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there are like a dozen death note visual adaptations. do you know what i want? i want a death note novel adaptation. someone get me an author who writes three 500 page - books about light’s journey. who the fuck even needs movies?? i want books!

It’s one of those days where I get very happy because I remember that Donut grew up with two moms, Caboose is from a moon colony and had 17 sisters growing up, Epsilon refers to Carolina as “Sis” and they’ve obviously bonded a lot, Tucker is a good single dad and proudly carries Junior’s picture around in an obsolete wallet just to show him off, and Grif raised Kai on his own when their mom went to the circus.

Like. Families. Families! Families.

Date Night

You were running around the bedroom after your shower, slipping on underwear, picking out dresses, blow drying your hair.

Pennywise was watching this all unfold, sitting on your bed as you prettied yourself up, spending a few hours on your make up, ridding your hair of any kinks using an iron.

“What are you doing (y/n)?” He asked, not really used to seeing you even bother with make up before.

“I have his thing my friend invited me to, I’m kinda third wheeling but I don’t really mind too much” You said under concentration of adding eyeliner.

“Third wheeling?” His face twisted in confusion.

“It’s when a person tags along with another couple because they don’t have a date or someone to hang out with them. When the numbers are odd” you say simply. He sat silently for a moment, processing the information. Then he finally spoke up again.

“Why not take me?” He asked, playing with beads from a necklace near by.

“Babe,” you started, looking over at him. With his ruffled dirty clown, while pale skin, unnatural look. It’s not that you were necessarily embarrassed of him, but he was literally the killer clown that would probably have angry mobs after him.

“Killer clown” you said to yourself, almost scoffing as you looking over at him, watching his “killer instincts”. snuggling into a pillow, looking a little offended over not being invited to a simple evening outing.

“Why do you want to go so bad? You said you didn’t even like the way (y/f) smelled” you turn back around, finishing off your make up and walking over to your closet.

“You could of at least mentioned it to me, you didn’t even ask if I wanted to go..” he said, pouting grumpily. You sighed, feeling bad about not bringing it up to him. But also, in what way would it be normal to take a 6'5 pale vintage clown to a formal dinner? As much as you loved him the way that he was, it would definitely be the elephant in the room. You sighed and smiled at his adorable pouts, finally saying “fuck it” to yourself.

“Would you like to join me to dinner my love?” You said after a few minutes of just watching him, he perked up almost immediately, a toothy smile spreading across his face. You were unsure about how going out with him would look, but before your eyes he had turned into a more “human” looking man. Tall, handsome, brown haired goof ball with Penny’s same blue eyes and wide grin.

“Shall we my darling?” He extended his hand towards yours, you still in a robe completely in aw of his human form.

“L-let me slip into my dress, yeah?”


Later than night, you had showed up with Penny in his human costume. Girls turned heads when his large figure past tables, your friend seemed to almost completely avoid her date due to the admiration towards your dashing date.

“P-Penny was is? My my what a hunk” she would make jokes about it, and the guy next to her seemed jealous. But your favorite part of the entire night was how Penny would turn to you over nearly everything. Not only was he not used to being in public, but he also didn’t want to say something to upset you. He would crack his joke though, and you swore a giggle escaped from every girl in the room. He had caught everyone’s attention, but when you spoke with others, Penny would instead turn his head and admire you. He liked the tone of your voice and the elegance of the words you used to seem intelligent infront of people.

By the time the night had come to a close, you were exhausted. You sat in the back of a taxi leaning into Pennywise nearly falling asleep when you felt his lips atop of your head.

“How was I (y/n)?” His whisper interrupted the sound of traffic outside. You smiled and hummed a little. “Does that mean good or bad?” He whispered again.

“You were absolutely perfect” you said, eyes still closed, “but as soon as we’re back home, I want my Pennywise back.

"Don’t you like me like this better?” He asked, almost quieter as before. Your eyes opened as you pushed yourself up to face him.

“I think I fell in love with a clown, not a regular person. I like this look, but whoever I intend of holding tonight is my clown, yeah?” You said, pinching his cheeks slightly. He nodded, a bit of color coming to his cheeks as you leaned back into him again. “No more clowning around and get back to being my clown” You smirked at your oh-so clever line and kinda dozed off the rest of the ride in his chest.


First off shout out to @fuck-the-clown

Second off, I gotta say I’m so grateful you guys allow me to write these things down and allow me to express myself. Gotta be free to be weird somewhere :-)

Lastly, if you don’t like what I write then don’t fucking read it.

Thank you guys so much for liking my last story, it really encouraged me to post this one. Love you guys, I’m signing off now, but have a great day! (Or Night) 🖖🏼


the only child mr. h has to watch for is the idiot who runs the city.
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Ft 60

Request: Reveal of FT’s mysteries!
In one of Magnolia’s cafe:
Lucy: Hello everyone!
Mira: Puru puru pupipiiiin!
L: What?! What are you doing?!
M: Imitating one of your Spirits - Plue!
L: No no no, you don’t sound like it at all!
M: Ok then, let’s do our best today too!
L: O-ok, let’s start with the first question.

Q: I love Brandish-chan! Please, make her happy!
M: Brandish from Spriggan 12 is very popular, isn’t she?
L: Irene or DiMaria, who was so cruel for me, are popular too.
M: Whole females’ party is popular.
L: As for males’ party it’s God Serena.
M: What? But he’s… you know…
L: I wonder if he’s so hopelessly cute.
M: Author is fan of Jacob.
L: Oh yeah, Mira-san, you’re fighting with him right now, aren’t you? Do your best!
M: Sure! But I don’t know why he’s fighting with his eyes closed all the time.
L: What?
M: He’s capable warrior with no doubts, but thanks to that I can fight with him on par.
L: Mira-san, may it be that you’re barely dressed right now?
M: Oh my, shame on me.
L: Let’s… go back to the topic. Brandish, I want you to be happy too!
M: You’re right. It would be wonderful, if everyone could be happy.
L: Yeah… but lately, with this development… I’m not so sure about it.
M: Let’s see next question.

Q: What really happened in chapter 503 in volume 59, when DiMaria was stopping time?
L: Oh, that time… Thanks to that I was saved, but something strange happened with Natsu…
M: And DiMaria was so frightened, it wasn’t normal at all.
L: Natsu was moving although the time was stopped?
M: So, let’s see what happened step by step:
1. DiMaria stopps the time.
2. Natsu wakes up and knocks out DiMaria in the same time.​L: Wait the second! How could he move when time was stopped?!
M: Isn’t it because of END’s power?
L: But Natsu was tied up too.
M: With END’s power something like that is not a big deal.
L: And he was suffering from this tumor. (not sure about this line)
M: END’s power!
L: Very useful…
M: Let’s see what happened next:
3. Natsu notices Lucy (he sees her breasts).​L: Don’t look at them!
M: Now it’s too late…
4. Natsu releases Lucy (he sees her breasts again).​L: You’re looking too much!
M: Natsu is a guy after all.
5. Because Lucy’s not moving, Natsu thinks, that she’s dead.
6. He awakens his END’s powers.
7. He strikes at DiMaria again.
8. And rushes to Zeref’s place.​L: So something like that happened.

M: Natsu is a guy after all.
L: Let’s change the topic.

Q: When will you perform Star Dress: Capricorn Form?
L: Well, maybe I’ll perform it in Fairy Tail Second Film, or maybe not…
M: Hm? So will you or not?
L: I can’t tell you yeeeet!
M: Puru puru pupipiiiin


Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hi!! Can I please get a Harry Hook x Fem! Reader? The reader is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat and she doesn’t believe it when Harry says that he likes her because she thinks he just wants her powers for Uma, but he really does love her?? Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any Descendants character, all credit goes to the creators and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the characters Oliver and Madison.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- The daughter of the Cheshire Cat doesn’t believe that Harry really likes her.

Warning(s)- None??

Words- 2149

A/N- The song sung in the beginning is called “Hey Alice.” By Rachel Rose Mitchell!

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Monsta X React: Their S/O Putting Their Hands Under Their Shirt



Request: Can I request a monsta x reaction where you always put your hand in/up their top when you’re tired because warmth and shit xx

thIsS is rlly cute !!W1 but i changed it up a little so that it’s a scenario where u see what happens when you do this oNCE

Im sry this ended up being trash


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While you flattened your palm against his abdomen with a quiet sigh of contentment, Hyunwoo was hiding his face in your fluffy hair. His mouth would form into a bashful smile as you then wrapped your arm around his torso, the pads of your fingers digging into his skin while your leg soon curled over his hips. Your head was tucked into the crook of his neck once his rhythmic breathing slowly lulled you to sleep. Hyunwoo felt like his heart was swelling 10x more when you sleepily pressed the tip of your nose against his pulse, your arm absentmindedly tightening around his bare waist. His eyes crinkled when he smiled down at you in a fond way, and he leaned down to print a gentle kiss to the top of your head, wrapping his large hand around your arm to pull it tighter around him; feeling secure with you so close.


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He asked you what you were doing when he felt your hands creeping up and under the hem of sweatshirt, giggling when you touched a ticklish spot on his body. Squirming in your arms, you let out a grumpy whine and rest your cheek on his shoulder, a pout on your face. “Stop moving, you bum.” you had scolded him softly, burying your face against the spot where his shoulder and neck met. Snugly, you wrapped your arms around his waist, under his sweatshirt, your legs sprawled across his lap. Minhyuk didn’t seem to mind this; completely comfortable with you touching his bare skin. As you rested against him, one of his hands came up to brush away the hair from your face, gazing at you with a loving smile. He held you closer once you gave him a small kiss on the side of his neck, the smile on his face growing bigger.


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“No, stop it.” he groaned. You had crawled into bed while Jooheon was taking a nap and had suddenly lifted his hoodie up. Grumbling in protest, he tried pushing your hand away, only to have your arms curled around him the next moment. “I like cuddling you like this.” you said; meek. Once you said that, the annoyed expression on his face left and he let his head fall back onto his pillow with a quiet sigh, his hand moving up to push his fingers through your hair. A smile was forming on your lips when he relaxed underneath you while you pat his bare chest, your eyelids fluttering closed. “It’s a good thing I love you.” he muttered playfully, grinning when you flicked his skin. He held the back of your head with his palm and peppered the crown of your head with kisses, laughing as he squeezed you tight.


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This boy was not impressed. When he felt your hands going up his shirt, he laughed sarcastically, wiggling away from you with his fingers forming an ‘L’ on his forehead. He, wildly, then wagged his finger at you with a grin, watching you sulk. Kihyun admired the way your lips formed into a pout and sympathetically, he pulled you back into his embrace with an eye crinkling smile, cradling your head to his chest. You were too cute when you were tired. Playfully, he kissed the top of your head over and over again until you whacked him to stop. “You’re so silly.” he coos, removing his arms from around you. He guides your hands underneath his shirt to comfort you and his smile grows fonder when you curl your hands into fists against the arch of his back. He ruffles your hair, “Cutie.”


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Hoseok was cooking ramen when you trudged down the stairs sleepily. You had woken up from your nap to the sound of the kitchen fan turning on, and so you went and checked on your boyfriend to see what he was up to. Rubbing your eye with your sleeve, you watched Hoseok hum a song to himself as he began to pour the noodles into the bowl of steaming soup. A smile creeped on your face as the smell of the ramen wafted in your direction and you began walking towards Wonho, humming to yourself. You pressed yourself against his back and slid your hands underneath his white t-shirt, your fingertips lazily trailing over his abdomen before your hands linked together over his torso. Out of surprise, his body arched against your touch, and he put his chopsticks down on his bowl with a curious noise. Looking behind him, he rest his hands on yours, a little smile on his face. “Why hello, sleepy head,” he sings while turning around so he could kiss your forehead, his hands forcing your arms to tighten around his body while he brushed his knuckles against your cheek, “care to join me for lunch?”


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“No thank you.” he says kindly, his hands nudging your arms away from him. Hyungwon wouldn’t be very comfortable with you touching his bare skin when it came to your hands touching his back or his chest; he felt very embarrassed whenever you did that. You let out a groan when he started to shuffle away from you and you grumbled to yourself, rubbing your face. He responded with a sympathetic smile and rubbed the back of his neck before turning around to continue whatever he was doing. He opened the fridge to take out a juice box and you watched him; helpless. You huffed to yourself and went against the thoughts in your head that were telling you not to bug him anymore. Jumping into his back, your hands immediately wandered underneath his sweater; Hyungwon responding by squirming at the touch of your cold skin on his. Biting down the straw of his juice box, he exhaled through his nose and turned around to pet the back of your hand, an awkward smile on his face. He booped the tip of his nose against your forehead and dragged his fingers through your hair, finishing his juice box. “Please just ask next time.”


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Changkyun immediately began to coo when you buried your face against the centre of his chest, your hands slipping under his hoodie so that you could rest your palms on the cool surface of his back. Bashfully, he would hook his chin on the top of your head while wrapping an arm around your shoulders, his other hand rubbing your hip. “I love you too, you butt.” he would say teasingly, only to have you respond by tilting your head to unforgivingly bite his collarbone. That action resulted in him biting you back, a pout on his face. With a grumble, you trailed your fingertips down his spine, your head resting in the crook of his neck. Petting your head, he watched you adoringly, loving the way your eyelashes cast shadows on your cheekbones. “You can touch my abs too.” he wiggled his eyebrows once you looked at him and you smiled, your eyes a little bleary from closing them. “You wish.” you stuck your tongue out at him and he gasped, kissing your forehead with a laugh when you moved your hand to his chest, dragging your palm down his skin playfully. He pinched your hip, “Silly girl.”

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 21

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19,  Chapter 20)

Reigen was soaked to the bone.

He squinted through the rain and spit water from his mouth as he hauled bag after bag of trash to the dumpster around the side of the apartment. He’d had a flimsy red umbrella for the first garbage run. On autopilot, Reigen had accidentally thrown it out along with the garbage bag. Reigen had told Mob the wind carried it off.

When Reigen returned from the final dumpster trip, he shed his shoes and his socks and his suit jacket, which he hung wet and dripping on a coat rack nail by the door. Reigen collapsed into a kitchen chair he pulled out, huffing out a laugh and running his fingers through his soaking wet hair. Water ran down his face and dripped into the corners of his mouth, salty.

“Are you okay, Reigen?” Mob asked.

Reigen looked up. Mob sat on the other side of the table, fingers gripped visibly tight to the wood. Ash still stained his shirt, and his eyes were visibly shaken. Reigen knew it was due to the “barrier”—whatever that meant in Mob’s mind—reappearing in the stretches of time it took Reigen to toss the garbage bags. Reigen told himself, and Mob, that this counted toward Mob’s training.

“I’m fine, Mob.” Reigen grabbed his right pantleg and wrung it, twisting it tight at his ankle. Streams of water ran down his foot to the tile below. “This is a lot like swimming actually, except fully clothed and it’s terrible.”

Mob met his eyes, concentration furrowing his brow. “You’re being funny, right Reigen?”

“I’m funny all the time.”

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icky gooey womb


Pairing: Lay/Zhang Yixing x reader (female)

Rating: (M)

Word Count: 13,414

Part two of the Exodus Mall series! (Can be read independently or in order 😊)

January 15th, 1997

You close the car door behind you with your back, trying to simultaneously wrap your coat around you to ward off the cold, hold the folder containing your resume under your arm, and put your keys into your purse. A cold wind whips past you, knocking you back against the car and you instinctively hold onto your coat and your purse, the folder falling out of your grip and into a puddle. 

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