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The partygoers’ cheers die in their wine-slick throats. 

Portia trips her way up the scaffold, shoving the guards away from Julian and falling in front of him, trembling with sobs. Julian kneels to her height. 

He smiles fondly, laughs softly. It hurts his throat. “You’re still as short as I remember, huh?” 

Portia throws her arms around and sobs into his shoulder, small fingers gripped tight around his shirt, trying to convince herself that he’s there, he’s real, he’s breathing.

Julian whispers, soothes. “It’s okay.” 

But that tone was reserved for patients. Portia could see through the lie.

The wide-eyed crowd parts for Nadia, calling out Portia’s name. 

“Portia, get down from there.”

“You can’t!” Portia screams. She’s breathing harsh, tears streaming. A hiccupping sob wracks her. “You can’t.” 

Nadia stands tall, swallows hard.

“Your majesty.” Portia pleads. Julian turns his head away from the crowd. The night grows cold as the wind blows through. The noose above them sways. 

She whispers this time. “Nadia.” 



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Can we get some more klance headcanons pweeease?

I suppose so.. ;)

  • Keith likes to sleep with a blanket over his head
    • It’s just something he started doing from a young age; more for comfort than anything
    • and now he can’t sleep without at least his ears being covered
      • No matter how hot it gets, Keith will always sleep with a blanket
    • Lance teases him but it actually works out great when they cuddle at night
    • Like Lance doesn’t mind being the big spoon and/or having Keith lie on top of him
    • And with Keith liking his head covered that means Lance gets more blanket at night, and they both sleep fairly well
  • Lance once bought gloves and cut the fingers off
    • Not because he wanted to match the aesthetic of his BF, (and BFF too I guess)
    • Oh no.
      • Instead of donning the fingerless portion of glove when he was finished, Lance instead wore the fingers.
      • The bits he had cut off.
      • Keith was disgusted
        • K: “You just ruined a perfectly good pair of mittens.”
        • L: “You’re just jealous.”
      • He wasn’t. They were super ugly.
    • Lance called his creation “Just the Tips”
    • Shiro made a rule that banned them from the castle after that
  • Keith is touch starved
    • So much so in fact that he doesn’t even realize it
    • He really only ever touches/hugs Shiro, who’s like a brother to him (his words not mine) 
    • After he and Lance initiate a sort of relationship, Keith is uncomfortable with the amount of touching
    • Not because he hates it or anything, just because he’s not used to it.
    • It’s an intimacy he’s not accustomed with.
      • Lance comes to realize that it’s because Keith is sort of new at receiving affection 
      • He makes a point of only touching him after getting Keith’s permission
        • He’ll look over at him before placing a hand at his hip, just to make sure
        • Or if they hold hands Lance will ask if he’s alright with it
        • He also makes a point of only cuddling Keith after wrapping him up in a blanket, so that skin-to-skin contact is minimized (so that Keith isn’t immediately overwhelmed)
      • Eventually Keith warms up to the physical contact, and is less shy about seeking it out on his own
      • He’ll grab hold of Lance whenever he feels the need
        • the day he rested his head on Lance’s shoulder unprovoked was the day Lance’s heart exploded in his chest
      • It takes time, but Lance is patient and Keith’s koala side is eventually unearthed.
    • And nothing is better than clingy Keith
  • Lance has low blood sugar
    • It’s nothing major, but every now and again his energy levels will plummet
    • He’ll be grumpy and miserable and just so exhausted
    • It took a while for the others to realize what the problem/cause of it was
      • It was Hunk who figured it out 
      • He passed the info onto Keith
        • who now carries around an emergency supply of sweets in his utility belt for whenever Lance crashes
      • If he notices Lance’s hands shaking on a mission, or that his gaze is unfocused and dizzy, he’ll pull him aside, shove a candy bar in his hand, and draw patterns on his back while he eats
      • Lance feels like he’s bringing the team down, but Keith reassures him that the mission can wait until he’s 100%
        • K: “We can’t have our sharpshooter losing focus.”
        • L: “Then maybe our leader shouldn’t be so attractive.”
        • (This takes place while Keith still pilots Black)
  • Lance has a vast collection of pet names
    • Which isn’t a surprise really
    • And they usually make Keith blush and shyly look away
      • The day Keith dropped his own pet name is the day Lance ascended into Heaven.
      • It wasn’t even anything substantial, just a simple “hey babe”
      • But Lance was speechless 
        • K: “Lance? You ok?”
        • L: “say it again.”
        • K: “What…babe?”
        • L: *dies*
      • After that Keith makes a point of dropping pet names at the most inopportune times
      • Like in a mission, or casually during a conversation with aliens
    • It drives Lance crazy in both senses of the word.
    • And he gets his revenge later on when he gets Keith in a dark corner alone

just saying but i finished vl/d in 3 days and never before have i seen such a wholesome and amazing relationship between two characters (with quite honestly the most chemistry out of all the paladins) be turned down so harshly by its own fandom just bc of unofficial information and of a color trope…


Guess the Breed(s)

This is Reggie!!!! He’s 14 and the biggest love bug. All he wants is to kiss you and sniff everything in sight, and if you have a rope toy you’re gonna be best friends. He can spell (we tried to get him less excited for walks by calling it a W-A-L-K and after a week he caught on), balance treats on his nose and dance on his hind legs but will never give you back the ball.

yoi: sims 2 edition

i wish i had pictures to illustrate the sims 2 hell i’m living in right now.  every once in awhile i fall back into the hole, and after j o k i n g l y making that post about yuri plisetsky making sims of himself and yuuri falling in love (and a house just to repeatedly kill victor), i actually was like, oh my god, self, we should totally make YOI sims.  except every time i play this fucking game i forget how stupid the sims are, and okay, what i did happens in waves:

  1. i make separate families for victor and yuuri.  they never visit each other’s homes, they never meet each other in other lots.  i kill off victor so i can keep all the nice furniture i put in his apartment and make a new family that is both yuuri and victor.
  2. i’m a big dummy who makes yuuri a family sim and victor a love sim.  it FELT right at the time, but as soon as victor and yuuri start woohooing all over the goddamn place, victor immediately has all of his life goals set to woohooing with five other sims.  i try to ignore this and make them adopt a baby (yurio).  victor freaks the fuck out and his life goals plummet.
  3. so i didn’t want victor cheating on yuuri, but i felt really bad about victor’s need for dick, so i make a harem house of different yuuri katsukis right next door.  all of them are sluts.  victor fucks all of them.  victor is satisfied.  
  4. except victor goes on a date with the one i named “debu yuuri” (he is a chunky sweet boy, total cockslut) and it ends RIGHT as OG yuuri is getting home from work, and yuuri freaks the fuck out even though victor is cheating on him with himself.  yuuri is pissed and all of his life goals are like “FIND LOVE AGAIN” and “BE FLIRTED WITH”.  i’m sorry, yuuri!!!!
  5. ghost!victor is still lurking this property and makes victor pee himself.  he had it coming. 
  6. so out of guilt (AGAIN) i make a NEW, SINGLE VICTOR that lives across the road.  OG victor comes over and they become fast friends over their identical plunging necklines and terrible sims 2 bangs.  the next day i have single victor invite over OG victor and his family all while singing IT’S MR-STEAL-YO-GIRL while i proceed to have single, better, six million dollar victor charm heartbroken yuuri while his husband watches sports on tv.  THEY FALL IN LOVE.  
  7. i go back to the original plot, intending to either make the original yuuri and victor divorce, so victor can go run off to slut island and fuck his frat house full of yuuris, and yuuri can go be with the family man victor, and everyone will be happy.
  8. i. fell. asleep.
  9. i wake up, OG victor and yuuri are in love again, they’re adopting a second kid.  what the fuck.  what the fuck!!! 
  10. basically all of pleasantville is houses of victors and yuuris trying to fuck and fall in love and there is no way this can end well.

Evan Hansen Playlist 

listen here

t r a c k l i s t

  • Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
  • Look After You- The Fray
  • Lego House- Ed Sheeran
  • Photograph- Ed Sheeran
  • Secret For the Mad- Dodie 
  • Sweet Creature- Harry Syles
  • Skinny Love- Bon Iver
  • Let Her Go- Passenger
  • Blackbird- The Beatles
  • She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5
  • Blue- Troye Sivan
  • Walking in The Wind- One Direction
  • Drops of Jupiter- Train
  • I’m Yours- Jason Mraz
  • Demons- Imagine Dragons
  • Trouble- Nevershoutnever
  • On The Brightside- Nevershoutnever
  • Hold Back The River- James Bay
  • I’m Not The Only One- Sam Smith
  • Dancing On My Own- Calum Scott
  • Jumper- Third Eye Blind
  • No Rain- Blind Melon
  • Say It Ain’t So- Weezer
  • The Middle- Jimmy Eats World
  • Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows
  • Absolutely (The Story of a Girl)- Nine Days
  • Blame It On Me- George Ezra
  • Riptide- Vance Joy
  • Here- Alessia Cara
  • Alive- Sia
  • Shake It Out- Florence + The Machine
  • Don’t Speak- No Doubt
  • If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys
  • San Francisco- The Mowgli’s
  • First- Cold War Kids
  • Unsteady- X Ambassadors
  • Cough Syrup- Young the Giant
  • Yellow- Coldplay
  • Mountain Sound- Of Monsters and Men
  • Brave- Sara Bareilles


note: these are songs that remind me of Evan and songs I think he probably listens to


Connor Playlist

♡ Little Lover Pt. 1

First of all, hello! This is my very first fanfic on tumblr! I’ve had this idea of writing this story as I was laying in bed (cause I happen to be more creative when I try to sleep but can’t). Anyway I really hope that you enjoy this because I’m hoping to write more soon (I was thinking of making this into a series tbh). So please enjoy!

♡ Genre: Fluff, High School!AU

♡ Pairing: Seokjin x reader 

♡ Word Count: 2.9k

♡ Summary: You have a great infatuation for your literature teacher Kim Seokjin after an encounter and you decide to send him a letter to prove your love. He wants to keep his professional reputation without crossing any borders but your youth, innocence and cute looks catch his eyes.~

Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

This gif perfectly describes him in the story omg.

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some pride fest based klance

My closeted ass really wants to go to the local pridefest but can’t so I’m living vicariously through these losers

modern au where K/L meet at a pride parade after-party.

Lance is thE GUY with the roller skates and flashy bi flags and suspenders and glow sticks up his arms. He was being a flirt™, like he is, and turns to skate away real fast bc he senses rejection. Lance triPS and rams into Keith who was shoved into the crowd by Pidge after she was like,,, you’ll never socialize with anyone plEASE go talk to the roller skate boy

um??? now Keith is kind of cradling Lance and his unfortunate roller skates and Pidge is just honking in the corner???? I kind of made a comic but it’s a WIP so,,,,

if I was good at writing I would make a fanfic but I succ,, I’ll write one anyway hA

The proof of life is etched deep beneath sinew and bone, blood and flesh. It’s the savage thrum of a machine that jars open the chasm between life and death, thrashing until silence falls.

You may hear it, or feel it at the edge of your fingertips as you place them on another’s chest, or put your ear to the trembling body of a little creature. It beats, a low, fast, desperate song that is proof. Beat, after beat, life. Life exists.

Then again, you feel the same tick at the centre of an old clock, or a pocket watch. Less flesh, more mechanical, but it still beats. Proof of life lays there too, beneath glass faces and turning arms. Time is alive, tick after tick after tick.

B u t   w e   k i l l e d   i t .

What blinks back at us now are led lights and lifeless numbers. A dead, silent impression of what time once was. No thrum of immortality that time once stood with. No wonder we are always running out, running late, too late. We work with times weary spirit.

- time is a ghost

I’ve been inspired by Texan Keith and… I believe I’m certified to give some input.

Literally no one knows he is for a long time until one day he’s annoyed and a “y’all’d’ve” slips out (you all would have) in conversation. (Yes, that gets used. And it is nearly impossible to say without an accent.) Something like: 

“Y’all’d’ve been fine if you’d just-” 

And he cuts off because Hunk and Pidge are just staring at him and Lance looks like he’s stuck between being about to laugh and about to cry. 

L: “What did you just say?”
K: “What are you talking about?”
L: “You guys heard that, right?”
H: “Yup.”
P: “Pretty sure…”
K: “You guys aren’t making any sense-”
L: “Don’t you mean ‘y’all’?”
K: “…shit.”

And after it gets revealed, they start asking him about stereotypical stuff and he’s nearly ashamed about how much of it is true while simultaneously weirded out that it’s not a thing where they are from. 

Yes, chicken fried steak is served a lot, but elementary schools called it beef cutlet to make it sound fancy or something.”

“What’s wrong with ‘ain’t’?”

“No, not everyone has a horse, but I’ve seen plenty.”

“Cowboy boots are comfortable, okay?”

The others complaining about the weather being hot on some alien planet, and Keith is just: “I bet it’s not even 100 degrees, calm down.” 

Just… Texan Keith. I can’t even…

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Can you write something about Baekhyun being sick and Chanyeol trying (key word: trying) to help him? Thank you :)

Val: Hi there anonie~~ Here’s something very similar to what you’re asking for! https://ask-exo-hybridau.tumblr.com/post/163873957623/i-ship-channie-with-baekkie

I might write something about Chanyeol being extra clusmy around sick Baekhyun one day but I’m swaped with homework right now, sorry.

I do hope you enjoy it though!

Chanbaek: Bye bye anonie!! *happy puppers send you lots of kisses*

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I really need inspiration so I watched Luhan’s Bazaar’s show and he was asked to say a few words to his fans but he said “I feel like this doesn’t need words” and did a heart sign,placed it on his heart pointed at the camera OMG gotta find or make a gif of that ;;

Omo fic #16

K and L were on a camping trip for the long weekend with a few friends.  K stepped inside their tent, immediately grabbing herself again.  She really couldn’t wait much longer, and could feel panic rising inside her.  She crouched down so she could press her heel against herself, hoping that would help a little.  Just then, L walked in, and saw her.  L was very concerned, as she knew K hadn’t been to the restroom since they left the day before.  She had watched K squirm all last night and evening, and watched it get progressively worse during the morning and into the early afternoon.  She knew it couldn’t be good for K’s body to hold it that long, and knew she must be in agony.  The only two options at this campsite were the camp bathrooms, which L had to admit, were kind of creepy and didn’t provide much privacy (which meant they would be terrifying for K), or to simply go outside somewhere, which she knew K would not be comfortable with either, hence why K had just been trying to hold it as long as possible.  L decided to try and convince her to go, approaching the situation as gently as possible.  She cared about K so much, and hated to see her in pain.   She said “Baby, can I help you?  Do you think if I was with you, it would be easier?  I could stand guard and make sure no one was around.”  K thought for a second, feeling the pressure in her abdomen, pressing her hand in harder.  Her bladder hated her at this moment, as she was really pushing her limit.  “Let’s just try, okay?”  L said gently, taking K’s hand.  K stood up slowly, pressing her thighs together as a wave of desperation hit her from not having her heel against her anymore, and she followed.  They walked a little past the campsite, heading for the scary bathroom with no doors on the stalls and the dark lighting.  K had to stop and cross her legs, and realized her heart was racing.  She couldn’t do it, there was no way.  But she kept following L, since she didn’t know what else to do.  Once they reached the small concrete building, K stopped.  “I can’t, L.”  She said, letting go of L’s hand and backing away.  L stepped towards her, saying “Babe, it’s okay, you can do it, I know you can.  I know it’s scary…” and K didn’t hear what she said after that.  She was distracted by how badly she needed to pee.  She had been waiting almost two days now, just to avoid the camp bathrooms, and she knew she only had a few minutes before she would lose it completely.  She was consciously tensing all her muscles to hold it back, which was causing her to shake a little.  Her muscles threatened to weaken, and she doubled over slightly.  L noticed K’s hands and legs shaking a little bit, knowing this was a telltale sign she was about to lose it.  K desperately wanted to go, but the bathrooms at this campsite were just so scary, and there was no way she was going outside.  She felt herself leak a few drops into her underwear, and quickly held herself again.  Hold it, she told herself.  L looked at her empathetically, and took both of her hands, walking backwards to lead her towards the bathrooms again.  After a few steps though, L tripped over a rock and landed on her back, and K fell with her.  She saved herself at the last second, and instead of landing on the ground, she was in a crouching position, hovering above L.  That sudden movement was too much on K’s body though, and she froze, starting to lose it.  “Oops,”  L said, giggling softly, not yet having noticed K’s situation.  K was so desperate she was completely unable to move, and leaks were forcing their way past her exhausted muscles, and into her panties, a few drops running into her shorts and down her legs.  She whimpered, knowing this was the end.  She shifted, trying to get off of L, but as soon as she moved she started to completely wet herself.  She was stuck.  She sobbed and covered her face as the worst, most embarrassing situation she could think of came true.  The constant little trickle was picking up speed, and K thought, she’s going to break up with me.  L felt the warm drops landing on her thighs, and quickly realized just what was happening.  Her heart sank, knowing K was going to be so embarrassed.  L guided K down so she was sitting on top of her, which made K even more self conscious, because now she was touching L’s waist and knew L could probably feel it coming out onto her.  Always reserved, composed K was not only completely wetting herself on top of her girlfriend, but was also covering her face with both hands to hide the fact that she was crying.  Not just crying, but sobbing, because she knew L wouldn’t love her after she did something like this.  L noticed how much K was shaking, and her sniffles, and that’s when it really sunk in how humiliating this must be for her.  “Hey,”  She said, touching K’s arm as gently as she could.  K mumbled, “L, I…”  but stopped.  The stream showed no signs of slowing down, and L was amazed, as always, that someone so tiny could hold so much.  She must have been in so much pain, L thought, feeling so bad for her.  They sat in silence, and when K was finally, finally finished (and felt gloriously empty, although she didn’t relish in it until the embarrassment subsided), K shifted, planning to get up, apologize profusely, and then walk away so she wouldn’t have to see L be mad.  Before she could move, though, L held her where she was, saying, “No, stay, please.”  K closed her eyes, more tears running down her face, knowing this was the end.  But then L said “Come here,”  coaxing K down to lie on top of her.  K buried her face in L’s shoulder, saying “I’m so sorry, L, I’m so sorry.”  L rubbed her back and said “Shhh, it’s okay, L’s here, just relax.”  They stayed like that for quite awhile, both of them deep in thought.  L just wanted K to feel better, to know that she was safe with her.  K just wanted to forget this had ever happened, angry with herself for not being able to wait.  However, after a few minutes, they both realized how uncomfortable their soaked clothes were.  They sat up, K looking down to see that L’s shorts and the bottom of her top were soaked.  L was busy pulling leaves out of her long blond hair.  “I’m so sorry,” K mumbled again, feeling herself blush.  “Don’t be,” L said soothingly, combing her hair with her fingers and flipping it behind her shoulders.  “You needed to go, and I’m glad you did.  I don’t mind at all, really.”  So she wasn’t mad?  We aren’t over?  K thought.  They both stood up, L taking K’s hand again and asking “Do you want to go shower?”  K nodded, smiling for the first time in awhile. Once they got into the shower area, K saw L’s soaked clothes again.  She felt bad, her clothes were so nice.  “I’m sorry I ruined your pretty clothes.”  She murmered, it sounding more like a whisper.  L looked up and said “No, baby, you didn’t ruin them, I’ll just wash them, it’s okay.  We’ll do laundry as soon as we get back, sound good?”  K smiled and they entered the shower together.  As they kissed and held each other in the shower, L knew she couldn’t let K go through that again on this trip.  She had to think of a way to show her that it wasn’t as scary as she thought, that she was safe.  K had been through a lot, and was incredibly shy when it came to personal things.  L was pretty good at getting her to open up, and she knew she had to think of something.

*I might write a part 2 on how the rest of the trip goes, and L trying to convince K to go the next time she gets squirmy.  I have some ideas on how that will go, so if you want me to write that, let me know!*