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Title: I Need You

Pairings: Ayato/Hinami

Word Count: 2,802

Warnings: None that I can think of? Just a bunch of nerds who don’t understand their feelings.

Notes: I legit wrote this like two months before the newest chapter came out. I was completely unprepared, but I didn’t feel like re-writing anything, so? If things seem weird just roll with it. This also feels sort of bland and flat to me, I don’t know, orz. Not beta’d.

Summary: A series of prompts written for Ayahina Week. Day 1: Confessions/Firsts. “I don’t want you to die,” Hinami confessed in a hushed whisper, clutching onto Ayato’s arms desperately. “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Ayato.

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“How in the-it’s real this time! Really real!”

ding dang gosh diddly thAT’S A LOT OF FOLLOWERS OK w o w i can’t believe there’s that many of you that put up with me constantly screaming my love for kakashi!????!!! HELLO MY NAME IS RAVI AND I L O V E HA T AK E KAK S HI !!! okok anyway idk i’m just so!!!!! astounded!!! that i’ve kept kakashi as a muse for as long as i have, and still remained as passionate as i am. the people that i’ve met, and continue to meet are always indulging in me in my ways to broaden kakashi as i muse and IM SO IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THAT!!! i’ve strayed from sentimental and as i typically do, have reverted back to incoherent screaming sO WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU!!! THE L I S T!!!

 —— much love always!! ravi ♥ ( art cred. )

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darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
      for a thousand years
            i’ll love you for a thousand more
                  and all along I believed I would find you
                        time has brought your heart to me
                              i have loved you for a thousand years

                                                                    i’ll l o v e you for a thousand more

My Narrative: the moment I think Felicity became the fanboy/girl hater’s worst nightmare.

This is my narrative, and my own belief as to the comic fanboy’s journey to their irrational hate of Felicity Smoak.

I love Olicity. Granted, I only started watching the show before season 3, but it is my understanding that Olicity was the underdog, the small horse in the race for 45 episodes.

The L/O fans and LL stans thought their ship, their faves, were endgame. They liked Felicity for the most part because they didn’t see her as competition. They knew Olicity fans were out there, and perhaps even thought the ship would happen… before the ultimate BC/GA endgame happened.

Then 2x23 happened; and Oliver’s “I love you?” Didn’t seem so fake.

But nonetheless, 2x23 ended on a question for the future lovebirds. Was it real? Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe there are some feelings there. The L/O fans were likely unhappy, but still holding out hope that this would be a passing fancy.

After 3x01 aired, there was a significant uptick in Felicity-hate. Why? Because suddenly, there was this scene for the haters to contend with:

A/K/A the most romantic kiss there ever was on TV.

But still, I think the real moment where the Felicity hate exploded was 3x09. Two things happened:

1. Oliver finally said, STRAIGHT OUT, no pretense, no falsities, nothing to hide behind: “I love you.”

2. Oliver’s last thought before dying was of Felicity.

Suddenly, this wasn’t just going to be a passing relationship. This wasn’t even going to be a serious BUT STILL TEMPORARY relationship.

The writers aren’t going to have Oliver think of Felicity right before he was about to die for nothing. This was HUGE. This was endgame.

Combine that with an extremely dark and angsty season, tempers flared, and the hate grew.

Suddenly Felicity wasn’t the happy-go-lucky, joke-cracking comic relief anymore. To be truthful, she never was, but many failed or refused to see the truth; many refused to think of Felicity as anything important. They wanted to put her in her place.

And now? They couldn’t.

And because she couldn’t be solely the comic relief, because they couldn’t put her in a place they wanted her to be, because she was suddenly inexorably one of the most important parts of Oliver’s life, they lashed out like children.

Suddenly, Felicity had emotions and they didn’t like that. Suddenly, Felicity had a voice, and they didn’t like that. (She always had, but now, there was no choice but to acknowledge it.)

And OF COURSE there was a whole heck of a lot of whining and complaining about her before 2x23 and before 3x09.

But I believe 2x23 was the warning sign to the stans.

And 3x09?


U N D E R T E C H 

I got bored and accidentally made an AU.

Undertech is basically an AU that some of the monsters in the original game are now robots and AI, some have corrupted, while others created a nation. Some monsters from the original game are still monsters, but others are robotics. This AU is a work in progress, but feel free to pop in some designs or ideas in if you like.

Now, this up here, is Flowey, or what I’d like to call, F L O W.

I’ll add some backstory upon this little guy later ;P