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And on that day, Loki found that getting exactly what he wanted made him feel nothing but empty.

Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok.

30 day OTP Challenge Day Twelve: Making Out

Note: Fluff, slight profanity, and both the reader and Loki on edge

Words: 1325

It been a long few days and all you’ve been trying to do is cuddle with your king and kiss him. Now is that too much to ask for? Every chance you got it was somehow disturbed by another member of the team, even when you were in your own bedroom for criminy sake! You were on the borderline of decking someone in the face, because you have been stressed. Loki has always been able to unwind you with just a small peck on the lips, but that hasn’t happened. I mean it’s not like you couldn’t live without Loki’s kisses, but you were going insane without something.

The first time you were interrupted you both were in the kitchen during the early hours of the morning eating breakfast and drinking some coffee. You were standing at the counter talking about last night’s mission when Loki stepped closer. “You know, your new uniform might I say looks rather sexy by hugging you in all the right places.” He comments taking a drink from his cup as your face lit up before you set down your empty bowl into the sink. “R-Really?” You asked. “Absolutely.” He purred before slithering a hand around your waist as he pulled you closer.

You let out a squeak before giggling as you noticed his darkened iris when you leaned forward when your lips were just about to connect you heard a gasp. “Oh come on! You have a bedroom to do that in!” Bucky exclaimed as you smashed heads when you jerk away. “Ah!” You grunted stepping back to glare at Bucky before noticing Steve’s blushing face as he looked away. “Piss off Barnes, no one was here.” You hissed feeling a dull ache forming on your forehead. “Are you alright my darling?” Loki asked rubbing his own head as you saw a red mark forming on it.

“I’m okay, come on.” You took his hand glaring at Bucky who glared back as you led him towards the elevator. You went and got an ice pack for you both as you plopped down onto the couch beside him. “Sorry love.” You mumbled. “Why? I was the one who started it all.” He said as you shrug. “Still.” You said as you lay your head onto his shoulder. “We should probably get ready go and train with Steve and Natasha. Wonder if Steve will even look at us.” You said standing up as he smirks before nodding when he stood up following you.

The next time is you and Loki were cuddled up together in your own bedroom watching some old film about star crossed lovers. You felt content and suddenly you gained a wicked idea in your head when you glanced up to Loki who was into the movie. You shifted going unnoticed by your lover when you suddenly crawled into his lap as his eyes widened. He looked up at you in shock and opened his mouth. “(Y/N)–” He was cut off when you placed your finger over his lips as he remained quiet before you wrapped your arms around him.

“Don’t talk.” You whispered kissing down his neck as he swallowed thickly feeling heat prickle under his skin when he snakes his arms around your back. You smirked softly before you lead your passionate, open mouth kisses up towards his lips. You were just about to finally dive into his lips when the door ripped open to reveal Tony, Thor, Natasha, and Clint. “Brother–Oh.” Thor said as you jerk almost falling off the bed before Loki caught you. “What?” Loki demanded angrily as you buried your face into his neck feeling like you were going to pass out.

“I apologize, we’ve come to ask you if you’d care to partake in the going out on the town with us.” Thor said as Loki forced down a sigh. “But it seems you two are already busy. Gross.” Clint comments. “But we are in our room! You barged in on us!” You hissed as everyone looked at you in shock as you looked to them. “Leave so we can get ready.” You gritted out through your teeth as the door close. You laid back onto the bed with an angered sigh when Loki placed a kiss on your forehead. “Come my love.” He said helping you up as you whined.

The last time you were ready to burn down half of New York by now, because you were on a date with Loki. You were walking hand in hand down the street and you had been having a good night with him. Everything was going so perfectly, the meal you had was excellent, the movie you watched was good, and he gave you his coat when it started to get cold. It was everything you ever dreamed it would be and more. You were watching Loki as he talked about his days in Asgard helping Thor with some kind of fallout out between the two races.

You loved hearing Loki talk about practically everything when you stopped walking when you just made it inside the tower. He turned back to you confused when you pulled his face towards you as he smiled realizing what was happening. “Miss (L/N), and Mr. Laufeyson I am terribly sorry for the disturbance, but there is an attack down in Manhattan.” FRIDAY’s voice said smoothly. You growled before closing your eyes. “I swear to goodness I am going to kill someone.” You said as Loki chuckles before you both went up to the tower to get ready.

It’s about four hours later and are all finally dragging your battered and bruised bodies back to the tower. “Good work today everyone.” Steve comments as everyone hums in agreement. “Wanna watch a movie or something?” Clint asked. “You know to help us all unwind?” He asked as everyone nods. “Sounds alright.” Bucky said plopping down next to Natasha who grunted at the ache in her leg. Loki noticed you were wiping blood from your leg seeing the gash that littered it when he walked over as everyone looked to him.

He scooped you up into his arms holding under your butt as you squeaked hold onto his shoulders at the sudden movement. He never said a word before he walked over towards the elevator and took you down to the apartment leaving everyone dumbfounded. “Loki.” You mumbled against his neck. “Come you need to clean your wound and a warm shower.” He said as you moaned softly at the thought when he walked you into the bathroom. He helped you out of your uniform before looking at you as you hissed looking at the gash.

He turned on the warm as you stared at him for a moment before something inside of his seized his sanity. He set you onto the counter and pressed you against the mirror before his lips collided with yours. It felt like fireworks were going off in your stomach as Loki’s fingers entangled into your hair and tugged before tilting your head back. His lips sucked, licked, and bit their way down the column of your throat pulling a moan from your slightly bruised lips. “Loki.” You gasp breathlessly earning a growl from him as he pulled away before claiming your lips again.

You pull him closer against you as you deepen the kiss when your lungs ache from the lack of air before he finally separates from you. You are both panting harshly, but you don’t want that feeling of bliss to end as he chuckles softly. “What?” You asked grinning before he removes all of your clothes along with his own. “Oh my darling, I can never get over your taste.” He smirks licking his lips as you blush before he pulling you into the shower. He presses you against the wall with a smirk. “Kiss me again before someone comes.” You whispered and he does just that.

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That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter Five)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Soulmate Au)

Warnings: Passing out?

Word Count: 1,034.

Sorry for any typos/misspelled words!

Previous Chapters:

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Y/N was terrified. One minute she was looking at a book with her sister and her sister’s boss, the next, she had met her soulmate, (who was possibly a Norse god as well) and was whisked away before he even found out her name.

Needless to say, her day had not been very normal.

As soon as she had felt solid ground under her feet again, Y/N broke away from ‘Loki’ as he called himself.

“Who do you think you are?” She demanded, glaring at him.

He looked at her, confused, “I am Loki, of Asgard; and I am your soulmate.” He said plainly.

“Yeah,” Y/N stated crossing her arms, “I got that. ”

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“Thor?” you looked at him, your eyes shimmering with tears. “Please, tell me he’s lying. Tell me the truth.” 

“I’m sorry, [Y/N]. We should have told you sooner…”

30 Day OTP Challenge Day Twenty-Six: Wedding

Note: Anxiety, and FLUFFFFFFFFFF

Words: 1560 

Today was a perfect, and beautiful day were the sun was shining brightly on this warm August day. Yet here you were pacing inside your dressing room with the worst anxiety bubbling in the pit of your stomach. Natasha, Wanda, Pepper, and Laura were all watching you as you had a mental breakdown at the thought of going out there. “What if he has second thoughts? What if he is just marrying me so he isn’t lonely?” You asked practically pulling out your hair from the stress when Natasha forced you to sit down. “Stop thinking like that.” She said smiling softly.

“But–” You were cut off by her. “No buts, listen I know Loki can be a lot of things, most of them bad, but he loves you with every fiber in his entire being. Stop worrying so much.” She said brushing a loose strand of hair from your face. “I can’t Nat, I feel like I’m gonna throw out or pass out or do both.” You felt tears forming in your eyes when there was a knock at the door. Natasha motioned for Pepper to help you as she walked over to the door and opened it to see Steve, Thor, and Bucky standing there. “What’s wrong?” She asked frowning as they sighed.

“It’s Loki, he’s having a panic attack. So we came up with a solution well Thor did.” Steve explained as Natasha quirked her eyebrow. “How?” She asked. “We bring Loki to (Y/N).” He said as Natasha frowned. “You know that brings bad luck.” She hissed. “No, they will not see the other. My brother shall stand outside the door with Lady (Y/N) standing at the door. The door shall be opened slightly if they wish to hold hands and calm each other down. None of us can help them if we don’t do this.” Thor explained as Natasha’s eyes widened slightly at the plan.

“Wow Thor for once that’s actually really smart. It’ll help them both, and they won’t see each other. Alright, go get him.” She said before closing the door as you started to hyperventilate when Natasha walks over. “Hey, hey I’m right here. Come over to the door with me.” She said slowly helping you stand as you trembled walking over to the door when she opened it just a little bit. You looked at her in confusion but she waved her hand in dismissal as if to tell you to wait. “Nat what are you–” You were cut off as she open a hand over your mouth. “Ssh.” She smiles.

Suddenly there was shuffling behind the door as you looked to the door and then to Natasha. “(Y/N)?” Loki’s soft voice called out as your heart stopped. “Are you alright my darling?” He asked softly as you felt tears of relief at hearing his voice again. You had been apart for a few days before the wedding and to hear him speak was a weight lifted off your shoulders. You let out a sob before covering your mouth when you saw his hand slip through the crack of the door. “Take my hand my love.” He whispered gently as you slowly reached out and intertwined your fingers.

“I hope you aren’t having second thoughts.” He whispered slightly concerned. “No!” You exclaimed loudly before wincing at your voice when he chuckled squeezing your hand reassuringly. “That is good. You have no idea how happy I am to hear your lovely voice again.” He whispered. “I love you.” He whispered as you smiled softly. “I love you too… so much.” You whispered before laying your head against the door. “I’m nervous.” You whispered. “As am I my darling, but I’m also very excited, because today I get to marry my best friend, and other half.” He spoke softly.

You chuckled softly as everyone watched you with smiles on their faces when Tony steps into the hallway motioning for the men to come along. “I must go my darling, they are calling for my cue. I can’t wait to see how beautiful you look. I don’t think you could look more beautiful in my eyes, but you never cease to amaze me. I shall see you out there.” He whispered before squeezing your hand one last time before he gently let out as he walked out towards the aisle. Natasha quickly, but careful cleaned up your smudged makeup from your tears.

Suddenly the door opened as Tony grinned holding out his arm for you to take while the girls walked out before you. “Ready?” He asked as you bit your lip. “As I’ll ever be.” You whispered remembering his face expression when you asked him to walk you down the aisle. “Let’s get you married Princess.” He winked making you chuckle softly at the nickname before the music started. Your heart was pounding loudly in your ears as everyone was looking at you with a smiles on their faces when you started slowly down towards the man of your dreams.

The moment your eyes locked it was as if everything around you both disappeared. Loki felt like there was no one else in the world except you as his breath was taking away at your beauty. He couldn’t believe you were actually his, and that here you were wedding dress in all to take his last name as your own. Tony quirked an eyebrow at Loki with a silent ‘I can still kill you, you know.’ kind of look before he helped you up the steps and into Loki’s hands. You slowly intertwined your fingers together as you looked up into his face smiling happily.

“We are gathered here together to join Loki Laufeyson and (Y/N) (L/N) in holy matrimony. Is there anyone here would have reasons to object to this union of love? Speak now or forever hold your peace.” The Priest called. The moment those words were uttered Natasha, Steve, Bucky, Thor, and Tony glared around the room to make sure no one said a peep. Afterwards vows were said that was listened to in silent room as everyone smiled hearing your hearts poured out before the other in words never uttered before.

“The rings please.” He said as Sam walked up offering out the rings with a grin of happiness to the two of you before you took the other’s ring in your hands. “Now, do you Loki Laufeyson take (Y/N) (L/N) to have and to hold, in sickness and in health until death do you part?” The Priest asked as Loki smiles. “I do.” He whispered slipping the ring onto your finger. “Do you (Y/N) (L/N) take Loki Laufeyson to have and to hold, in sickness and in health until death do you part?” He asked as you smiled slipping the ring over his finger. “I do.” You whispered to him.

“You may now kiss the bride.” The Priest said with a nod as you gripped the collar of his shirt before immediately smashing your lips to his. Everyone cheered loudly and even laughed at your actions even Loki chuckled before he placed his hands onto the back of your head. He deepened the kiss as he pulled you closer when you finally pulled apart smiling like idiots. “Now I’m really going to worry about you.” He whispered as you laugh happily to him while you kissed him once more. “I’m okay with that.” You countered as he gives a grin in response.

“Come on, it’s time to toss the bouquet!” Natasha called as the women all stood together before you laughed turning around. “Ready?” You asked when Natasha grabbed Steve who was talking to Bucky just as you tossed it. His eyes widened when it landed in his hands when you turned around before everyone started to laugh. Natasha nudged Bucky who was completely flustered along with Steve who looked readyto pass out from how red his face was. “I call being the best man!” Tony called as Steve chuckled before kissing Bucky’s cheek gently.

Everyone traveled to the reception hall as everyone watched both of you dance for the first song when you looked at him. “I have something to tell you.” You whispered as you laid your head down onto his shoulder while swaying to ‘I can’t help falling in love’. “And what is that my love?” He asked when you moved his hands onto your stomach as he frowned. “What?” He asked when you looked into his eyes as he looked to you when gears clicked making his eyes widened. “Y-You mean…?” He asked looking down to your stomach as you smiled nodding.

“Bruce confirmed it for me, and the wedding dress was a bitch to get on when your stomach is swollen.” You huff as he starts to laugh tearing up before suddenly you were scooped up into his arms causing you to squeal loudly. Everyone chuckled before you grinned down to him when he immediately pulled you into a passionate kiss. “Like I said, you never cease to amazing me my beautiful wife.” He whispered softly before setting you down onto your feet. “I love you so much Mr. Laufeyson.” You whispered softly. “I love you so much more Mrs. Laufeyson.” He grins before swaying with you gently for the rest of the night.

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Author’s Note: YAASSSS I’ve been waiting for this since I first starting this Challenge! This was my favorite one to write! Everyone was just so cute and fluff filled and agrtrihgrihrgt I’m good!

L is for Loki Laufeyson! Trickster god of Asgard, mastermind, adopted brother of Thor, adopted son of Odin, on and off marvel super villain, anti-hero, shapeshifter, first Avenger villain, manipulator, the list goes on……

He Remembered And I Didn’t? *Loki x Reader*

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(Requested by georghiousophia) Hey I love your writing !!!!! It’s so good. And I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ??? Sorry if this sucks its my 16 birthday and I just wanted a birthday imagine 😂😂😂 xx
Warnings: Probably swearing- kinda swear a lot, Loki fluff and Birthday banter
Admin Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY -whenever it is/was. Hopefully this up around the weekend time, and its not too late, hopefully this is good enough for you also. Also this is my first time at writing a Loki, so if its bad… I am deeply sorry, hopefully I do everyone’s favourite Avengers villain justice. Decided to make it a whole AvengersxReader thing also, but mainly Loki fluff will happen!

“You guys all busy today?” You asked casually, all the Avengers- minus Thor looked up from their; newspapers, breakfasts and conversations to look at you, a small smile on your face as you looked at each of them. Today could be considered important to the average person; to you it was just a normal day that indicated you were one year older, well that’s how you used to feel about it… now you actually have a bunch of really great friends, best friends actually, so maybe celebrating becoming older could actually be fun.
“Sorry (Y/N) but most of us are pretty busy today” Steve announced folding his paper in half “A lot of paper work and training to be done” he gave a sad smile, you nodded with a shrug, you had guessed a lot of the people here would be busy.
“Why?” Pietro asked, you shook your head not wanting any of them to feel bad for being busy today, after all you never made a big deal about today before and you’ve said previously that you don’t care for Birthdays all that much.
Just wanted to chill, that’s all, its fine” you smile through the disappointment “I have this new TV show I wanna watch anyway’s, we can all chill some other time” you walk out of the kitchen still smiling at them all.

“I feel like there was more to that than she was letting on” Clint spoke up and Pietro nodded in agreement, Natasha just shrugged alongside Bruce, leaving the Maximoff’s, Steve and Clint all deeply concerned for you but they eventually dropped the topic. 
You sat down in one of the many rooms that held a TV, clicking on Netflix you scrolled through the selection, you didn’t expect anyone to remember your birthday; you hardly ever mention the date but it would have been nice to have someone hug you, to wish you a happy birthday, to spend a few hours with you. 

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