked down

-and the string was vanishing

-and he started to panic a little


-”don’t worry!! it means that you found me…hi i’m y/n”

-he looked back to you and there was just a huge smile on his face wow

-him smiling made you smile

-”I’m jungkook….well…i found you…what next?”

-”how about getting something to eat?”


-and in that moment he just grabbed your hand and held it tight

-while eating

-you found out that your soulmate is the cutest bunny person ever


-he’s also a massive meme 

-god fuckin dammit

“y/n….oh my god…”

“what? what is–”

“goofy is the only disney character to fuck……he has an actual son…not a nephew or anything……he wasn’t adopting either….”

“jungkook why are you thinking about–”

“just imagine…in the middle of the night…he’s boning someone ”

“jungkook what the fuck–”

“and you just hear”

“jeon jungkook don’t you–”



When you entered my life and I first saw your face I thought to myself ‘Wow she’s beautiful’. and then we started talking regularly and then I thought to myself 'Wow I’d like to wake up to her face everyday’.
—  T H E K H O O L H A U S

anonymous asked:

Hi! How would 707 act with an MC who isn't really a fun person. Like, she rarely talks, doesn't get his humor, and she takes a while to open up to people? Also looks kinda cold? How would he approach her when he first meets her and how would their relationship be like?

Eheheheheh I feel bad for the poor kid but let’s see how this goes, shall we? I won’t base this off his route because, well, he’s cold when you two meet irl anyway and I also don’t all out spoilers so I’m just winging it lolol


- when you first met the RFA, he wouldn’t stop making jokes you all know how it is

- and he is s h o o k when you respond so monotonously

- he knows that even though its through a screen ‘cause CCTV

- GOD SEVEN HAS FAILED HIS QUEST TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH?!?!?!?!???!!!!!?!?!?!???????!?!!!!!!!??!!?!?

- okay, new mission. Make MC laugh at his jokes

- When you first meet at the RFA party, he’s cracking jokes and puns left right and centre

- this was the s e v e n t h  o n e  i n  t w o  m i n u t e s  h o l y  s h i t, boy bREATHE

- when you answered with a raised eyebrow and a straight face, he flipped

- two years and three RFA parties later, he’s giving up. honestly surprised he’s stayed in the agency for this long

- you’d opened up to the whole of RFA more so you talked a little more than you used to in the chatroom

- he was telling a story about him and Mary Vanderwood and the time she found out about him keeping and feeding squirrels (with honey buddha chips) and promptly flipped out and kicked him out of his own house when he heard it

- it came a little crackly over the CCTV but he heard your laugh



- like he could quite literally fly to the moon and back, thats how happy he is wouldn’t recommend it but okay

- when you two became a couple, he respected that you didn’t like talking too much (thats okay he can talk enough for the both of you) but still wouldn’t give up making a joke or pun every once in a while

- at least humour the boy with a smile pls


ehh that came out different than I expected whoopsies. just tell me if you don’t like it and i’ll try to remake it

bye bye! *poof*

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SVT Cute Jobs; Seungkwan !!

Originally posted by winningwinwin

this child also gives me chest pains but you know what im still alive come fight mE


-Boo Seungkwan

-what a kid

-so heres a cliché occupation


-i tried to not do youtube i really did

-but youtube suits him so much!!! 

-idk why??

-but because of how funny he is

-he could put his comedic aspects onto the internet forever

-so ever since he was little

-he would tell jokes and stufff

-and people thought he was genuinely funny 

-and when he got into high school 

-his classmates would film him telling the jokes and they would also tell him to start up a youtube channel

-so he saves up for a decent camera 

-like high end but not too expensive

-real good quality 

-low price

-so the first video he records is just an introduction to the channel and stuff

-doesn’t get that many views just like a couple

-but when he started to post regularly he got a ton of views like mah boi iS GETTING VIEWS

-his videos include play throughs skits and a lot of jokey-type vlogs 

-he did this one cooking skit which made him really popular like

-in the first day it got over 500,000 views

-he was so happy !!!

-and when he got to the 100,000 he was so excited like wHAT MOM IM FAMOUS

-not like that but kind of

-he cried when he got his silver play button 

-oh wait


-where are you? oh you’re here

-okay so you’re in high school and you’re also a youtuber

-but you do like vlogs and q and as and stuff like that

-you did this one weird skit about someone breaking into your house but it was actually just you in a cat mask

-you also use the cat mask for any strange things you want to feature in your videos 

-you have a good amount of subs

-like 50,000

-one time in school your friend was looking up different youtubers 

-and dun dun dun

-she found seungkwan one day

-she fell in love straight away 

-and then showed you

-plot twist you thought he was cool and stuff

-but there was something else about him???

-maybe it was his cute chipmunk cheeks??

-or maybe it was his smile??

-you really weren’t sure

-plot twist

-here we go 

-seungkwan also really liked your channel and yourself too!!!!

-he found your channel after looking at a couple old videos of yours 

-and seungkwan

-like your friend did

-kind of fell in love with your videos

-or maybe you??????????????

-so he messaged you one day on twitter and you two started to talk and stuff and y’all getting friendly

-but you also hope it didn’t result in this friendship just being an internet friendship

-oh no

-you wanted to collab with seungkwan 

-big time

-and so did he

-but both of you were too shy to ask one another thinking that the other wouldn’t want to??

-so you didn’t bring it up for a while 

-and this went on for weeks

-and in those weeks it occurred to you that seungkwan









-in one video you said that there was one youtuber you would collab with who you’re really close with

-so your fans bombarded seungkwan with comments about who they thought you were talking about wanting to collab with seungkwan

-”y/n people are saying you want to collab with me is this true??”

-”ahaha yeah”


-so he travels from his hometown to see you

-and you’re just waiting at the train station for him

-and all you see is Seungkwan running towards you with tears in his eyes shouting your name


-the video you two make is a sort of best friends tag with skits in it

-it took you two days to film jESUS

-it went up the following morning after he left

-and you kinda felt sad because the only time you had with Seungkwan was to film that video and to just eat and then sleep too

-so after uploading it to youtube you went straight to twitter and tweeted

-”i miss @_president.boo sm!! (´•ω•̥`)”

-”i miss you too @(insert your super cool and cute username here please)!!!(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)”

-honestly this made a lot of yours and Seungkwan’s fans a little suspicious of you too

-and they started to add stuff up

-in a couple of the selfies you two took with each other

-he was just hugging you from the back since he was behind you and his jumper was visible under your arm

-and the interactions on twitter made people suspicious too

-so back at school a lot of people knew you as a content creator on youtube and started to ship you and Seungkwan together just because of the interactions on twitter and his weekly shout out of you

-he said like a whole three paragraphs about you 

-you were so happy about that aaaWWWWW

-”y/n!! is it true that you and seungkwan are a thing??”

-”a thing???”

-”like a couple!!”

-”oh no we’re not”

- you kinda felt sad every time that you said that 

-because you really wanted to be a couple

-yeah you hit that stage of the crush 

-have fun with that

-Seungkwan seemed to notice that too

-like maybe he was getting deeper feelings for you??????????????????????

-so he calls for another collab 

-but round his house

-so you have to travel to his hometown for the holidays

-it’s just after new years so it’s super cold

-after being on a train for like 4 hours you finally reach his hometown and it looks beautiful??

-like all the trees covered in snow was such a nice thing to see in the winter sun 

-and as soon as you get off the train there he is 

-holding what looked like little hot pockets

-not the food

-but the little pocket heater things

-you get to him and he then hold yoU HAND


-he takes his camera out and just starts to vlog again

-you try and cover your face

-”y/n don’t cover your face!! it’s too pretty!”

-you’re blushing agaiIIIIIIIIIIN

-”but it’s cold!!”

-”i’ll keep you warm then!!”

“you’re so cheesy!”

-you get to his house and you find that his mum made cookIES AND YOU’RE LIKE I LOV E    Y O U R    M U M 

-you try not to sob cause the cookies are so good

-tHAN K     T H E        L O Rd

-you two head upstairs and he sets up his camera 

-”hey y/n you have your makeup with you right??”

-”i should why??”

-”i wanna do that ‘my best friend does my make up video’ kind of thing”

-”really? have you got anything you can use???”

-”i got a bag full”

-you look over to the bag thats just in the corner of his room

-its fuLL OF MAKEUP”

-”how did you??”

-”i got it from a whole bunch of subscription boxes”

-you really didn’t question anything after that

-so you two started to film the video

-and Seungkwan asked you to open up a pot of moisturizer

-and the little seal on the pot was glued on really tight

-so you pulled the tab with all your might

-Seungkwan just kept on looking at you and started to laugh


-it came–

-oh no that was just the actual tab

-wait wheres your hand going

-oh god

-you accidentally hit seungkwan on the nose

-”oH MY GOD”

-you start to laugh as you held his shoulder

-you both fell back onto his bed

-and you were still laughing 

-but seungkwan was just looking at you

-wow o wow he fell in love with someone so beautiful

-even when you laugh

-so he just cups your cheeks

-you stop laughing

-wait what

-like minghao

-he just says fuck it in his mind and just kISSES YOU

-you were caught off guard sm 

-you were so confused


-”seungkwan you feel the same way?”

-”of course i– wait you like me too?!”

-”i’ve liked you for agES”


-”why didn’t yOU?!”


-you two continue the video

-and halfway his noSE JUST STARTS TO BLEED

-and you two just start to fREAK OUT 

-i can’t believe that all you had to do was just backhand seungkwan on the nose aCCIDENTALLY for him to kiss you

-don’t try this at home 

-or at any seventeen concert dear god don’t 

-”i was going to name this video ‘my crush does my makeup’ but you know what’s a better name?”


-”while my girlfriend does my makeup i kind of become satanic and my nose starts to bleed   s A T A N   W I L L    R I S E  and then just have the shrugging dude at the end like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

-”seungkwannie     n O”


-loves make up

-dorky laugh

-snots a lot (when laughing)



-i n s e c u r e

-what even is gender identity???????

-r e d

-bless the memes

-ironic??? maybe???

- has one of those middle schooler “i love boobies” bracelets as a j o k e 


-quotes memes often

-is completely awkward



-s h i t t h e y r e c ut e

-gets crushed often but NEVER acts on em

-b l e s s 

-squishable face but nobody ever squishes

-someone squish the child

-bless, the cape is a blanket

-actually runs a tumblr blog not even ironically

-every other post is promo-ing SBAHJ

-this kid actually is really into graphic design

-can ACTUALLY DRAW (just doesnt want people to know because lo r d idk)

-bless- religiously cleans the shades every night before the sleeps

-is actually really gay

-says that but is actually bi???

-maybe the child is pan

-we may never know

-cause; just has s o m u c h l o v e i n s i d e that it cannot be confined to one singular gender

-bless the oversized sweaters

-kid owns over 40 sweaters and wears them a l l 

-has like 10 tee shirts

-2 long sleeves


-actually owns dorky christmas sweaters “for the irony”

-plays the ukelele “for the aesthetic”

-also plays guitar

-this kid actually can sing and like well

-raps because irony

-is actually emotional and shows that shit

-p u n s 

-makes cover singing/rapping videos but under a different username and with a completely different email so nobody knows who it is and like lyric videos so nobody ever sees the face

-notice i am completely avoiding pronouns?

-that is for a reason

-this kid loves cats so much but never got one

-probably allergic

-also when kid was little, wanted birb- then was assaulted by birbs and gave that right the fuck up

-too many birbs


-wears 80 dresses???

-jk just dresses in that style

-but like

-comfy sweaters too

-some days its 80s

-others its “im dead inside and yes i do spend all my time on tumblr bye”

-constant ink smudges on his hands


-or ambidextrous 

-either one tbh

-hasnt checked emails in 100 years

-but CONSTANTLY checks tumblr messages looking for mutuals

-starved for mutuals

-is actually sad all the time but is happy enough with friends/mutuals that it makes up for it

-legs. for. days.

-bless the red beanie

- that is how people find dave

-the red beanie

-earbuds are glued permanently to ears

-dont talk to the kid when there are earbuds

- this literally means dont talk to dave

-yes i am purposely avoiding davekat in this atm because i want people to all be able to appreciate dave strider and everything the kid is

-the same goes for davejohn

-like- feel free to add your own

-but i dont want to make anyone uncomfy

My Sadie: A Lars/Sadie Fanfic

The warm, salty air of Beach City that Lars had grown up with was suddenly so foreign as he stands barefoot in the sand, staring at Steven’s house.

“Come on!”

“The Crystal Gems said we could go inside the house, Lars.” The Rutile Twins chime in, the duo smiling at their rose-colored friend.

He kicks the sand for a moment, watching the sand drift with the wind into the sea. Being on Earth again…It almost felt wrong to him.

“I-I want to see where the other gems live too! They said that we would be safe here.” Rhodonite speaks up, staring at Lars and awaiting a response from their apparent leader.

 I s… e v e r y t h i n g  a l r i g h t, L a r s ?” The giant caterpillar puts a hand on his shoulder, causing him to snap back into reality.

“Y-Yeah guys… I’m fine…” He says. “Can you guys go ahead? I just want to make sure no one sees me go to the house… This town is used to seeing the Crystal Gems, so seeing you guys go inside the house should be overlooked by them.” The gems collectively look at each other and nod, well everyone except for Padparadscha, who stands there spaced out as per usual.

“I just had a wondrous vision that we were transported to Lars’ home planet!” The small gem equivalent to Internet Explorer announces to her friends. Finding some humor in her usual antics, a smile forms on Lars’ face.

“We’ve been here for over an hour now, Paddy” Rhodonite tells her. “You’re getting slower with your predictions somehow.” The group smiles a bit at her for trying to help her stay up-to-date on current events.

“W e  s h o u l d  g e t  g o i n g  i n s i d e  l i k e  L a r s  s a i d  t o.” Fluorite interrupts after a few minutes of a dreadful, awkward silence.

The smaller gems take Fluorite’s leave and follow her to the house. It doesn’t take long for Fluorite’s ability to enter such a small house to become a bit of an issue. The Rutiles and Rhodonite try to assist Fluorite in her plight, while Padparadscha makes another stunning prediction: “Fluorite is going to get stuck in the front door of the other gems’ home!”

Lars stands on the beach, trying to convince himself to step off of the shoreline and go to the house.


“A little help here!?” The Rutiles calls to him as the wood of the front door frame becomes distorted, tailored to Fluorite’s rounded figure. Sighing heavily, he forces himself to rush towards his friends and get the situation sorted out, watching for any familiar faces that could be going near the house.

Thankfully not seeing anyone, Lars stands on the deck of the house and concerns himself with helping Fluorite into the house and pushes his worries to the back of his mind for a bit, a talent of his.

“Can’t you unfuse to at least get through the door?” Lars asks, familiar with gems’ functions of merging together and even returning to a rock state when they suffer too much damage. He heaves and tries to help the Rutiles and Rhodonite push Fluorite through the door, as she struggles to fit through the door and come up with a response.

“L a r s,  y o u  k n o w  t h a t  I  d o n ‘ t  l i k e  t o  u n f u s e.” She protests as she strains her head back to the deck where the gems are trying to push her through.

A sudden burst of strength pushes Fluorite through the door frame and into the kitchen counter. The off-colors look to each other in confusion, only to see a new addition to their group: Lion.

“A creature the same color as Lars will appear from a portal and help us get Fluorite through the door!” Padparadscha announces, gaining sighs of exhaustion and slight frustration at the play by play announcements by their companion.

“I’ve seen you before… You’re Steven’s pet, right?”

Lion stares back at his human counterpart with blank eyes before nuzzling his head into Lars’ hand. The pastel teen stares at the lion in confusion at the sudden affection given to him. Suddenly, Lion gently bites at Lars’ hand to try to pull him towards him.

“What are you doing!?”

“What is that thing…?” Rhodonite and Rutile stand in the doorway near Fluorite, cowering from the feline.

“It’s a lion.” Having Lars’ attention torn away from him, Lion roars at him, causing the group to jump up, startled in unison. Lion grabs onto Lars’ clothes and tries to drag him along with him. “Let me go! What are you doing to me!?” The rose-colored cat throws his head towards the beach just below them. “W-What? You can go there without me! I don’t want to go. Someone will see me…”

Now annoyed, Lion roars once again, entering the house and pushing past the off-colored gems to go to Steven’s room and take a hoodie from the bed, returning it to Lars. He takes it from the creature, amazed at the lack of slobber from being retrieved by the cat in a less than graceful manner.

Lars holds the hoodie up and stares at it. “Why is one of my hoodies here?”

No one answers his question, and the only response he gets is Lion nuzzling the hoodie against his body. “Alright, alright, I’ll put it on!” Lars snaps at Lion. “It’s not going to make me look less pink though.,.”

As soon as Lars puts on the hoodie, Lion grabs Lars and makes him get onto his back. Having a little time to hold on, Lars pulls on Lion’s long, light pink mane. Lion whimpers a bit in discomfort before shaking his body to try to readjust his new passenger. Moments later, he takes Lars and leaves the house using his signature transportation abilities.

“Everyone! The lion is going to abduct Lars!” Padparadscha gasps as the gems, except for the trapped Fluorite in the house, goes to try to follow Lion.


“Where are you taking me?! Put me down!” Lars protests as soon as they pass through the portal. Suddenly, he falls onto the ground and finds himself with an intense back pain from landing on concrete from a sidewalk. His gaze travels from the ground to the house casting a shadow over him. Suddenly, he begins to scramble onto his feet. “Lion! Why did you take me to my-” He turns around rapidly, trying to find the newly disappeared Lion. “Stupid cat!” he hisses under his breath as he brushes himself off and flicks the hood onto his head.

He stands in the front yard of his house, finding himself more and more anxious at the sight. Damn cat! Why did he bring me here…? Why here of all places!? I would rather be back at the Big Donut instead of here. Just anywhere but here…

Curiosity eats away at him. It’s been more than a year since he’s been home, his slightly longer and unruly hair would testify for that, as well as his own personal count of days and nights that were more or less based on how many times he would go to bed, forced to be clothed during which due to being on a strange alien planet with a group of girls. Plus there was always that off chance of the alien movies he had watched with Sadie at some point or another being accurate. Wouldn’t want to ‘invite’ any aliens to do any weird things…

He shakes his head at the thought and shivers.

Creeping towards the door of the house, he rings the doorbell before hearing a baby’s cry. How could that be? He knew that this was still where his parents lived unless someone had conveniently bought the same exact car they had for the past ten years, containing all of the dents from previous driving practices with Lars’ parents. Hearing the creaking of the floor as someone approached the front door from the inside of the house, Lars finds himself too scared for this confrontation. He knew what he heard. He knew what that could only mean as well. His parents must have adopted another kid. You can only wait so long for a missing person to come back before it’s time to give up. And now, it seems that his parents reached that point and then some, opting to replace their problematic teenage son. Flight over fight kicks in and Lars dives off of the deck into one of the bushes on the side of the house.

The front door creaks open, “Hello?” A few moments of no response leads to a few choice words by Mr. Barriga, condemning the pranks of the neighborhood kids.

“Who was it, honey?” He hears his mother’s voice from the inside of the house, thanks to the particularly thin walls of the side of the house.

“Just another damn kid trying to have fun ditching the door as soon as they ring.” His father responds in his aggravated tone of voice that Lars knew all too well. “It’s alright, buddy. You’re okay.” He hushes the still upset baby in a tone of voice that Lars becomes convinced is too nice for it to belong to his father. Not after the years of defying him whether it be with his grades, stretching his ears, and whatever else that happened either by happenstance or on purpose.

Lars remains in the bush for a while, silent and listening to his parent’s conversation. They don’t even miss me! They replaced me. He feels tears start to blur his vision, and his throat began to burn at the sensation of suppressing the urge to cry.

“This is so… So stupid! Why did I even come back home for?” He grips the bushes tightly as he forces himself up and begins to storm off. He walks along the sidewalk towards the general direction of Steven’s house, murmuring to himself and not paying attention to his surroundings. His hood covering his face as he looks down and methodically kicking a rock along his path, he continues to talk to himself as a few tears stream down his face in anger, and sadness at the fact that his parents would replace him like this. I know that everyone liked me better when Steven was in my body that one time… but I didn’t know that they would rather have someone replace me than to wait for me to return home!

In anger, he kicks the stone a little too far ahead of him into the flip-flop of a person walking on the sidewalk alongside him, going the opposite direction. “Ow!” A familiar voice rings out in pain, only to have Lars block it out with his angry thoughts.

Lars continues to walk on.

“Hey! What’s the big ide-” They have a hand on Lars’ shoulder as they pull them back to turn them around, only to see his face. He quickly turns back around and picks up the pace going back to Steven’s.

The short blonde stands there gawking at the sight of Lars. Alive, after all this time. A bit different in hue than before, but that didn’t matter. Her eyes become watery as she sees him continue to go away from her. “L-Lars…?” She says rather quietly before beginning to chase him down. “Lars!” She calls out as they reach the beach, away from everyone else. “Lars! I know you can hear me!”

The pink youth stops in his tracks at her familiar chastising. He finds himself feeling like a deer in the headlights. He can’t just continue running from her, she’ll follow. Inhaling, he turns around to face her, looking terrified and confused as to why she would follow him. “H-Hey…”

“Hey? That’s all you’re going to say to me after being gone almost two years?” She breaks into a sob as she forces him into a hug, causing a false sense of security before she lets go and suddenly begins to drill him with questions. “Where the hell have you been?! I haven’t seen you or Steven anyone in so long now-”

“Didn’t Steven tell you? I was on Homeworld with some of the other gems.”

“Why didn’t you leave the ship with us? Why didn’t you jump back into the water with everyone?!” Her tone of voice becomes less and less controlled, her voice cracking as she asks the second question. “We hadn’t seen you in so long, everyone thought you were dead!”

“Well to be quite honest I was until Steven brought me back and I turned into this. I already was there. They have a new kid now and they completely forgot about me. It’s probably for the best anyway…” Her gaze weighs heavily on him as he finds himself unable to look away. She hasn’t changed much at all, looking the same as she did the day that he left Earth. The scar on her face had faded a bit, granted, but staring at her long enough made it still visible.

“Lars, what are you talking about? Your parents wouldn’t-”

“Sadie, I was at the house! I know what I saw! They adopted a kid and they were talking like I don’t even exist to them anymore!” He gripped his hands into fists before his inner storm tempted him to walk off and be by himself.

“They wouldn’t talk like that about you if they knew you were here… Everyone has their own way of coping and-”

“So what? Did you replace me too? Are you working with someone else at the Big Donut now without me? Are you someone else’s-” He stops himself from saying anything else at that, biting his lip and tasting the salt water from his tears that were still going down his face from his outburst.

The wind blows and fills the vacancy caused by silence. “You just think everyone is out to get you or that you’re the victim in all of this and no one else has the right to feel bad… I wouldn’t replace you, Lars! We’ve worked together for a long time now, but that doesn’t even mean anything to you. You ran when you saw me. Just like you ran when I needed your help back then!” She says through her sobbing.

His eyes widen at the sight of her crying. There was that annoying feeling again. Guilt.

“I- I’m sorry! Okay?! This is why I ran when I saw you. I didn’t want to hurt you any more than I did already!” He falls silent before murmuring, “I guess I’m the same as I was before… why did I even get brought back if I can’t keep my promise to become someone who is worth reviving?” He starts to turn around, seeing her red in the face and still crying from yelling at him, figuring that there is nothing left to say.

“Lars, you don’t get it. If you want to change, stop running. Stop running when I just want to see you again after so long. Stop running from your friends… your family… me.” She speaks up in an eerily calm voice upon seeing the back of his hoodie again, a sight she was beginning to loathe.

Feeling like a dog yanked on a leash, he turns his head around due to his better judgment telling him to. “Fine. I’ll stop running from you.”

“Good.” She says. “Will you actually talk to me now…? Without fighting…?”

“I… I owe you that much.” He sighs before running his hands through his locks of hair. “Can we just… go talk over near the steps? I don’t want anyone else to see me…” Her heart sinks at seeing how serious his face is as he pleads with her to stay out of sight. It’s a different kind of plea, different from when he would plead to go hang out with the Cool Kids to try to seem aloof and mysterious. Different from his pleas to leave work early whether it be out of laziness or wanting to get a video game after work. Different from the Lars she knew.

The two walk over to the steps and sit down at the edge of them. “What… what happened to you?”

“Like I said, I ended up dying on Homeworld fighting a gem and then Steven revived me, and I turned pink-”

“No,” She interjects. “I’m not talking about what happened to your appearance. I’m talking about what happened to you.”

“What do you mean…?”

“You’re so… different. I’ve never seen you so serious or depressing in my life.”

Her pink friend scoffs at the remark. “You would have hated to know me in junior high then.” After a few moments, he shrugs. “I… I don’t know what happened other than the fact I don’t seem human anymore. That could be because of me being pink or just because I had to fight gems for so long.”

“So what if you’re pink? You could be a god damn rainbow for all I care. Isn’t Beach City already used to seeing Steven’s friends, the Crystal Gems? They’re not exactly normal colored either,”

“They aren’t human. What does that make me then, Sadie?” He stares at her, his eyes glossy as they were before when tears threatened to fall from his face.

“You’re… You’re Lars! You’re still you.” His face darkens a bit at her remark.

“You didn’t answer me, what am I?” She looks to him with a cautious look, not scared of him but scared of herself with the very real chance she’ll say something wrong, and never have a chance to apologize for it afterward if he chooses to never talk to her again.

“I already told you. You are you. Why does there have to be some other answer to that?”

“Because I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough for my parents or for work or for y-” She hugs him tightly, stopping him from saying anything else.

“That’s not true…” She says in a hushed voice. He finds himself feeling as though he’s about to fall apart despite feeling oddly comforted in her embrace. “Don’t tell yourself that…”

A few minutes of silence graces the conversation, the ocean breeze takes away the heat of the argument and carries it elsewhere.

“Hey, Lars!”

“You’re back!” The Rutiles lean on the top of the balcony and peer down at their friend and a stranger.

“Who is that?”

“Why are they with you?”

The two suddenly break away, red in the face from embarrassment. “T-This is my friend Sadie.” He says in a stammering voice. “R-Rutiles, Sadie. Sadie, Rutiles.”

Sadie stares up at the Rutiles rather cautious of seeing another gem since the incident. “Is- is that another one of the gems that abd-”

“No! No, this is a homeworld gem who helped me all this time I was gone. They’re cool. Rhodonite, Padparadscha, and Fluorite are cool too.” He says rather nervously, never having to have introduced Sadie to anyone before or explain who is who.

The two get onto their feet and walk up the steps where Fluorite and Rhodonite see Sadie for the first time as well.

“I-It’s nice to meet all of you. Lars says that you guys helped him when he was… not on Earth.” Sadie tries to overcome the introvert in her to be polite.

“I t ‘ s  n i c e  t o  m e e t  y o u. I  a m  F l o r i t e. W h a t  i s  y o u r  n a m e ,  h u m a n ? “

“S-Sadie. My name is Sadie. It’s nice to meet you, too.” Rhodonite stays behind Fluorite for a few minutes, evaluating Sadie.

“Everyone! Lars has returned to us and has brought a companion!” Padparadscha announces just a few minutes late. Sadie raises an eyebrow at Padparadscha before Lars bursts out laughing.

“She does that… This is Paddy… Uh… Padparadscha.” Lars introduces Sadie to her. Sadie finds his laughter to be comforting, at least something hadn’t changed about him. She finds herself giggling a bit too.

“It’s nice to meet you.” She says, reaching out a hand to the short gem before Fluorite takes her hand instead.

“S u c h  a  l o v e l y  h u m a n . I t ‘ s  n i c e  t o o  m e e t  y o u  t o o.” Fluorite smiles gingerly as she shakes hands with Sadie. “I t  i s  s u c h  a  s h a m e  t h a t  y o u  a r e n ‘ t  a  g e m.  L a r s , d o  y o u  i n t e n d  t o  f u s e  w i t h  S a d i e ?”

His face turns a hot pink at the question, “W-What?! Fluorite, humans can’t fuse-”

Padparadscha reaches her hand out to Sadie. “It’s nice to meet you too. I predicted you would want to shake hands with me, so please feel free to do so.”

Sadie awkwardly takes her hand away from Fluorite and shakes hands with Padparadscha as originally intended.

Rhodonite finally stops hiding from Sadie and approaches her timidly, holding out a hand. “We- I’m Rhodonite. I-It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you all too,” Sadie says with a small smile, shaking hands with her as well. Her face looks a bit washed up from crying during her confrontation with Lars, but after meeting the gems, her face has gone back to normal for the most part.

Lars smiles at their interaction and stands there against the railing of the deck, preferring to just observe.

“Do you want to come inside?”

“We tried making human food!” The Rutiles smile, gesturing to the door. While Lars looks to them in a complete horror of what state the kitchen could possibly be in, Sadie nods with curiosity. They all enter the house once more, Fluorite having fewer difficulties with it than before.

“So… where is it?”

“The food is in here!”

“This is the human food preparation room, right?” The Rutiles ask, taking Sadie and Lars over to the bathroom where a pile of rocks sit in the toilet and are causing it to just barely overflow.

“A-Actually this is the bathroom,” Lars speaks up, seeing their attempt at cooking and not knowing what he really expected.


“Room?” They ask Lars with slightly tilted heads in bewilderment.

“It’s where humans- nevermind. I just have to clean this up really quick, I guess.” Lars enters the bathroom and begins to contemplate where they even got the rocks to put into the toilet.

“This is the kitchen… Er… the food preparation room.” Sadie leads the Rutiles over to the kitchen and gives them a brief cooking lesson on cereal, not brave enough to entrust them with the abilities of a stove. It takes over an hour to get them to make the cereal, Fluorite and Rhodonite watching from the couch, and Padparadscha telling of her latest ‘visions of the future’ which happens to always be the previous step of making cereal, throwing off the Rutiles as they try to follow along with Sadie.

“Is it done now?”

“Can we eat?” They ask Sadie as they look curiously at the bowl of cereal on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah! Go ahead and try it.” One of the Rutiles plants their face into the bowl of cereal, attempting to eat it that way. The other rather intricately tries to drink the cereal like water or the like until they suddenly put it down.

“That tastes so weird!”

“Can I try some of yours?” One of the Rutiles asks the other, now mimicking the action of drinking it as if it were a cup.

“This is good!”

“You’re so weird, Rutile.” The other one looks to their counterpart in bewilderment.

Lars exits the restroom a few minutes later, carrying a watery bag full of rocks that drip on the wooden floor. “Please never try cooking in the toilet again.” He gazes at the Rutiles as they have created a mess with their cereal.

“Lars will return to us bearing a gift in a black bag! And his zipper is down on his pants.” Padparadscha announces to the room, causing Lars to freak out, drop the bag, and rush to the restroom again before returning with a red face. He grabs the bag again and tosses it out onto the beach. He gazes up at the familiar night sky before going inside once more.

Sadie’s phone rings in her back pocket and she grabs it out, answering. “Hey, mom. I’m fine I just… went on a walk after work. Yeah. Yeah, it’s all good I already ate.” Her facial expression changes a bit after something is said on the other end of the phone call. “Yeah… I’m fine I promise. I-I’ll head home right now. Love you, bye.”

She sighs in a way that Lars knows all too well. Her frustration of having a doting mother is bubbling up a bit, as noted by the look on her face. “A-Are you alright?”

“… I’m fine. I need to go home.”

“W-Wait, I’ll walk you home.” Lars stutters as he looks up to her, worried by the look on her face.

“It’s fine, you said you didn’t want to be seen by anyone you know anyways. With my luck, you’ll see Ronaldo and he’ll make a blog about you or something.” Sadie begins to walk out, her pink stray puppy of a friend following close behind her.

“I-It’s fine! It’s dark enough outside right now that no one will see me-” Lars loses his footing on a floorboard and falls on top of her.

Silence fills the room for a few moments before Padparadscha suddenly declares her most important news all night, it seems as she stands on the coffee table and speaks even louder than before giving her ‘prediction.’

“Lars will soon trip on a floorboard and fall on top of his human friend, face battling her!”

The two break apart rather quickly from their accidental kiss as soon as Padparadscha announces it to the group, her blessing, and curse. Scrambling to his feet, Lars goes to help Sadie up and apologize. “I-I’m sorry, I-”

“Why do you always apologize for that…?” She looks up at him, her face glowing red. “Lars, don’t you feel anything? After the time on that island together-” She stopped herself, seeing Lars avoiding eye contact like the plague. “Never mind… I get it… I’ll be leaving now…” She begins to walk out the damaged door, courtesy of Fluorite.

“Wait!” Lars looks to her. “Are you… going to tell my parents…?”

He suddenly cringes at the sound of Sadie raising her voice at him, a bit of an unusual occurrence. “Really Lars? That is what you want to stop me for?! I don’t even care anymore, just go be a selfish jerk like you usually are.” She runs out of the house and down the steps by the time that Lars begins to follow her, seeing it as too dangerous to follow her into Beach City. Anyone could see him. All she would have to do is scream to bring attention to herself and him.

Seeing her blond hair sway side to side as she runs from the house, Lars lets himself sink to his knees while against the deck railing. She was right, he was selfish. That’s not any sort of news to him. The only thing that made it seem new was Sadie calling him out on it and lashing out at him. It wasn’t like her…

“You should talk to her.”
“Go after her,” One of the Rutiles’ hands go onto Lars’ shoulder to try to cheer him up a bit or motivate him.

“But I… but she doesn’t want me to. She wouldn’t have run otherwise.”

“Everyone! The human Sadie is going to leave the house very upset shortly, but I wonder why?” Padparadscha’s innocent prediction gains a bit of a bitter look from Lars.

“Really Padparadscha? Face battle?” He references her prior ‘prediction’ or rather, a narration of events shortly after.

“I s n ‘ t  t h a t  w h a t  i t ‘s  c a l l e d ?” Fluorite speaks up. “G e m s  d o  n o t  d o  s u c h  a  t h i n g .  W e  o n l y  f u s e.”

“I-It’s… it’s called kissing.” Lars explains to the blissfully unaware Off-Colored gems.

Rhodonite’s expression changes shortly after, staring down at the ground, thinking about this new term. “…Can we try that?”

“What? No!” Lars begins to show discomfort. “I-it’s more for… people that you love in a special way.”

“Then do you love that human girl in that special way?” Without time to reply whether it be snarky or otherwise, Lars is interrupted when said human girl returns onto the deck with tears in her eyes, staring at Lars as she catches her breath from running back.

“I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean what I said then…”

“It’s fine,” Lars says rather indifferently. “Isn’t your mom going to kill you for still being gone? You said you were going back home.”

“I… I called her on the way home and said that I forgot something at work. That bought me some time.”

“Oh, okay.” He says, looking to her with fragility. Both in the sense of being sensitive at that time himself, and not wanting to hurt Sadie with his words anymore. “You should probably get going then… huh? It wouldn’t be good for you to go home telling your mom you were actually late from being at a guy’s house.”

“But I told her-”

“I’m sure she doesn’t believe it. You’re a bad liar.” He smirks a bit at Sadie, whose face puffs up a bit in annoyance at this stated fact.

“Alright… I’ll head out now… but can I swing by after work…? Are you going to go back to work, even?”

“Sure… I don’t think I can exactly work looking like this, though. It’s fine if you stop by after work, I guess.” Lars smiles a bit unintentionally at the thought of her returning for a visit, only to have his smile falter with some parting words. “I’m sorry… I’ve been so selfish and I hurt you. I-I’ll talk to you later.”


“Where is she?” Lars sits down on the deck floor, his legs dangling off of the edge in between the railing as he stares off into the beach. It was well past the end of Sadie’s usual shift. Where could she be? Wait- why did he care anyways? She would probably just start an argument with him again. She would just get upset that he’s not what she wanted, either. Lars stares off into the shoreline once more, his eyes slowly fighting sleep before he finally closes them.

“Lars? Lars! Wake up,” Sadie shakes him awake as she looms over his figure, laying on the deck rather uncomfortably.

“Huh…?” He rubs his eyes to fix his blurred vision, only to see his friend staring at him with concern.

“I-I’m sorry I’m late… I had to work later today. I didn’t expect to find you asleep out here though… You’re going to get sick if you sleep outside like that.” She says, gaining an unusual smile from Lars. “W-What?”

“You haven’t changed at all…” He grins a bit in a half asleep state.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You still worry too much…” He says, patting the floor beside him before Sadie reluctantly sits beside him as he continues to lay there. “I won’t get sick, I slept outside that entire time we were stuck on that island with Steven.”

Sadie stares at him with slight disbelief in the idea of him actually talking about it. After the incident on the island where he found out she had been hiding the way home the entire time, the entire thing was a sore subject and was avoided. Every last part of it, roughing it out in the wilderness and even the good aspect of it, where he had opened up to her. “But-”

He pulls her hand down and has her lay down beside him, and he sighs. “I thought you weren’t coming back… but I guess waiting here proved me wrong.” He says, sleepily trying to cuddle up against the surprised Sadie.

“W-What are you doing?” She looks back at him and finds herself in an internal conflict as to whether or not she should pull away from him, or stay there. “Lars is this some sort of joke-”

“Sadie, I’ve changed. Alright? Being on a different planet, not knowing if I’d end up killed or not made me change. But coming back here makes me wish I hadn’t left. I wouldn’t have missed out on so much over almost two years. I can’t even show my face around anyone else but for some reason, I don’t mind you seeing me like this.” Sadie remains next to him after much contemplation as to whether or not she should. The warm summer breeze of the beach along with the quiet sounds of the night beginning to awaken starts to bring back memories of the times that they cuddled together previously. A taboo subject indeed.

“I thought were gone for good, y’know…? I talked to Steven about what happened but when he slowly became more focused on getting you home, I saw him less. I heard about you less. I didn’t know what to think. It hurts. I don’t know what to even think about you anymore because you’re so different and wishy-washy on things…” She tries to suppress her sniffling, knowing he would be able to tell by how his arm is wrapped around her waist as they simply lay there, talking without being face to face. Something that somehow made it a bit easier.

“I… I just…” He finds himself unable to think of what to say for a moment. “You try to change me. You’ve tried and I know you do it because you care but it isn’t me. I don’t know who I am anymore and I guess I just try to cling to what I used to know. But I know that’s not good enough…”

“Why do you keep talking about being ‘good enough’? Good enough for what, Lars?” She bites her lip a bit at her burning inquiry.

“I’m not good enough to be around for my parents, or Steven, or you… Okay? I wasn’t trying to ignore you when you after we fell and…kissed. I just wanted you to get mad at me and forget about me. I’ve hurt you so many times. I don’t deserve any more chances. I screwed up my chance yesterday.”

The ocean waves crash in the distance as they sit there in silence for a few minutes.

“Lars… that’s not true if you weren’t good enough, do you really think that Steven would go through all of that trouble to bring you home? Or that I would wait for you to return? I can’t speak for your parents. I don’t know what’s actually going on with them, but I doubt they would try to replace you. You can’t just do that to your child…”


“I know what you saw, but it doesn’t mean anything. You don’t know who that child was. They could have been babysitting… or something. It’s not always the worst case scenario. Everyone messes up but it doesn’t mean you need to cut yourself off from everyone and act like a martyr. You’re not doing anyone a favor, you’re just hurting yourself by believing what you think,” Lars falls silent after his attempt at protesting her logic gets shut down. “You don’t learn how to walk or ride a bike without falling a few times, it’s like that with relationships too.”

He bites his tongue at hearing that word: relationships. Whenever he heard it, it usually meant something convoluted or just bad news to be around. It meant it for his parents, it meant it for his few friends… it became more than just a connotation.

“Even before this, my parents gave up on me, Sadie. They let me do whatever I wanted at school and didn’t care if I was gone from the house for days on end. I just don’t want to see anyone else give up on me too.” His tone of voice remains rigid and uneasy, not used to actually talking things out rather than leaving them open-ended.

“That’s them then. It doesn’t mean it’s me.” She turns around and faces him, still laying down. “I can speak for myself. You don’t have to sit there and have a one-man show trying to figure everyone’s thoughts and feelings out. Chances are you probably have a lot of them wrong.”

“I don’t want to hurt you…” He pulls away from her after she leans in and steals a kiss. “That’s why I’m doing this. You deserve better than-”

“Do you want to believe that? I don’t believe it, I don’t think you should either. I know you’re scared. I appreciate the fact you don’t want to hurt me, but it doesn’t mean you have to hurt yourself over it.” He hugs her tightly as a response. She finds herself off guard, being given an unusual offering of affection without it being some sort of freak accident or something that he ‘didn’t mean anything by it’. “Lars, what do you actually want?”

For a moment, she closes her eyes, just wanting to feel the hug rather than think about the situation. He’s so thin and lanky, and yet he ends up keeping her warm with his hug.

“I… I’ve wanted to be normal this whole time and I don’t think that’s possible.” He speaks rather quietly into her hair as he leaves his arms locked around her. “But… I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing anymore. This town is weird and so is everyone in it, human or otherwise. But I thought I had to blend in or be ‘normal’ to make friends and be happy. But it’s kind of hard to be ‘normal’ in a weird place. And even while being me I still made friends whether or not I knew it.”

Her eyes flutter open after her stolen kiss is returned.

“I want to be me… but I want to be better than I was before. The only way I see that happening is if I’m with you.”


“Sadie, I left it unsaid for so long because I didn’t know if you would take me seriously or if it would even be worth it but even Steven tried saying it to you as me a long time ago. And you thought I was saying it to hurt you so I don’t know how to prove it otherwise… but I love you.”

“I-I love you too…” She gazes at him, seeing his old self fade away into something new, something a bit more sincere to himself.


“Sadie, I don’t know if I can do this…” Lars begins to try to back out of the driveway of his house, the yard now painted yellows, oranges, and red with the beginning of autumn.

Before he can back away from the house, Sadie grabs his hand with an iron grip. “You said that you would do this… C’mon, Lars. It can’t be that bad. You just have to go up to the door and ring the doorbell… I can do some of the talking for you.”

Convinced and almost forced to follow through with his decision, Lars and Sadie step onto the front porch of the house, hand in hand. He timidly raises his hand up to the doorbell and rings it.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Barriga answers the door and gawks at the sight before her. Water spills from her eyes and streams down her face as she suddenly yells out to her husband, “Honey! Laramie- Lars is home!” She pulls him into a tight and tear-filled hug.

“W-What?” He steps out of the kitchen and towards the front door, seeing him as well and hugging him as Sadie retreats to the corner of the porch so that they can hug him.

He remains motionless as he stares at his parents, both crying with smiles on their faces. He waits for it, the ‘what happened to you?’, the ‘Oh my god! Why are you pink!?’, or the ‘Why were you gone so long!?’.

Lars finds himself alternating between hugs from his parents and even a few kisses from them as they smother him with affection. “You aren’t hurt, are you?” His mother finally asks him, her eyes looking up and down him before seeing the scar on his face and making a bit of a worried look as she puts a hand on the side of his face, tracing her thumb over the scar.

“N-No… I uh… I’m fine. I took care of myself and made some new friends while I was gone.” He nervously twirls some of the curls on his head as he stares at his parents.

“You made friends over on that other planet that Steven was talking about?” His father looked to him rather light-heartedly.

“Yeah… There’s the Rutile twins, Padparadscha, Fluorite, and Rhodonite.” He lists them off before laughing a bit. “They actually live at Steven’s now if you’d want to meet them sometime.”

“That sounds good…” Mr. Barriga smiles at him.

His mother catches him playing with his hair, “Pink looks good on you.”

“U-Uh thanks…?” Lars scratches his head for a moment, a bit baffled by their lack of a reaction.

“Steven told us you were pink and on a different planet when you first went missing, and we didn’t believe him at first…” His father catches onto his confusion.

“Oh… is that why you guys adopted another kid…? Because you thought I was actually gone?” Lars fights the lump in his throat to ask his million-dollar question.

“W-What?” They ask in unison.

“We didn’t adopt any kid. We’re already happy with you already… What gave you that idea, honey?” His mother looks to him with a bit of concern.

“I came here… when I first got back to Earth and I-I tried to go to the door…” He starts to choke up a bit. “I heard you guys with a baby there and I left the house right after that.”

His parents stare at each other for a moment before looking to their son once more. “T-That was your new cousin… We were watching him for your aunt while she was out of town.”

Lars nearly smacks himself on the head, going to grip his hair tightly in frustration: another habit of his. “I feel so stupid…!”

“Lars, it’s okay… You didn’t know…” Sadie speaks up for the first time during the family reunion of sorts.

Their attention is drawn to her, the odd one out of the group.

“You didn’t mention who this was either, we saw her a couple of times but…” Mrs. Barriga trails off.

“This is my… t-this is my gi- this is my Sadie.”

I’m not even sorry anymore. Rank T to be safe. Pardon my gramma mistakes. Or not. No, actually, don’t.

DannyMay Day Sixteen “Shitty Danny Phantom AU/Memes”

“Shitty Danny Phantom AU”

Sam and Tucker stepped on the basement of the former Fenton house, each one carrying one bag on their shoulders.

“You sure about this, Sam?” Asked Tucker, glancing uncertainly at the dark, dusty place.

“No…” Said honestly the goth girl. “but I miss him.”

“I miss him too.” He said, putting a hand on her shoulder. Loking again at the spooky basement, and then at their bags, the techno geek sighed and said “Let’s just do it.”

They sat everything ready, the candless, the free sace, and the most important, the board.

“Do you know how to do this?” Asked Tuck.

“Of course I know, just make sure not to cut the session suddenly.”

They both sat in front of the Ouija board, and proceeded, all acording to Sam’s knowledge, and called.

“Danny… are you there?”


“It’s us… Tucker and Sam. If you are there, please say something, dude…”

Slowly, the planchette began to tremble on their hands, and moved to point YES.

The duo of teens gasped and looked at each other, contained emotions in their faces, and then nodded solemnly, and Sam proceeded.

“We are gonna ask you somethin’ that only you could know, ok? So we know this is really you.”


“What was your DOOMED password?” Asked Tucker.

There was no response for a few seconds, and then the planchette started moving again.

P A U L I N A F E N T O N S A N C H E Z 4 2


“Yeah! That’s totally you!” Cheered the geek, whilst the goth rolled her eyes. “So… how’ve ya’ been?”

They ‘comunicated’ (any other term would have been unfitting) for a while, talking to their dead friend of how much they missed him, his parents leaving the town out of grief, that Jazz sometimes talked with them and she was… coping. Soon, they were saying their usual stuff, school, mean A-listers, that weird new guy Eliot, everything just like before, before the accident.

“So… you know with your dead-person powers the answers to the next test?” Asked Tucker.


A pause, larger than the ocassionals, and when Tucker and Sam started worrying, Danny was back.


“What happens? What’s the matter?” Asked a concerned Sam.




Danny was in a hurry, and anything that could scare a dead boy was no good at all.

“Who is him?”


N O W  L E A V E

“Ok, ok. We must finish the session–”


But before the teens could move after being left by their friend, a breeze came into the basement, and the candles’ lights went off.



“Remember the museum, when I said I’d lost everything? He began, his fists clenched hard at his sides like he was trying not to touch her again. "I said that because I have. Because you’ve ripped everything I’ve ever known right out from under my feet like it was so easy for you. And I can’t…hate you for it.”

Now it was she who took a step closer to him, wanting to sooth the tremor in his jaw, the quiet desperation that the position of his body told of. “It wasn’t easy for me.”

He turned on her, grabbing her wrists and pushing her back until her bum pressed against the desk and he pressed against her. But she was not afraid. “Oh yeah?” He murmured harshly, squeezing her wrists hard enough to cause the bones to grind together unpleasantly. Hermione winced. “Well, it certainly looked it. You tore everything apart, Granger, and then you smiled at us like it was nothing.”

And then she was crying again. “But it wasn’t! I knew how much it would be hurting you all, but I had to do it!”

“Really? Why did you ‘have’ to do it, you sanctimonious bitch? Who was forcing you?”

“I did it because it’s the right thing to do!” This she said in a broken voice, and something in her heart shattered with his face crushed just as hers had done and he dropped his head so that it was almost touching her, his grip on her wrists loosening.

She saw that his face was wet, and he finally allowed his forehead to rest on her shoulder.  “ M e r l i n ,  G r a n g e r .  H a v e  m e r c y ,  w i l l  y o u ?  E v e r y  t i m e  y o u  s p e a k  y o u  u n d o  m e . ”

And then he was kissing her, broken, silly little girl and all.

- The Nietzsche Classes, Chapter 9

anonymous asked:

write anything with sombra plz i'm too gay for that woman

YO SAME! Hence the url lmao. I’ll do some Date Headcanons for you!

- I hope you like movies!

- Her idea of the perfect night with you is cuddling on the bed and watching movies.

- She prefers to watch horror/thrillers, but if you get scared she’ll put on a comedy or an animated movie.

- I’ll tell you her favourite movies from our time because I have no clue what movies will be out in 2070

- For horror, her favourite movie that you watched together was Don’t Breathe, the one where those three people try to rob that blind guy but instead he locks them in his house and hunts them down.

- (She was totally rooting for the blind man at the beginning but once the twist happened she rooted for the robbers)

- Favourite thriller is Gone Girl ~cause like honestly who doesn’t like Gone Girl I mean come on lmao~

- Admires Amy in that movie, Amy is probably her favourite character of all time tbh.

- Favourite comedy is… not an actual comedy, just movies that are so bad that she laughs at them

- Favourite animated movie is SHREK FOR THE MEMES. She hangs out with D.Va a lot and when she watches Shrek she’s just a bubble of giggles cause she’s thinking about the jokes D.Va told her

- Also likes The Incredibles and The Iron Giant

- Another good time for Sombra is hacking herself a reservation at a super fancy restaurant and paying with some corrupt politician or business man’s bank account

- Encourages you to get the most expensive thing you want

- Takes a picture of you if you get food on your face

- She gives you - t h a t l o o k - all throughout the entire dinner and it’s so hot in the restaurant it’s not just you right?

- For my people who are not asexual or sex repulsed. Some nights she just wants to get right to The Good Stuff™

- For my ace and sex repulsed peeps and for a non sexual thing in general, she likes to play “super old” board games from the 90s and early 2000s that she ordered from some site.

- Overall loves you so much and is down for whatever you want. She’s so lax tbh.


- Leaves you with a present at the end of all dates

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lewvithur, Ouija :v

“We call upon any spirits who might be present,” Vivi intoned, her finger tips resting on the planchette. “Is anyone there? We would like to speak with you, if we can.” She paused and frowned at the look on Arthur’s face. “Arthur, c'mon, this is a communion with earthbound spirits, not a funeral.”

“I can’t believe we’re still messing with this stuff,” Arthur said. “I mean, after everything we’ve been through you’d think we could afford to exercise a little more caution.”

“Ghosts aren’t so bad,” Vivi assured him, watching the planchette for any sign of movement. “You know that, Artie.”

“Neither are bees, usually, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go poking hives with sticks.”

“Good, because you shouldn’t. Bees are vital pollinators and – oh hey, it’s moving!” The two of them watched on bated breath as the indicator slid across the board beneath their fingers.

A… S… L… ?

Vivi gaped. Arthur’s face crumpled as he forcibly suppressed laughter. “Twenty-two, male, twenty four, female, and anywhere that’s good for you,” he answered, voice shaking. “How about it?”


Arthur lost it. Releasing the planchette, he doubled over laughing until he was curled up on the ground, clutching his sides.

Annoyed, Vivi puffed her cheeks out. “Very funny, Lewis. Now look at that, you broke Arthur.”


Vivi scowled indignantly. “Oh ha-ha, how about if I roast your bony skeleghost butt, Lewis?” Arthur was wheezing with laughter. Tears were streaming down his face.

W A N T T O S E X T ?

Lewis, I swear to God!

The walls reverberated faintly with their boyfriend’s ghostly chuckling.


“Thank you for all that you have done for me, Dorian. Thank you for being my friend. For not being   l i k e   t h e   o t h e r s .”
     He paused, turning to face her. She kept her chin high, but her eyes were gleaming.
     “I’ll come back,” she said quietly. “I’ll come back for you.” And he knew that there was more that she wasn’t saying, some bigger meaning behind those words.
     But Dorian still believed her.

And he knew, deep down, that she had not blinked at his magic but rather   u n d e r s t o o d   that burden, and that fear. She had not walked away or wished him to be anything but what he was. I’ll come back for you.

v a n i t y

t h i s f o r t h e g i r l w h o n e v e r l i k e s t h e w o r l d b u t v a n i t y w a s a l w a y s a f t e r h e r.

She just wore her fitted tribal shirt then a cardigan, skinny jeans and a sneakers. Just a normal outfit of the day with her ponytail up and always a no make up face. An ordinary girl but always gets the attention of the crowd. I don’t know what’s with her that people always give this unrecognized mezmerized look or a lustful look yet either way, she maintains that stern look to everbody who pays attention to her. On how she walks or how she talks even how she posed when staring in the window. I bet she’s not beautiful but people say she’s charming. Her smile gives love to people around her and her heart blossoms in her actions. But she doesn’t like this, that and those. She doesn’t like this way people giving her lots of attention. She doesn’t like that striking hearts to guys and starts pestering her life. She doesn’t like those things about the world. She never like vanity in all ways.