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Ft 60

Request: Reveal of FT’s mysteries!
In one of Magnolia’s cafe:
Lucy: Hello everyone!
Mira: Puru puru pupipiiiin!
L: What?! What are you doing?!
M: Imitating one of your Spirits - Plue!
L: No no no, you don’t sound like it at all!
M: Ok then, let’s do our best today too!
L: O-ok, let’s start with the first question.

Q: I love Brandish-chan! Please, make her happy!
M: Brandish from Spriggan 12 is very popular, isn’t she?
L: Irene or DiMaria, who was so cruel for me, are popular too.
M: Whole females’ party is popular.
L: As for males’ party it’s God Serena.
M: What? But he’s… you know…
L: I wonder if he’s so hopelessly cute.
M: Author is fan of Jacob.
L: Oh yeah, Mira-san, you’re fighting with him right now, aren’t you? Do your best!
M: Sure! But I don’t know why he’s fighting with his eyes closed all the time.
L: What?
M: He’s capable warrior with no doubts, but thanks to that I can fight with him on par.
L: Mira-san, may it be that you’re barely dressed right now?
M: Oh my, shame on me.
L: Let’s… go back to the topic. Brandish, I want you to be happy too!
M: You’re right. It would be wonderful, if everyone could be happy.
L: Yeah… but lately, with this development… I’m not so sure about it.
M: Let’s see next question.

Q: What really happened in chapter 503 in volume 59, when DiMaria was stopping time?
L: Oh, that time… Thanks to that I was saved, but something strange happened with Natsu…
M: And DiMaria was so frightened, it wasn’t normal at all.
L: Natsu was moving although the time was stopped?
M: So, let’s see what happened step by step:
1. DiMaria stopps the time.
2. Natsu wakes up and knocks out DiMaria in the same time.​L: Wait the second! How could he move when time was stopped?!
M: Isn’t it because of END’s power?
L: But Natsu was tied up too.
M: With END’s power something like that is not a big deal.
L: And he was suffering from this tumor. (not sure about this line)
M: END’s power!
L: Very useful…
M: Let’s see what happened next:
3. Natsu notices Lucy (he sees her breasts).​L: Don’t look at them!
M: Now it’s too late…
4. Natsu releases Lucy (he sees her breasts again).​L: You’re looking too much!
M: Natsu is a guy after all.
5. Because Lucy’s not moving, Natsu thinks, that she’s dead.
6. He awakens his END’s powers.
7. He strikes at DiMaria again.
8. And rushes to Zeref’s place.​L: So something like that happened.

M: Natsu is a guy after all.
L: Let’s change the topic.

Q: When will you perform Star Dress: Capricorn Form?
L: Well, maybe I’ll perform it in Fairy Tail Second Film, or maybe not…
M: Hm? So will you or not?
L: I can’t tell you yeeeet!
M: Puru puru pupipiiiin

It’s one of those days where I get very happy because I remember that Donut grew up with two moms, Caboose is from a moon colony and had 17 sisters growing up, Epsilon refers to Carolina as “Sis” and they’ve obviously bonded a lot, Tucker is a good single dad and proudly carries Junior’s picture around in an obsolete wallet just to show him off, and Grif raised Kai on his own when their mom went to the circus.

Like. Families. Families! Families.


the only child mr. h has to watch for is the idiot who runs the city.
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Italian Articles: a quick guide

Definite article

What are the forms?

When do we use it?
1) referring to people or things that are clearly recognizable and distinct.

They might have been mentioned before:

Ex. Ieri ho visto una coppia per la strada. Il ragazzo sembrava turbato. – Yesterday I’ve met a couple on the street. The boy (not just any boy, but the one who’s part of the aforementioned couple) looked upset.

Or they might be already known in an ordinary situation:

Ex. Ha chiamato il nonno. – Grandpa called.

2) referring to a whole class of people or things:

Ex. I gatti sono i miei animali preferiti. – Cats are my favorite animals.

Indefinite article

What are the forms?

You might notice a lack of plural forms; it gets a tiny little bit more complicated there. Since we don’t really have them, we use partitive articles (dei/degli for masculine nouns and delle for feminine ones), which are actually articulated prepositions used as articles. Articulated prepositions are born from the union between articles and prepositions, you can get the general principle behind that looking at the scheme below:

When do we use it?

1) referring to something that’s indefinite or newly introduced –> Incontrai un uomo vestito di nero. (= I ran into a man dressed in black)

2) referring to a whole class of people or things (yep, right, same as the definite one. Practical, amirite?), with a slightly more generic meaning –> Un gatto non è come un cane (= A cat is not like a dog)

3) designating an indistinct part of a class (English “some”) –> Ci sono dei quaderni sul tavolo (= There are some notebooks on the table)

How do we know which form to use?

Besides the obvious variations in gender and number, differents articles are also employed depending on the first letter of the word
that follows them.

Let’s tackle the masculine forms first, il/lo and un/uno (singular) and i/gli (plural).

Before a vowel, you don’t have much of a choice: you must employ either the elided form l’ or  un for singular nouns (l'asino, l'agnello = donkey, lamb), and gli for plurals.

Un and il/i (or dei) are commonly known as “weak” forms, and are employed before:

1) words beginning with a single consonant (that’s not x or z) –> Un paesaggio, il declino, i gatti (= landscape, decline, cats)
Watch out: “gli dèi(=the gods)” is an exception!
2) words beginning with a consonantic group other than s + l or r –> il pranzo, un grattacielo (= lunch, skyscraper)
3) foreign words beginning with w –> il whisky, i western (= whiskey, westerns)

Uno and lo/gli (or degli), strong forms, are used before:

1) sce or sci sounds --> lo sciocco, uno sceicco (=fool, sheik)
2) i + vowel –> lo iato, uno iettatore (= hiatus, jinx)
3) gn and z sounds –> lo gnomo, lo zio (= gnome, uncle)
4) s followed by a consonant –> lo sparo, uno strazio (= shot, torture)
5) x, y and consonantic groups when the second element isn’t l or r –> lo psicologo, lo xilofono (= pshycologist, xylophone)

Moving on, we have the feminine forms, slightly easier to use.

Le is the only option for plurals, no matter their first letter. For singular nouns, instead, we use the forms una and la:

1) before a consonant –> la gioia, una candela (= joy, candle)
2) before i + vowel –> la iena (= hyena)

While we employ the elided forms un’ and l’ before a vowel.

If you feel like you need it, I could also offer a little insight on peculiar usage of articles. Let me know! :D


I saw @languageoclock​ do a ‘German in 200 words’ so I thought I’d translate them in to French (hope you don’t mind :P)

Here are 200(ish) French words which comprise the majority of the French language spoken on a daily basis- I hope it’s useful for you :D

to be: être
to be called: s’appeller
to have: avoir
to do: faire
to make (create): créer
to make (sb do sthg):
to become: devenir
would be going to: conditional conjugation of aller
to go: aller
to come: venir
to say: dire
to speak: parler
to talk: parler (no differentiation)
to know (facts): savoir
to know (person): connaître
to think: penser (think) - croire (believe)
to want: vouloir
to like: aimer
to be able to: pouvoir
to need (require): avoir besoin
to need to: devoir
should: conjuctive conjugation ii of devoir
to try: essayer
to feel: se sentir
to work: travailler
to learn: apprendre
to understand: comprendre
to get (receive): recevoir
to get (fetch): holen
to bring: apporter
to use: utiliser
to start: commencer/débuter
to eat: manger
to see: voir
to write: écrire
to give: donner
to sleep: dormir
to buy: acheter
to take: prendre
to read: lire
to let: laisser
to wear - to carry: porter
to find: trouver
to look for - to search: chercher
to meet: retrouver
to help: aider
to play (game - music): joker

hello: bonjour - salut
goodbye: au revoir - salut
nice to meet you: je suis très heureux (heureuse) de faire votre/ton connaissance
yes: oui
no: non
okay: d’accord
please: s’il vous/te plaît
thank you: merci
you’re welcome: de rien
sorry: pardon (pardon) - désolé(e) (I’m sorry)
excuse me: excuse moi!
well (filler): alors
really?:  vraiment?
there is: il y a

that: ce/ça
and: et
or: ou
but: mais
though: bien que
because: parce que/car
before: avant
therefore: donc
if: si

before: avant
after: après
of: de/du/de la/de l’
from: de
to/(in order to): à/(pour)
in: dans/en
at (time): à
on: sur/en
with: avec
about: environ
for: pour

not: pas
a lot: beaucoup
a little: un peu
good: bon(ne)
bad: mal
more [than]: plus [que]
better: mieux
most: le plus
enough: assez
even (same): même
right: vrai
wrong: faux
all: tous
some: quelque
other: autre
easy: facile
hard: difficile
early: tôt
late: retard
important: important
cool: génial
different: autre (other) différent
beautiful: beau/belle
very: très
too: trop
also: aussi
only: juste (just) - seul - ne _ que
now: maintenant
here: ici
maybe: peut-être
always: toujours
often: souvent
sometimes: quelque fois
never: jamais
today: aujourd’hui
yesterday: hier
tomorrow: demain
almost: presque
still: immobile (not moving) - encore (doing something)
already: déjà
like (similar to): comme
time (3 times): foes

NOUNS definite article (gender for l’) [plural form]
thing: la chose (choses)
person: la personne (persons)
place: la place (places)
time: l’heure (heures)
friend: l’ami/e (ami/es)
mother - father - parents: la mère [mères] - le père [pères] - les parents
daughter - son - child: la fille [filles] - le fil [fils], l’enfant (m) [enfants]
wife - husband: la femme [femmes] - le mari [maris]
boyfriend - girlfriend : le petit ami [petits amis] - la petite amie [petites amies]
breakfast: le petit déjeuner [petits déjeuners ]
lunch: le déjeuner [déjeuners]
dinner: le dîner [dîners]
money: l’argent (m) [argents]
day: le jour [jours] - part of / la journée [journées] - full
year: l’an [ans] - part of / l’année [années] - full
hour: l’heure (f) [heures]
week: la semaine [semaines]
house: la maison [maisons]
office: le bureau [bureaux]
language: la langue [langues]
name: prénom [prénoms] - refering to a first name / le nom [noms]
word: le mot [mots]
company: la société [sociétés]
internet: l’internet (m) [internets]

I: je - me - moi
we: nous - nous - nous
you (inf/sing): tu - te - toi
you (frm/plu): vous - vous - nous
she: elle - la - lui
he: il - le - lui
it: il - le
they (masc): ils - les
they (fem): elles - les
everything: tout
something: quelque chose
nothing: rien

who: qui
what: que/ce que/ce qui/quoi/quelle
where: où
when: quand
why: pourquoi
how: comment
how much: combien

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any food that would help ease joint pain? I usually have hip or knee pain and I don't wanna be taking pills every time it happens.

Well this is annoying. I wrote out an entire essay and posted it and the bloody thing didn’t take.

I recommend tendon. You can buy it to cook yourself or simply eat ethnic foods that contain it. I think the easiest to find is Vietnamese Pho with extra sides of tendon. You need the collagen in it. The food itself is gelatinous but tastes like meat.

You can also buy gelatin and eat it in large quantities.

You can and should order N Acetyl L Carnitine in powder form and take high doses of it daily by mixing it into your morning juice. It is an amino acid that is critical in connective tissue repair. It has the added benefit of increasing hand eye coordination and memory, cognitive speeds etcetera. And because it’s therapeutic limit is so high it is nearly impossible to OD. However if you’re concerned you can consult your physician.

Another thing you can do is go attack a deer an lick its antlers. No really, but no don’t. There are a few compounds in antler fuzz that have been incredible for human joints. You can also find supplements that contain it, so that you don’t have to run through the forest like a cryptid.

Unless you want to. I would. But I’m me.

Anyway, I also recommend natural anti-I inflammatories like mushrooms.

There’s always steroids. But those also interfere with the immune system.

That’s what I have for you. And you actually do have to do it. It does work. If you find it isn’t working, you’re not eating enough tendon. Which is silly because it is one of the most delicious things on planet earth.

merlin is the not the stereotypical socially awkward introvert, please folks it’s 2017, we’ve been through this. it’s soo wrong, especially when done in comparison with arthur who’s always wrongly stereotyped as having all the buddies and is popular. It’s harmful to both their characteristic, arthur especially because you’re losing all that complexity he has with trust and forming relationship.

p l e a s e. enough. 

cop car || dylan o'brien

word count: 3088

warnings: an amazing date that iโ€™m high-key jealous of

prompt: based on this song

authorโ€™ note:ย i thought an imagine in dylanโ€™s pov would be cute so i wrote this. this imagine has been posted before, but i am posting it again because my old blog was deleted.

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Don’t be a fool, Severus

Pairing: Snape x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Gifs not mine. This idea came from a request I saw I hope this is ok

Built up frustration in the black-clad professor was coming close to being released in an explosive manner. The man who prided himself on his ability to be reserved in all manners of events was now gnawing his bottom lip to the point of slight bleeding. 

“This won’t do.” With a flick of his wand, the scrawling disappeared making the parchment white once more. Severus was faced with an inner conflict; he had thought, in regards to his concerns of facing the problem directly, writing would be his best option. Forgoing a stuttering mess he would surely become if he conversed face to face, making him a fool. Instead, he would simply address her in a formal letter of sorts. 

Wringing his right hand and stretching it with every cramp that came, he placed his quill down on the dark wooden table for the umpteenth time. 

He contemplated a new tactic. He rose from his seat pacing his office. Looking back towards his desk, the inkwell and quill sitting tauntingly by the blank parchment. 

In an act of false hope he sat himself back at the table, inspiration did not come. 

Slumping himself forward he scowled over the parchment. He then thought it best to forget such emotions. With this, he stood once more and retired to his quarters. 

Like every other matter pertaining his personal affairs; naturally, Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore already knew. It was bad enough that the Potions Professor internally chastised himself, now he had Minerva and Albus ghosting him wherever he went. 

You noticed something was amiss, Severus stopped addressing you curtly when you passed in the halls. Not that the Potions Professor wanted to stop really. But, knowing that the matured witch and headmaster were not too far away, he stopped allowing himself simple pleasures. 

He passed them once again ‘hiding’ as he always did in recent events, “Could you be any more obvious?” He drawled. “Skulking is definitely not one of your acclaimed talents.” With a billowing cloak behind him, Severus disappeared down the length of the hall, towards his favoured part of the castle as of late; the dungeons. 

Of course, both headmaster and professor would not let up on such opportunities to meddle in Snape’s affairs. They began the devious plan of match-making. 

Their first attempt started and ended with claiming all available seats at the staff table, except one, right next to you. However, the brooding Professor retaliated by no longer partaking in shared meals. Choosing to eat instead in his personal quarters. 

Not before the spillage of Severus’ goblet that covered the young female witch of his affections. It was the fault of Hagrid, under Dumbledore’s orders, of course. With a wave of his wand to right the situation, he had left after mumbling an apology to you. 

This arose a meeting from the white-bearded man himself on a cold, crisp night, “Cheer up. You are an introspection if I ever knew one, my friend.” Snape only stared at the older man, “One would do much more harm to hold your own self a prisoner of the mind.” He would never say it out loud, but Severus thought the old man might be on to something. Maybe he did, in fact, stay in his head for far too long.

Out of fear for what was proposed to him and what it would entail to, Snape rebuked Dumbledore’s attempts, “I don’t see how this has anything to do with me, I am a Potions Professor, and nothing more.“ 

Albus did not budge, instead, walking over to sit on Severus’ desk. Almost as if he were about to have a laid-back chat, the kind you would see in a pub over a pint. 

"Right you are Severus, but your feelings for Miss (l/n) is something you can’t just ignore.” The Headmaster’s expression turned stern before fleeting into a friendly smile, “Now I’ve already organised, with the Yule Ball fast approaching, for Miss (l/n) to accommodate your teachings of the art of dancing to the Slytherins." 

Snape began to object immediately, "Headmaster, with all respect, I don’t believe-" 

Holding up his hand to silence him, Dumbledore continued, "Now Severus, it has already been arranged. If you refuse to not be in attendance to school events and let your emotions fester, then my hands are tied." 

Dumbledore smiled softly at the stern face of Severus, "Now, I have matters that must urgently be attended to, Minerva will be available for any assistance should you need it." 

Snape knew that what the Headmaster really meant was, not that if he needed help Minerva would be there, but rather she would impose upon him until he confronted his affections for (y/n). That was, only if he did so in a manner that was not anything less than what both McGonagall and Dumbledore approved.

Sitting alone in his office, Severus sat scrutinising the very idea of what was to come. He was aware that he was no longer alone. "Minerva now’s hardly the time." 

The cat twitched its tail before becoming an elegant, fierce looking witch in emerald, "Oh don’t be a fool Severus, and just ask the woman to dance with you." 

A scowl crossed his face, "I was sure that you were made aware that I have no choice in the matter. Even if I do not attend the Yule Ball, there is still the implication that Professor (l/n) will be my partner for the demonstration for the Slytherins.” At this news, the witch before him lit up. 

Absolutely thrilled with the very thought, “Oh, I hope that that experience alone will finally give you the confidence to ask her to dance.” A thought crossed her mind and she spoke suddenly, “You can dance, yes?”

 A sharp look was directed at the witch, “Yes.” He drawled. “Obviously, being Head of Slytherin means that I have had to teach them how to dance for such occasions as the Yule Ball in the past." 

A sigh escaped her lips, "I would give anything to see that." 

Severus disagreed, "Dunderheads, the lot of them, hardly entertaining watching them stumble. The Seventh Year I partnered with for the demonstration, I had the displeasure of her constant stepping on my feet. Didn’t have an ounce of rhythm in her body.” He spat as if the mere memory actually left a bad taste in his mouth. 

“Come now, they’re just children.” She scolded her colleague before redirecting the conversation, “I can assure you (y/n) will be more experienced.” At her words a knot in his stomach began to form. 

Miss (l/n) was a stunning woman; (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and wore a lovely set of (f/c) robes, most of all; her warm smile that matched her personality. No one knew that secretly you were quite terrified yourself of what was to come. To dance with the reserved Potions Professor whom you had unrequited feelings for, or so you thought. 

Trying to hide your nerves, mainly for the sake of the girls who mostly had not danced formally until now. You talked excitedly to the Slytherin girls about their dance lesson, gushing and laughing along with them. 

The Slytherin boys, however, looked like they would rather do anything else than to dance. “Don’t worry, I bet you anything that most of it is show.” You assured the younger females, “They’re more worried about pleasing each other by showing disinterest than they are about whether or not you can dance.” The girls seemed to calm down at your words, “Once everyone is dancing that will all be mostly forgotten. I know they will have fun, so don’t worry about their attitudes making you feel nervous. Just have fun with it." 

Snape made his way to the middle of the room in his famous intimidating manner. With precise movements, he folded his arms before addressing his students. Not that there was much to say, everyone knew why they were here, however, he took the time to warn against unacceptable behaviour. 

"As this may very well be your first time dancing, I am obligated to demonstrate and guide you so that you do not make a fool of yourselves on the dance floor,” His deep voice did not alleviate the knot building in your stomach, “Miss (l/n) will you join me please to demonstrate exactly what is expected during the Yule Ball." 

In all the professionalism you could muster to mask your erratic heartbeat you walked over and met him on the floor. Taking his offered hand, you placed your hand on his shoulder. You swore that your heart skipped a beat when his hand rested gently on your hip. 

He counted the steps you took aloud for the students to follow. A wolf-whistle made its way to both of your ears, surely from a male student who must have a death wish you thought. However, Severus did not react, he continued to direct you. 

Surprisingly Snape even finished the demonstration by twirling you outwards, with still linked hands it offered you both an opportunity to bow to the audience. Your breathing was fast from the activity, as was his. He didn’t show exhaustion though as he said, "Pair up, and stay in rhythm." 

With a formal nod to Mr Filtch who then placed the record on the record player and the music began to play. 

"I heard the demonstration went well,” you looked up from the book she was reading, “There’s talk of a new Hogwarts’ couple.” Professor McGonagall smiled down at her. Your cheeks suddenly felt hot. 

YouShe smiled shyly before averting your eyes from Minerva back to your book in embarrassment. “I think my biggest problem is actually deciding what to wear.” Minerva raised an eyebrow, “I can help you with that if you like." 

"I heard it was quite the performance.” The wise man decided to poke a little fun at his usually grumpy colleague. Snape just looked up at him without speaking. 

“I presume that you will ask her to dance with you once more at tonight’s festivities.” Severus just grunted in Albus’ direction. 

“It seems you have already, what do you say, broken the ice with Miss (l/n). It would be a shame to let this opportunity slip by.” Yes, it would seem to be a shame should he let this opportunity pass him by, Severus thought. 

If there was anything Albus couldn’t do better, it was reading people even without the use of legilimency. Catching on to Snape’s change in mind he said the final words that cemented the Professor’s choice, “If we focus too much on the future we strive for, we forget the present." 

At long last, the night of the Yule Ball was upon Hogwarts. The champions took their places with their dates and started the night with the traditional first dance.

 Seeing both respected headmaster and Transfiguration Professor take to the floor, Severus chided himself into walking over to where the (h/c) woman sat. How his legs moved was beyond the Potions Master’s knowledge. 

"May I have this dance.” as her (e/c) eyes locked onto his dark pools, he felt his heart begin to beat erratically against his rib cage. A smile found its way to her soft lips as she took his outstretched hand. In a rare occurrence, (y/n) noticed a small smile replace Severus’ usual scowl.

By the end of the dance, Severus tried to speak but the words got lost somewhere between his brain and mouth. Sure enough, Severus was sure he had become his worst fear; a bumbling fool. 

Retrieving Severus from his berating thoughts, (y/n) rested her hand on his cheek. Completely despite himself, Snape had found himself leaning into her palm, it was a warmth he had rarely known. It felt familiar, something he hadn’t felt since his childhood; security. 

“I’ve always cared for you, Severus.” He looked deeply into her eyes, almost as if to find the truth, but it was only to be a reiteration of what she spoke, “I’ve been too frightened to admit my feelings.” In the comfort of the intimate moment (y/n) had boldly and un-regrettably spoken from her heart. 

A smile tugged at the corner of Severus’ lips, without the words that he knew he couldn’t speak, he showed his love through the small gesture of placing a gentle kiss upon your lips.

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