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I finally confirmed my gogo dancing gig with the party host. And he asked me to send him some pictures to remind him which person I was and what not. And I send him some. (I don’t think I’ve met him but I met the other party planners )
And he responds “omfg I totally follow you on IG and have unpure thoughts Everytime you post a picture I definitely want you dancing for us.” Lmfaooo

I always knew acting cuter online would generate some cash. I’m a marketing genius honestly.
How long can exo members hold their grudge
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Baekhyun:</b> 24 hours max<p/><b>Lay:</b> give it 30 seconds<p/><b>Kyungsoo:</b> good fucking luck chingu<p/><b>Jongin:</b> 2 days<p/><b>Chanyeol:</b> 0.2 secs,unless you fucked up<p/><b>Jongdae:</b> don't even bother apologizing<p/><b>Minseok:</b> eternity<p/><b>Junmyeon:</b> its either 2months or 2 millenials<p/><b>Sehun:</b> 11 minutes,maybe even longer<p/></p><p/></p>
I fell in love with you because you weren’t like anyone else, and you didn’t try to be. Do not think for one moment that you’ll disappoint me. I will love you no matter what.