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a list of moments™ in musical theatre

-STAYYYYYY LITTLE VALLLLLENTIIIINE STAYYYYYYYYY and then the pause and the sudden decrescendo into “each day is valentine’s dayyyyy”
-ITS FROM JAPAAAAAAAAN and everything about that song
-all of “raise a little hell” and “this world will remember us” and everything about laura osnes and jeremy jordan
-the acapella part in “two by two” when they’re all clapping and some people are echoing and its just Pretty
-the harmonies on “moonlight swiiiiims”
-dum da da dum da da dum da da dum da da DUM DA DA DUM DA DA DUM DA DA DUM DA M A C A V I T Y M A C A V I T Y
-the dirty bum bum bum bum the dirty bum bum bum bum bum HE HAD IT COMIN
-and i dug deep down to the bottom of my soul…and cried…'cause…i…felt…N O T H I N G
-will i ever make a sound………………ON THE OUTSIDE ALWAYS LOOKING IN and the lights change and then you burst into sobs
-YOU ARE NOT ALONE (YOU ARE NOT ALONE) YOU ARE NOT ALONE (YOU ARE NOT ALONE) YOU ARE NOT YOU ARE NOT ALONE (YOU ARE NOT ALONE)…even when the dark comes crashing through when you need a friend to carry you and when you’re b r o k e n o n t h e g r o u n d…………Y O U W I L L B E F O U N D
-do you KNOWWWW how great my life is
-and your keys OH OH OH OH your ring of keeeeeeeyyyys
-literally all of grease the musical
-or if i were a bell i’d go DING DONG DING DONG DINGGGGGG
-evERYthing’s comING up roSES and daFFOdils
-in new york you can JUST YOU WAIT in new york you can JUST YOU WAIT in new york you can be a new man IN NEW YORK NEW YORK JUST YOU WAIT
-the entirety of satisfied
-we won we won WE WON W E W O N
-if you stand for nothing burr what’ll you fall for …. i wanna be in the room where it happens the room where it happens……………and then the rest of that song from that point on
-its my candy store its my candy (mezzo harmony) its my candy store its my candy (soprano harmony) its my candy store its my candy STOOOOOORE WOAH OH WOAH
-into the woods !!!! into the woods !!!! yes into the woods and out of the woods and HOME BEFORE DARK
-everybody say yeaheeeeyeah (yeaheeeyeah)
-i am so much better ……… THAN BEFORRRRRRRRRRRE
-every day a little deaaaaaaaaaath (and then they hold the note for a million years and its heartbreaking)
-and andrey isn’t here……………(massive door slam)………………RAZ DAV TRI (the whole room lights up and you’re sobbing) AND THIS IS ALL IN YOUR PROGRAM
-the harmonies on the second AND THIS IS ALL IN YOUR PROGRAM
-all of no one else because denée benton is a princess
-dollllllokhovvvv the assassinnnn
-its alright natasha … i’m heeeeerrrre … so neeeeaaar …
-IS THIS HOW I DIE (extreme jazz™ plays)
-my brother is quite madly in love ………. he is quite madly in love with YOU my deeeeeeaaaaarrrr yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah ohhhh OHHHHHHHHH OH HOW SHE BLUSHES HOW SHE BLUSHES
-amber gray in general
-I W I L L L O V E Y O U A N A T O L E
-natalie natalie natalie i must love you or die NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE
-remember me to s t e s h k a THERE GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE
-and i’ll be happily happy yes happily happy and thoroughly SATISFIIIIIIIED
-the phantom’s theme
-ooooh oooooooooh ooh ooh JOIN US LEAVE YOUR FIELD TO FLOWER
-all of the Pulizter Prize winning musical Rent™
-i c e c r e a m … he bought me i c e c r e a m …vanilla i c e c r e a m … IMAGINE THAAAAT
-every single song in spring awakening what a jam™
-if i could concentrate…………I’D BE IN THE FOLLIES
-play it coooooooooool boy
-defying gravity as a whole
-ease on down ease on down the roooooaaaaad

RFA HEADCANONS: They Get Jealous~

(It’s almost midnight, what am I doing with my life. ANYWAYS. It would be so great if someone would request something *hint hint* *wink wonk* because it’s hard trying to be creative. Lel.)


RFA~ they get jealous. V+Saeran included.



Yoosung has always been a more jealous type. Literally, if he even sees you talking to anyone other than him, he can’t help but feel a little uneasy.

So, he would go to the restroom for a brief few seconds, and when he gets back..

You’re. Talking. To. Another. Guy??

Now, he didn’t know that this ‘other guy’ was a cousin you haven’t seen in a while.

His stomach goes in knots, and he balls up his fists, wanting nothing more than to go push the guy away from you.

Sadly, he is probably too shy to just walk up there, but for a few moments, he tries to gather up his courage to go take you back.

When he realizes he’s just too nervous, he starts to think that he lost you, and starts tearing up a bit.

At this point, you’d be like “damn boi, how long it take to pee?” And start to look around..well, o shit, your cute blondie is just standing all the way back there.

“Yoosung? Come over here! I’d like you to meet my cousin…wait, are you crying?”

“Wha- cousin?! Oh..! Uhm..I- I wasn’t crying..!! I yawned! Aha. Hi. Nice to meet you, (C/N)..!”



Uhm. Who are you talking to?

He is pissed off when he see’s you talking to one of his better looking security guards.


He’s probably gonna start getting really touchy on you, (kink) and grip you by the waist h a r d.

Casually starts questioning the security guard as to wHY WAS HE TALKING TO YOU?

you’d get really embarrassed, and tell jumin to stop making a scene, buT HE IS JUST “NO” NO ONE ELSE CAN LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT?

Straight out fires the guy. Oops.

“Jumin, what the hell?! Why would you fire him? He wasn’t trying to steal me away! I love you, and only you.”

“…Hm. I don’t like people eyeing you like that. That’s for me to do, no one else. ..(Y/N)..you know I love you. I only want what’s best for you.”



You two will be at one of Zen’s musicals, just enjoying the show..wheN THIS IDIOT JUST DECIDES TO START FLIRTING WITH YOU???

You try to tell the guy, you don’t swing that way?? But he doesn’t listen??

Jaehee goes into extreme jealous woman mode, and actually lashes out on the guy.

“She said she doesn’t go that way. Do you not get what she meant? Are you that idiotic? Do I seriously have to show you who she BELONGS to?”

Will casually start making out with you right then and there.

The guy will scoff and walk off, giving Jaehee the middle finger.

Jaehee awkwardly pulls away, refusing to make eye contact. She’ll probably start nervously running her hand though her hair.

She apologizes??

Nono, sweetie. No need to apologize. You’re a d o r a b l e.

You both end up leaving the theater, just so you can cuddle the rest of the night in peace.

“Jaehee, it’s fine. If anything, I thought it was cute..now, come here and love me, baby girl~”

Will high key melt at being called baby girl.

“I’m glad that you could just put the situation behind you so quickly..but, I’m warning you. Next time, I may not be so calm. You’re mine, (Y/N).”



Everywhere you went you seemed to get hit on in one way or another. Normally, Zen would brush it off, knowing that you only had eyes for him.

But oh.

One day. ONE DAY. He’s just had enough.

“Hey, cutie~ I lost my number, mind if I-”

“Yeah, she does mind, actually. Back. Off.”

He would roll his sleeves up, intimidating the guy with his muscles.

“Woah, chill. I was just being nice to the lad-”

“well, that lady happens to be taken. Now, if you ever so kindly..back the hell off, that would be great.”




He’s already a big fan on Pda, but ohhh, it’s gonna increase.

You practically can’t be farther than 5 inches away from him from then on.

“Zen, you know you’re the only one I see..”

“I know, Princess. I’m sorry, it’s just becoming so frequent..I want people to know not to mess with you.”



You two will be joking around, and then you’ll probably trip into someone. (Klutz.)

They’ll help you up, and give you a cheeky smile.


They’ll pull some lame pick up line, like “oh, you fell for me kdkfkfk ha.”


B A C K O F F M Y W I F E???

His normally cheerful attitude is gonna change real quick.

He will get really serious, and pull you closer to him, making sure you aren’t hurt from falling, first. (Or diseased from the guy.)

High key starts sassing the guy.

Starts to laugh, and gives the guy a lil chest bump thing, as they 'make up’

Yeah, well. Seven stole his wallet out of his pocket.

That guy just lost everything, lol.

His money, his ID card, his credit card, business cards.


“Well, you got over that fast. I’m impressed.”

“Heh. Babe, look what I got!”

“IS THAT HIS- oh my god. You’re evil. I love it.”



He’s so gentle, he just stands there awkwardly, shifting his weight on a different foot, waiting for you to hurry up.

You were at an art museum, and this guy came up to you, trying to show you the “best art works” there. He started cracking jokes, and yOU WERE LAUGHING AT THEM?

you didn’t know it was bothering V so much, but he was literally starting to tear up?

He wanted to step in, but if you were having fun, and you were happy.. He would stand it.

He actually felt his heart sink when the guy gave you his email address.

“Yeah, email me sometime. I can teach you a lot more!”

You sighed the moment the guy left, and crumpled up the paper, tossing it in the trash.

“What a waste. I didn’t want to be rude, but God..he was showing the worst pi- V? What’s wrong?”

“Oh..Nothing. Don’t worry about me. Shall we go over here?”



Saeran: (Mild spoiler?? Maybe??)

Literally doesn’t like you talking to anyone.


He’s not the kind of guy that is like “oh, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” But it’s easy to get him jealous.

In fact, he got jealous of his own brother.


“Yeah? Well if you like his jokes so much, why don’t you just date him instead?!”

Ends up getting in a huge fight with Saeyoung.

Low key starts trying to crack jokes (and fails) to keep up with his brother.

He starts getting so frustrated, thinking he was never going to be as good as his brother. That you would leave him for Saeyoung.

Poor smol bean. You had to reassure him that he was the only Choi for you..in fact, he was the only one at all for you.

“Saeran. You know that I love you, right?”



“….I..love you too, I guess..”

“YOU GUESS? IS OUR LOVE IN QUESTION.” (He freaks out a bit when you say this, lel)

“Wha- no! No.. I..Uhm, I love you, (Y/N). I really do.”

Dating Ten

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: These are literally the only things I can do rn. My writers block is really bad and has been for a while tbh. Like I get surges of creativity but I don’t have the motivation to even draw, never mind write :/ But I hope this makes up for it!

  • B a l l  o f  f l u f f  
  • Everyone knows this, it goes without saying  
  • Everyone L O V E S him  
  • He get along with everyone at school  
  • He’s the other ½ of the school’s comedy duo with Johnny  
  • He’s best friends with him, everyone knows that  
  • Just like Johnny, the teachers adore him
  • Lowkey gets away with shit that others would usually get yelled at for lmao
  • Is also a senior
  • Good in all subjects  
  • His best being DT (design tech) and art
  • And oh, look at that, just so happens you have those two classes as well  
  • Such a coincidence! Ur in the same class as him too! ;)  
  • So original  
  • I couldn’t think of another way you could meet lmao don’t judge me
  • Anyway…
  • Last period on a Friday, u had art and your teacher set up a kind of work shop?
  • She paired people up with people who they didn’t really talk to to have everyone brought ‘closer together’ and form a ‘tight knit community’
  • And you and your partner had to draw each other’s portrait
  • And just GUESS who you were paired with
  • So hard to guess honestly  
  • Ten
  • You had always thought he was rlly sweet and kind  
  • Also VVVV a t t r a c t i v e  
  • He always helped out with the other students in the class
  • And his drawing skills were no joke  
  • Everyone admired them
  • Even you did
  • So you felt honoured that he was going to be drawing you
  • You both grabbed your pencil and sketchbook and started drawing
  • The whole room was silent as everyone concentrated
  • As you kept looking up to take a glimpse of a certain feature on his face, he’d already be looking directly at you
  • Making for awkward eye contact tho u seemed to be the only one feeling a lil awkward  
  • He happily kept staring at you as he drew
  • You focused on the curve of his nose and the constant smile he held on his uniquely featured face that you started to find even more enchanting over the course of the hour you spent drawing him
  • Once the hour was up, it was the end of school and tbh you really didn’t want to go
  • You wanted to draw him for longer but the dark haired boy had already packed up and left
  • You packed your things and headed to your locker
  • When you opened it a A5 piece of paper fell out
  • “Meet me at the café tomorrow at 12”
  • You turned the piece of paper over to see a drawing of you, the one ten was drawing in your lesson a mere 5 minutes ago
  • U wanted to S C R E A M
  • U were lowkey impressed by his way of asking you out  
  • Something you didn’t expect from such a outgoing personality like him
  • U met him the next day, following his instructions
  • Once you saw him he had the largest smile etched on his face as he waved you over  
  • When u reached him u handed him the drawing u did of him in the lesson
  • “This is amazing.”  
  • “No where near as good as yours though, you actually made me look pretty.”
  • “I didn’t do anything. I was just looking at the person in front of me.“ 
  • He’d soooo smirk after saying that  
  • Proud of his lil flirty comment  
  • Which sent your heart racing
  • The date was simple but oh-so special
  • Since then, you both kinda just started dating
  • No official announcement or anything  
  • You both wanted the fun of shocking people and having them find out for themselves  
  • He didn’t even tell Johnny
  • So he had the shock of his life when he saw his best friend sucking on ur face  
  • "TEN WHAT THE FUCK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Completely not assed about interrupting your’s and ten’s moment
  • Ten face would just flush red and he’d let out his infectious giggle
  • All of his friend had the same reaction tbh  
  • Johnny thought the not-telling-anyone was a fun idea  
  • When you’d stay at each other’s houses
  • He’d always insist on drawing you  
  • He eventually had an entire sketch book dedicated to you  
  • Soon he didn’t even need you there to be able to draw you  
  • Every feature of your body was imprinted in his mind  
  • And I mean E V E R Y feature ;)  
  • Ngl, he probs had a few NSFW drawings of you too  
  • But like  
  • He couldn’t help it  
  • You were his muse  
  • And he wanted to have physical proof of how much u inspired him  
  • How much you meant to him  
  • You’d be staying at his one saturday night  
  • Cuddled up next to him in bed as he traced random patterns on your delicate skin
  • You’d feel his heart beat become faster as you rested your head on his chest
  • You’d look up and see him already staring at you, awe in his eyes  
  • “I love you, you know that right?”
  • “Well I do now. I love you too.”
  • Craning your neck, you’d have your lips met his
  • A sinful concoction of passion, love and need oozing from the synchronised movements of your lips  
  • He’s place one final chaste kiss on you lips before he’d place them along your jaw as he worked his way down
  • The sensation lighting a fire in your heart.

anonymous asked:

what happened in 2014? what was that post about?? (Btw I only now just noticed ur url is "goth"chanbaek not "got"chanbaek...)

L O L don’t worry about the url… I haven’t changed it since summer 2016 (when Monster came out and my mutuals made “goth” urls falsdk;jfaldsf)

So 2014 basically got hit by a huge shitstorm. The Sewol Ferry sinking of course was a national tragedy and left many idols devastated; some kids on the ship were very much fans of different idol groups and relatives / friends reached out to the idols to tell them so. I cried during the whole fiasco and I wasn’t even in the country …. the debacle just made my heart ache.

Related to the actual kpop industry itself, Kris did leave EXO in May of 2014 and opened the flood gates for the biggest SM scandal since the breakup of DB5K into 2VXQ and JYJ. (DBSK had the largest fandom to date, called Cassiopeia, and it had fans in China, Korea, Japan…. they were especially known for how big they were in Japan. Breakout and steady success in what was considered Asia’s largest music market, by foreign and non-American artists was absolutely amazing. For the record, it has names specific to each language: Tong Vfan Xien Qi = TVXQ, the Mandarin name; DBSK = Dong Bang Shing Ki, Korean name; and Tohoshinki is the Japanese name. They technically debuted as a Japanese act and not a Korean act releasing things in Japanese which adds some nuance important for considering record breaking and setting, money, etc which are not important for our purposes here.) Kris’s sudden departure opened wounds older kpop fans had considered closed since the breakup of Kpop’s largest act (BigBang wasn’t shit in comparison for quite some time and even LeeSooMan apparently considered SJ throwaways from DBSK) and cast yet another huge, negative, ugly spotlight on the abuses of SM Entertainment in the past. The sticky part is how people started to analyze why this departure was not so sudden, and I will return to that in a bit.

This departure itself was ugly because Kris left in the middle of Overdose promotions and a few weeks before EXO’s first tour would commence. For context, Overdose came as a follow up to EXO’s smashing 2013 success with Growl Repackage and Miracles in December. They became the first artists to become million-album sellers in years with Growl and they won Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, when G Dragon had won pretty much every thing else that night (lmao) and SHINee was also up for the award. So they, a rookie group less than 2 years old, managed to win that award despite the STIFF sunbae competition on top of becoming million sellers… All eyes were on them no doubt and the public and fans were looking forward to their next promotions and their first concert tour… … SO you can imagine the laser focus this drew to the group and to the company. I will tell you right now: Not. A. Pleasant. Experience. The fandom was l i t e r a l l y imploding and people were taking pro-Kris and anti-Kris stances everywhere and calling him a traitor and calling fans fake and — and there was the part where only Suho was on stage to receive EXO’s award right after the news came out and my soul broke in half and the days you could tell EXO had been crying before coming onstage and and and – THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH SAD AND ANGRY IN THE FANDOM I hated it.

There are many bloggers who were around, who I followed during that time who aren’t around anymore. T_T

If I tell and explain everything wrong that happened in 2014 I could be here quite a while, so I’ll keep it short and jump to Baek’s instagram post. He made that post (xx) and one or two others I think, in response to the vicious and heinous reactions he and Taeyeon received after Dispatch revealed they were dating. Yes, this happened even in the aftermath of Kris’ departure. Yes, this only made things worse. Why? Well to add fuel to the fire, Baek had made a sort of cheeky promise that he wouldn’t date until EXO had made it, weren’t rookies anymore… basically he “promised” not to date until around 5 years after EXO debuted. That would be this year… so you know …. those deluded fans who took him seriously flipped out. Add on to that the fact that Taeyeon is many years his sunbae in terms of activity in the industry and the leader of the Nation’s Girl Group ™ and both jealousy of her and resentment of the fact he was in a relationship caused fans to make vicious posts and comments on Instagram–BOTH of their Instagrams, though his was far worse–and many other social media sites and forums. (Twitter comes to mind too.) THEN to top it all off, Baek was an MC on a music show (Inkigayo maybe?) and YOU COULD SEE HE HAD BEEN STRESSED, SLEEP DEPRIVED AND CRYING on many days and so-called “””fans””” had the nerve to shout and call him a traitor–among other things–ON LIVE BROADCAST like h o l y  s h i t this was bad. Baek should not have had to ~apologize~ for dating Taeyeon, as he did in the post.

Okay now winding back to what I mentioned earlier: rumor theories. Theories about every damn thing started floating around. There was a big theory about how Kris had wanted out of EXO since before Wolf (Wolf preceded Growl, but both were in 2013) and that Kris fabricated his visa issue. I have that on my blog and can hunt it down for you if you want to read the full body of “Evidence ™” but it’s actually plausible. Another theory was that Taeyeon and Baek were not actually dating–and this has many strains. One strain indicates that the entire relationship was fabricated as a distraction from the Kris departure and lawsuit , while the other states that they did date at one time but broke up way before any of the drama started–SM just used them since they had been together before as an easy cover up. These kinds of theories did not help a damn thing and just seeded further distrust and resentment within fandoms. Like seriously you had SONEs and EXOL screeching at other over this relationship, and even though they were not majority or mainstream fandom members / opinions, they still became pretty vocal. Many bad egg EXOL attacked both Baek and Taeyeon, and fewer SONEs attacked one or both. The theories that surrounded their relationship, including that they gave “hints” with couple items and that Taeyeon gave Baek a fan gift just . It was so ugly. Kpop fans showed their ugliest side. There were venomous comments for weeks. Baek and Tae even left Instagram for a while and Baek stopped being energetic and talkative when with EXO. I hated it so. fucking . much.

Let me tell you. Within SM? It only gets worse. Outside of SM? It gets much worse.

Within SM… Luhan also leaves EXO in October of that year. That’s TWO members, both Chinese, leaving the SAME up-and-coming and ~spectacular~ group, in the SAME year. Boy did that get media attention. Oh, and SM’s stocks took a much bigger dip after Luhan left than when Kris left. Oh, and Luhan’s deteriorating condition was much more visible than Kris’s and just stoked the flames of hatred against SM all over again.  Oh, and Luhan was EXO’s biggest China connection and most popular member in China … hence the stock drop. A few months later, Luhan was making literally millions on his own, which reinforced the premise that the dude was worth wayyyy too valuable for SM to give up willingly. Which of course they didn’t , which is why the main lawsuit lasted for about 2 years. But yeah now the forever-12 group with 4 Chinese members was down to 10 and only 2 Chinese members (bad for connecting to the Chinese music market which is full of $$$$) and media was losing its mind ! So was the fandom! Now the definition of traitor had shifted and you were a traitor and YOU were a traitor and we’re all traitors !!!! 

And JESSICA LEFT SNSD TOO !!! The only way I can characterize everyone’s emotions at the time is: WHAT  T HE F UC K ??? Luhan and Jessica’s respective departures literally happened within two weeks of each other !!! What were we supposed to d o ??? Between all three departures, you felt like you were getting punched in the gut, then the face, then the genitalia, then kicked on the ground. SNSD was forever nine man, nation’s girl group, biggest Kpop girl group ever and suddenly a main vocalist is gone ??? B O Y !

Oh, I forgot to mention how Tao posted on his Instagram very …. resentful things when Kris left . Mmmmm yeah it was bad, not gonna elaborate too hard but … he took it back later in 2015. You probably know that he, too, is now a former EXO member by now.

2014 was good in that you had groups GOT7, Mamamoo, RedVelvet, WINNER, Akdong Musician, Lovelyz, JJCC, etc debut that year. But it was bad due to circumstances surrounding some of  those debuts. 

Notably, Red Velvet was accused of having their debut rushed because SM wanted to cover up the ongoing lawsuit news. Now I know this sounds ridiculous: a dating scandal AND debuting an entire group early just to cover up some bad publicity about an idol leaving your company? Well given how persistent the press was and how bad the lawsuit and allegations made SM look … it’s not that difficult to believe and it most definitely was not hard to gobble up as reliable gossip at the time. At the time, it was considered the norm that SM covers up bad news by Any Means Necessary, and to generate positive publicity. The BaekYeon thing backfired tremendously in that it gave hatred to artists instead of positivity but it sure as hell kept folks’ minds off the lawsuit for a bit. (Also there’s the whole strain of thinking corporations and business control and influence the media, which is something many of us can relate to and why this can appeal so strongly.)

I believe the fact that Yeri joined RV later and was going to be a permanent addition, and the only addition, only helped this theory. After all, apparently she was intended to be with the group from the start, but she was too young when RV debuted. This seems to imply that RV debuted sooner than they were supposed to. ~X files music plays in the background~

WINNER also got shafted pretty hard. They won the big reality idol-elimination show WIN: Who’s Next? hence the title WINNER (formerly Team A) and then YG highkey neglected them because  …well honestly YG wanted the Next Big Bang ™ and WINNER’s ballad style wasn’t going to do that–no matter how much Mino you throw in the song. Plus he demonstrated obvious favoritism to Mino, Bobby and B.I. in general and once WINNER highkey disappeared after they dropped their release (as rookies you are supposed to do follow up promotions the same year and within a decent time frame – EXO did not do this like they were supposed to, again because of Kris visa issue [hey that theory’s looking mighty Fresh again]) it became clear that YG wanted the next group out of the WIN cycle to get the spotlight–that group became iKon (formerly known as Team B). 

Lovelyz had an issue with one of their to-be-debuted members name Jisoo. Jisoo was accused of … well have you heard of the things the boy trainees under Produce 101 are being accused of ? If so, think along those lines. If not: suffice to say it involved manipulation, lesbianism and abuse within the relationship…. bad stuff to be accused of in South Korea lmao so the group was involved in scandal before even debuting! In the end, Jisoo did not debut on account that the allegations were being investigated and taken seriously–in addition to claims that she was ill due to the drama on the internet and within her live as a result of the accusations, and that she needed to recover.

I will end with those three examples of debut issues. Let’s go back to a group that debuted the same year as EXO: B.A.P. 2014 was the year B.A.P sued over “slave contracts” with TS Entertainment.  According to the suit, since debuting in 2012, B.A.P had earned over 9 million dollars, yet the company had only given each member $16,000 on top of forcing members to perform to the point of hospitalization and fainting.

ZE:A, which debuted in 2010, also revealed issues with their company (shocking!!! at this point) and the group leader Junyoung (Lee Hoo) took to Twitter  to criticise his managing company’s, Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak for allegedly mistreating idol groups and their unfair contracts. He also alleged that CEO Shin Joo Hak both abused him and lost the company money. So there were accusations of financial and human capital abuses. He even posted income receipts on Twitter. You can read through (reliable!) translations of the events here: xx.

I want you to imagine hearing about all this shit throughout the year and thinking things are “over” and then just getting whacked whacked whacked whacked all about because you care about all these groups at the same time . J US T . :~)))))) I was fine : ^) everything : ^) was fine : ^) Nothing bad :~) was happening at all :~)

Oh and let’s add to this list, another thing that got negativity and didn’t deserve it: Super Junior’s Sungmin marrying Kim Sa-eun in 2014. ELF (SJ fandom name) were f u r i o u s at him for marrying so suddenly. ELF were trending #SungminOUT on Twitter because they wanted him kicked out of SJ for marrying. I was a pretty big SJ fan at the time so between everything !!! I WAS SCREAMING what the hell was wrong with people ???? Mad about a marriage ! They weren’t even mad at the lady (which doesn’t make it better), but purely the fact that he was getting married and didn’t give … idk some kind of prior notice? I knew he was enlisting soon after, but that wasn’t the source of the anger… anyway, other ELF counter-trended the #SungminOUT thing with a positive tag instead, and sent him lots of love, so it worked out…. but still many ELF were mad at him. If memory serves correctly, it was primarily K-ELF (korean SJ fans) who felt this sort of entitlement to him that led to the anger and it was …. yikes.

What else is there to say about that year? Of course people re-examined previous abuses by companies, including SM Entertainment’s maltreatment of DBSK, Hangeng of SJ (SJ’s former Chinese member who sued, won, and left the  group and the company due to mistreatment), disbandment of H.O.T., Shinhwa’s departure from SM, etc etc etc so you had layers of SM stan pain. SHINee and f(x) became known as SM’s only groups to not lose a member or disband … and then f(x) lost Sulli in 2015 … :| 

This is the most I remember or came to light when I looked up different issues I had thought of. If anyone wants to add to this list of catastrophe then please, go ahead. .-. I’m not even proofreading or else I’ll just get emotional for the umpteenth time. Hope this answers your (and 3 other folks’) question well! 

G R E E N  L I G H T is for the sacrificial party-goer, with neon in their veins and recklessness on their lips they surrender to the noise, heart/drum beat in time, with mascara smudged and fishnets already ripped, they are a chaotic twirling beacon of hope, pulsing with the glow that comes from transcending human emotion. here there is no pain, here is where the party begins.

S O B E R is the national anthem of a lost kingdom ruled by girls with confetti crowns and boys with lipstick smeared cheekbones, where it’s always midnight and laughter cracks like thunder, it’s chipped nail varnish and singing along to a song you’ve never heard, lit fireworks crackling in your ribcage and bathroom floors, the smell of tarmac and city lights blurring into blinding light and the closest you ever get to religion

H O M E M A D E  D Y N A M I T E  is for the revolutionaries, with glitter like war paint and leather battle gear, it’s someone else’s drink in your hair and on your lips, shooting stars and smoke on the horizon, its a mouth overflowing with unforgiving teeth and a girl who sways like a bonfire, anger to the point of apathy and laughing until you cry, throwing your arms wide and screaming at the stars to swallow you whole

T H E  L O U V R E  is a handful of blurry polaroids from a pink summer when you thought the sky stretched on forever, crumpled bed sheets and kitchen counters at 2am, it is drowning in a sea of strangers without putting up a fight, the rotting smell of dying flowers and handwritten love letters, the sound of violin and cracked stained glass panels, it is the golden artificial glow of a naked lightbulb and hands stitched into your hair, white on white on white and watercolour nostalgia in three shades of lilac

L I A B I L I T Y is like a bird with broken wings, staying awake until the sun starts to rise, all pale skies and the ground damp with dew, it’s the drop of your stomach just before a fall, thin cotton against your skin and warm hazy hours of almost-sleep that seep together into evenings in flickering television light, scratched records listened to anyway, and the ritualistic waltz of everyday life, beating on with or without you

H A R D  F E E L I N G S is an abandoned house, with the table still laid for a breakfast, the key in the lock, the portrait of two people immortally framed in a perfectly symmetrical pattern of every day objects and  L O V E L E S S is the bubblegum perfume spritz spirit who lives there, between her books and half-finished poetry and his now cold cup of coffee, dancing alone in the hallway, lips like petals and heart like marble

S O B E R I I ( M E L O D R A M A ) happens behind the closed doors of the church, exposed necks like altars, hips like pews, hundreds of sparkling stained glass eyes and teeth like tombstones, a whole generation brought to its knees with the weight of its future, its the vibration of discordant piano, the glint on rubies on necks, the promise of something bigger than all of this, a fleeting taste of forever 

W R I T E R  I N  T H E  D A R K  is the roses growing up a building, vines curling into stone, playing god for one moment, a full deck of tarot cards, inky starless skies and the inability to let go, it is the process of prying yourself apart from a lover, tearing skin from skin, rearranging bones, the interlocked cages of your ribs and his, it is performance with no audience, it’s ‘i can’t live without you’ and ‘but i will, i will, will’

S U P E R C U T is dangling your feet into nostalgia, the whole world through rose-tinted sunglasses or a camera lens and the sky melting into itself in reds and pinks and oranges - as if the horizon were on fire, its 5am rooftop conversations and scuffed trainers on dashboards and long train rides, tall grass and flavoured lipgloss, it’s seeing their face in every crowd, echoes of their voice in every song, swimming in your clothes and dripping wet hair, it is collecting every beautiful moment and decorating your mind with them until you can’t move in there, like a room full of antiques

L I A B I L I T Y  ( R E P R I S E ) is a turning point, a certain sunrise, a certain car ride, life in a beautiful light, it’s the moment you realise you are not a sad story, it is years ahead of you still unwritten, smiles on lips of people you haven’t even met yet, it is harmonies and abstract paintings with slashes of colour in the black and the crescendo of birdsong, it is glittering dustmotes in sunlight and watching the city from far away, it’s not today, but it is soon, a sunlight soaked summer afternoon years from now when all of this seems so small

P E R F E C T  P L A C E S is where time stands still, is how we keep the morning at bay, it’s an almost evangelic escapism, shedding skins like clothes, spilling feelings like drinks, it is a moment of quiet found between the clouds, it is the bass in the base of your spine, it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it can never last, it’s the birth of a new world, it’s worship of potential, it is running, running, running into that sunrise with arms and eyes open wide

I want to do a quick shoutout to the Hannibal and American Gods fandoms. 

I’ve been drawing for years, but have always struggled with my art. About 4 years ago I put my art down and never really picked it back up again. Here or there I’d draw something – but it was never consistent. 

I’m one of those people that draws for myself. I’ll take requests, but I draw for me. Always have. I don’t mind drawing the pairing that no one else supports, or that show no one else is into. I have never expected or really looked for recognition when it comes to my art because, honestly, I’m not a big fan of it.

Let’s just say some idiots ruined how I see my art and now I’m just so– whatever when it comes to it. Which is why I don’t really put work into my art anymore. Don’t really do finished pieces. 

I was expecting it to keep being like that– UNTIL THE FANNIBAL FAMILY STRUCK MEH. 

Let me just say: OH MY LORD. You are S O  S U P P O R T I V E. 

I have never been in such a supportive fandom before. NOT TO SHAME MY OTHER FANDOMS. I still love my other fandoms, I’ve just never made any kind of name for myself in them. Even pieces that I pour hours into. 

Then here I am doing 30 min doodles of random stuff – starting with a funny picture of Hannibal licking Will’s tummy scar because I saw a request and WELL WHY NOT I’LL DOODLE ON IT. AND SUDDENLY FANNIBALS. 


L I T E R A L L Y : 

I read every one of your cute notes. Your tags. Everyday I wake up to this steadily growing amount of notes and I am just so entirely blown away. 

I have literally been in a drawing rut for 10 years and stepped away entirely 4 years ago and now– here I am. 

I never thought I’d need recognition or support but I can’t tell you how much it has made such a difference in my life. I won’t go into details, but I’m currently struggling, and seeing those notes, seeing that I make other people happy with my silly doodles– It has been a literal game changer. 

Thank you so very, very much for supporting some random newcomer. Thank you for not being cliquey. Thank you for not being shaming or having silly ship wars. I just– 

Thank you. Is really what it comes down to. 

I literally cannot tell you how much this means to me and how big of a difference this has made in my life. Even if it seems small, I’ve never had anyone in my life support my art and my creativity like this fandom has. And I adore, absolutely adore, all of you for it. <3

Pete Dunne NSFW Alphabet

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I thought I’d do one of these for Pete Dunne because I currenly have a love /hate crush on him and i thought it was about time that i wroe something about him. His character reminds me so much of one of my ex boyfriends so I kinda took some of his things and adapted them for Pete!

I try and write these to fit my own head cannons so y’know! I hope you can picture him the same too!


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Any comments likes and reblogs are really appreciated (: it keeps me movitated!

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Shit said in Discord at 1 AM Starter Pack
  • who needs coffee WITH LEGS LIKE THESE
  • what cup of coffee are you on now?
  • Muda the birb
  • think of the C H I L D R E N
  • the fucks a pg
  • pg stands for pro Gatorade
  • now they’re flamin
  • okay but what about roasting the birb
  • no burn it down
  • beef and wry
  • wryyyyyyyyyyyying the birds neck
  • im scared now
  • aeiou
  • Y E L L I N G
  • I wad awoken my screaming
  • Floof save me
  • We have the chicken
  • i neED TO SLEEP
  • this is terrifying
  • same tho
  • W A K E  M E  U P
  • A E S T H E T I C S
  • yall need to chill
  • shoooooooooooooooooshpapapapapapapapapappaapap at everyone
  • YOU get a house, YOU get a house, EVERYONE gets a house
  • softly whispers john madden
  • what the frickle frack
  • help
  • since when is ____ a secret waifu?
  • first of all, no
  • im a fucking shrub
  • i’m dying squirtle
  • shrugs and accepts the hell
  • tis good. tis good.
  • im just twigs. twigs the NATURE GOD.
  • awwww the chain broke
  • Now we need goats blood
  • aight how about Repoio
  • All must be purged.
  • I come from heaven
  • im from actual Hell on earth
  • burns in hell in spanish
  • im disappointed in myself
  • I’M 100/MEXICO 100% REAL NO FEIK
  • The only spanish I bothered to learn was telling ____ to eat a dick
  • we are going on an adventure
  • carpet hurts your elbows; life lesson of the day
  • Sizzle in Heck
  • set the gay birb on fire
  • i think we’ve all reached the point of just,,, memes
  • pls no set bird on fire
  • what happens in the ball stays in the ball
  • sometimes i stare at the ceiling and look at the fan for five minutes
  • I don’t know basic geography
  • you people fucking scare me
  • A E S T H E T I C  W A H
  • 22 soon to be 23 LOSER
  • what is going on i left for like a second
  • d e s t r o y
  • Young punks…..get off my lawn
  • I have a heavy blunt instrument, don’t make me swing this hammer
  • Did somebody say dragons?
  • oh you’re all doomed now
  • Plunger adventure was a bust.
  • lol, reinforcements!
  • Shit who called the cops
  • E V E R Y  P E R S O N  F O R  T H E M S E L V E S
  • looking out over a sea of shitposting partially-toddlers
  • We were much classier than that
  • may I share some memes?
  • rolly polly fockbolly
  • i want the dankest memes
  • I’m trusting you to play Meme Machine at some point
  • get me off mister bones’s wild ride
  • “the last meme of 2015″ was the last meme of 2015 we cannot have a meme rerun
  • can somebody lend me a bode saw
  • praise the sun
  • how can we all be real if our eyes aren’t real
Taehyung’s Affection

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life who is so fucking talented !!! My bby can act, he can sing, he can dance, he can be cute without even trying and also be cute while trying and I think that’s a talent, he’s just overall a wonderful, talented, kind, smart human bean who I appreciate, love and adore so so so much, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc. 
  • He’s so cuddly and I love him so much
  • Similar to Jimin, all I can say is good luck initiating the affection before he does bc he’s so so loving and sweet and will forever be holding your hand or leaning on you or just giving your cheek lots of kisses
  • V v v v v playful and he’s got a lot of playful affection
  • A lot of poking, a lot of him squishing your cheeks, a lot of him playing with your ears
  • Probably tries to bite you every now and then
  • Constantly playing with your hair, ruffling it up to piss you off, smoothing it back into place afterwards, toying with it when he’s listening to you talk or he’s talking
  • But he also doesn’t mind if you play with his hair, you can put it into different hair styles, you can ruffle it up, you can just run your fingers through it, his hair looks so s o f t oh my lord
  • Smiles at you every two seconds
  • Your biggest supporter tbh
  • “That’s my bby!! Go bby go!!” 
  • Always telling you to go for what you want and encouraging you every step of the way, always there to catch you if you fall, always there to help you back up and dust you off and get you going again
  • But even though he can be !!! and being really cute and playful, he’s also really good at being a serious boyfriend too
  • He knows exactly when to joke around and when to be serious, he knows when he should try to cheer you up and when he should just listen to you rant and be there for you
  • Will do anything and everything to make you happy, you need him to do something super cutesy and aegyo and all of that ?? He’ll do it in a heartbeat
  • Need him to sing your favorite song to help you fall asleep?? He’ll do it he’s got the lyrics memorized
  • Need him to just give you a hug?? He’s on it you don’t even have to ask
  • His hugs would be the best though
  • He looks so warm and he’s broad and tall and his cologne probably smells so good (apparently some people who have met him said it does) and hugging him would just be so nice??
  • Lots of hugs, they’re a daily thing
  • He loves a good back hug
  • I mean we’ve literally seen the kid give Jungkook a back hug and waddle their way around bc he didn’t wanna let go
  • He doesn’t care who back hugs who (even though it’s very likely he’s the one back hugging you)
  • If you’re talking to someone or you’re doing something, he’s v v likely to come up and give you a lil back hug and just let his head rest on your shoulder, he doesn’t always say something, most of the time he doesn’t say anything at all, he just wants to have you close to him
  • They can be playful, they can be sweet, they can be just a “hey I’m home”
  • It happens a l o t when he’s tired, there have been times where he nearly falls asleep on your shoulder
  • But he doesn’t mind being the one that gets back hugged either, there are so many clips of the other boys back hugging him and he just seems so content and lets them do it all they want to so he’s definitely not gonna have a problem with you doing it
  • He has some quicker hugs, more playful hugs where he squeezes you really really tight to get a reaction from you
  • But he also loves longer hugs, he loves being able to nuzzle your neck and hold you really close and stroke your hair 
  • He lo v es cuddles so much and he’s so ideal for cuddling
  • He’s got the broad chest that would make a g r ea t pillow, he’s got nice shoulders that are two more great pillows, he’s got soft hair to play with, he’s got nice fingers to play with, he’s got a great voice for pillow talk he’s just he’s perfect for cuddling why am I not cuddling him rn
  • He’s really okay with any type of cuddling but the most common is probably spooning
  • He prefers being big spoon but there are some nights where he’s gonna just shift around and pull your arms around him and be the lil spoon
  • He likes having the ability to make it playful or to make it sweet, he can either give your waist a couple squeezes or tickle your sides or blow on your hair and make you laugh or he can hold onto your hands and kiss your shoulder and rub your arms
  • He is d e fini tel y not gonna complain if you decide you’d rather have your head on his chest or his on yours or if you’d rather face each other instead, he loves cuddling in general
  • Definitely spends a good few hours with his head in his lap or yours in his, just taking lil naps or playing on your phones
  • When it comes to hand holding, he definitely prefers interlocked fingers, hands down (is that a pun????????)
  • He’s more likely to try and intertwine your fingers together than just let hold onto your hand, he likes the feeling of it more, he likes being able to squeeze your fingers, he likes all of it
  • But if he is gonna hold onto your hand, it’s normally when one of you is leading the other somewhere or if you have your arm around his shoulders and he wants to hold your hand or if you have your hand on a table or the arm of a chair or something like that and he just puts his hand over yours
  • Will probably try and swing your hands while he walks to get you :D
  • He likes holding your hand while he takes his public naps where he’s backstage or he’s on a flight and his head is on your shoulder and it’s v v cuddly
  • His lips are so nice okay fuck me u p his lips look so soft and it doesn’t help that he has that fucking habit of licking his lips which is great for a Tae stan I totally neeD THAT
  • His kisses would be equally as nice, they’re always very soft, very gentle bc he’s a softie he may be tall and broad and have a voice deeper than an abyss but he’s a bub he’s a prince he’s a kind hearted sweetheart who just wants everyone to be happy and has so much love and respect for the people around him (my bias is showing gotta go)
  • He has the more playful kisses that are quick lil pecks, they’re his “hello/goodbye” kisses but they’re also his “I haven’t seen you smile in a couple minutes I wanna change that” kisses
  • He has the soft kisses that aren’t quick but also aren’t as long as some of his kisses, they’re not rushed in any way but they’re more of a “hey quick reminder that I love you” kiss
  • And of course he’s got the more meaningful kisses where every single bit of his love is added to the kiss and it’s the type of kiss that makes you take a couple seconds to snap back to reality once it’s over, it’s the kiss where you have to stop whatever you’re doing to respond, they’re his “I really really r e a l l y love you” kisses
  • His hands almost always cup your face but sometimes they’ll be on your waist or on the wall behind you and he always has to whisper an “I love you” after it a l w a y s
  • Nose kisses are his favorites, he loves them bc once again, they’re versatile, they can be sweet and soft or they can be playful and get you smiling
  • He’s also a fan of cheek kisses, hand kisses, shoulder kisses, neck kisses, forehead kisses, ear kisses, pretty much all the kisses but nose kisses are his top favorite
  • Onto PDA levels
  • Forever has his arm over your shoulders or yours around his or his waist
  • Hand holding isn’t as common but it’s not unlikely either
  • Kisses are welcome, of course not the serious kisses bc those are private but lil cute pecks or kisses on the cheeks, those are A okAY
  • He’s not a very shy person, he does have his moments but overall, he’s not all that shy so PDA isn’t that big of a deal to him
  • He’s okay with public hugs (especially when he’s just coming home from tour and he’s missed you too much to wait to get back to the dorm to hug you, he’s gonna hug you right then and there in the airport)
  • Matching outfits are a must, even if it’s just a matching theme like hoodies or an all black outfit, he’s gonna wanna match
  • He’d be s o fucking happy the entire time he’s so :D
  • Definitely hands down 100% have some form of matching jewelry, matching bracelets for sure, probably some matching necklaces maybe even a couple ring
  • Affection with Tae is common but always sweet, always v v soft and warm and loving

G R A Y S O N  D O L A N  I M A G I N E S

The Grayson Dolan Special


Hold On

Happy Anniversary 

E T H A N  D O L A N  I M A G I N E S 

Shape Of You

M I N I S E R I E S 

Make Me Forget (Grayson Dolan) *ON HOLD*

Summary: Certain moments in life and certain people are worth forgetting. Forget the pain, and forget the ones who hurt you. But sometimes you need a little help to forget. Can he make her forget? Or will she forget him?


Twisted In Love (Dolan Twins) - collab with sniperdolan *COMPLETED*

Summary: Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken? 

Twisted In Lies (Dolan Twins) sequel to Twisted In Love 

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken? 

The Wolf (Part 1)

A.N: Okay so here is the first real part of The Wolf! It ended up being a little longer than expected but not by that much so it should be okay! I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: The team try to track you down.

Warnings: Language (when is there not?), Strip Murder (What kind of warning is that anyway!) 

Words: 2297

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

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Dating J-Hope(Hoseok) Would be like

im gonna die okay jhope has been my bts bias for a long ass time end my lIFE

  • so this sweetie pumpkin pie delightful sunshine baby
  • dating him is a pleasure and a gift and u better be treating him right otherwise u are one of The Worst people 
  • do you like sunshine and constantly laughing and being full of joy?
  • if so, then that’s what you’ll get by dating Resident Sunshine Jung Hoseok!
  • he’ll make u laugh every second of the day bc it’s his favorite sound
  • he would be so proud of you and everything you do like
  • having such a beautiful and loving relationship that makes everyone around you 2 simultaneously jealous and happy for you its v conflicting 
  • he tries to teach you bts dances or just how to dance in general and at first you just goof off bc you l o v e hearing that beautiful laugh of his it’s like the sun is shining my crops are growing my grades are good my skin is clear and world peace has been achieved
  • anyways he’s teaching u how to dance
  • and while u goof off a little bit you really are trying your best to learn the dance bc it makes your man so proud of you and nothing feels better then making Hobi proud of you 
  • and when he plays the music after the 30th time of doing it you think ur gonna die but then u absolutely s l a y it and as the last note fades out you fall on the floor like how does your bf do this for a living while also singing like holy sh i t 
  • but Hobi is screaming and jumping up and down and he runs over and picks you up off the floor and spins you around in a hug and gives you kisses all over your face 
  • and he puts you down and you’re both sweaty and disgusting
  • and your hair is stuck to your forehead and you’re still trying to breathe and ur 99% sure you smell like armpit rn but to Hobi you’re the most beautiful amazing person in the world bc not everyone can dance BTS’s dances bc they’re hard as shit and you haven’t had any idol training and even tho it took a while you learned it and you did it and you didn’t give up and he couldn’t be more proud of you and he feels like his heart is gonna burst out of his chest
  • and suddenly you’re pressed against the practice room mirror and you’re kissing him as if he’s your only source of air and your hands are in his hair 
  • and his hands are going up your shirt and he’s pressing hot open-mouthed kisses against your neck and i can’t breathe 
  • when the two of you have finished you’re laying on the floor just holding each other basking in your accomplishment and the fact that you’ve just banged in the practice room for the 8th time without getting caught 
  • and suddenly he just sits up and looks at you with the most serious expression ever
  • and you’re really startled bc tbh you were almost asleep but now he’s holding both your cheeks in his hands and looking at you like you’re going to disappear and he’s just drinking in your appearance as if you’re water and he’s been in the desert for the past 6 years
  • he just grabs your left hand and kisses the palm of it and
  • being totally completely dead serious he asks you if you would ever consider marrying him one day
  • and you look at him as if he’s dumb bc of course you’ll marry him
  • as if there was every any question of not marrying him 
  • sometimes he gets insecure that he’s actually annoying you and you’ll leave him for someone else like his old gf did and you have to remind him that there has never been anyone but him in your eyes and there will never be anyone but him in your heart
  • his name for you in his phone is “Moon of my life”
  • and he changes his contact name in ur phone to “my sun and stars”
  • bc he’s a nerd but u love this nerd so u dont bother to change it bc its also v true
  •  you’ll stay at the studio and watch him dance as long as he needs to be there like you could be there until 3 AM and ur sleeping on the couch there and he tells u to go home and get some proper rest and u refuse bc u don’t sleep well unless u sleep w him
  • we all know this boy is a double threat 
  • u know the type, the ones who can rap and dance
  • those r the dangerous ones bc not only can they kiss HELLA GOOD 
  • but damn those dancer hips snapping into you at the speed of light
  • sex w Hobi is so hella fun like u thought Taehyung was fun boy howdy this guy is w i l d
  • less kinky then tae but still hella up for most anything once
  • his main goal is still to see you laugh and smile and have fun even during such an intimate and loving act
  • most of the time it starts out with him tickling you and it leading to hot makeouts where his mouth moves onto that one extra sensitive spot on your neck and his hands are still gently tickling your sides but in a different way then before 
  • not like ur much better tho w the way he fucks u into the bed face first
  • he had such nice ands and such pretty lips and he knows ur weak for both and he takes every opportunity to use that against u bc he is one hell of a tease
  • literally tho no place is safe no space is sacred to him he’ll bang u anywhere like sometimes ur watching a movie and u end up watching it upside down as he pushes into you while ur half off the sofa
  • or over the kitchen table
  • or on the counter
  • or the shower
  • or the floor
  • in the practice room
  • literally he’s so versatile and loves adventure and the way he makes love is just like that
  • sometimes while ur trying to screw on the sofa or on the side of the bed someting goes wrong and u end up in a tangled heap of limbs and u both make eye contact and try to register what happened before you just start laughing s o hard!!!!
  • hobi gets v v emotional when he can’t be w you bc he’s a very physical person like his love language is definitely touch 
  • he’s s u c h a cuddle he just wants to be touching you in any way anywhere
  • he always wants you to sit on his lap no matter where you are
  • he loves spooning and it doesn’t matter if he’s the big spoon or the little spoon as long as he’s holding/being held in some way
  • he likes to wrap his arm around your shoulder or waist when ur in public but he also think’s its hella cute to link pinkie fingers
  • so many inside jokes
  • Hobi tries to be happy n positive 24/7 and it takes him a while of being with you to realize that he really can come to you no matter how he feels and you’ll still love him it doesn’t matter if he’s not feeling to sunshiny today if there’s a cloud over the sunshine it’s okay, it just means the next time theres sun you appreciate it more
  • and you slowly teach him it’s okay to be sad bc it makes being happy so much better
  • always being there for him in the rare moments he does break down and just holding him and rocking back and forth until he cries himself out and feels better bc sometimes all u gotta do is cry it out and everything is better
  • he is a l w a y s ready to talk about kids
  • he can’t wait
  • like literally if u thought taehyung was jumping the gun Hobi has already bought a 2 bedroom apartment and is secretly decorating a nursery 
  • and he brings you over to see it and he gets really shy and nervous on the ride over bc he doesn’t know how you’ll react bc he knows he’s thinking waaayyy to far ahead but he can’t help himself he loves you so much and he just wants to show you that he may be goofy and he may have a hard time being serious sometimes and he might not be the strictest father in the world but he just wants to have a chance to have a life with you 
  • bc to Hobi having a family is the ultimate goal 
  • like BTS is his family and his actual family is beautiful but having something that is entirely his own is beautiful to him
  • he just falls asleep and dreams of a little girl with your eyes and his dance skills and your smile and a little baby boy with his sunshine and his smile
  • and he just wakes up and watches you sleep for a little while and he just k n o w s
  • no matter where he goes or how far away or for how long he leaves you or if he lives far away or close by or right next door
  • hobi always knows that his forever home is with you and that will never change
  • and that two bedroom apartment is waiting to be filled with happy memories of you two, and any extras you might have along the way.

fUIkINg destroy me i cried writing this fuck hormones okay jus t end me

~Admin Hedgehog who is emotionally drained from this 


H’OKAY. SO. Last night we saw Dave Malloy as Pierre!! :D

We’d been planning this trip since they announced he was doing a series of shows–we knew we had to see him but we needed to make it work with timing and vacation days and stuff like that, so we ended up tagging this trip onto the front of my trip to Charlotte later this week, which inadvertently made it the first show after the Tonys, which we won’t talk about because I think I’ve made my saltiness on that front PRETTY CLEAR so far. With things working out the way they did, we decided that we should get a gift for Malloy to acknowledge how much this show has meant to us and that he won all the Tonys in our hearts. Initially I thought a plant was a good idea because flowers die and are also awkward to carry around. From there, my brain thought: well, we should put it in a box so he can just throw it in his bag. We should decorate the box. We should decorate the box to look like the theatre.

(At queer speed dating the other night, someone asked me which Parks and Rec character I most identify with. I said, “I feel like Ben Wyatt, but if you ask any of my friends, they’d say I’m Leslie Knope.”)

So, we decided all this on Monday night? So Tuesday was spent running around getting fabric and glue guns and putting all of this together. All of the little frames have pictures of members of the creative team. It’s PRETTY DARN CUTE, I’ve gotta say.

The entire day was a wild ride–we got the thing done just in time, then realized that my dad had taken my car keys with him so we were gonna miss the bus. Then he managed to get them to us in time for us to make the bus. Then the bus was stuck in traffic TWICE AS LONG AS USUAL. The florist was out of succulents and I had to run all over to find one. Literally run. I ran. With my legs and my lungs and stuff. It was the worst. But I managed to get to the theatre at 6:55 and use the rest room and get into my seat and chug a smoothie.


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I Come With Knives (Part 1)

Warning: talks of torture

Pairing: Avengers Team x Hydra!Reader


She sat in the middle of two S.H.I.E.L.D agents and across from two more S.H.I.E.L.D agents handcuffed, why was she handcuffed? She was told to be dangerous, she was a monster a criminal and lets not forget an H.Y.D.R.A agent. One of their best agents actually.

So when S.H.I.E.L.D caught news of this H.Y.D.R.A agent they knew that they had to be stopped, but something was off with this girl. Throughout the whole helicopter ride to S.H.I.E.L.D new base she wore a cat like smile, but this one was more sinister.

The agents on the helicopter were getting uncomfortable with just her very presents, after all who wouldn’t. After hearing about what she had done and still does to people would make anyone uncomfortable.


(Y/n) smiled at the double window mirror, she knew the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers were on the other side of that mirror. Her smile never once faded on her blood painted lips. Her light blooded stained teeth shone with the light reflectioned off of them.

It’s almost as if she knew what was about to happen. “Agent Romanoff and Agent Rogers it’s time to go in there.” Agent Hill said now standing in the door way a disgusted look was written across her face. She knew what that women in there had done to some of S.H.I.E.L.D best agents and some innocents who had gotten caught into her ‘web’ as she liked to call it.

Steve and Natasha exchanged looks before heading out of the metal door and into the room next door. This conversation could go two ways, good or either bad.


(Y/n)’s who’s (e/c) eyes were focused on her hands didn’t even look up to greet the two Avengers who had suddenly walked into the room. Her smile wasn’t on her lips anymore she knew what they were wanted from her, and she wasn’t about to give them any of the answers they needed.

Before the two Avengers could speak a cold raspy voice spoke out within the room, “It’s always same with you good guys.”, she splat out her eyes now meeting the two Avengers who stared at her from across the room.
“Who are you?”, “Why do you work for H.Y.D.R.A?”, “What are you planning?”, “But my favorite of them all of what you’re thinking Mr.Rogers, Why did you kill all those people?”

Steve stared intensively at her, she was different from how he imagined her to be. He had thought she would be like Bucky just brainwashed into doing all this but after reading her file Steve knew she wasn’t, she did this for her own enjoyment on her own time.

“Well my darling Avengers, why don’t you ask your dear friend James.”


The Avengers hadn’t made a sound since she had said Bucky’s first name, they knew that bringing up Bucky’s past in H.Y.D.R.A was an sensitive topic for him but not only him for Steve too.

“How do you know about him?”

The team could practically hear the growing anger in Steve’s voice as he asked the question, the same sinister cat like smile appeared back onto her face again. She looked almost pleased that Steve had asked her that, almost like she wanted him too.

And to be honest she did want him to, she wanted to destroy him from the inside about what she had done to Bucky back at the H.Y.D.R.A base a few years back.

“Oh my darling Captain”, she paused for a moment before staring into Steve’s hardening bright blue eyes, “Do you really wanna know?”

She playfully asked him one of her curved eyebrows were raised.

“Tell me.” Steve’s voice was much more colder this time.

Her sinister smile seem to have grown on her (s/c) face, she snap her hands upwards in a quick movement the cuffs now laying on the metal table. Agent Romanoff had her gun now pointed toward the head waiting for to make any sudden moments, but Steve hadn’t flinched one bit at the sudden movement.

(Y/n) leaned forward toward Steve her hands folded on the table each hand holding each other, now somewhat leaning against the table (y/n)’s voice came out in more of a hushed tone.

“Why don’t I show you?”


All went blank for Steve his mind, body and eyes. For a moment all he could see was darkness until he opened up his blue eyes. Realising that his body was laying on a floor in the middle of an hallway he quickly stood up, that’s when he heard a voice speak.

“Bring her in!” The voice commanded. Steve turned toward the door which was half way open and placed his hand in front of him to push it open but was surprised when his hand went through.

Quickly pulling his hand back in shock he head approaching footsteps, having to think quickly he walked right through the door in front of him and couldn’t believe his eyes.

In the middle of the room was a man better known as the face of H.Y.D.R.A and behind sat his bestfriend chained to a metal chair his eyes open and looking around in fright.

Steve felt a chill go through his body seeing his bestfriend look so hopeless and frightened. Another chill fell through his body when he suddenly realized that a person had walked through his body almost as if he weren’t there.

“Ready to began solider.”

That voice it couldn’t be, but it was. Steve’s eyes watched as the figure turnt around only to reveal (Y/n) and a metal table with a metal tray behind her a bunch of different knives on it.“

Steve’s eyes followed (y/n)’s movements as she reached for one of her ‘tools’ as she had called it. She cocked her head toward Bucky her (long/short) (h/c) hair falling into her face a bit.

She dug her gloved covered hand into her lab coat like pocket and pulled out a hair cap. She placed it over her (h/c) locks which were now hidden from plain sight.

That same sinister smile on her face blossomed onto her face like from before as she spoke.

“Lets began soldier.”


L I T E R A L L Y  N O . 

This is not. NOT. not. How you go about hand poking a tattoo. There are so many beautiful rituals developed and passed down over centuries, creating breathtaking work, safely and with reverence.

For example:

Those are hand-poked tattoos. 

This, though…I can’t even begin to describe everything that is wrong here. 

Higgins ink is no. It is made to go on paper, not come in contact with the human bloodstream. Like…they didn’t even bother going for India ink? God help them.Besides, Non-toxic =/= sterile. All kinds of nasties could be in there. You can spend literally $3-$5 more and get decent sterile, real tattoo ink. Do you people even know anything about bloodborne pathogens at all?????

Also, quilting needles are non-hypoallergenic. They are cheap metal, and many many people are allergic to that, some very seriously. And y’all wanna stab that in someone’s skin without a second thought? Have fun visiting Johnny from the other side of the Quarantine door when his flesh begins to eat itself. Do any of you trust fund trashbabies have insurance? I sure hope so.

Fire and alcohol do not sterilize. Just stop. Sewing needles are plated metal and heating them will just release particulates to be deposited in your tattoo to cause infection and irritation later. 

I’m not even gonna touch the fact the chicks nails are mega filthy and she isn’t wearing gloves, and it certainly doesn’t look like any disinfectant preparation has been performed. 

Listen, edgy kids. I realize you’re not old enough to have your parents sign off for tattoos, or maybe you are and this makes you fit into whatever ~dgaf ~aesthetic ~existence you’ve substituted social media for actual living. But you look fucking stupid. And you should really know that. 

Google “blood poisoning.” It’s not cute. 

This is why I get so fucing mad when dumbass teenage stoners decide to completely bastardize and turn beautiful traditions into ~edgy ~so different ~hard af street trash, so they can play hardass until they’re old enough for their mummies and daddies to stop saying no. 

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Being Prince!Jin’s Guard

I can’t actually believe I’m about to type this out but thank you all so fucking much for 4,900 followers !!! How why what thank you I wanna give you all big hugs you’re all so sweet and wonderful to me and I appreciate it so so much and I can’t thank you enough so thank you thank you thank you !!! Okay so this was requested so long ago but I just I ne e d it in my life, I’ve been loving prince!BTS so much lately like I just keep wanting to write it and this sounded like a great way to do it, my first ever series was guard!BTS so this is like a lil nod to that, to start us off as he always does is the amazing, ever-so-loving first member of the hyung line who is looking sup e r c ute as always, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • For the reverse situation (Jin as the guard) click here, part two is here
  • In the first guard AU, I left it up to the reader to decide whether the love was strictly platonic, whether it was like a family type of thing or whether it was romantic (part two of the guard series was written in a romantic light so if you wanna see that, the link is up there as well) so I’ll be doing the same thing here
  • Okay so I just wanna do a visual aspect to this bc I don’t think I did a visual bit with prince!BTS and that’s really just a shame I lo v e visuals so much bc I feel like they help me picture the entire beyond the scene
  • Realistically speaking here, any version of Jin is automatically a prince bc have you seen that man he holds himself tall, he’s got charm, he’s got those pretty puppy dog brown eyes that I love so fucking much I’m getting !!! just thinking about how much I love this man
  • You could literally picture this whole AU with any hair color he’s had and it’d work
  • Blonde?? oh hell yeah
  • Shaggy War of Hormone hair??? F o r s u r e
  • The greenish brown from I need you??? Y U P
  • For the sake of choosing just one color, I’m gonna use the pink hair bc that was just a beautiful look that can make a comeback any fucking time he wants it to and in the Wings jacket photo shoot, he looked like a prince I will fight for this concept
  • Okay but this look i s prince!Jin entirely, the white shirt, the black pants, it all fits so well
  • Jin as a prince is overall very kind, very down to earth, he know that he’s the future king so he spends a lot of time with everyone in his city/village/town whatever you wanna call it and gets a really good grasp on what they actually want and need so that when it’s his turn to rule, he can help them
  • Like he has a lil journal that he keeps secret and every time he visits his people and gets a feel of what they want, he writes it down in his journal along with a couple of ideas on how to fix the problem
  • You catch him writing in it one day and if your heart wasn’t already his, it definitely is now bc he genuinely doesn’t have to do all of that, he could just stick to what he wants to city to look like, what he wants to do as a king but instead, he focuses on making sure his people are well taken care of and that they’re happy and content with life
  • Being his guard is actually really fun bc he doesn’t make it feel like a job at all
  • He’s one of those people that are s o welcoming like I feel like he could sit next to a stranger and just become best friends with them bc he’s so funny, he’s outgoing, he’s s w e e t as can be, he’s the whole package he’s such a good best friend
  • He makes it really easy to forget that you’re supposed to be guarding him bc you spend so much time just joking around and being friends
  • He’s so down to earth, even though he’s quite literally got a crown on his head and he’s so playful like he keeps you laughing a l l d a y l o n g
  • You’re still smiling when you walk back to your room bc he’s just such a ball of sunshine and jokes and you two have so many inside jokes with each other and his la uGH is so cute you gotta laugh along with him
  • You have to go through a shit ton of training just to become a guard and then even more training to become the prince’s (and in the future, king’s) guard so it takes a wh il e to get to the point where you can guard him alone without any of the other guards with you
  • So at first, you have to take the job really really seriously and you have to pay attention to everything his old guard tells you, you have to know Jin’s schedule at all times, you have to know where’s he at and who he’s with, you have to be ready to protect him if anything goes wrong
  • It’s a lot of stress at first bc it’s all so new but tbh, once you get to know Jin and see how amazing he is, you don’t mind it bc he deserves the protection, he’s worth being busy all day and night
  • It gets a l o t easier once you find your rhythm and figure out a schedule for yourself and get used to all of it
  • Like every night before bed, you double check his schedule for the next day and make sure everything is lining up okay, you check to see if he’s meeting up with anyone
  • Jin also makes it so much better, he’s really really good at distracting you from the stress
  • Like you thought, after all of the training from the royal guards, that the job was gonna be su p e r stressful and that you wouldn’t last long at all before you had to quit but here you are, a couple years later, still going strong
  • The thing that really brings you two closer is this one night where he comforts you and you open up to him and he opens up to you
  • There’s this one day where Jin gets really really close to getting possibly crushed by a statue after someone bumps into it and he moves them out of the way and tries to shield them but thankfully the statue misses the both of them by a couple of inches
  • You’re so ?? bc it all happens so quickly and you have zero time to actually protect him, which is your job and he could’ve been seriously injured
  • He sees you crying that night and of course, Jin just being Jin, he can’t walk away once he hears you sniffling so he sits down with you and you two start talking
  • He’s got his arm over your shoulders (which is technically a no no but he doesn’t really care) so he can keep you close and make you feel safe, even though you’re supposed to be the one making him feel safe
  • You two start talking about the stress of your jobs, his as a prince and yours as his guard of course, and you realize he’s under a lot of pressure too?? like he’s got an entire kingdom to run in just a couple months and he has to worry about laws, etiquette, marriage, making sure he can be both stern and giving
  • You promise each other to help each other through it all and that’s the day where you two form this really close bond and it kinda re-energizes you and makes you wanna work even harder to help him out as much as you can, not just as a guard but also as a friend
  • His hugs become something you look forward to bc you just feel so safe when you’re in his arms and you know he feels the same
  • It’s really hard not to love being around him bc he’s so amazing and so so sweet and thoughtful
  • He gives you a lot of days off even though technically guards don’t really have “days off” they have shifts where like one guard will watch over him during the day or for a couple of hours and then the next guard will come in but since you’re his personal guard, your shifts are a bit longer and you’re kinda the boss of the team of guards for him so you have to be on site at all times just in case of any emergencies
  • But he still bends all of those rules and sends you out to places on “official castle duty” even though the reality is he’s just telling you to go into town and enjoy your day, go to the park if you want to, get some ice cream, hang out with friends or family or go see some animals, anything you want to do
  • You two are just really really close and you’d do everything you possibly could to keep him safe

Pardon me did @10outta10wouldsinagain say “Greed taking care of Nina AU”?

It was something he heard from every guard and scientist in the Southern Command lab—always the same breathless whisper, with a dry-throat choke of fear and the shaky tremor of disbelief: Monster.

They’d whisper it, and swallow, and then run. That part was always nice. Humans weren’t a fair fight.

“You’re…Y-you’re a—“

“—yeah, yeah, monster, you’re not the first genius to reach that conclusion pal.” Greed cracked his neck, rolling his shoulders where his shield melded with the flesh near his collar bone. “Words hurt sometimes.”

Dorochet swung in from the left, katana in hand. The guard hadn’t budged since Greed spoke, and his frozen gun sliced easily in two, along with a cut of his scraggly gray beard. This jolted the man into action. He let out a high-pitched whine, then tripped on his own feet as he spun and bolted down the hall.

“But still, I guess monster is better than homunculus. Less chance of Pops finding me here.”

Dorochet didn’t answer. He turned, breathing heavy, and watched. Greed rubbed at his neck.

“You know you’re a real stick in the mud today, Dorochet. Usually you laugh at my jokes.”

“She’s close,” Dorochet answered. He stuck his nose in the air, grimaced, and twisted on his heels to the left hall. His sword slipped back into its scabbard.

Greed followed. He surveyed the walls with muted curiosity. Harsh fluorescence beat down from overhead. Small strips of lighting lined the bottom edges of the hall. It was sterile, and white, and buzzed distantly, and seemingly hadn’t changed from the day he busted in to free his own chimera gang.

“I’ll bet you’ve got some pleasant memories of this place,” Greed mused. They turned another corner. Empty—not so much as a painting worth snagging off the wall.

“Oh yeah, the best,” Dorochet bit back. His lip twitched over his teeth, the hair along his neck bristling. “The antiseptic smell is real nostalgic.”

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