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Hey! Ok, crazy thing, I just hit 400 followers! What? I know, I’m still shocked! Idk if you guys know, but I have this blog since 2012, and then I just abandoned it mid 2013. This year I decided to come back and I’m so glad I did, ‘cause the PJO fandom is so so talented and welcoming and awesome. Really, I have so much fun here, thank you so much, can’t imagine tumblr without you guys ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

So today I decided to do a little something for the lovely people that fill my dash with fun and awesomesses everyday, my very first follow forever (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:・゚✧

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anonymous asked:

Good Pjo blogs to suggest?

sure thing

these blogs are purely pjo, like i’m vvv sure they only post pjo or mostly i guess

pjofanarts; holyaphrodite; levesqueted; gracingpiper; tartarhus; childofagod; lastdemigodstanding; lordvaldez; jasongraek; ohpercychase; percyhalfblood; istolethelightning; percyjacqson; l-leovaldez; percysjacksoned; silenhabeauregard; anakklusmos; racheldaredme

now these blogs are multifandom but posts pretty good amount of pjo 

sevenheroesofolympus; annabethism; shadowtravel; awildpercychase; biancadiangalo; jasangrace; ghostlynico; leovaldezier; seeliecourte; sexualpercy; sexualnico; themarkofathena; ofathena; oldgods; annabetthchase; theserpentshadow; royalreyna

i probably missed a ton but here’s my blogroll 

Heeey! Umh my name is Lena and this is my first follow forever (I’m deeply sorry for this crappy edit but I was in a hurry when I made it) and I finally got my lazy ass off my bed and made this as a celebration of my 10,000 followers! *throws confetti at you*

When I made this blog I never thought I would go this far and I would like to THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH because I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for you. Thank you, I truly love you every single one of you <3

  • Here are some shiny glittery bitches that own a place on my heart

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Hey guys so this isnt really one of those wow I’ve achieved my goal follow forever’s, basically I’ve been gaining followers reaaaally slowly lately and I realized I just wanted to say thank you to some of the blogs who have been following me and who i have followed for a long time c: 

Yoo so if you are bolded I admire your blog like a lot and if you’re italicized/linked i left you a message and you can hover to see it :)

ps i got too lazy to make a nice banner but here is the fabulous artist

yayayay friends first ((or at least i consider u guys friends)) and i couldn’t be borthered to put that in alphabetical order so here you go:

MayaMolly, CamilaIvana, RachThaliaSkylarAlex, Mia, Binna, Jamie, Amy, LinnaMay, Banna, Nia, Di, Melia, Lena, Tyler

oh and networks all the people in these are fab too (not gonna link just because they’re all password protected

athenaparthenosproject, theromanfoundation, annabamfnetwork, frankzhangnet, queenreynanet, jercynetwork, mathshatersclub


aillsonargent, annabanging, annabeht, annabethschases, annabuttchase, aphrodete, augustusswaterss, beckendorph, castellanpride, claraoswaldl, clarisselawar, crystalrede, fininick


ghostlynico, gracingpiper, gryffndour, h-appydragon, headcounselor, heroesolympus, herrnes, heyclarisselarue, highschoolau, holyaphrodite, huntressgrace, intartarus, jasohgrace, jasongracist, l-leovaldez, leovaldaez, leozhang, lovegoode, lukecastelland, lukecastellar


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+blogroll because i definitely forgot some people and i follow around 180 fabulous blogs c:


Hi everyone!! So, the year is ending (duhh) and i’d like to thank you guys for filling my dash with gr8 posts and i’d also like to say that i love every single one of you, oh and happy holidays!!! ♥♥♥


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HELLO,guys so i guess this is my first follow forever and i decided to make it to thank you all who make my dash prettier and to wish a merry christmas and a happy new year to all my fab and fantastic followers. Thank you for everything !

The blogs are not in order of preference,okay ...so:


+blogroll cause i’m sure i’m forgeting some blogs  ;D