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kira-sputnik  asked:

lars from steven universe!

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

It must suck. Ya know, dying, and all.

 // This is a Follow Forever! Yeah!!

Oh gosh this blog is officially 5 months old!! I remember the day when I decided to make it. I saw Miridork and was like ‘omg I don’t even know his name yet but I already want to roleplay him!!! :O’. Yes. That’s right! I decided to make this blog when I didn’t even know his name! So basically I’ve been roleplaying him starting from the moment we knew his name! I remember how I waited for an entire week and how super excited I was when I finally found out what his name was!

Damn, I don’t regret making this blog at all because Miridork has such a good effect on me. He makes me happy and has turned into a character who is very important to me. He is a muse who is just right. I enjoy writing him and I enjoy throwing him at people. He makes interacting with others a lot easier. Honestly, he is so nice, cheerful and funny! He is such a wonderful character and writing him… I love it.

Anyway, this is a thank you to all of you. It’s so much fun to see you on my dash. My dash is gorgeous thanks to every single roleplayer on it. -fingerguns- You’re all fantastic!

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Shoma Uno, Winter (FaOI 2017, Kobe)

So after much deliberation I’ve decided,, I’m here to teach u how to wreck bloodborne bosses, no sweat nor tears nor fun
so first up, i’ll teach u the electric boogaloo with our favorite sparkle dog Paarl and Detective Annie on the side lets go

hi! so I guess I hit 500? in light of this, I decided to make a follow forever! I honestly have no clue what I’m doing, so bear with me lmao

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also thank you for 500?? I never would have thought that this trash blog would have ever reached this milestone, so thank you!

yrvell  asked:

Okay this is a bit out of the blue, but I need to get this off my chest. YoUR ArT?? Is aMaZIng?? I was admiring your recent pieces and it just hit me how in love i actually am with your style. It is so unique and so expressive?? And the colouring is always so stunning and vibrant. The way you do hair is also v cute (i LOVE your Chat Noirs especially ToE BeANs) just ahhh it looks beautiful in any brush you use (i'm really digging the pencil though) Your ocs are also ADORABLE please tell us more!!

i literally screamed when i saw this im not even kidding omgomgomgoggomgomgomogogog THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU DEAR I LOVE YOU,, SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHH FVHAJKH im cr y in g thankyouthankyouthankyou >//<

also im seriously SO happy you like my ocs.. T-T here is a link to their story and their tag if you’d like to explore that haha :3 im so glad.. ily so much sjskdsjk

anonymous asked:

new fics similar to His Beautiful Haunting Eyes, His Little Bird, and Curls and Bruises? Don't mind wips but can't be abandoned.

Have you read Sold by Gryffindorclutz? It’s complete and is very good in terms of being a super dark story with an obsessive Draco.

Sold by Gryffindorclutz - M-**!!**Reworking of another story. Typical Marriage law fic rules N/C

Squirm by MrBenzedrine is also a very dark/horror story. It’s a WIP but is updated regularly:

Squirm MrBenzedrine89 - M- Written for Halloween, 2016. Dramione. Rated M for non-con themes, as well as implied horror. TRIGGER WARNING. Draco Malfoy falls into a strange obsession with Hermione Granger. But it’s a risk -he holds a dark, sinister secret, and if he becomes too close, she just might find out what it is. Dark Fic. WIP. **WINNER: Best WIP 2017 Winter Dramione Awards**

Little Blue Potion By: Twilight to Midnight -M- In his final year of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is determined to claim what should rightfully be his, even if he has to oppose the very girl herself to do it. Hermione Granger. Malfoys always get what they want. Always. AU. DHr. One-shot.

That Swedish Thing By: DracoDew17 -M- Hermione wakes up in the hospital having no recollection of the previous five months. What happened to her and why can’t she remember?

You might also look at the Dark Draco and Obsessive Draco:

tags: http://dramioneasks.tumblr.com/tagged/Draco%3A-Dark



Editing to add Refictionista’s newest short story:

Fifty Silver Sickles by Refictionista -M- Hermione is wary of Draco, with good reason. 


Edit 2: Thank you dracohasmycat and akffxx for your suggestions! Also thank you to the Anon who sent us a message to make a suggestion as well!

These three stories are by  s l y t h e r i n d o l l

Worst Mistake by  s l y t h e r i n d o l l- M, WIP - One taste and they were both ruined forever…

Monsters and Mudbloods by  s l y t h e r i n d o l l- M, WIP - A Malfoy always wins… 

Devilish by s l y t h e r i n d o l l- M, WIP - And when her halo broke, she carved the two halves into horns. 

This one is written by camnz

Best Enemies by camnz- M, 24 chapter, complete - A throw-away conversation with the vilest ferret on the planet has unintended consequences for Hermione’s entire summer. 

Last one is the sequel to His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes if you haven’t already read it.

His Sweet, Decadent Smile by thecellarfloor- M, 14 chapters, complete - “Princess,” Draco’s voice sliced through the silence, dangerously close to where she was hiding, “I know you’re here somewhere.” Hermione muffled her ragged breaths. He was clearly enjoying this. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” A sequel to HBHE 

Last one! This one is fairly new just recently posted on Fanfiction.net

Twisted by BB Rosie- M, WIP - Her breath escaped her as Malfoy slammed her against the wall. Before she could push him off, his lips crashed onto hers, in front of everyone in the foyer. Suddenly, he pulled away, giving her a smirk that sent cold fear striking down her spine. Hermione Granger was speechless… 

- Wynken