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about time

distraction - pt 2


sleeping beauty

make your move


it was you

T E E N  W O L F




all I need




change of heart



but i want a puppy


*i never named this one*


just friendspt 2

T H E  O R I G I N A L S:


i swear to you

P E T E R  P A R K E R:

Aunt may knows all - pt 2

i love you

sleep talking - pt 2

school play



kiss cam

T H E  1 0 0


find her

it’s too late


by the fire



more than that


catch me



T H E  F L A S H:


too slow

S T R A N G E R  T H I N G S:


Happy New Year

so. “conceptions of race are different in Europe than in the US” is a thing that goes around a lot and “no you’re talking about xenophobia not racism” is a thing that goes around a lot in response and… I think that both of these sides actually have half of the truth?

like, Polish people are often used as an example - they are frequently targets of European xenophobia, but it would be incorrect to say that they are not conceptualised as “white,” and the fact that they’re discriminated against doesn’t mean that nonwhite people are discriminated against any less. just that xenophobia may be a more prevalent axis of discrimination in most of Europe than racism is. where I come from in Norway, lots of kids are adopted from Asia, Africa, and South America, and from what I’ve seen those kids tend not to face discrimination or othering once it becomes clear that they’re “culturally Norwegian” and not from a “scary foreign culture.” The problem back home is usually having a foreign-sounding name, coupled with looking different - if you have a Norwegian name and dark skin, you’re usually fine.

BUT, the division of “white” v “PoC” also doesn’t work the same way in Europe as I think it does in the US. to give a personal example, I’m mixed Scandinavian and Latina. The Latina part, ¼, is negligible enough that I’m pretty sure that if I lived in the US, I would pass as white at least most of the time and no-one would look at me and think I looked “different” in any way. Having stayed in both Africa and Asia, I’ve also experienced that when I’m in these regions I get seen as unequivocally “a white person.”

However, back in Norway, I constantly get comments like this: “but you’re not completely Norwegian, are you?” And they’re reacting to the fact that my colouring is darker than what you’d see in a “normal” Norwegian, but what they’re really asking me is “but are you culturally Norwegian?” They see my name, and that tells them I’m Norwegian, but my appearance - again, probably 100% white by non-European (or even non-Norwegian) standards - makes them wonder whether I might not be fully “one of them.” My dad has experienced this too (being half Latino, he’s darker than me) and has even had people imagine that they can hear “an accent” in the way he speaks, even though that would be literally impossible. Then, once I can reassure the asker that I grew up in Norway and the only Argentinean person I know is my grandmother, the questioning stops and they’re happy to accept me as “a real Norwegian.”

As another example, there was one other mixed girl in my primary school, who was half Norwegian and half Indian. Because she looked “more foreign” than I did, she was also subject to more questioning and tried harder to reaffirm her Norwegianness in response. Over time, she distanced herself more and more from her Indian side, and by high school she had stopped using her first name, Sangita, and started calling herself Marie. From what I can see on Facebook, she still calls herself Marie. Also, she uses (and, as far as I know, has always used) only her mother’s Norwegian surname, probably out of a decision by her parents that taking her Indian father’s name would affect her employability much more than looking the way she does with a Norwegian name would. For all I know, he may also have taken his wife’s name to lessen the discrimination he experiences (applications with a foreign-sounding name tend to be thrown straight out by employers, whether that name is Greek or Indian or whatever else).

So basically, what people are saying when they say that racism works differently in Europe than it does in the US, is that racism is more tangled up in xenophobia in Europe than it is in the US. A nonwhite European who has been raised entirely in a European culture, through adoption or otherwise, is less likely to be othered than a nonwhite person who has arrived in Europe as an immigrant, or as the child of immigrants, though that nonwhite immigrant may well face more discrimination than, say, a Polish immigrant, who is still discriminated against due to xenophobia despite being “white.” And then there are people from the Mediterranean, who are often thought of as “not white” and face similar xenophobic/racist discrimination even though an American would think of them as “white.”

TL;DR: In the US, racism seems to be a more prevalent axis of discrimination than xenophobia, though that doesn’t mean xenophobia doesn’t exist in the US. In Europe, xenophobia seems to be a more prevalent axis of discrimination than racism, though that doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist in Europe. Talking about one region’s axes of oppression through the lens of another’s is still not going to get you very far.

Gorillaz and Fireflies...

2D : Leave my door open just a crack. n 3 n

Murdoc: P l e a s e t a k e m e a w a y f r o m h e r e… <_<

2D: ‘Cause I feel like such an insomniac. :D

Murdoc: P l e a s e t a k e m e a w a y f r o m h e r e! e_ e

2D: Why do I tire from counting sheep?

Murdoc: P L E A S E T A K E M E A W A Y F R O M H E R E! >:{

2D: When I’m too tired to fall asleep~

Murdoc: GOOD IT’S OV–


Murdoc: WHYYYYY?!?

pete: theres that chirping again! god how are you not hearing that
joe: N E W S F L A S H , A S S H O L E ! I ’ V E B E E N H E A R I N G I T T H E E N T I R E G O D D A M N T I M E !
joe: B E C A U S E I H A T E Y O U

  • People using an Ouija Board, 2096: What do you want?
  • Me: t o c r a c k o p e n a c o l d o n e w i t h t h e b o y s
  • People: ...What?
  • Me: s o m e o n e p e e d i n t h e b a l l p i t
  • People: We don't understand! Please, who are you?
  • Me: s h r e k i s l o v e s h r e k i s l i f e
  • People: Shrek? What is Shrek? Is that your name?
  • Me: *the entire Bee Movie script, one letter at a time*
A veces me gustaría que cada uno de nosotros dijéramos lo que tanto nos ha dado miedo decir, tal vez "Oye, realmente no me gusta cuando haces eso" o "Hey, yo realmente estoy enamorado de usted" o incluso, "Hola, yo te extraño y pienso en ti todo el tiempo" sin sonar desesperado. ¿Por qué todo el mundo no puede ser dolorosamente honesto?

J I M 🔥Y O U R E 🔥6'11 🔥A N D 🔥Y O U 🔥 W E I G H 🔥9 0 🔥P O U N D S 🔥G U M B Y 🔥 H A S 🔥 A 🔥B E T T E R 🔥 B O D Y 🔥 T H A N 🔥Y O U 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 D W I G H T 🔥 Y O U R E🔥 A 🔥 K I S S 🔥A S S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 P A M 🔥Y O U 🔥F A I L E D 🔥A R T 🔥 S C H O O L 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 M E R E D I T H 🔥Y O U V E 🔥 S L E P T 🔥W I T H 🔥 S O 🔥M A N Y 🔥G U Y S 🔥Y O U R E 🔥 S T A R T I N G🔥T O 🔥 L O O K 🔥 L I K E 🔥 O N E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥K E V I N 🔥 I 🔥C A N T 🔥D E C I D E 🔥 B E T W E E N 🔥 A 🔥 F A T 🔥J O K E 🔥A N D 🔥 A 🔥 D U M B 🔥 J O K E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 C R E E D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 T E E T H 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥Y O U R 🔥 B R E A T H 🔥 S T I N K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H E R E S 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H O A 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 I 🔥 D I D N T 🔥 S E E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 B E H I N D 🔥 T H A T 🔥 G R A I N 🔥O F 🔥 R I C E 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 S T A N L E Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 C R U S H 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 W I F E 🔥 D U R I N G 🔥 S E X 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 H E A R T 🔥 S U C K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y 🔥 A N D Y 🔥 C O R N E L L 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥 T H E Y 🔥 T H I N K 🔥 Y O U 🔥 S U C K 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y E R 🔥 T H A N 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 E V E R Y B O D Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 G U Y S 🔥 A R E 🔥T H E 🔥 R E A S O N 🔥 I 🔥 W E N T 🔥 I N T O 🔥 T H E 🔥 P A P E R 🔥 B U S I N U E S S 🔥 S O 🔥 U H 🔥 G O O D N I G H T 🔥G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 A M E R I C A 🔥 A N D 🔥 G E T 🔥 H O M E 🔥 S A F E 🔥


“Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, these cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.”  (listen)

“You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart;” (listen)

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind;” (listen)

“You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil;” (listen)

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Strange Shit That Has Happened On Game Grumps And Isn’t Even Discussed
  • Barristan Selmy from Game of Thrones opens a random episode for no apparent reason and with no explanation
  • Arin scream-sings Circle of Life in a public place
  • The fucking ads are the stuff of nightmares
  • Rob Schneider comes on Game Grumps after Arin completely rips apart his tv show for a full episode
  • Arin opened a set of 10 or so episodes with monologues about following his twitter, cooking your own food, that he’s really a bat portraying the character of Arin Hanson, that his editor is too handsome, he wants to sell out to Wendy’s, and then hits himself as hard as he can with a plastic bat. This is giffed but not commented on.
  • Chris Pratt likes the Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, confirms he is a melon with his name written on it.
  • Arin assembles what looks like a several hundred person mob to go to a random Wendy’s in Ohio, because he wants to sell out to them but they won’t return his tweets. 
  • They’ve got a fucking TV show coming out with the guys from Rick and Morty? Why is this not mentioned more?
  • L o v e l y  d a y  f o r  c r i c k e t 
  • Arin and Ross abused the ‘give a free ride get a free ride’ code on Uber by sending theirs out to 3.5 million people. Reportedly, Arin now has over 800 free rides.
  • Ross and Barry sold their pokemon fanart in an art gallery.
  • Seriously the fucking ads? In one of them Barry is turned upside down while Arin growls in a corner and then time-lapse punches Barry into a wall, and this is an advert for Lootcrate
  • Dan repeatedly hit a two pound gummy bear against a table to try and remove its head
  • A professor of theoretical physics quit his fucking job to do the show
Updated Masterlist | 4.23.17

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T O M  H O L L A N D 

Dating Tom Holland Would Include
You and Me
A Total Mess
More Like Her
Hands to Myself
Honest  |||  Part Two 
Tom & OFC
Prank Imagine 
Ex-Girlfriend Interview Imagine
Lovey Dovey Interview Imagine
Celebrity Crush Interview Imagine
Dressing Formal Imagine 
Thanking Tom Imagine
Facetiming Tom Imagine

P E T E R  P A R K E R 

Let it Grow 
Just Smile
Stay Away
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Closed Door
Finding You Outside Imagine
Finding Out Imagine
Finding Out (shorter version) Imagine
Project Help Imagine ||| Part Two 

J U G H E A D  J O N E S 

What Do You Feel ||| Part Two 
Black Sheep 

A R C H I E   A N D R E W S 

Misplaced Trust
Never Alone

C H R I S  E V A N S 

Stone Cold Sober
Far From Boring 
Fatherhood Interview Imagine
Father Chris Imagine
Spilling The Beans Imagine
Taking Off Shirt Imagine
Giving In Imagine
Meeting New Boyfriend Imagine
Laughing Game Imagine
Divorcing Chris Imagine
That Look Imagine

S T E V E  R O G E R S 

Age Of Ultron Imagine
Asking For Permission Imagine
Disagreeing Sokovia Accords Imagine

S E B A S T I A N  S T A N 

Drunken Nights
Simple Hello  ||| Part Two
First We Had  ||| Part Two
Parting Ways
Annoyed Imagine
Don’t You Do That Interview Imagine

B U C K Y  B A R N E S 

Brain Scrambled Imagine
Steve Telling Bucky Imagine
Afraid To Leave Imagine
Finding Out He Killed Imagine
Sent To Kill Imagine

T J  H A M M O N D 

She’ll Be The Death ||| Part Two 

J E F F E R S O N 


S H A W N  M E N D E S 


H A R R Y  S T Y L E S 

War Is Love |||  Part Two
Reaction Imagine
Caught In Interview Imagine

E D D I E  R E D M A Y N E 

Three Words
Panicked Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Part Two Imagine
Costar Imagine

N E W T  S C A M A N D E R 

Newt Dating a Muggle / No-Maj
The Greatest Creation |||  Part Two
Yer A Wizard
I Wouldn’t Mind / OFC
Talking About You Imagine
Amazed By You Imagine
Dramatic & Sick You Imagine

E Z R A  M I L L E R 


C R E D E N C E  B A R E B O N E

My Credence Plea
Under The Mistletoe
Monsters Lyrics
Helping Him Imagine
Helping You Imagine

D R A C O  M A L F O Y 

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Last Straw
Change Of Heart

H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R 

Flustered Times
Good Advice
Crush Imagine

F R E D  W E A S L E Y 

Sentimental Gift Ft. George Weasley
Lost & Found
Take Care Imagine

S I R I U S  B L A C K 

The Return Of The Jackal
Son Imagine
All This Time Imagine
Getting Killed Imagine

R E M U S  L U P I N 

Sneaking In Late Imagine

H A R R Y  P O T T E R 

A Nervous Wreck
Dumbledore’s Army Imagine

H P  A E S T H E T I C S / M O O D B O A R D S 

Slytherin 2

S C O T T  M C C A L L 

Innocently Deadly
Finding Out Imagine

S T I L E S  S T I L I N S K I 

Denying You Imagine

P E T E R  H A L E 

Being The Reason Imagine
Leave Me Alone Imagine

S P E N C E R  R E I D 

Being Late Imagine
Your Voice Imagine

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R 

Jack’s Favorite Babysitter Imagine
Jack’s Favorite Part Two Imagine