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The cape hoarding is getting out of hand.

            I am outraged that you all would say this to me…

okay so since @theload was a DUMB BIRB and commented a dumb thing here is the hc she and i discussed on how pokéverse hungarians are actually dragons but not really. no, i was not drunk while i wrote this. but yes, i might as well have been.

[also general courtesy notice pls don’t publicly talk abt my headcanons if i haven’t posted yet bc it makes me freak out kthxbai]

[4/23/17, 9:33:30 PM] wallass: ………I briefly contemplated making a Hungary
[4/23/17, 9:33:36 PM] wallass: a poké-hungary
[4/23/17, 9:33:38 PM] wallass: and i just thought
[4/23/17, 9:33:48 PM] theload: heh
[4/23/17, 9:34:02 PM] wallass: hungarian mythology regards the turul bird as the origin of the nation
[4/23/17, 9:34:06 PM] wallass: and i personally hc the turul bird as a dragon
[4/23/17, 9:34:14 PM] wallass: so if the turul parented all the hungarians
[4/23/17, 9:34:18 PM] wallass: does that mean thEYRE DRAGONS
[4/23/17, 9:34:53 PM] theload: yup
[4/23/17, 9:35:04 PM] wallass: if wallace becomes ¼ hungarian he will become ¼ dragon
[4/23/17, 9:35:07 PM] wallass: I CANNOT BELIEVE
[4/23/17, 9:35:11 PM] theload: heh
[4/23/17, 9:35:21 PM] theload: why do you headcanon the Turul Bird as a dragon?
[4/23/17, 9:35:36 PM] wallass: because 1) dragons are one of the foremost servants of life and
[4/23/17, 9:35:41 PM] wallass: 2) remember when i gave liszt a turul variant altaria
[4/23/17, 9:35:54 PM] theload: alright

now hungarians aren’t full dragons bc they’re uh…human…and not dragon typed but YE. quasi-dragons. hungarians are quasi-dragons.

taegi goblin!au

[i’ve wanted to do this since the beginning of the end of the semester because IM ALMOST FREE and because goblin really is such an amazing drama G O O D L O R D. I’ll probably change some things so that it fits their personalities more, and heavens knows if or when I’ll actually churn out the entire story HAHAHA]

“You know, sir, those flowers really don’t suit your image. I mean, no offense, but they’re kind of all pure and innocent while your image makes for short, gloomy and grumpy.”

As if to further soften the blow to Yoongi’s pride, the kid pulls up a smile, a box shaped smile that was all teeth and all Yoongi could do is raise a surprised eyebrow. Never, never ever in the whole 932 years of his immortal life did anyone dare to remark about his temper, his aura, and most especially, his height. He was intimidating and he knew it - time may have made his heart softer than it used to be, what with being constantly reminded that most everyone around him was mortal and therefore just a passerby in his life, but his years as a general haven’t been in vain. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they had done nothing but left their mark on him. His grip around the stems of the flowers tighten dangerously.

Who the hell was this kid?

“Just give them to me, sir. After all, it’s my birthday.”

The kid reaches out a hand to him, palm up, with his boxed smile opening up wider (if that was even possible), but Yoongi could see that it no longer reached his eyes. And try as he might to deny it, something inside him softens.

“A very sad birthday.”

There’s an unbearable heaviness in the kid’s tone that Yoongi could hear, painfully loud and clear although he knew the kid tried his best to make it subtle. He knows he’s definitely not thinking straight when he sees rather than feels his arm melt from its stiffness and extend slowly, his grip around the flowers loosening as the kid takes them.

“Buckwheat flowers, huh?” The kid brings them closer to him, eyes raking up and down from flower to stem. And then his gaze meets Yoongi’s. “What do they mean?”

Yoongi hesitates, but just for a second.

“Lovers,” he blurts out.

heeyyyy     c    o     o  l      f e ll o w s !

Just to be polite and say i am behind in classwork so i will probably be away for another week or so… but BEHOLD! there are few things planned and some started: 

- cool colour palette challenge drawings 
- fingolfin collab
- a maeglin short comic - cause ya’ll make me more sad for him ;; 
- a cool surprise !
- some cool names that need illustration to show off their coolness
- yet another cool surprise !

ya’ know…. a lot of cool things…  :)


“How in the-it’s real this time! Really real!”

Title: I Need You

Pairings: Ayato/Hinami

Word Count: 2,802

Warnings: None that I can think of? Just a bunch of nerds who don’t understand their feelings.

Notes: I legit wrote this like two months before the newest chapter came out. I was completely unprepared, but I didn’t feel like re-writing anything, so? If things seem weird just roll with it. This also feels sort of bland and flat to me, I don’t know, orz. Not beta’d.

Summary: A series of prompts written for Ayahina Week. Day 1: Confessions/Firsts. “I don’t want you to die,” Hinami confessed in a hushed whisper, clutching onto Ayato’s arms desperately. “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Ayato.

[Read on AO3]

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anonymous asked:

O, L and I :)

O: I’ll come up with a main idea first, but then characters always come next before I expand on the plot. It feels more organic to me that way, mostly because different types of characters/ people will respond differently in various situations. I let my characters lead the intricacies of the story more often than not to avoid having any of them become plot devices.

L: DUDE. I’ve come up with soooo many bizarre AUs. Sometimes I’ll read back through my drabbles/ one-shots and be like ‘how the hell did I even come up with this?’ For Rivamika, I’d have to say my weirdest ideas are 1) a BDSM story involving espionage and 2) a crossover with The Purge. I’ve actually written 500+ words of both of those, though I don’t think I’ll ever do anything with them.

I: Hm…I guess the enemies to friends to lovers trope? (here’s looking at you, TWP) Honestly, though, I’m more drawn to ideas I haven’t heard before, and I’ll give most fics a shot, although it’s rare that I’ll read a modern AU for SnK.

Thanks for the asks! :)